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9 Best Medical Animation Examples For Your Next Video Campaign

Oct 27, 2022 7:24:06 AM

In a hurry? Watch out best medical animation examples compilation video: 

Healthcare is a complex world, and medical animations are a great way to explain concepts simply and engagingly. 

Here are 9 examples of how this technique has been used to educate the audience and skyrocket engagement:-

3D Medical Animations Explaining MOD & MOA for Pharming




APDS patients can expect a life of doctors and hospitals, respiratory infections, viruses, time in hospital, and even an increased chance of lymphoma.

Pharming wanted to educate and raise awareness of a newly Identified Genetic Mutation, that has tests and now a treatment.

The client wanted 3D animated videos for Mechanism of Diseases and Mechanism of Action to be showcased on the website, social media, and at conferences.

In this animation, we show what APDS is (MOD) and understand the science of trials and product Leniolisib of how it could work (MOA).

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2D & 3D Medical Device Explainer Video for Thermofisher

Thermofisher wanted to educate forensic laboratories in emerging markets.

These labs usually have small throughput, and they either have no automation or have several smaller throughput instruments.

We used a mix of 2D and 3D medical animations to explain how Thermofisher’s device automates most of the extraction process.

The system is a walkway, meaning the analyst can set it up and be free to go work on other tasks.

The primary use case was at conferences where it is not possible to physically display the instrument itself.

They wanted viewers to get a feel for the instrument and visualize how it works.

They also wanted to use this medical device explainer video in an email campaign to drive targeted customers to increase viewership and request more information, a demo, etc.

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Medical Therapies Science Whiteboard Animations for Fibrogen


Fibrogen develops transformative medical therapies based on innovative science.

They wanted to explain the science of how Roxadustat is a completely new and physiologic approach to treating the anemia of chronic kidney disease (CKD).

They were targeting nephrologists and nephrology healthcare professions who treat patients with chronic kidney disease with or without dialysis.

They wanted these professionals to understand and be comfortable with the science behind the mechanism of action of roxadustat.

So we used the whiteboard medical animations for educating the audience keeping the scientific details intact but simplified and made the subject interesting.

2D Medical Device Technology Explainer Video for OrthAlign

OrthAlign is a medical technology company that develops computer-assisted devices to assist in implant placement for hip and knee replacement surgeries.

They wanted to target Orthopedic surgeons that do not currently use the technology for their hip or knee replacement surgeries.

We used infographic animations for their medical explainer video to showcase how their product enabled accurate, efficient, and cost-effective technology for joint replacement surgeries, in a format that's ideal for the hospital or ambulatory surgery center environment.

They wanted to host the video on Youtube, accessible through their landing page, and promote it through online campaigns with a call to action (contact OrthAlign for more information).

Character Animation and 3D Medical Device Explainer Video Series for Edwards







Edwards Lifesciences is an American medical technology company headquartered in Irvine, California, specializing in artificial heart valves and hemodynamic monitoring.

We developed a series of medical explainer videos for Edwards to empower them with internal sales training and customer product demos.

We used infographic animations for sales videos and 3D medical animations with both character and mixed media styles for their product video series.

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So if you are struggling to educate your healthcare audience, medical animation can definitely help you simplify your message and amplify your impact.


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