Best Non Profit Videos That Won Hearts in 2024! [Awesome Storytelling]

Feb 21, 2022 8:49:47 AM

In a hurry? We have got you covered with our list of the Best Nonprofit Videos that you can watch here.


You understand better than anyone that your goal to change the world is not easy, and you cannot do it alone.

Your organization is setting out to make millions of lives better.

But people grow cynical by the day and find it difficult to decide who they can trust with their donations.

You need a way to convince the masses of your philanthropic ideals, connect with them emotionally, and why you can be trusted.

A nonprofit explainer video for your organization will do everything I mentioned and more!

And I will tell you why animated video marketing is the perfect solution for your non-profit marketing endeavors.

Make more emotional connections, raise awareness, and reach out to like-minded people who want to save the world one step at a time.

You can see nonprofit videos in action in the form of animated fundraising videos or animated Kickstarter videos (and I'm barely scratching the surface here).

Not sure where to start?

Feel like you need some inspiration on how to produce your own video?

Head on here to look at the best nonprofit videos in the industry!

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  1. What is a Nonprofit Video?
  2. Why Do You Need A Nonprofit Explainer Video?
  3. Why Use Animated Videos for Nonprofits?
  4. Best Nonprofit Explainer Videos

What are Non Profit Videos?

A good video for your nonprofit should showcase societal problems and explain how your organization works to solve them.

The video either shows what exactly is needed to fix this problem or what can be done if there are enough supporters for their cause.

The length of any video depends on the message and the approach you wish to take.

Nonprofit explainer videos might not need a lot of time to explain pollution but might need a little more than a couple of minutes to explain complex geopolitical climates.

Why Do You Need Impactful Nonprofit Videos?

As we have covered, people can be skeptical of non-profit causes and cautious.

Thus, building trust is a critical aspect of your nonprofit video.

And to build trust, you need to make an impact on your viewer.

Videos are an excellent way to leave an emotional mark on the viewer.

Nonprofit video storytelling is often straightforward, as your aim to right a wrong in the world is enough to move people into taking notice and have you be memorable long after they have watched the video.

Nonprofit organization videos can also be about the organization itself, to show the values and principles you stand for.

Regardless of what you choose to show, your video needs to be engaging, memorable, explain problems and solutions, and have a clear call-to-action to ensure you can convert more people into donors.

Learn how you can breathe life into your videos here!

Nonprofit video production can also be incredibly versatile.

Apart from educating the audience about a topic and raising awareness about your team, you can choose to build trust through testimonials and behind-the-scenes videos, so that even the most skeptical people can see how exactly you utilize their donations.

To raise awareness of your organization, you can produce effective charity commercials and donation videos, maybe even consider collaborations with celebrities who are interested in helping out with the same causes.

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Why Use Animated Non Profit Videos?

Before you can plan the storyboard or even the central idea of your video, you need to decide on an art style that represents you the best.

Here are all the reasons why animation is the best choice for you:

1. Animation is eye-catching

 A good artstyle is often all you need to make a video engaging. 

Being an audio-visual experience, the viewer is instantly hooked into watching for more than five seconds, which is where attention usually drops.

This has the added advantage of being memorable even after the video is over.

It’s easy to reduce the nature of non-profit work into preconceived notions about greedy fundraising and abstractions, to where the public isn’t aware of what you really do.

This is where the power of storytelling really shines.

By focusing on the story of one single person and how they were helped by MSF, it humanizes their work and brings the audience to an understanding of what really goes on behind that name and how real lives are changed for the better.

Animation makes it easier to help the viewer visualize. Instead of using simple text and hoping that the viewer has an accurate mental image, you get to show exactly how urgent and pressing the matters you care about are.

Your video is not constrained by the limitations of reality.

The freedom to use metaphors and dynamic text animation as you see fit is unparalleled when you use animation.

“Environmentalism” is such a broad, umbrella term that covers so many different factors and ideas that it can easily become vague and nebulous at best to an apathetic audience.

Once again, we see how animated storytelling can break through by telling a real-world story to make a point.

This video explains how and why the NDRC fought to protect a species of whale from industrial pollution and succeeded.

Instead of on-site filming for things like pollution, addiction issues, lack of essential commodities, and so on, you can use animation in order to represent these problems to make the viewer feel how badly these problems affect the lives of others.

2. Animation is a great vehicle for emotional impact

Humans inherently connect with stories.

Even a 90-second nonprofit video can be memorable enough to leave a powerful impact on the viewer.

You can communicate the exact tone of your message at the fraction of the price of making a live-action video.

The great thing about animation is just how versatile it can be.

In this example we see playful, abstract shapes and forms animated to tell a tangible, real-world story about a Make-A-Wish child.

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Best Nonprofit Videos

5. Plastic Change - “Fin City”

Starting off with a dark, film noir-inspired world under the sea, Plastic Change’s video “Fin City” is as stylish as much as it is a haunting reminder of humanity’s impact on the oceans.

The video for the nonprofit uses an absurd storyline of a jaded fish detective trying to piece together grizzly murders as a reminder that aquatic life is helpless to solve this problem.

Without needing to drop statistics or facts, the video merely depicts the cruel ways pollution affects life under the sea.

And that truly is enough to convey the severity of the problem. More show, less tell.

The animation is some of the best you’ll see when it comes to videos for nonprofit organizations.

The 3D animation had to not only make this underwater world believable but also shine a light on the problem without ever mentioning it.

The call-to-action (CTA) is cleverly integrated to make the viewer feel like they need to be the one to solve this “mystery”, making it engaging and memorable.

4. PGIO // Problem Gambling

The Problem Gambling Institute of Ontario shows just how damaging addiction of any kind can be.

By understanding and showing how gambling addictions can be more than just a lack of self-control.

By exposing the psychological aspects and how they are the ones who can be trusted to deal with victims of problem gambling, this nonprofit explainer video by PGIO wins trust instantly.

The solution being their expert counseling means you are never in the dark as to how they function.

On a technical level, this nonprofit video is beautifully directed with dynamic color palettes, dramatic animation, and visuals to represent the effects of problem gambling and how they can help people recover.

This restores faith and excites the viewer for the future of this organization.

The CTA is not only meant for donors, but for people suffering from problem gambling itself.

3. For the Refugees- HIAS

A nonprofit explainer video that is sure to make you tear up, HIAS speaks about its mission spanning over a century, to rescue those who don’t have homes in their homeland.

The video covers what the organization seeks to achieve and reaffirms the viewer about their long-standing values and principles.

By telling their story about how they help refugees of all sorts, a sense of trust is built in the viewer’s mind and heart, in a way that is only possible through animated storytelling.

The 2D animation has a striking color palette with animation and transitions which make it feel like an award-winning short film.

The narrator speaks with immense emotional depth in order to show the care the organization has in order to rescue people in need.

2. Community Futures // What if

Community Futures does not need to state how boring a world without innovators would be, it simply asks what the world would look like if no one asked: “what if?”

Their nonprofit video answers this rhetorical question by showing how lifeless society would be if there weren't advancements made with how we live our lives.

Community Futures wanted to explain how they want to bring life to rural communities and small businesses, and what they’re doing to help make this happen.

So they used this beautifully animated video with captivating colors and graphics to underscore and enhance a sharply-written script, all to share their story and vision with the world.

1. Charity Water

Charity Water brings the issue of water shortage right to your doorstep.

This nonprofit video doesn’t need facts or figures to point out how life would be difficult without water, it literally shows the struggle.

When it does decide to go into facts, it states how dangerous the water can be by comparing it to other forms of real-world violence.

The animation is colorful and appealing, without distracting from the serious issues of water shortage.

But instead of focusing on just the bad, the video provides the viewer with hope.

It shows how it plans on saving millions of lives across the world who are deprived of water.

Not only that but how reaching its goal means development for the place all around.

In terms of building trust, the video goes above and beyond to ask its donors to “believe again”.

Not only do they encourage donations no matter how small they might be, but they also show how they use this donation in the real world.

If that doesn’t build trust, nothing will.

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Your need to change society for the better does not have to be buried under the white noise of the internet.

With an efficient animated nonprofit video, you can make sure your voice is heard, and you grow closer to saving more lives with each passing day.

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