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5 tips to get the perfect voiceover for animated explainer videos

Aug 25, 2018 3:00:00 AM

5 Tips for Perfect Voice Over on Animated Explainer videos

Animated Explainer videos rely on engaging visuals and a simple and concise message to capture their audience’s attention. Once you have got the perfect script to deliver that message, you now need to find the perfect voice to deliver it across to your audience. And that’s where a voice actor comes in!

The voice over needs be recorded before the animation process can start. Getting the right voice may not always be easy. There are many challenges a Voice artist may face while lending his voice for your explainer video. By knowing the exact tone you want, you could make the entire process a lot easier.Here are some useful tips on getting the perfect voice over for your video.

1. Get an artist with the right accent for explainer videos: This is pretty basic: The accent you choose for your video depends entirely on your customer base and its ethnicity. If you are launching a product in Asia or Africa, make sure the artist has a local accent. Not only would your customer base find it easier to relate to and understand, but they are also prone to find you more trustworthy.

2. The voice over should appeal the target audience: The artist should also speak in the language of your target audience’s age bracket Animated Videos. If you are pitching to boardroom suits, being too casual and using a lot of slang may be disadvantageous. Conversely, sounding too formal would appear uptight to blue collar decision makers.

3. It should follow the mood and style of your corporate video: The voice over is after all, along with the music, simply the audio track of your video. It should correspond to the video’s tone and content. Where the video rely on humorous situations and exaggerated animation, a somber and serious tone will be out of place.

4. Make sure the keywords are emphasized: For the same reason, to match the visuals it becomes important that the voice has the requisite emphasis on certain words and phrases. These are normally keywords or jargon that are being re-enforced visually on the screen. The right intonation at different points while reading out the script is necessary. The product name, those witty punches, those sarcastic one liners; they should be treated well.

5. Make sure that the pitch and tone are easy on the ear: And finally, your ears are the ultimate judge. Does it sound right? Is it pleasing to your ears? Is it easy to understand? The only answer to such questions should be yes. Period!

Remember - No one can get into a video if they can’t stand the voice! Following these simple tips can help you immensely when getting a voice over for your product explainer video recorded. Of course, a professional video company with expertise in such matters is always helpful!

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