20 Best Royalty Free Music Sites to Find Your Right Sound

Jan 8, 2024 6:30:00 AM

Greetings, creators! Imagine completing a visually stunning video, every frame meticulously crafted to weave a compelling narrative.

Yet, there's a missing piece—the perfect musical accompaniment.

So, the hunt begins!

In our quest for the "20 Best Sites for Royalty Free Music," we'll explore the essential element that can transform your content: the music. 

Before delving into these music libraries, let's demystify "royalty free music." 

Royalty free music, in a nutshell, liberates you from the shackles of ongoing payments and legal complexities.

It's the passport that grants you the freedom to use music tracks without constraints in places ranging from your YouTube intros to full-blown creative projects, allowing you to focus on what you do best - creating captivating content.

How does audio, in terms of voiceovers, music or sound effects, integrate themselves into animated videos?

As we embark on this journey, we'll unveil both paid and free best royalty free music libraries, each a treasure trove of possibilities.

These platforms not only cater to your creative needs but also ensure accessibility, striking the perfect balance for content creators. 

Join us as we dive into the best royalty free music sites.

  1. Best Paid Royalty Free Music Websites
    1. Envato Elements
    2. AudioJungle
    3. PremiumBeat
    4. Epidemic Sound
    5. Artlist
    6. Jamendo Licensing
    7. Pond5
    8. Musicbed
    9. Soundstripe
    10. Shutterstock Music
  2. Best Free Royalty Free Music Websites
    11. Freesound
    12. YouTube Audio Library
    13. Free Music Archive (FMA)
    14. SoundCloud
    15. Incomptech
    16. CCMixter
    17. Musopen
    18. FreePD.com
    19. Audionautix
    20. Chosic

Best Paid Royalty Free Music Websites

1. Envato Elements

envato elements website homepage

The first track on our playlist: Envato Elements – not just a platform but a creative powerhouse and a vibrant digital playground where creators flourish.

Beyond the realm of graphics and templates, Envato Elements opens its doors to a rich collection of royalty free music, adding a harmonious dimension to your creative pursuits.

It’s a diverse landscape, where classic symphonies coalesce with futuristic beats, and hip-hop rhythms dance alongside electronic vibes. 

Envato Elements provides a robust search and filtering system for music, allowing users to search for specific tracks using keywords, genres, moods, and more.

The platform enables users to filter music based on attributes such as duration, tempo, and instruments.

With sorting options including relevance, popularity, and date added, users can easily find the most suitable tracks for their needs.

Additionally, Envato Elements has meticulously curated a musical palette that transcends genres, ensuring there's a perfect soundtrack for every nuance of your creative whims.

Now, the key to unlocking this auditory treasure trove, along with the myriad of other offerings, lies in your subscription prowess.

For a monthly fee of $16.5, consider yourself armed with an all-access pass to a library that doesn't just grow; it evolves.

Think of it as an investment in a dynamic and ever-expanding repertoire that synchronizes seamlessly with your creative journey.

Envato Elements isn't just a destination; it's a continuous source of inspiration for creators like.

Pricing: Subscription model

  • Starting at $16.5/month for an Individual Plan
  • $10.75 for a 5-member Team Plan 
  • Enterprise Plans are available separately
  • 30% off for Students 

2. AudioJungle

audiojungle website homepage

AudioJungle, a standout gem by the Envato Market, has earned widespread acclaim for its expansive collection of top-notch music tracks.

Positioned as a marketplace for independent musicians, it stands as THE go-to destination for those in search of a diverse array of musical choices.

Diverging from Envato Elements' subscription model, AudioJungle opts for a pay-per-download approach, allowing you to acquire individual tracks tailored to your specific project requirements.

This flexibility appeals to those who prefer an à la carte method, paying only for the tracks they need without committing to a subscription.

As part of the Envato Market, the search and filtering features are similar.

Users can employ keywords, genres, moods, and various criteria to pinpoint specific tracks tailored to their project needs.

The platform further enhances precision by allowing filtering based on attributes such as duration, tempo, and instruments.

This robust search functionality ensures users can efficiently navigate the diverse range of music offerings on AudioJungle.

The credibility of AudioJungle's tracks is further solidified by user reviews and testimonials, offering valuable insights into the experiences of fellow creators.

This user-generated feedback serves as a testament to the platform's reliability and the satisfaction of its user base.

AudioJungle is indeed a jungle, where every step unveils a new and wondrous piece of music, waiting to be discovered.

Pricing: Pay-per-download

  • Music starting as low as $1

3. PremiumBeat

premiumbeat website homepage

Enter PremiumBeat, the VIP lounge of the best royalty free music. It transcends mere tracks; it's a curated experience by top-tier composers.

PremiumBeat takes pride in offering more than just background music; it's about crafting a bespoke atmosphere that seamlessly complements and elevates your visual narrative.

What sets PremiumBeat apart is its collaboration with the musical glitterati.

Boasting compositions from notable figures in the music industry, PremiumBeat infuses your projects with unparalleled expertise and sophistication.

PremiumBeat offers an exceptionally polished search engine, granting users the power to delve into the musical realm with precision.

Navigate the vast library with ease by searching based on genres, vocals, mood, BPM, duration, artists, and instruments.

Go deeper with advanced search features, allowing exploration based on Surround/immersive music, tracks with stems, shorts, loops, and instruments only, and even uncover free tracks.

Elevating the experience, PremiumBeat provides sorting options beyond mere popularity; users can sort by artist and BPM rate, ensuring a tailored and dynamic exploration of their extensive musical catalog.

When it comes to licensing, PremiumBeat maintains an air of class.

With a monthly subscription starting at $64.99, you gain access to 5 monthly tracks, essentially translating to $12.99 per track.

For large-scale usage of a track, Premium Licenses are available, alongside individual item purchase plans for both music and SFX.

Whether you're a YouTube sensation or crafting the next blockbuster, PremiumBeat has a licensing option tailored to your style.

At PremiumBeat, each track is more than just a note; it's an essential element waiting to be seamlessly integrated into your creative composition.

Pricing: Subscription Model + Pay-per-download

  • Subscription $64.95/month containing 5 tracks/month
  • Yearly subscription at $585/year containing 60 tracks/year
  • Pay-per-download at $49 for Standard License and $199 for Premium License

4. Epidemic Sound

epidemic sound website homepage

Now, imagine your favorite playlist on Cloud Nine. That's Epidemic Sound.

It's the DJ who never sleeps, constantly curating the latest tracks to keep your creative endeavors sounding like they just stepped off the runway.

There’s a reason why Epidemic Sound is counted among the best royalty free music sites. 

Epidemic Sound takes a thoughtful approach by offering curated playlists tailored to your mood, genre, or theme.

For those looking to dive deeper, the platform provides a user-friendly search function, allowing exploration based on music, lyrics, and keywords, with easy filters for mood, genre, vocals, duration, BPM, and more.

Adding to the simplicity, sorting options let you discover popular tunes, find the best matches, and sort by tempo.

If variety is the spice of life, then this is your flavor explosion. Operating on a subscription model, their plans are divided between individuals and companies.

If you’re a YouTuber looking for music for your music, their library is yours for $7 a month.

And if you’re an agency working for several clients, get access to their library at $25 a month. 

But wait, there's more! Epidemic Sound isn’t just a platform; it's a community.

They're all about collaboration, creating a space where artists and you can mingle.

It's a musical potluck where everyone brings something to the table, making the library richer and more diverse.

Epidemic Sound covers it all. 

Pricing: Subscription Model 

  • Starting at $7/month (or $6/month for a year-long subscription) for Personal Use
  • Starting at $25/month (or $12/month for a year-long subscription) for Commerical
  • Enterprise plans sold separately

5. Artlist

artlist website homepage

Introducing Artlist – where your creative journey meets a symphony of possibilities!

Unlike your other creative platforms, Artlist doesn't just throw content at you; it curates an entire auditory adventure.

Similar to Envato Elements, Artlist is your backstage pass to a colossal collection of creative assets, boasting not only video templates, plugins, and apps but also royalty free music and sound effects. 

At Artlist, search into the vast collection by searching with keywords, genres, instruments, and moods.

What sets Artlist apart is its innovative feature that allows you to discover music tailored to your video style, whether it's business, vlog, trailers, weddings, and more.

As you navigate this creative soundscape, the sorting function, ranging from best match to most popular, adds another layer of control, even letting you sort by gender-based vocals. 

Artlist stands out with its subscription-based model, offering unlimited access to an extensive catalog for a flat annual fee, conveniently billed monthly.

Plans start at a budget-friendly $9.99 a month, catering to individuals and influencers looking to add a touch of magic to their creations, and $16.99 a month for commercial and client work.

For $39.99 a month, get Artlist's full library, expanding your creative toolkit.

Artlist goes beyond the expected, turning your creative pursuits into a symphony.

It's not just about tracks; it's about enhancing your projects with a touch of audio brilliance.

Pricing: Subscription

  • Starting at $9.99/month billed annually for Personal Use
  • $16.99/month billed annually for Commercial and client work

6. Jamendo Licensing

jamendo licensing website landing page

Jamendo Licensing is your gateway to a vast realm of musical possibilities for your creative ventures.

Beyond being just a platform, it's your secret weapon for transforming ordinary projects into extraordinary experiences.

It opens the door for musicians to connect with businesses, content creators, and enthusiasts on the lookout for the perfect soundtrack for various projects such as films, advertisements, presentations, and more.

Jamendo Licensing invites you to explore its royalty free music library through a straightforward yet powerful search engine.

Delve into the diverse soundscape by filtering music based on keywords, genres, themes, instruments, speed, duration, and the acoustic/electrical nature of the tracks.

Fine-tune your search by distinguishing between instrumentals and vocals, offering a tailored auditory experience.

Elevate your music discovery further with sorting functions that showcase results based on relevance, sales, and the date of addition. 

Geared toward businesses and creatives in search of budget-friendly solutions, Jamendo Licensing unfolds as an accessible haven for diverse applications.

They have two plans, a Standard plan starting at $19 a track for small-scale projects and a Large plan starting at $49 a track for large-scale projects. 

But here's the twist. While it ensures your budget stays intact, Jamendo Licensing is on a mission to create a win-win scenario.

How? By dedicating itself to fair compensation for the artists.

So, as you delve into the auditory treasures of Jamendo Licensing, know that you're not just licensing music; you're supporting a community of artists.

It's not just a licensing service; it's your partner in crafting the perfect backdrop for your creative endeavors.

Pricing: Flat fee for Pay-per-download

  • $19 a track for Standard License 
  • $49 a track for Large License 
  • Enterprise plans are available separately 

7. Pond5

pond5 website homepage

Step into the dynamic world of Pond5 – your go-to hub for a treasure trove of royalty free music and an expansive collection of sound effects.

It's not just a platform; it's a creative playground designed to cater to the diverse needs of projects, spanning from cinematic ventures to captivating podcasts. 

Explore music filtered by duration, tempo, mood, genre, and specific artist choices, empowering you to pick the right music.

Beyond the expected, Pond5 provides additional filters, revealing tracks cleared for sampling, collaborations with PremiumBeat, and a collection of free and public domain gems.

Elevate your creative process with sorting functions that span from the best match to the newest, most popular, price, and duration. 

Hop on the exploration with a subscription starting at just $30 a month, granting you unlimited access to both Music and SFX.

If your project calls for music alone, an enticing option at $25 a month awaits.

Alternatively, the pay-per-download option provides flexibility, with music tracks kicking off at a pocket-friendly $5 and SFX at an unbeatable $2. 

Being a marketplace, Pond5 is a vibrant ecosystem where artists showcase and monetize their creations.

This collaborative spirit results in a diverse array of musical styles and genres, ensuring you stumble upon hidden gems from emerging talents.

And the adventure doesn't stop at music – mirroring other marketplaces on our list, Pond5 offers an array of creative assets, from stock photos to After Effects files, vector graphics, 3D models, and Photoshop files.

Dive headfirst into the pool of creativity with Pond5, where options harmonize seamlessly with imagination at every beat.

Pricing: Subscription + Pay-per-download

  • Subscription starting at $25/month for Music tracks
  • Pay-per-download starting at $5 for a track 
  • Custom plans are also available

8. Musicbed

musicbed website homepage

Along the lines of PremiumBeat, Musicbed establishes itself as a pinnacle in the realm of premium music licensing platforms.

Here, a curated selection of tracks from top-tier artists and composers awaits, emphasizing the platform's commitment to unparalleled quality for your creative endeavors. 

The platform doesn't just offer tracks; it crafts an experience.

Beyond the basics of mood, genres, and artists; MusicBed introduces a realm of intricacy to your search.

Fine-tune your exploration by choosing the vocal style, build, key, BPM, instruments, and unique attributes that resonate with your creative vision.

While the sorting functions offer simplicity with default, newest, and duration-based options, the real magic lies in the depth of your search, where each parameter unlocks a world of musical nuances tailored to your artistic narrative.

Musicbed understands that one size doesn't fit all, providing a range of licensing options to align with your project's unique requirements.

Whether you opt for the individual license at $29 a month or the business license at $99 a month, Musicbed ensures flexibility for various creative applications.

Setting the bar high, Musicbed showcases tracks from notable artists and composers, creating a curated selection that elevates the platform's offerings.

This unique blend of established musicians contributes to the overall quality of your projects, ensuring that each composition is a masterpiece in its own right.

Begin elevating your storytelling with Musicbed’s symphony of premium music options.

Pricing: Subscription 

  • Starting at $29/month for Individuals
  • Starting at $99/month for Businesses 
  • Enterprise plans are available separately

9. Soundstripe

soundstripe website homepage

Stepping into the limelight, Soundstripe unveils rich features crafted to amplify the creative process.

This platform goes beyond the ordinary, offering not just a music collection but an expansive toolkit designed to elevate your projects, complete with an extensive library of high-quality tracks.

In Soundstripes, unlock the perfect soundtrack with a search engine that goes beyond the norm.

Search music by mood, genres, and artists – the standard fare.

But wait, there's more!

Look into a world of characteristics, energy, instruments, keys, playlists, vocals, duration, and BPM for an advanced search tailored to your needs.

Take it up a notch with stem and current popular hit searches. The platform also serves up curated playlists on the fly.

Sorting functions keep it simple yet effective, with options like popular, recent, and sorting by mood, instrument, and characteristic.

Navigating the intricate world of licensing becomes a breeze with Soundstripe's straightforward options tailored to cater to a spectrum of projects.

For individual and personal use, there's the Creator plan, starting at a budget-friendly $9.99 a month.

If your sights are set on commercial and client usage, the Pro plan at $19.99 a month is your ticket to unlocking a world of possibilities.

Soundstripe doesn't just stop at providing a service; it embraces collaboration, fostering a community-driven ethos.

This commitment ensures that the platform remains finely tuned to the ever-evolving needs of content creators, creating a dynamic and responsive environment where creativity thrives.

Unleash the symphony of inspiration with Soundstripe, where each track is a key unlocking boundless possibilities.

Pricing: Subscription

  • Starting at $9.99/month billed monthly or annually for personal use
  • Starting at $19.99/month billed monthly or annually for Commercial use
  • Enterprise plans are also available

10. Shutterstock Music

shutterstock website homepage

While Shutterstock has earned its reputation as a go-to for stock images and videos, its musical counterpart, Shutterstock Music, holds its ground as a formidable player in the realm of the best royalty free music.

Boasting an expansive library, it stands ready to enrich a diverse array of creative projects.

Its widespread popularity is a testament to its reliability, catering to content creators across various industries.

At Shutterstock Music, efficiency meets creativity with a search engine designed for precision.

Explore the world of music by searching with keywords and then fine-tune your selection with genres, moods, length, BPM, artists, and instruments.

Elevate your search by exploring tracks with editing capabilities like stems and vocals.

Experience the synergy with PremiumBeat, their partner brand, seamlessly integrated into your results.

When it comes to sorting, choose from options like popular to most recent, alphabetical, artist, BPM, and duration. 

Shutterstock Music doesn't just stop at providing a collection; it ensures you have the details you need with comprehensive licensing options.

Opt for the monthly pack at $69, unlocking unlimited track and SFX downloads.

Alternatively, choose from prepaid packs, starting at $49 a month for a generous allotment of 10 tracks.

Pricing: Subscription + Prepaid Packs

  • Subscription at $69 a month
  • Prepaid packs start at $49 for 10 credits (2 tracks)

But did you know that getting amazing royalty free music doesn't have to break the bank at all?

With Creative Commons, several websites now provide amazing royalty free music for free.

Let's have a look at some of these free websites for royalty free music in the next section.

Free Royalty Free Music Websites (Creative Commons Licensed)

11. Freesound

freesound website homepage

Step into the lively community-driven realm of Freesound, a platform pulsating with a vibrant collection of user-contributed sound effects that adds a splash of diversity to the auditory dimensions of your projects.

Each sound effect on Freesound emerges under the umbrella of Creative Commons licenses, with options like CC-0, offering unrestricted use for both commercial and non-commercial purposes without the need for attribution.

CC-BY requires acknowledgment but is available for commercial use and CC-BY(NC) demands credit while limiting use to non-commercial purposes. 

This commitment to open licensing unravels a vast repository of sounds, cultivating a collaborative and accessible atmosphere.

For those who find navigating through licenses a daunting task, fear not, Freesound has your back.

While it may not offer the extensive filtering options of its paid counterparts, it simplifies the process with a dedicated search engine focused on tags.

And in fact, here you can filter music by format, sample rate, bit rate, bit depth, channels, and packs.

When it comes to sorting, it provides options like relevance, date added, popularity, length, and rating. 

Exploration is made seamless with Freesound's user-friendly search and download options, effortlessly integrating specific sound effects into your projects.

With Freesound, explore and infuse sounds, enhancing the overall audio experience of your creative ventures.

12. YouTube Audio Library

youtube audio library website landing page

Indulge your creativity in the exclusive realm of the YouTube Audio Library, a tailored haven crafted for YouTube content creators.

Here, high-quality music tracks seamlessly intertwine with videos, allowing you to elevate your content with an extensive selection of music across various genres and themes.

From vibrant electronic beats to soothing acoustic melodies, the library sprawls across a diverse array of genres.

This richness ensures that you can meticulously curate the perfect auditory experience, amplifying the overall impact of your videos.

Immerse yourself in this library where you can filter music by genre, mood, artist, and duration, all while embracing the freedom offered by Creative Commons licenses.

Delve into the auditory adventure with the option to filter tracks based on the Attribution requirement, ensuring seamless integration into your creative projects. 

The same parameters then can be further used for sorting out the options. 

Within the YouTube Audio Library, a copyright-safe royalty free music library awaits, empowering you to choose any music and sound effects carefree.

Moreover, the YouTube platform is also brimming with content creators offering copyright-safe royalty free music and soundtracks.

Before incorporating their content into your projects, be sure to peruse the descriptions of such channels for any specific usage guidelines!

13. Free Music Archive (FMA)

free music archive website homepage

Embark on a musical journey with Free Music Archive (FMA), an unparalleled treasure trove that stands out for its extensive repository, unveiling a bountiful selection of free music awaiting exploration.

Guided by the Tribe of Noise, FMA gracefully unfolds into both a "Pro" and "Original" collection.

While the Pro catalog showcases meticulously curated and paid tracks, the FMA Original generously offers a cornucopia of tracks for free under the liberating embrace of a Creative Commons license.

FMA goes beyond just providing music; it's a dynamic platform with robust search and filtering options that elegantly simplify the music discovery process.

The platform has five major filtering options. From distinguishing between vocals and instrumentals to exploring genres and duration, the platform ensures a tailored exploration.

However, the real magic lies in the License filter, an invaluable tool that opens doors to a diverse spectrum of Creative Commons licenses, Public Domain, and Commercial music.

As you navigate this expansive collection, you'll effortlessly uncover hidden gems that harmoniously align with your unique project vision, allowing for a seamless integration of sonic creativity.

At the heart of FMA beats a vibrant and thriving community, a melting pot where both artists and users actively contribute to the platform.

This collaborative spirit adds an extra layer of richness to the available music, creating an environment where creativity not only thrives but flourishes.

As you delve into FMA, you're not merely exploring a music library; you're immersing yourself in a community-driven symphony of boundless possibilities, where every note resonates with the shared passion of creators around the world.

14. SoundCloud

soundcloud website homepage

SoundCloud stands out as a vibrant hub, providing a platform for independent musicians to showcase their talent and offering access to a diverse pool of artistic expression.

Within this expansive library, you have the opportunity to explore and discover unique tracks that may not be readily available through mainstream channels.

A noteworthy aspect of SoundCloud is the significant number of artists who choose to release their tracks under Creative Commons licenses.

This treasure trove of legally usable music becomes a valuable resource, empowering you to infuse your projects with originality and a sense of freshness that extends beyond the conventional.

Their search engine stands as the perfect destination for uncovering music suitable for both commercial and non-commercial use, offering a specialized filter designed for such purposes.

Tailoring your search is seamless, with the ability to refine results based on albums, individuals, playlists, and specific tracks.

For a more detailed exploration, delve into advanced filters such as time added, duration, and usage rights conveniently available on the platform. 

What sets SoundCloud apart is not just the variety of tracks but the emphasis on collaboration.

The platform's collaborative features create avenues for you to connect directly with musicians.

This intentional focus on collaboration fosters an environment where innovative projects can emerge, driven by the fusion of different creative elements.

SoundCloud becomes more than just a repository of music; it evolves into a dynamic space where creative minds converge and collaborate, giving rise to unique and compelling projects.

15. Incompetech

incomptech website homepage

Incompetech is where the compositions of the renowned Kevin MacLeod, a prolific and versatile composer, take center stage.

Here, you're granted access to a rich array of sounds, ranging from atmospheric backgrounds to energetic anthems, each a testament to MacLeod's musical prowess.

The catalog at Incompetech spans a broad spectrum of genres, offering suspenseful scores to uplifting tunes, and everything in between.

This diversity ensures that you can discover music perfectly tailored to complement the narrative and evoke the desired emotions within your projects.

Within its thoughtfully curated yet modest library, the musical collection may not be extensive, but the search engine presents a streamlined experience.

Immerse yourself in the world of "Feels," where moods and characteristics align with those found on other platforms.

Enhance your exploration with additional filters like tempo, genres, and length, or conduct a tailored search using keywords to pinpoint the exact tunes you seek.

Incompetech places a strong emphasis on transparency by providing detailed licensing information for each composition.

Operating under the Creative Commons 4.0 license, attribution is necessitated.

However, for those who prefer not to credit the platform, a standard license is available at $30.

This flexibility allows you to navigate the intricacies of usage rights, ensuring compliance and instilling confidence in your ability to use MacLeod's compositions without constraints.

Explore Incompetech, where the fusion of MacLeod's creations and your projects becomes a harmonious symphony of artistic expression.

16. CCMixter

ccmixter website landing page

CCMixter thrives as a dynamic community-driven platform where musicians actively participate in remixing and sharing their creative works.

Immerse yourself in a unique space where collaborative and remixed musical creations flourish, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of artistic expression.

Beyond merely serving as a repository of tracks, CCMixter encourages creators to actively engage in collaborative projects involving samples and pells.

The platform features curated playlists by their Editors, themed collections, acapella, and podcasts offering insights into maximizing the utility of their website. 

In navigating CCMixter's search engine, a touch of old-school charm is evident.

While initially, it may pose a challenge for newcomers, once you grasp its intricacies, you'll discover its efficacy matches that of its modern counterparts.

Kickstart your search with a keyword, honing in further by exploring the appropriate forums within the site. 

One distinguishing feature of CCMixter lies in its commitment to maintaining transparency in licensing.

Here, you'll find copyright-free content with attribution required, ensuring a symbiotic relationship where both you and the artists benefit from the platform.

Explore CCMixter, where the fusion of creativity and collaboration transforms musical exploration into a shared artistic journey.

17. Musopen

musopen website homepage

Musopen specializes in curating a rich collection of public-domain classical music, featuring timeless compositions that can infuse a touch of sophistication into your projects with masterpieces from renowned classical composers.

What sets Musopen apart is not only the accessibility of classical music for free download but also the permission for free commercial use.

This distinctive offering transforms Musopen into a valuable resource, allowing you to enhance your creative works with the timeless elegance of classical compositions.

Since the platform specializes in providing classical music, the search and filter function enhances the same.

Explore music by delving into keywords, genres, and moods, refining your choices further through filters like composers, instruments, and form.

A valuable addition is the license section, enabling you to peruse a spectrum of Creative Commons licenses for a comprehensive understanding of usage permissions. 

Going beyond a mere music repository, Musopen enriches the experience by providing educational resources related to classical music.

Both enthusiasts and learners alike can delve into the rich history and nuances of classical compositions, adding an educational dimension to your projects.

In the words of Musopen's mission statement on their website: "Put simply, our mission is to set music free," encapsulating their commitment to making classical music accessible to all and fostering a broader appreciation for this art form.

18. FreePD.com

freepd website homepage

FreePD.com stands out as a user-friendly haven for video creators seeking the best royalty free music library within the public domain.

The platform adopts a straightforward approach, coupled with a commitment to curate a diverse collection of music, making it a prime destination for those seeking high-quality tracks without any copyright restrictions.

Although they do not have a dedicated search bar, one notable feature of FreePD.com is its meticulous categorization of music by genre, mood, and instrument.

This thoughtful organization significantly streamlines the process of finding the perfect track for your project, allowing you to explore and discover music that precisely aligns with your creative vision.

FreePD.com offers not just the accessibility of free downloads but also the freedom for both commercial and non-commercial use of the music.

This flexibility empowers you to seamlessly incorporate the curated tracks into a wide range of projects, from personal videos to commercial endeavors, all without the burden of licensing constraints.

Look up FreePD.com, where user-friendly simplicity meets an expansive array of creative possibilities.

19. Audionautix

audionautix website homepage

Step into this melodic journey with Audionautix, the brainchild of composer Jason Shaw, a distinguished source for top-notch royalty free music that effortlessly marries simplicity with accessibility. 

What makes Audionautix truly exceptional is the distinctive approach of its founder, Jason Shaw, to music creation.

Meticulously crafted compositions are designed for versatility, ensuring a seamless integration that enhances the visual narrative of your videos.

The music's inherent simplicity and adaptability position Audionautix as an invaluable resource for a myriad of creative projects across different media forms.

The platform makes a great effort to provide the user with the ability to search and filter out their results.

Right on the homepage, you'll discover intuitive options to fine-tune your exploration, allowing you to filter results based on mood, genre, and tempo.  

All the musical wonders housed within Audionautix are graciously offered under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

This liberates you to infuse the magic of their compositions into both commercial and non-commercial projects, requiring nothing more than a nod to the composer in the form of appropriate attribution.

This straightforward licensing model not only simplifies the process but also ensures a hassle-free integration of premium music into your creative tapestry.

20. Chosic

chosic website landing page

Chosic is a dynamic platform in the realm of royalty free music libraries, dedicated to meeting the needs of content creators, filmmakers, and artists in their quest for the perfect soundtrack.

Offering an extensive array of music genres, Chosic ensures a rich variety of options, allowing you to discover soundscapes that flawlessly complement the mood and tone of your projects.

From soothing ambient melodies to pulsating energetic beats, the platform spans the entire musical spectrum.

Operating under Creative Commons licenses, Chosic provides users the freedom to utilize, share, and even remix music for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Their only request in return is a humble attribution to the artist behind the music.

Equipped with advanced search and discovery tools, Chosic enhances the exploration experience.

You can effortlessly find similar artists, explore genres, locate music through lyrics and BPM, and even indulge in the convenience of a playlist generator that crafts entire playlists based on a particular song.

Navigate the musical landscape seamlessly with Chosic, where every note brings you closer to realizing your creative vision.


Our journey into the realm of royalty free music has illuminated the transformative potential of music in creative endeavors.

The essence of royalty free music becomes a beacon, guiding creators away from the burdens of ongoing payments and legal intricacies.

This liberation unlocks the doors to creative freedom, allowing the infusion of emotion and impact into content, making the auditory accompaniment an indispensable element in the storytelling process.

Navigating through the landscapes of paid and free royalty free music libraries, exclusive destinations curate experiences with compositions by top-tier artists, offering a sophisticated auditory palette.

Meanwhile, free resources showcase the richness of public-domain and Creative Commons-licensed music, providing diverse options for creators. 

Music, in its various forms, emerges as a game-changer, reshaping the creative narrative and breathing life into visual storytelling.

As creators wield this transformative tool, the symphony of possibilities unfolds, underscoring the profound truth that, indeed, music changes everything. 

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