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How can B2B brands use animated commercial videos to stand out?

Jan 13, 2022 8:08:46 AM

We live in a world saturated with instant information. Competition is relentless for the ever-shrinking attention spans of the average consumer on the street.

But not all commercials and marketing messaging are aimed at customers. There’s also a critical need for businesses who must market to other businesses, too (or B2B).

The need for animated commercial videos

While there are some differences between typical commercial advertising and B2B messaging, the fundamentals are the same.

Ever-Decreasing Attention Spans

Within the span of a century or so, we went from newspapers and books to radio, television, telephones, cinema and ultimately the internet as our primary channel for public information. And each format was increasingly widespread, accessible, personalized– and very fast. 

To use an analogy, it’s a little bit like going from a trickling brook to a dam bursting. There’s just way too much information out there and your message will end up a drop in the ocean, so to speak. 

Reaching out with your message out there is relatively easy today. The real challenge is standing out from the crowd, grabbing your viewer’s attention, and staying memorable.

And it’s a formidable challenge, to put it mildly. How do you get your brand heard and noticed in a sea of noise? Do you out-spend your competition? Do you rely on flashy graphics and special effects? Do you use gimmicks and discounts? What does it take?

Fortunately, after over a decade of experience making explainer videos for clients of all sizes from all over the world, we believe we have the answer.

Why animated commercial videos for b2b brands?

Commercial videos for B2B brands may differ in many ways from those aimed at the consumer. But as we touched on earlier, the fundamentals remain largely the same. 

Do you want to be heard, to grab attention and hold it? And really connect on a heart level with your audience? 

The secret, really, lies in storytelling.

We cover this in most of our blogs and posts, because it’s true. Storytelling is the magic secret ingredient to really connecting with your audience on a profound gut level, reaching both the mind and the heart. The effect is powerful and lasting.

How can animated commercial videos help?

Video is an amazing enough format already. Using our top two senses for observing and processing the world around us– sight and sound– it’s not surprising how natural and appealing it is.

Animated advertising videos, however, take things further by giving the creator even more freedom than before. With animated commercials, you’re really only limited by your imagination moreso than your budget. All you have to do is create the vision in your mind and you can get to work creating it and making it real. This gives you far more scope to deliver your message.

Best Animated Commercial Video Examples

Take a look at how brands, big or small have been using animated commercial videos to grab their viewer's attention and how you should too!

#3 Hootsuite


Social media: it may have started out as a distraction for fun, but now it’s like putting your phone number on a visiting card. It’s an industry all in and of itself. But how does one network in this all-online virtual space? To many people, it’s far more complicated than they expect.

This dazzling, colorful character animation video embraces this strange new world to explain how Hootsuite saves the day, using clever analogies like depicting social media as a party you can’t get into, along with plenty of humor. Take note of how this marketing video addresses emotions and fun while also explaining how Hootsuite works to make life easier for you and your business, regardless of what your business entails. 

It makes you the hero of the story, and empowers you to succeed in social media marketing. And by doing so, it excites your imagination with possibilities.

#2 Mailchimp

With superheroes setting box office records and dominating Netflix, you would imagine there’s no real drama or story in following the daily exploits of intrepid entrepreneurs. But as we like to say here at Broadcast2World, everyone has a story to tell. And it seems we’re not alone in that sentiment, with Mailchimp teaming up with Buck to create a delightfully charming series focusing on life as an entrepreneur. 

The simple truth is that people love stories, and this is true in the business world as well. 

What’s your story? Have you thought about how you want to tell it to the world? If not, it’s never too late to get started!

#1 Microsoft 365

Using a computer is now a mundane, everyday activity. So it’s a challenge to get people excited about, say, a new software suite.

But that’s the power of animation for you. Clever visuals with bright, upbeat music– and if done just right, you can communicate to your audience just how fresh and free it feels to use your software suite. It beats any long lecture about features and stats, and avoids the cliches some adverts use to create a hype that feels hollow at best.

We see a bouncy, bright and lush video that teases you with an idea of how efficient and fast and fun it would be to work in that software suite’s environment, dynamic and fluid– and above all, enjoyable. 


In this interconnected world, communication has never been more critical to your brand’s success. And animation is arguably one of the best communication formats available today. Easy to consume, attention-grabbing and visually appealing. Combined with a well-written script, your brand message will be memorable as well, staying fresh in the minds of your audience long after they’ve watched your video. 

Of course, not everyone is a natural and experienced storyteller. Therefore, partnering with a good animation company is key. Find a company that takes the time to really understand your brand and what you’re trying to say, and who your audience really is. A good team will work closely with you to make your vision become a reality. 

Ready to take the plunge and really get your brand out there? Chat with us today and find out what a good animated commercial video can do for you and your company today!


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