50 Best All Time Commercials And What Makes Them TOP RATED Ads!

Jan 31, 2024 7:30:00 AM

Adverts. We usually find them kind of annoying and try to ignore them.

But some of them can be pretty darn good, even entertaining. 

Why? What makes some ads great while others are quickly forgotten? 

To find out, we compiled a mega-list of 50 best all time commercials and explored what makes each of them work so well. 

So let’s go!

  1. Studio River: Manifesto
  2. Android: Be Together, Not The Same
  3. Honda
  4. Daimler AG
  5. Imodium
  6. Emirates: Department of Family Travel
  7. Dots & Co: Play Beautifully
  8. Toyota: Stories of Better
  9. Wimbledon: In Pursuit of Greatness
  10. Oreo: Wonderfilled feat. Owl City
  11. Clover: Way Better
  12. Evil Blood
  13. DHL
  14. Google: Project Sunroof
  15. Seneca College: Follow Your Dreams
  16. Able Recruitment
  17. Sydney Water: It's Amazing What Water Can Do
  18. Slack: Traffic
  19. McVitie’s: Sweeter Together
  20. Slack: Work, Simplified
  21. Petco: Holiday Wishes
  22. Starbucks: Why Does Starbucks Blend Coffee?
  23. Volkswagen Service: The Place You Want To Be
  24. Coca-Cola: The Happiness Factory
  25. Sherwin-Williams: Where Will Color Take You?
  26. Nespresso on Ice
  27. American Express: Imagine What You Could Do
  28. Chipotle: Back to Start
  29. Travel Oregon: Only Slightly Exaggerated
  30. Admiral Multicover
  31. Honda: Paper
  32. Heinz: Beans
  33. Google Drive: Go Google
  34. Port of Aberdeen
  35. McDonald's: Mobile App Launch
  36. Coca-Cola: Catch
  37. WhatsApp: End-to-End Encryption
  38. Edufi
  39. Airbnb: Breaking Down Walls
  40. Renault Twingo: Go Anywhere Go Everywhere
  41. Spotify
  42. Cadbury: Scrème Egg
  43. Lyft: Life is Better When You Share The Ride
  44. Airbnb: Cycling Experiences
  45. Mailchimp: OutGrow Your Name
  46. Playstation: Rick and Morty Ad
  47. TalkTalk
  48. The New Zealand Book Council: Going West
  49. John Lewis: The Bear and The Hare
  50. Apple Health: Mindfulness

1. Studio River: Manifesto


Kicking off our list is this unapologetically loud and proud animated video from Studio River in France.

It’s dazzling, it’s crazy, it’s funny.

And most importantly, it showcases the studio’s uninhibited creativity and spirit, embracing its own weird and wonderful culture and style and screaming it to the world. 

2. Android: Be Together, Not The Same


We absolutely love this adorable character video for Android.

It’s a story based on the simple rock-paper-scissors game, of all things!

The characters are beautifully 3D animated, and the story delights and surprises at every turn– until the reveal at the end that our differences shouldn’t just be tolerated, but celebrated. 

This is what we mean when we talk about the power of storytelling for business!

3. Honda


So Honda has been hard at work making diesel engines better.

Now stop for a moment.

Ask yourself: how exactly would you talk about this in a way that’s interesting, or even entertaining?

Especially to the layperson who’s not particularly interested in that big noisy thing that makes trucks run and belches out smelly fumes?

The answer, of course, is that you use the power of animated storytelling.

A compelling hook to grab the viewer’s attention (“Can ‘hate’ be good?”), drawing you into a cleverly written script.

Pair that with really beautiful, imaginative visuals, and it all comes together, like the parts of a well-oiled machine.

Or rather, a well-oiled machine that doesn’t pollute as much or make as much noise. 

A little imagination goes a long way!

4. Daimler AG


Similarly, how would you sell a tiny microcar for the city that can only seat two people? 

Simple. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!

This adorable mixed media-style animated ad for the Smart ForTwo appeals to the romantic in each of us, pointing out that it’s not so much about what this car can do, but about who you can do it with. 

It’s won our hearts, for sure.

5. Imodium 


Stomach problems like IBS and diarrhea are not only painful and unpleasant, they’re embarrassing to boot.

That’s why it’s important to have a light touch when discussing it. 

This short ad for Imodium hits the pain points and speaks the viewer’s language without getting needlessly detailed and awkward.

The character animation style really adds levity and color to enhance the script.

Even the color scheme is calm and soothing, painting a picture of relief and freedom.

It’s all quite subtle, but trust us, it’s no accident.

This makes the difference between a mediocre animated video and an excellent one. 

6. Emirates: Department of Family Travel


The clever thing about this ad was that it squarely targets a common pain point when it comes to commercial flying-- kids on a plane.

Most airlines would rather emphasize their comfort or service, while ignoring the tiny screaming elephant in the cabin.

But this 3D animated commercial for Emirates flips the script and addresses it fearlessly, promising that everyone on their flights will be happy– regardless of their age.

7. Dots & Co: Play Beautifully


This is easily one of our all-time favorites, with a beautiful visual style, smooth and slick 3D animation, and clever concept that blows us away every time.

No words or script needed, just a lovely adventurous journey through a magical world, like one would experience playing the Dots mobile game

8. Toyota: Stories of Better


Once you’re in first place, you don’t relax and switch on cruise control.

You have to keep innovating, breaking the mold, lest someone steals your crown.

Toyota knows this all too well, and it’s been the secret to their success.

But it’s more than just an ethos. It’s a story.

This playful animated video, incorporating a mixed media blend of live action and a 3D / stop motion style, flips through the pages of history, sharing their amazing journey so far.

And nothing brings a brand to live like a good story!

9. Wimbledon: In Pursuit of Greatness


This stunning mixed media animated video for Wimbledon captures everything we love about animated storytelling.

It’s deceptively simple but says so much in such a short time. 

It starts out in simple sketchy black and white character animation, then fills with color, and the styles change with the eras, getting more complex and smooth, moving from 2D to 3D–all while depicting one single continuous tennis match.

The heroes of the sport appear and transform one to another, matches go from small in-person spectators to international televised broadcasts.

Even the ball changes color from white to yellow.

There’s no voiceover or dialog because the animation does all the heavy lifting.

This is a great example of what we mean when we keep saying that the best animated storytelling is greater than the sum of its parts.

10. Oreo: Wonderfilled feat. Owl City


This is such a deliciously lovely video that we can’t stop playing it! 

Everyone loves Oreos, so we figured they couldn’t possibly up the game any further.

But we were wrong.

This character animation commercial is full of wonder and joy.

Just like an Oreo, this video is a sandwich of silly and happy stories paired with wholesome music by Owl City.

It’s somehow playful and childlike without being cheesy or cringe-worthy.

And we’ll bet you a bag of Oreo cookies that you can’t watch without getting a smile on your face by the end.

11. Clover: Way Better


When your product is out-of-this-world tasty, why settle for less with your animated video?

That was Clover’s approach here, and they went all out.

The 3D character animation ad is absolutely stunning and raises the bar for everyone else, telling a fantastic tale of how Clover is created.

It’s impossible not to get swept up in the wonder and imagination of it all. It’s otherworldly delicious.

12. Evil Blood


How exciting can the promo video for a book possibly be? See for yourself!

In storytelling there’s an important rule: show, don’t tell.

This is a great example of a video that does just that.

Starting with a flow of blood filling into the shape of a book, the mood is set right away.

As the pages flip and literally come to life, we’re treated to a blend of traditional and text animation, with an array of elements teasing the story– all while giving away next to nothing about the book itself.

It’s the best kind of preview or trailer, where you’re left with enough teasing hints but the story isn’t spoilered or ruined. 

Hollywood could learn a thing or two from this trailer!

13. DHL


Stop motion is an infectiously likable style of animation, and it’s easy to see why.

This simple animated commercial for DHL is playful and mesmerizing.

There’s no deep message here, just fun.

And that makes it both enjoyable and memorable.

14. Google: Project Sunroof


Solar energy seems like a dream come true.

Endless clean free energy that seemingly anyone can access? Wow!

But then reality crashes down and you’re lost in a baffling labyrinth of confusing information and don’t know where to go. 

So Google created a “roadmap” of sorts with Project Sunroof.

And true to their style, they crafted a beautiful commercial video to go with it and explain how it all works.

We love the analogy of the treasure map helping you find your way, and as usual, their animation is a ray of sunshine.

15. Seneca College: Follow Your Dreams


College should be an amazing time of growth and discovery, where you launch yourself into the career of your choice, spread your wings and fly.

But sometimes, life throws you a curveball and you get tangled in the weeds. 

Seneca College took a different approach to student recruitment by addressing people who went to college but couldn’t finish, or ended up in careers they were unsatisfied with.

This is a demographic that’s confused and wishes they could start over, but don’t know how– or even if it’s possible. 

Their beautifully animated infographic commercial video speaks their language, really understanding their situation, and offering renewed hope.

The graphics and visuals really complement the script and message beautifully, making the whole greater than the sum of its parts– much like the college experience itself.

16. Able Recruitment


A platform that helps you recruit better candidates?

This can sound like a lot of work when you’ve already got your hands full leading a rapidly growing team. 

So this video for Able by Yum Yum Studios attacks that point right from the get-go, explaining that it actually saves time and effort and improves the tedious process of hiring.

And it does this with a fantastically clever script that hooks you in with simple catchy wordplay. 

So what looks like a simple video is really a clever, snappy script paired with attention-grabbing and lively, colorful kinetic typography to get you hooked right away.  

17. Sydney Water: It’s Amazing What Water Can Do


It never ceases to amaze us how a well-made animated video can get your interest and attention on just about any message.

A good video can explain just about any topic under the sun.

But a great video will draw you into a story and get you involved and engaged, even entertained. 

And here’s a great example for Australia’s largest water utility, SydneyWater.

The message is simply “don’t waste water,” but notice how it delivers it.

A cute and catchy poem praising the value of water– something so ubiquitous we don’t really think about it much– paired with fittingly adorable and imaginative 3D animation.

It’s a refreshing treat on your senses, and makes a memorable impact in just thirty seconds. 

18. Slack: Traffic


Speaking of wildly imaginative, animation for business doesn’t get much better than this absolutely gorgeous 3D animated video for Slack.

We’re drawn into a fantastic world of strange cute beings living in the clouds, but with a familiar and relatable problem: traffic jams.

Then, one day, one of those beings suddenly has an idea from out of the blue on how to fix it.

So he broadcasts it to his friends, and soon everyone’s working together to make this idea become reality, from experimenting to testing, all leading to a glorious public unveiling.

And it’s all possible because of seamless communication across the various teams. 

This is just another example of how storytelling can really supercharge your commercial video. It’s the secret ingredient that makes all the difference!

19. McVitie’s: Sweeter Together


No matter what your business or industry, it’s ultimately always all about the people, and our relationships with them.

We’re an inherently social species, and scientific studies show that we need social interaction almost as much as we need food and water. 

That’s where this lovely video for McVitie’s really shines.

It’s all about how we bond over food together, like having a tea break with co-workers. But what if that’s not possible? 

The story in this character animated marketing commercial shows us a lonely crane operator working high above the ground, disconnected from his co-workers and friends.

Fortunately, it has a sweet ending, with a heartwarming message coming through loud and clear. 

Note that what makes this story really work, is that it’s not just about the sweet treat, it’s about the experience of sharing them with your friends.

It all comes back to the human experience.

20. Slack: Work, Simplified


Another brilliant example of the storytelling rule “show, don’t tell.”

This slick animated commercial animated video for Slack has no words or text, starting out cluttered and chaotic, and in black and white.

And then this world switches to Slack and everything’s in color, and flowing smoothly and cleanly.

With imagination and style, the message conveyed is just how much better your workflow goes using Slack.

And it does this without mentioning a single tech spec or feature.

Take notes, this is how you do it!

21. Petco: Holiday Wishes


As we keep saying, the secret ingredient that turns mediocre videos into a true artform, is storytelling.

And here, in Petco’s holiday video, we see this in full effect.

We can’t help but be drawn into this heartwarming story, worthy of being a Pixar short, with the best stop-motion animation.

We don’t want to spoil the story, it’s one you really must watch for yourself and enjoy the full effect. But trust us on this, it’s worth it.

The story neatly brings us to the core message: that gifts are great and all, but somehow, it’s even better to give than receive.

The call-to-action at the end encourages the viewer to donate gifts to pets in need.

22. Starbucks: Why Does Starbucks Blend Coffee?


Coffee: Countless offices (including us at Broadcast2World) run on the stuff.

It’s as vital to our work as having a steady electricity supply and Wifi!

But we don’t really think a lot about how it’s made, or why some companies choose to produce their coffee one way versus another. 

Fortunately, thanks to the power of animated brand videos, this beautiful ad for Starbucks draws us in with its beautiful colors and harmonious graphics.

The script talks briefly about the process of coffee making, but what’s really being communicated through it is their passion and love for coffee. 

23. Volkswagen Service: The Place You Want to Be


How do you make a commercial video for car servicing feel exciting?

Through the power of animation, of course!

With a little imagination and playfulness, Volkswagen Service made their ad campaign fun, and even entertaining.

We all feel like our cars have personality, but this takes it to the next level.

This fun 3D animated video has us following anthropomorphic cars zipping around town and getting a spa-like tune-up at the service center.

Even if you’re not into cars much, it awakens the kid inside all of us. 

24. Coca-Cola: The Happiness Factory


Oftentimes, the best way to sell is through the heart, not head.

And Coca-Cola’s long history of amazing, entertaining commercial ads proves that theory. 

This mind-blowing ad uses fantasy, wild imagination and whimsical storytelling to land a powerfully emotional impact.

The 3D animation is simply next-level, worthy of an animated feature film.

And it all works to serve the message of happiness found in a simple bottle of Coca-Cola. 

25. Sherwin-Williams: Where Will Color Take You?


Color swatches or chips are a tool used to get exact measurements for painting and coloring jobs, from automotive to home wall paints.

And Sherwin-Williams are a leading brand offering this solution.

Very useful, sure, but… how do you make that exciting to the general public?

Fortunately, nothing is impossible when you use animation paired with a healthy dose of imagination and wonder. 

This 3D animated video brings this idea to life by creating a dazzling safari of animals and wildlife, all literally composed of color swatches, inviting you to explore and feast on a buffet of brilliant colors.

It’s a simple enough concept but it makes a powerful impact.

26. Nespresso on Ice


Coffee is famous for being a work enhancer.

A mug of hot coffee jump starts your brain and gets you going for the workday ahead. 

But Nespresso on Ice subverted this stereotype by portraying calm, relaxing scenes paired with a refreshing cold coffee.

The colors, gentle transitions and a sublime, calm soundtrack all work together to paint a picture of enjoyable relaxation and bliss.

The clean, cool infographic animation is gorgeous, too, leaving us craving some nice cold coffee.

27. American Express: Imagine What You Could Do


When we swipe our credit card, we don’t really think about the hidden world of technology that makes it work.

We just hit “approve” and go on with our day.

This cute 2D animated character video for American Express gives us a peek behind the curtain and shows us the level of ingenious innovation that makes this complex system work so smoothly and flawlessly.  

What makes this video really click, however, is that it tells a story using a personable friendly main character, drawing us into this nebulous and complex world, all without overwhelming us with too much technical information.

This is no accident, but a good example of the power of storytelling animation for business!

28. Chipotle: Back to the Start


Chipotle is a Mexican restaurant franchise that prides itself on its authentic, wholesome ingredients and core company values.

They don’t see themselves as another fast-food chain with industrial assembly-line style mass food production.

This animated brand commercial video, with a distinctly unique stop motion style, achieves this without coming across as preachy or snobbish about these values.

In fact, it doesn’t even have a spoken word voiceover, instead letting country music legend Willie Nelson serenade us in his signature style, raw and unpolished. 

It’s a stellar example of the storytelling rule “show, don’t tell.” 

29. Travel Oregon: Only Slightly Exaggerated


The Pacific Northwest is home to some of the most stunningly beautiful nature you could experience.

Its diverse residents have good reason to be so proud of their heritage, and are known for their love of the outdoors and deep respect for nature.

So Travel Oregon commissioned this absolutely stunning animated video, paired with a dramatic, soaring musical score.

Rendered in traditional 2D animation that could serve as a suitable homage to the works of Studio Ghibli, we’re treated to a feast of breathtaking landscapes, diverse people, and an authentic reverence for indigenous culture– everything from the traditional to the modern. 

The cherry on top is the ending tagline of “Only Slightly Exaggerated,” which justifies and underscores the beauty of the animation, and invites you to discover Oregon for yourself.

30. Admiral Multicover


Life is inherently unpredictable. Things rarely go to plan. What do you do when disaster strikes? 

Insurance is an inherently pessimistic kind of industry, and most of us don’t really like to think about the “what ifs” of valuable possessions breaking and needing expensive repairs or replacements. 

So this gorgeous 3D animated video for Admiral Multicover uses comedy and storytelling to lighten the mood, entertaining while delivering its message.

The characters are delightful and cute, the comic timing is perfect, and the video does a great job of reminding you to get insured without resorting to doom-and-gloom tactics common with most insurance commercial ads.

31. Honda: Paper


Honda is already well-known as being one of the world’s largest and oldest auto manufacturers, manufacturing everything from little mopeds to SUVs.

So reminding us of this wouldn’t be telling us anything we don’t already know. 

So they went a different tack with their “Paper” video: Showcasing their ingenuity as the centerpiece of their storied history and heritage. 

And the captivating animation is suitably out-of-the-box and creative, using stop motion animation that starts with a sketch of an engine on paper.

The animation even includes the animator’s hands manipulating the shots, just to underscore that this isn’t CGI, and hinting at Honda’s mastery of their engineering and innovation. 

It grabs and holds your attention and interest, keeping you keenly watching till the end, as it takes you on a journey through time, all without a single spoken word needing to be said.

32. Heinz: Beans


Here’s a challenge for you. 


How do you make beans interesting? Captivating and entertaining, even? There’s nothing particularly special about them.

It’s hardly a premium gourmet treat. Beans are just… beans. Right?

Well, that’s where the art of visual storytelling comes in.

It’s not just the gorgeous 3D animation that makes this video so special, it’s the heartwarming story of a plucky main character who’s simply obsessed with beans and lands his dream job at Heinz Australia.

You simply can’t help but be drawn into this story and root for the goofy and lovable protagonist, like you’re watching a movie on the big screen.

This all proves that in the right hands, anything can be made interesting, heartwarming and even entertaining, even a simple can of beans.

33. Google Drive: Go Google


Today, we’re used to all our stuff being on cloud services like Google Drive.

But when it first launched a decade ago, this was not the case.

Managing your data across multiple devices and multiple locations was quite the hassle.

It was like trying to manage your personal library of books in the middle of an active tornado, with individual pages flying everywhere.

You could never find what you needed when you needed it, and sharing anything with others was frustrating and tedious.

Cloud services existed at this point but they were often as cumbersome as the problems they promised to solve. 

So when Google launched Drive, they addressed the pain points head-on.

Their video, animated in Google’s signature minimalistic and friendly style, opens by relating to your world, showing they understand the problems you face daily.

Then, through the power of clever, slick animation, it shows you how Drive solves all of this while being simple, friendly, and easy to use. 

34. Port of Aberdeen


While this isn’t your typical brand video or commercial, this one makes a place on our list for its stylish animation and smooth script. 

The goal of this 2D infographic-style video was for the Port of Aberdeen to explain its value to the citizens of the Scottish seafaring city, and celebrate their achievements and the prosperity it generates.

It’s something a lot of people probably don’t think much about, so it’s important to connect with their community in a meaningful way.

The crisp narration and distinctive animation style draws you into the story, explaining everything without becoming boring or confusing to even the casual viewer. 

35. McDonald’s: Mobile App Launch


We love carefully crafted mobile app explainer videos.

And McDonald’s Mobile App Launch is no different.

It makes you excited with its bouncy fun energy, catchy song and clever use of brand color palette throughout.

It effectively delivers its message that it’s not just about the fast food, it’s about the experience of sharing it with your friends together and celebrating life.

36. Coca-Cola: Catch


The Super Bowl is a big deal.

The single most expensive block of advertising in the world, with a reach of millions at once.

So it’s no surprise that the biggest brands pull out all the stops to deliver a masterpiece in animated ad examples.

And Coca-Cola is no different.

This is another in their iconic polar bear series, featuring beautiful 3D animation crafted at truly Hollywood levels of quality worthy of a feature film.

The adorable giant bears are in their ice caves watching the game, and comedic hijinks ensue.

The animation is flawless, fluid and startlingly realistic; and most importantly, the message is loud and clear.

It’s the level of advertising others can only hope to achieve.

37. WhatsApp: End-to-End Encryption


Privacy is always a hot-button topic in the tech world.

We all want to be connected, but we also don’t like unknown parties snooping around in our messages.

It seems that the simplicity and convenience of online communications are at odds with cybersecurity.

Almost as though they’re at opposite ends of a sliding scale, and we have to pick where we can live comfortably on that spectrum.

Can’t we just have both?

Yes, declares this beautifully animated video for WhatsApp.

Through the power of masterful storytelling, an everyday scenario is used to explain how WhatsApp ensures that the only people reading your messages are the people it’s intended for, and nobody else, not even WhatsApp themselves.

This character animation video uses cute and simple metaphors to reinforce this point and bring the story to a happy ending, all within just half a minute.

38. Edufi


It’s tough enough entering adulthood, picking a career, and finding the right college.

On top of all that, you have to figure out how to pay for it. 

While there are many financial instruments available for education loans and grants and so on, it can be quite overwhelming.

Fortunately, Edufi is here to save the day!

Their animated commercial video is friendly, warm and engaging, taking you by the hand and showing you how it’s here to help.

It addresses the pain points and makes it clear it understands your world, before opening up the options and solutions it can offer.

Cleverly using the corporate brand colors, it delivers just the right amount of detail without being too simple or too complex for its audience. 

39. Airbnb: Breaking Down Walls


The best animated commercial videos take you far beyond merely selling a product or bragging about their brand.

They tell a real human story that touches you on a heart level, without coming off as cliché or crassly exploiting sentimentality. 

AirBnB is a brand that takes this seriously, striving to be authentic.

So they used a true story in their video script from one of their own users.

All to underscore the message that they care about their customer testimonials all about people, connections and relationships

To really bring the story home, they got artistic and used the beauty of animation, rife with simple but powerful visual metaphors and symbols. 

If you’re not moved by the end of this beautiful character animation video, we recommend you check your pulse!

40. Renault Twingo: Go Anywhere Go Everywhere


In the automotive world, it turns out there’s more to making a great car than just building something really big, powerful and fast.

There’s a loyal fan following of gearheads who love small but spirited hatchbacks for their unique fun factor.

And nobody does hot hatchbacks better than the French! 

Enter this video for the Renault Twingo by Kuntzel+Deygas.

So this is another example of a commercial that makes you feel the spirit of the product, rather than drone on with a long list of features and tech specs. It’s more emotional and “gut feeling” than dry numbers and figures. 

The animation is just fantastic, with bright, bold colors and energetic motion.

It’s deceptively simple looking with its few flat colors and clean visuals, but what’s really going on with the zippy cute cars is as complex as any other piece of quality animation you could see.

As animators ourselves, we’re honestly a little jealous. 

All of this energy is supercharged with a catchy and upbeat soundtrack by alt-rock phenomenon Beck, the cherry on top of this video’s cool factor. 

Note how infectious this brand video is. It doesn’t say much at all, just gives your eyeballs a visual treat to enjoy.

And then, all you’ll want to do after watching this, is jump in a car and go for a joyride.

41. Spotify


When we insist that video animation is an artform, it’s not just marketing hype. 

This animated video for Spotify by POTEMKIN and Identity Works is a brilliant example of what we mean.

The focus begins on our collective love of music, with funky animation and energetic jazz to get our blood pumping and feet tapping.

The text animation lays out Spotify’s ubiquity and popularity, teasing us with the idea of enjoying whatever music we like, wherever we want to hear it, on whatever device we’re using at that moment.

This does more to sell the platform than a long list of features or an app walkthrough ever could, because it’s tapping into our love of music more than our understanding of how to use an app. 

42. Cadbury: Scrème Egg


For Halloween, Cadbury launched this special edition stop-motion animated video for their iconic Crème Eggs.

And we have to say, nobody’s blended horror and comedy so well since Cadbury put milk and chocolate together!

Adorably cute but chillingly dark, our helpless squeaking protagonists are fleeing a Crème Egg-zombie apocalypse of John Carpenter proportions.

The animated commercial ad is so good we forget it’s animated. 

And just when all hope seems lost, the story dramatically shifts into a Michael Jackson’s Thriller-esque music video with choreographed dancing.

Making faceless eggs dance like zombies convincingly is only more evidence of the animation team’s amazing skills.


43. Lyft: Life Is Better When You Share the Ride


We keep mentioning how storytelling is not just important, it’s the secret ingredient that takes your video to a whole new level altogether.

And you need no more proof than this lovely 3D animated video for Lyft

As a brand, Lyft loves to set itself apart from its competitors by focusing not on the utility of a taxi service, but on the magic of meeting new people when you ride-share.

In this 3D character advertisement by Academy-Award winner John Kahrs, we see an unlikely hero: an elderly widow, driving her husband’s beloved classic muscle car around town to run her errands.

A cruel twist of fate throws her well out of her comfort zone when this car meets the end of its road.

She reluctantly buys a new car but of course it’s not the same, because her old car held powerful memories and a special place in her heart. 

However, a whole new world slowly opens up for her as she tries ride-sharing, and begins to enjoy meeting new people that she would never have interacted with otherwise.

The connections she makes aren’t superficial, either, as she finds out in the story’s climax and heartwarming ending. 

As an additional bit of fun trivia, the original song for the video was written and performed by Lyft driver-turned-recording artist Sir the Baptist, who launched his music career after a connection with a Lyft passenger.

What we can take away from this amazing video is pretty clear:

If you want to really connect with your customers, go beyond merely speaking to their minds with a sales pitch.

Connect with their hearts, through a good story.

44. Airbnb: Cycling Experiences


AirBnB makes this list again with this absolutely gorgeous animated video.

There’s something fundamentally immersive about riding around on a bicycle, exploring a new place.

And AirBnB jumps on this idea and takes us on a joyride, inviting us to experience the magic.

We love the bold colors and dazzling graphics, smooth infographics animation and perfect choice of music.

It just inspires us to leap out of our chairs and head out on a road trip.

45. MailChimp: OutGrow Your Name


They say that all living things are either growing or dying.

MailChimp is one of those invaluable tools that helps you grow and expand and achieve your goals as a company. 

So this little animated video says it all, using the simple analogy of a loveable jungle beast outgrowing his little space and stepping out into the limelight.

The animation is organic and simple, hand-drawn with just two colors. 

Always bear in mind that when it comes to crafting an excellent animated video, less is often more.

46. PlayStation: Rick and Morty Ad


Rick and Morty is a critically acclaimed sci-fi animated show, famous for its subversively meta (or self-referential) dark humor and having a distinctly nihilistic edge.

So it’s only fitting that when its creators teamed up with Sony to promote the PlayStation, they went all out with the self-mockery because it’s exactly the kind of thing their fiercely loyal fanbase expects.

While it may confuse outsiders unfamiliar with the show, this is a prime example of knowing your audience and speaking their language! 

47. TalkTalk


The most talented marketers know that regardless of your industry or offering, what you’re really selling is a good experience.

And one way to do that is by telling a good story.

TalkTalk is an internet service provider in the UK that commissioned this gorgeous stop-motion animated video.

It reveals a heartwarming and fantastical story of figurine toys in doll houses and igloos dealing with loneliness– until wireless connectivity enables them to all talk to each other and be connected again. 

Notice how there’s no talk of internet speeds or competitive rates or anything like that.

Just a simple story that warms the heart and builds a sense of trust with the viewer.  

48. The New Zealand Book Council: Going West


This video for The New Zealand Book Council might be some of the best stop-motion animation we’ve ever seen, paired with some of the best voiceover work we’ve ever heard. 

Books bring ideas to life, and this video takes that saying quite literally (pardon the pun).

What starts out as artful macro shots of the printed pages of a book turning, transforms into a world of scenery and objects carved out of paper.

The imaginative non-profit commercial ad is simply stunning, showcasing a masterful level of artistry.

And the narration is haunting and evocative, to put it mildly.

If you need any more proof of the power of visual storytelling, look no further!

49. John Lewis: The Bear and The Hare


Yet another example of the power of storytelling and what it can do for your business, this beautifully 2D animated tale for John Lewis depicts adorable animals in the forest celebrating Christmas.

It’s reminiscent of the Disney animation we grew up with, and more than just visually.

It’s a simple story yet heartwarming in a way that perfectly encapsulates the holiday season and the spirit of gift-giving.

We don’t want to spoil it for you because this one’s a real treat to watch! 

50. Apple Health: Mindfulness


Stress. It’s the downside to living in this day and age.

We’re surrounded with technology.

But is it helping? That is, really helping in ways that matter in the long term?

In a shining example of the rule “show, don’t tell,” this gorgeous infographic style video by Apple does away with listing tech specs and features and whatnot, and getting straight to the heart of the issue.

It speaks the language of the viewer, understanding their world, and then smoothly transitions to the solution.

Even the animation and musical score emphasize the emotional aspect and the constant tension of modern life. 

In Conclusion

And there you have it, our mega-list of our favorite commercial ads.

What did you think?

Do you agree or did we miss out on some great ones?

Let us know in the comments!

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