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How To Increase The Storytelling Quotient Of B2B Marketing Videos?

Nov 3, 2022 12:55:20 AM

In today’s digital age, storytelling is an essential element in b2b marketing communication

It is a powerful tool that can engage audiences and drive conversions– whether a product demonstration, a sales pitch, or any other b2b marketing video. 

And it does more than entertain; it can explain complex concepts to us and make sense of our world. 

We’ve compiled a list of 5 critical elements that will supercharge your storytelling and business growth. 

Read the entire blog or feel free to jump into sections:-

1. Establish a Connection, Hook Your Audience

2. Make Your Customer The Hero

3. Show Empathy

4. Show Hero's Transformation

5. Call the Audience for Action

1. Establish a Connection, Hook Your Audience

To ensure that your audience engages with your b2b video, you must hook them in the first few seconds. 

You need to establish the connection by talking about things that matter to them, so they continue watching the video. 

Here’s what we mean:


In this video for Sponsorium, when we say, “You believe in the power of sponsorship…” we attract an audience (VP or Director of Sponsorships) interested in the subject. 

This story is speaking directly to that target audience and grabs their attention from the get-go.

We crafted scenes in animation to bring life to the script and really enhance the story, keeping things interesting from start to finish. 

Ultimately, this video “speaks the language” of the target viewer profile and understands their world.

The story works to build a sense of trust, a “gut feeling” that is more fundamental than thought or emotion.

It’s this magic element that brings people over to your side and ready to convert.​

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2. Make Your Customer The Hero

The important thing to remember in storytelling for business, is that you’re not the hero, the customer is. 

The story's hero is the viewer, struggling to solve problems and fulfill their goals.

Your offering is the sort of magic power that helps them accomplish all this and get to where they most want to be. 

In the above video from Sponsorium, notice again how the story revolves around the hero responsible for managing sponsorships and struggling to win recognition.

3. Show Empathy


A good storyteller will empathize with their audience by understanding their world and what makes them tick. 

They would put themself in the hero's shoes in the story, and address the needs and desires of the viewer.


In this b2b marketing video from Suse, notice how we talk about the challenges our hero faces, like “running your business is harder than ever…”

At this point, the story drops to its lowest point, addressing the many problems the hero faces, like an “all is lost” moment.

And from here, we bring the curve up and show how this powerful magic tool helps the hero save the day. 

And this magical tool is none other than your offering!

4. Show Hero's Transformation


Good storytellers will use a variety of techniques to engage an audience. 

One technique is to show a hero’s transformation. 

The perceived value of your product or service is equivalent to the transformation the hero can achieve.



For example, this video from Siemens presents their broad range of tech offerings as a powerful tool capable of transforming whoever wields it. 

Note how the “hero” here is really whoever uses Siemens’ technology, not Siemens themselves. 

The customer is the hero here– which creates a clear image in the viewers’ minds that tomorrow, they could be that hero too.

5. Call the Audience for Action

Another effective storytelling technique is to end the story with a call for action. 

The human mind is always looking for direction; if you leave it in confusion, it will move to the next task without taking action, which means all the effort in telling a compelling story will go to waste. 

Here is another example from Sponsorium: the story ends by calling the audience to register today for their Sponsorium blueprint product.


The best b2b explainer videos are ones that don’t feel like they’re explaining things to you. 

This animated video leads you on a journey, lays out the facts and issues, and presents a solution– all smoothly and while holding the audience’s interest and attention easily. 

It doesn’t feel like a lecture. It doesn’t overwhelm you, the viewer, with too much information at once.

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So the above five elements can make or break your story.

Increasing the storytelling quotient is essential if you want to drive maximum ROI from your b2b video marketing campaigns.


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