11 Best Healthcare Explainer Videos For Inspiration in 2024!

Jan 7, 2021 8:05:48 AM

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Healthcare: It’s your whole world, and it’s a fascinating one. Dynamic, complex, and constantly evolving.

You’re often on the cutting edge of science and technological progress.

But cutting through the noise and connecting with your patients and doctors is challenging.

The information is constantly changing, and new laws endlessly replace old ones. The people you’re trying to reach are drowning in a sea of ever-changing information.

And as a marketer, the onus is on you to help the audience make sense of this information.

Difficult as it may be, you need to simplify healthcare marketing for your customers to trust you.

So how do you keep the science intact while making your offering more understandable?

But before we expand on the secret, here’s everything you’ll find in this article.

If you’re short on time, feel free to skip to the specific section:

With that out of the way, let’s jump right into it!

Challenges in healthcare marketing

The healthcare industry is pretty big, and the challenges vary substantially between different segments of the industry.

To keep it simple, we’ve split the industry into two primary halves—healthcare providers and biopharma/life sciences. 

Starting with healthcare providers, they make the larger, more popular, people-facing half of the healthcare industry.

They provide medical care and services to the general public.

They’re always on the cutting edge of innovation and technology, which can often be alienating and confusing to the general public.

Moving on to biopharma/life sciences, this half of the industry brings innovation to the industry with extensive research and state-of-the-art technology.

This industry churns out a variety of essential solutions ranging from vaccines to complex devices used in labs.

The challenge to simplify the offerings is common in both, this is where animated healthcare explainer videos come in handy.

But the real secret is to present the solution in a storytelling format.

To help you learn the art of telling great stories for your brand we have compiled together some of the best medical video examples below.

Best Animated Healthcare Explainer Videos

#11 Pfizer - The stories of chronic pain patients

Chronic pain sufferers deal with more than just the ever-present physical symptoms; they also deal with general apathy from friends and family, being bounced from doctor to doctor, and never finding a solution.

It’s an affliction that is largely trivialized, and not taken seriously.

Being a global pharma company, Pfizer wanted to raise awareness about the nature and condition of chronic pain.

So rather than just delivering a lecture, they took the storytelling approach in this explainer video.

By telling individual stories about what chronic pain sufferers endure, this animated healthcare video gives viewers a better understanding of this disease and encourages them to have greater empathy when dealing with sufferers.

It leaves them with the knowledge that this is a real problem that Pfizer and others are working hard to solve.

#10 GSK - The Flu and Mythbusters

Concepts like disease, infection, vaccines, the immune system, and so on can be difficult to understand or visualize.

There’s no dearth of myths and misconceptions about the flu. GSK wanted to debunk these and separate fact from fiction.

So they deployed this colorful and amusing animated video.

These concepts are personalized as goofy cartoon monsters while examining popular ideas about the flu and checking them off as true or false.

This approach makes the science simple, engaging and entertaining without losing focus or watering it down.

In an era of widespread misinformation and mistrust, explainer videos like these have never been more critical and vital.

#9 Solea - Big Deal

Nobody enjoys going to the dentist, especially that dreaded drill.

But Solea came up with a revolutionary new laser dental drill that does away with the pain, discomfort, and those shrill noises.

And they needed to tell everyone about it.

Their healthcare explainer video takes a beautifully minimal, abstract approach.

The script expertly draws the viewer in with suspense and curiosity, building the backstory of slow and careful innovation.

This way, the reveal surprises and excites the viewer, even if they have little understanding or curiosity about the trends in dental technology.

Ultimately, this healthcare video works incredibly well because it targets both patients and dentists at the same time.

The dentist can immediately see their job is made far more accessible.

Meanwhile, the casual viewer is enticed by the promise of a pain-free and comfortable visit to the dentist.

#8 Novartis - Labs Standardization

When it comes to a topic like lab standardization, you realize right away that it is, to be blunt, rather dull for the layperson to understand.

So here’s a perfect example by Novartis of how animation can be used to explain an issue that’s information-dense and difficult to simplify.

An animated video can explain it in a manner that’s not only easy to follow and understand.

Still, it can be entertaining by turning it into a colorful story with lively characters.

#7 Novartis- The Science Behind CAR-T Cell Therapy

Cancer is a pretty complicated, heavy topic to cover and explain at the best of times.

It’s just as difficult to explain the various therapies and methods oncologists deploy to fight it and save patients.

But thanks to our medical animation videos, Novartis could break down and explain CAR-T Cell Therapy with the help of clever and appealing visuals-- without ‘dumbing it down too much to be helpful.

#6 Thermofisher - DNA-Free PCR Reagents

Not all healthcare explainer videos are aimed at the ordinary layperson. There’s a need for videos targeted at doctors, researchers, scientists, and professionals.

But because the information is so heavily technical does not mean that it should be tedious, either. Professionals are busy enough already.

Here we see an example of an animated healthcare video by Thermofisher that is scientific and technical.

However, it still holds interest while explaining the data with exciting but not distracting visuals to reinforce the key points.

When you’re trying to get the attention of professionals who browse through immense amounts of data daily, there is still the need to stand out and be heard. Well-understood-- and nothing achieves that like a well-crafted animated explainer video.

#5 Thermofisher - Oncomine Dx Testing

Here’s another medical video aimed not at patients but at doctors and researchers in oncology.

Even though it can afford to be more technical and information-dense, it has been animated in a visually appealing way and takes care to humanize the topic.

Also, look at 5 Animated Healthcare Video Commercials That Are Everything But Salesy.

#4 Takara Bio - Biotechnology

Purifying proteins, antibodies, and EVs is a complex process, and your technology solves that problem, creating very high value for your customers.

But will customers invest in your technology unless they can understand it and feel confident about it? How do you earn their trust?

That was the problem Takara Bio came to us with.

They wanted to release a set of videos about their product.

But they did not want to overcomplicate them as they were supposed to go out on social media.

This is where we helped them with great medical device explainer videos to tell visual stories that untangle the complexity, secure their confidence, and inspire the audience to act.

We helped them empower their audience to visualize what is conventionally not visible to the naked eye.

#3 CooperVision - Medical Device


As a medical equipment manufacturer, you must give your audience the correct information.

Whether selling to businesses or directly to customers, you need to ensure you’re not simplifying the concepts too much.

In this era of technology, people make informed buying decisions—they need to know your product well.

As you might have guessed, getting the right balance is quite tricky.

Such was the predicament CooperVision asked us to help them out with. They wanted to spread the word about their new one-day contact lenses in an engaging yet informative way.

So we created a series of cartoon healthcare explainer videos for their landing pages and animated gifs for social media.

While most of this healthcare explainer video was simple and easy to follow, we used specific keywords to which the scientific community could relate.

This was done to appeal to businesses as well as consumers alike.

#2 Walgreens - Healthcare Retail

People generally trust pharmacies.

And when you’re one of the best and most widely-recognized pharmacies across the nation, people trust you even more.

So when trust is not an issue, the success of your awareness initiative falls on how well you connect with your audience.

Walgreens asked us to help them out with that.

They wanted to encourage the public to incorporate good health habits into their lifestyles-- getting regular flu shots, for example.

We made this series of short social media healthcare videos for them.

A strong emphasis was placed on visualizing elements that we can’t usually see with the naked eye—just like the influenza virus.

Such visualization helps the audience connect with the healthcare marketing video better.

For us, that solved our client’s problem.

#1 Breg - Medical Device


Medical equipment is complex and requires much precision when represented visually.

Such accuracy is difficult to ensure in two dimensions.

Being inaccurate reflects poorly on the company and can affect how the audience perceives the product and the manufacturer.

This was the problem that the sports medicine company, Breg, wanted to solve when they came to us.

They wanted to get a medical device explainer video made for one of their devices. The video needed to explain the product in detail but be visually clear and easy to follow.

We created this animated video for them, fusing 3D product animation and motion graphics. 


There you have it.

The secret to simplifying healthcare is telling your story right.

With a skilled storyteller crafting suitable animated healthcare explainer videos, you can reach, engage, simplify, explain-- and win hearts and minds.

Storytelling is a powerful tool that can put you at the top of your game.

Lock in meaningful engagement today and forge lasting relationships for tomorrow.

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