15 Best B2B Marketing Videos That Ignited Brand Growth

May 15, 2019 1:17:30 AM

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In the ever-evolving realm of B2B marketing, where businesses strive to stand out and make a lasting impression, the strategic utilization of B2B marketing videos has emerged as a powerful catalyst for igniting brand growth.

These captivating and influential videos have revolutionized the way companies communicate, enabling them to effectively engage their target audience, foster meaningful connections, and drive tangible business outcomes.

With the use of animated startup explainer videos, for example, brands have doubled down on their B2B marketing efforts and you will see in this blog why that's a good thing.

In this blog, we delve into the finest examples that have not only captured attention but also fueled brand expansion, leaving an indelible impact on the industry.


Prepare to be inspired as we unveil the stories behind these exceptional videos that have reshaped the B2B marketing landscape, propelling brands to new heights of success.

Nobody likes plain and boring videos—the numbers don’t lie. Your B2B audience certainly doesn’t like boring videos.

Video Engagement

Many companies have proven that growing fast is indeed possible with videos. But none of them have given the secret recipe—the ultimate secret to growing fast with videos. 


Best B2B Marketing Videos

1. Cisco


The animation style of this B2B marketing video by Cisco seamlessly blends creativity and professionalism, capturing the essence of the brand and its offerings.

Vibrant colors and dynamic visuals breathe life into the message, while fluid transitions enhance the storytelling experience. This video showcases the innovative solutions and benefits that await in the world of B2B marketing.

2. Datadog

Look at this B2B marketing video by Datadog, with its visually stunning style, it effortlessly grabs attention and keeps viewers engaged throughout.

From vibrant colors to smooth transitions, the animation breathes life into the message being conveyed. This video masterfully combines creativity and marketing strategy, leaving a lasting impact on the audience's mind.

3. Qualtrics

Indulge in the mesmerizing B2B marketing video by Qualtrics, where style meets substance to ignite remarkable growth.

Through its sleek and modern animation style, the video effortlessly conveys the transformative power of Qualtrics' solutions.

By effectively showcasing how Qualtrics empowers businesses to unlock insights and drive growth, the video serves as a catalyst, igniting a surge of interest and propelling businesses forward.

4. Ennismore


Design is a powerful tool for brand differentiation across various platforms. In the realm of B2B content, WorkingFrom_'s piece stands out with its refreshing approach.

By incorporating character animations, the video takes on a playful and personable tone, setting it apart from the usual content. This unique and novel style creates the perfect vibe for an explainer video, making it engaging and memorable.

5. Hubspot

HubSpot's animated marketing video sparks creativity and imagination, taking viewers on a visually captivating journey.

The animation style breathes life into the brand's message, delivering a memorable and engaging experience. With its seamless transitions and vibrant visuals, the video showcases the power of HubSpot's marketing solutions in a dynamic and compelling way.

Prepare to be inspired as this animated masterpiece demonstrates how HubSpot drives success and helps businesses thrive.


6. Zendesk

Zendesk's animated marketing video is a captivating journey into the world of exceptional customer experiences.

Through its visually stunning animation style, the video effectively conveys Zendesk's commitment to helping businesses build meaningful connections with their customers.

The dynamic visuals, combined with a compelling narrative, create an engaging and memorable experience for viewers. Witness how Zendesk's innovative solutions revolutionize customer support and elevate the overall brand experience in this animated marketing masterpiece.

7. McKesson

The animated McKesson Difference video for marketing is a shining example of how visuals can effectively convey the unique value proposition of a brand.

Through its captivating animation style, the video highlights McKesson's commitment to making a positive impact in healthcare. The combination of compelling storytelling and engaging visuals successfully communicates the company's mission and differentiates it from competitors.

The video's success can be attributed to its ability to resonate with the target audience, leaving a lasting impression and driving positive brand perception.

8. Oracle

The animated Oracle video for marketing is a testament to the power of visual storytelling in capturing the essence of a brand.

Through its captivating animation style, the video effectively communicates Oracle's cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions. The seamless blend of compelling visuals and informative content creates an engaging and memorable experience for viewers.

The video's success can be measured by its ability to generate interest, create brand awareness, and drive positive engagement, ultimately contributing to Oracle's overall marketing objectives.

9. Hootsuite

The animated Hootsuite video for marketing leverages its visually appealing animation style to showcase the power and versatility of Hootsuite's social media management platform.

Through its captivating visuals and storytelling, the video highlights how Hootsuite's user-friendly dashboard and seamless social network integrations streamline social media management for businesses.

The video's success lies in its ability to effectively communicate the platform's features and benefits, resonating with the target audience and driving the adoption of Hootsuite as an essential tool for social media management.

10. Qualcomm

Step into the fascinating world of 5G with this captivating B2B marketing video. Through a series of animated interviews, Qualcomm's lead engineers delve into the nitty-gritty of this groundbreaking wireless technology.

With visually engaging animation and expert insights, the video unravels the complexities of 5G and showcases its potential to revolutionize our lives for the better.

11. Sponsorium

Look at this Sponsorium video made by us. In this video for Sponsorium, when we say, “You believe in the power of sponsorship…” we attract an audience (VP or Director of Sponsorships) interested in the subject. 

This story is speaking directly to that target audience and grabs their attention from the get-go.

We crafted scenes in animation to bring life to the script and really enhance the B2B story, keeping things interesting from start to finish. 

Ultimately, this video “speaks the language” of the target viewer profile and understands their world.

The B2B storytelling works to build a sense of trust, a “gut feeling” that is more fundamental than thought or emotion.

It’s this magic element that brings people over to your side and ready to convert.​

12. Google

Through its animated storytelling, Google's "Managers to Makers" B2B marketing video showcases the transformation of managers into innovative makers empowered by Google's solutions.

The visually engaging animation style brings the narrative to life, capturing the audience's attention.

13. VMware


In the past decade, cloud computing has paved the way for a new generation of developers and entrepreneurs.

While Silicon Valley often steals the spotlight, it's crucial not to overlook emerging tech hubs in other parts of the world. Kenya's Silicon Savannah, for example, has embraced cloud-first innovation, becoming a thriving tech scene and a surprising hotspot for developer talent.

Thanks to the support of VMware and Node Africa, cloud-powered businesses are making a significant impact on Kenya's technology landscape, shaping the future of the industry.

14. SAP

The video effectively showcases SAP's diverse range of products and services, highlighting their capabilities in areas such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM).

Through clear and concise messaging, it illustrates how SAP's solutions can drive digital transformation and optimize business operations. With its polished visuals and informative content, this explainer video serves as a valuable resource for businesses considering SAP's offerings.

15. Siemens


For example, this video from Siemens presents its broad range of tech offerings as a powerful tool capable of transforming whoever wields it. 

Note how the “hero” here is really whoever uses Siemens’ technology, not Siemens themselves.


Implementing a well-rounded video engagement strategy using B2B marketing videos for landing pages and social media enables B2B marketers to enhance brand visibility, capture attention, and drive conversions.

By knowing the audience, crafting compelling stories, optimizing for mobile, incorporating clear CTAs, analyzing data, and leveraging social media, marketers can harness the power of B2B videos to fuel business growth and success.

Engaging videos on landing pages, and utilizing tools like Wistia, work well as visitors are knowledgeable about the industry and their needs. However, on social media, demand-generation videos that balance entertainment and education perform better. Wistia helps track engagement metrics for both platforms.

Interactive Video Engagement Graph

On social media, focus on capturing attention within the first 10 seconds and test different beginnings to improve engagement.

On landing pages, optimize play rates with Wistia by placing videos prominently, adjusting thumbnail and video player colors, and using the interactive graph to identify and improve viewer drop-off points. 


Tracking engagement rates with Wistia and making timely improvements can lead to incremental ROI and build a dedicated community of engaged followers.

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