Leverage emerging trends for success with B2B video marketing

Jun 11, 2019 6:55:31 AM

It’s no ‘breaking news’ that the nuts and bolts of communication for businesses have gone through major overhauls over the past few years.

Video is the new mantra to success, but it’s baffling how businesses are still unaware of how to maneuver their way through the new turf. The cause - Lack of info on how B2B companies can exploit video marketing.  

You see posts on B2C videos around every nook and corner of the internet, but the B2B folks can have a hard time getting their hands on information that matters.

Whether you're working in B2B or B2C, the bottom line is that you’re catering to people. People whose jobs are stressful and hectic, who have feelings and love being entertained.

Everyone likes interesting stuff to look at and watch, when was the last time you sat through an ad that put you to sleep, more importantly, do you think that was the purpose of the video makers? No.

Their judgments probably got clouded by the myths which lead to a good snooze for you. Agreed, companies want to build trust and sound professional, but who said fun and engaging can't fall in the same bracket?


All you need to know before starting off is the ultimate intention of the video. This can broadly be categorized into three:

  • Attract new leads (B2B Video Marketing for Social media)
  • Instil trust and convert potential leads into customers (B2B Video Marketing for Website)
  • Maintain a connection with existing customers and increase their lifetime value (B2B Video Marketing for Customer Retention)

And the benefits? Let's dig into that before we talk about these categories!

B2B Video Marketing Benefits

We're huge fans of video marketing—and for good reasons! Let's have a look at some of those reasons:

  • Clearer Communication: Now, by clarity, we don't mean telling your audience about everything your product does. In a competitive market, you need to be clear on the biggest pain point of your customers and how is your product solving that with ease. It's important to differentiate yourself from the competition and talk about the real value you bring to the table. With video marketing, that is something you can do with great ease.

  • Increased Trust: When you're clear in the way you communicate with the audience, they understand you better. And when they understand you better, they trust you better. So when you go for video marketing, you're actually building trust. As you see an increase in trust, you would also see an increase in the rate of conversion. This is largely due to the fact that people don't buy what they don't trust.

  • More Engagement: Engagement is something most B2B companies struggle with. Traditionally, businesses have used text and images to communicate with their audience. But it's 2020 now, and the audience wants better and more easy-to-consume visual content. The audience wants videos. And that is just why you would see a stark difference between engagement on text and videos, with the latter having the upper hand.

  • More Conversions: Video marketing takes care of everything that increases the chances of conversion. It helps you communicate better which increases clarity. It helps you build trust, which makes it easier for your audience to make a purchase decision. It increases engagement which gives you a better reach. Together, these factors drive conversions.

But these aren't just opinions. These are facts. And to back those up, we have the statistics that led to these conclusions. Let's check them out!

B2B Marketing Video Statistics 

Here are some of the statistics that can give you an idea of just how effective B2B Video Marketing is:

  • It is estimated that by 2021, people would spend 100 minutes every day watching videos. This is due to the fact that videos are engaging and have the ability to retain the attention of viewers for extended periods of time.

  • Another report says that 41% of B2B marketers would be trying out video marketing in 2020. This is a clear indication of the fact that video marketing is not just for B2C marketers. In fact, to top it up, a report by Content Marketing Institute states that 71% of B2B marketers use video marketing against 66% of B2C marketers.

  • Coming to the marketers already using videos, Wyzowl's report says that 89% marketers saw a good ROI with videos. The same report says that 87% marketers saw more traffic on their website with videos. Further 83% marketers found help in lead generation, while 80% marketers saw an increase in sales due to video marketing. 

  • According to a report by IMPACT, websites with videos see 88% higher pageview duration by the users. The longer users stay on your website the better it is for SEO and conversions. So, video marketing can help you with this as well.

And we're barely scratching the surface here. The internet is flooded with statistics about how B2B businesses were benefited with video marketing.

B2B Videos for Social Media Marketing

While you might know how to wing it when your customers land up on your website, social media is a completely different ball game. Most B2B companies think they don’t even belong here, and rightly so.

Social media is everything conventional B2B is not. It’s entertaining, fun, quirky, engaging, short, crisp, and eye-catching. Doesn’t sound like B2B? Check this out:


Now Deloitte needs no introduction and judging by this b2b video, they have a good idea of how to use social media to their benefit. This video is everything but dull. It’s inspiring, it gives you a look into the company's values through an engaging story.

You can also experiment with snappy visuals that get the point across AND attract eyeballs:


Or get downright quirky:


Adobe, IBM, Deloitte, these are big names in the B2B scenario and also the ones who are quickly catching on to the hidden benefits of social media marketing.

So why do these b2b videos work? And why should you focus on social media as a part of your strategy? To grab eyeballs!

Whatever you do, the point of social media is to make a connection, it’s the first impression that gets people interested in who you are and what you do.


Ride on the publicity of what’s trending or a current event, like IBM here and make it interesting:


Have an opinion, like Adobe on their twitter page proudly supporting the LGBTQ+ community:

Make your viewers think, get their minds working so they feel like they’re a part of your community::

Find your voice, your personality by experimenting with different stories and visuals to settle on a tone that best portrays you and suits the social media platform.

Connect with your viewers, make them laugh or cry or inspire them, find new ways of doing the same old sales and make it memorable! It’s what can get potential customers in touch with you and finally lead them to your website.

Landing Page Videos

Once people have been captivated by your stunning social media appearance, they’ll want to know more about you, These are your potential customers who are still unsure of whether to join hands with you or go another way.

What you need now, is to instill trust, which also works for existing customers. It’s always a great time to reinstate a feeling of trust within your community and the best way to do it is by being yourself and sharing your stories.

B2B Video Testimonials are a great way to let people know about your success with other customers to help them reflect the same emotion. You can either make it quirky, like Slack:


Or emotional like M&M Financials:


These are nothing like what conventional B2B video stories would be, but they work! They’re a delightful blend of a testimonial and product explainer tastefully wrapped in a gripping script and beautiful visuals.

Even if you’re explaining the functions of a product or even giving a demo, the objective is to always entertain. Adobe here found a super engaging way to let their customers know what they do, for which you might otherwise have a read through a blog worth two coffee cups.


You see how simple it is, how well it flows, how you get through it without a single glance at your phone? That’s how B2B video marketing should be, Effortlessly engaging. 

B2B Video Marketing for Customer Retention

Now once you have signed up customers for your product, the idea is to generate maximum value for their buck or love for your brand. The best way to help your new customers is by creating demo videos or process videos for your services.

They should be able to make best use of your product and achieve their goals. You can also create FAQ videos to help your customers. Let's look at this screencast video that demonstrates the use of specific tool in the software called plangrid:



Let’s end it with something crazy:

Yup, it has no name. Watch to find out! Watch how a B2B company goes downright crazy with video marketing to explain its product.


You see, there is no limit to what you can do with videos in every aspect of your marketing strategy. There is no set path or formula, just focus on the people you want to target, make them and their issues the hero of your story and prove that you can be the Samwise to their Frodo. Let the world know that you have an abundance of ideas which are not restricted to your B2B profile.

Every step of the way, make sure you make heads turn.

Not enough examples? Check out our best b2b videos blog!


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