25 Best NonProfit Explainer Videos That Won Hearts

Mar 6, 2024 3:00:00 AM

You understand better than anyone that your goal to change the world is not easy, and you cannot do it alone.

Your organization is setting out to make millions of lives better.

But people grow cynical by the day and find it difficult to decide who they can trust with their donations.

You need a way to convince the masses of your philanthropic ideals, connect with them emotionally, and why you can be trusted.

A nonprofit explainer video for your organization will do everything I mentioned and more!

 And I will tell you why animated video marketing is one of the perfect solutions for your non-profit marketing endeavors. 

Make more emotional connections, raise awareness, and reach out to like-minded people who want to save the world one step at a time.

You can see nonprofit videos in action in the form of animated fundraising videos or animated Kickstarter videos (and I'm barely scratching the surface here).

Not sure where to start?

Feel like you need some inspiration on how to produce your own video?

Head on here to look at the 25 Best NonProfit Explainer Videos in the industry!

  1. 25 Best NonProfit Explainer Videos
    1. Plastic Change: "Fin City"
    2. PGIO: Problem Gambling
    3. HIAS: For The Refugees
    4. Community Futures: "What If"
    5. Charity Water
    6. Jewish Palm Beach
    7. Downtown Raliegh Alliance
    8. Wheels for Wishes
    9. Exodus Cry
    10. Cancer Research Institute
    11. Spatial Equity NYC
    12. A Short History of The Nightingale
    13. Doctors Without Borders
    14. Great Lakes Cormorants
    15. Bliss Baby Charity: The Impossible Hug
    16. The Girl Effect
    17. Plastic Pollution Coalition
    18. Letters Foundation
    19. UNESCO
    20. Fight for Survival
    21. American Cancer Society
    22. City of Hope
    23. The Cause Story
    24. CV Humanitarian Travel
    25. Forest Professionals BC

25 Best NonProfit Explainer Videos

1. Plastic Change: “Fin City”

Starting off with a dark, film noir-inspired world under the sea, Plastic Change’s video “Fin City” is as stylish as much as it is a haunting reminder of humanity’s impact on the oceans.

The video for the nonprofit uses an absurd storyline of a jaded fish detective trying to piece together grizzly murders as a reminder that aquatic life is helpless to solve this problem.

Without needing to drop statistics or facts, the video merely depicts the cruel ways pollution affects life under the sea.

And that truly is enough to convey the severity of the problem. More show, less tell.

The animation is some of the best you’ll see when it comes to videos for nonprofit organizations.

The 3D animation had to not only make this underwater world believable but also shine a light on the problem without ever mentioning it.

The call-to-action (CTA) is cleverly integrated to make the viewer feel like they need to be the one to solve this “mystery”, making it engaging and memorable.

2. PGIO: Problem Gambling

The Problem Gambling Institute of Ontario shows just how damaging addiction of any kind can be.

By understanding and showing how gambling addictions can be more than just a lack of self-control.

By exposing the psychological aspects and how they are the ones who can be trusted to deal with victims of problem gambling, this nonprofit explainer video by PGIO wins trust instantly.

The solution being their expert counseling means you are never in the dark as to how they function.

On a technical level, this nonprofit video is beautifully directed with dynamic color palettes, dramatic animation, and visuals to represent the effects of problem gambling and how they can help people recover.

This restores faith and excites the viewer for the future of this organization.

The CTA is not only meant for donors, but for people suffering from problem gambling itself.

3. HIAS: For The Refugees

A nonprofit explainer video that is sure to make you tear up, HIAS speaks about its mission spanning over a century, to rescue those who don’t have homes in their homeland.

The video covers what the organization seeks to achieve and reaffirms the viewer about their long-standing values and principles.

By telling their story about how they help refugees of all sorts, a sense of trust is built in the viewer’s mind and heart, in a way that is only possible through animated storytelling.

The 2D animation has a striking color palette with animation and transitions which make it feel like an award-winning short film.

The narrator speaks with immense emotional depth in order to show the care the organization has in order to rescue people in need.

4. Community Futures: "What If"

Community Futures does not need to state how boring a world without innovators would be, it simply asks what the world would look like if no one asked: “what if?”

Their nonprofit video answers this rhetorical question by showing how lifeless society would be if there weren't advancements made with how we live our lives.

Community Futures wanted to explain how they want to bring life to rural communities and small businesses, and what they’re doing to help make this happen.

So they used this beautifully animated video with captivating colors and graphics to underscore and enhance a sharply-written script, all to share their story and vision with the world.

5. Charity Water

Charity Water brings the issue of water shortage right to your doorstep.

This nonprofit video doesn’t need facts or figures to point out how life would be difficult without water, it literally shows the struggle.

When it does decide to go into facts, it states how dangerous the water can be by comparing it to other forms of real-world violence.

The animation is colorful and appealing, without distracting from the serious issues of water shortage.

But instead of focusing on just the bad, the video provides the viewer with hope.

It shows how it plans on saving millions of lives across the world who are deprived of water.

Not only that but how reaching its goal means development for the place all around.

In terms of building trust, the video goes above and beyond to ask its donors to “believe again”.

Not only do they encourage donations no matter how small they might be, but they also show how they use this donation in the real world.

If that doesn’t build trust, nothing will.

Not enough examples? Check out 5 Animated NGO Videos by TED To Inspire Your Fundraising Campaign

6. Jewish Palm Beach


Not to brag but this is a video made for a non-profit.

We helped Jewish Palm Beach genuinely convince their audience to donate to their cause with this nonprofit fundraising video.

We loved working with an organization that’s trying to keep it clean for a better tomorrow.

If you like the video and want something like this for your business, get in touch with our video experts. The team will be happy to help!

7. Downtown Raleigh Alliance


Check out this whiteboard animation video—no voiceover needed, yet it speaks volumes!

Clocking in at just one minute, it's a masterclass in concise communication.

By the time it wraps up, you're not just enlightened about Raleigh's scene but feeling a surge of civic pride if you're a local.

8. Wheels for Wishes


Imagine a world seen through the eyes of a child—a place where even the toughest topics get a whimsical makeover.

In this short animated gem, a kid's perspective turns a tale of illness into a rockstar fantasy!

With Wheels for Wishes steering the ship, the innocent narration adds an extra layer of humor, highlighting the gap between kid logic and grown-up understanding.

It's proof positive that a killer script can turn a video into pure gold.

9. Exodus Cry


This video by Exodus Cry dives deep into the harsh realities of human trafficking and prostitution, posing the question: "Is prostitution really a choice?"

It delves into how women are often coerced into believing it's their only option.

With a powerful score and intricate animation, it weaves a compelling narrative that urges viewers to take action and advocate for these women. 

This proves that animation can be just as impactful as live-action, offering versatile storytelling and seamless transitions.

Ending with a resounding call to action, it's a reminder that we must speak up and spread awareness about the truth of prostitution.

10. Cancer Research Institute


Discussing cancer isn't a walk in the park.

But leave it to the Cancer Research Institute to make it enlightening and entertaining!

Their animated explainer video effortlessly breaks down the differences between immunotherapy and chemotherapy, all without drowning you in technical terms.

With a soothing voiceover and clever storytelling, it's the perfect blend of education and engagement.

11. Spatial Equity NYC


Who needs words when you've got visuals, beats, and a dash of creativity?

Transportation Alternatives nails it by illustrating the significance of spatial equity using only animations, typography, and a killer background music.

Who says you need a voiceover to make a statement?

12. A Short History of Nightingale


"A Short History of the Nightingale" takes you on a captivating journey through the world of bird migration, showcasing the evolving understanding of these feathered travelers.

It's not just a tale of a songbird; it's a testament to how science shapes conservation efforts.

Clocking in at over three minutes, this video proves that sometimes longer is better, offering a deep dive into complex topics.

So, while short may be sweet for some, there's beauty in the details when it comes to educated audiences and animal conservation.

From mystifying migrations to scientific breakthroughs, the nightingale's story reminds us of our duty to protect the natural world.

13. Doctors Without Borders


While a good voiceover can be the cherry on top of a video, sometimes the visuals steal the show all on their own.

But when you're treading into sensitive territory like in this nonprofit video by Doctors without Borders, subtitles become your trusty sidekick, ensuring your message hits home loud and clear.

Because in the world of visuals, sometimes silence speaks volumes.

14. Great Lakes Cormorants


Prepare to stun and astonish your audience with the shock and awe marketing technique!

Great Lakes Cormorants pulls no punches in its nonprofit promo video, starting off with serene visuals of these majestic birds in their element, only to hit viewers with the grim reality of hunters endangering their population.

It's a wake-up call that grabs attention like a bear snatching a picnic basket!

But remember, while shock tactics can be effective, tread carefully to avoid alienating potential supporters with overly graphic content.

It's all about finding that fine line between grabbing attention and keeping it.

15. Bliss Baby Charity: The Impossible Hug


This video by Bliss Baby Charity takes a unique approach, starting with lighthearted scenes of hugging and even getting Godzilla in on the action.

But as it unfolds, it reveals a poignant message about the challenges faced by parents of premature babies.

Clocking in at just 47 seconds, it's a powerful reminder of the emotional and financial toll of prematurity.

With no music to distract, it's a quiet but impactful tribute to the silence needed in neonatal care.

16. The Girl Effect


Global poverty is no joke, but The Girl Effect isn't afraid to tackle it head-on with their media programs in Asia and Africa.

In this infographic-style video, they drive home the urgency of empowering adolescent girls to fight poverty before time runs out.

Clocking in at over 3 minutes, it's a colorful cascade of visuals and music that packs a serious punch.

17. Plastic Pollution Coalition


In the world of nonprofits, cozying up to your audience is key since donations keep the lights on.

But here's the kicker: you've got to stir them to action without dumping guilt on their doorstep and that’s what Plastic Pollution Coalition did.

Enter animation—the stealthy superhero of storytelling.

With a wink and a nod, it dishes out relatable tales with a side of understanding, leaving guilt trips at the door.

18. Letters Foundation


Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at your favorite nonprofits?

Take a peek at The Letters Foundation's video! Founded by none other than the Buffet siblings, this organization is all about lending a helping hand to those in need.

With a style that's as charming as it is easy on the eyes, it's the perfect match for this do-gooder brand.

Who would have thought that philanthropy could exude such a delightful charm?



Hold onto your popcorn, folks! This video is breaking records—it's the marathon champ of our list, clocking in at a whopping ten minutes!

But before you hit pause, hear us out: when you're diving into the nitty-gritty of something as sensitive and tangled as the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child, you need all the time you can get.

So, props to UNESCO for stretching it out and serving up a thorough explanation that's worth every second.

20. Fight for Survival


Talk about beauty in simplicity! This video's like a pocket-sized masterpiece by Flight for survival, rocking a flipbook-style animation that'll make you do a double-take.

Clocking in at just 30 seconds, it's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it glimpse into the world of Every Mother Counts, leaving you hungry for more.

With its clean animation, it's all about keeping your eyes on the prize—no distractions, just the straight-up message.

21. American Cancer Society


This animated video from the American Cancer Society, who's turning serious business into a laugh riot with their quirky animated series on skin cancer prevention.

With a bright and bubbly style that's more cartoon caper than cautionary tale, they're showing nonprofits how to keep it light without skimping on the substance.

22. City of Hope


Look how the City of Hope tackles touchy topics and drives home safety savvy?

Whiteboard animation is your secret sauce!

This sleek and snappy style cuts through the clutter, keeping viewers glued to the goods without any unnecessary frills.

It's like delivering a message with laser precision—clean, crisp, and totally unforgettable.

23. The Cause Story


Check out this dynamic duo of Cause Story in the nonprofit world!

They swoop in to save the day for fresh-faced organizations, handling all the nitty-gritty logistics while leaving the fun stuff to the dreamers.

With an animation style that's sleek, straightforward, and straight-up irresistible, they're proving that less is more when it comes to delivering the goods.

24. CV Humanitarian Travel


CV Humanitarian Travel stands out because, while not a nonprofit, it's the ultimate wingman for those doing good.

Think of them as the travel genie for humanitarian heroes, hooking them up with discounted airfare and smoothing out the trip planning wrinkles.

And can we talk about that video style? It's like the catwalk of animation—trendy, chic, and oh-so-irresistible!

25. Forest Professionals BC


This video boldly breaks the fourth wall, delving into universally relatable emotions.

Our protagonist, a young girl, passionately discusses the importance of preserving forests for a brighter tomorrow, shedding light on the vital role of Forest Professionals BC in safeguarding these precious ecosystems.

Sure, filming with all those locations, animals & casts would've cost a pretty penny, but with animation, the sky's the limit—and the budget stays put!


Your need to change society for the better does not have to be buried under the white noise of the internet.

With an efficient animated nonprofit video, you can make sure your voice is heard, and you grow closer to saving more lives with each passing day.

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