How to Make a Corporate Video that Engages and Inspires

Jun 16, 2023 12:30:00 AM

Making a corporate video that captures attention is akin to making a ripple in an ocean of content, an ocean that is constantly churning with distractions like smartphones, web content, and more.

But, like an expert stone skipper who can make a stone bounce several times across the water, understanding the right techniques can help your corporate video ripple farther and wider than you might expect.

In the vast sea of digital content, the key to grabbing attention lies not only in the essential facts and figures you present but also in how you present them.

A great example of this is animated startup explainer videos.

It's not just about sharing information; it's about sharing information in a way that leaves an impact and fosters engagement.

  1. Tips For Making An Amazing Corporate Video
    1. Focus on Your Objective
    2. Brevity Is Key
    3. Highlight The Main Message
    4. Make It More Than a Monologue
    5. Pay Attention To Location
    6. Consider Animation
    7. Back Up Your Claims
    8. Don't Neglect Production Value
    9. Weave In A Story
    10. Include a Call To Action
  2. Best Corporate Video Examples
  3. Conclusion

Tips For Making An Amazing Corporate Video

Here are ten expert tips on how to make a corporate video that doesn't just blend in but stands out.

1. Focus on Your Objective

The foundation of top corporate videos lies in the cohesiveness of their messages.

Before you even stand in front of the camera, determine what you want to say and plan accordingly.

This is the time to decide the tone of your video, striking a balance between being informative and engaging without overuse of jargon or being overly casual.

2. Brevity is Key

While your corporate video might be brimming with insights and information, remember that your viewers may not have the time or patience to sit through an extended presentation.

In fact, according to AdWeek, the top YouTube videos average just under three minutes.

3. Highlight the Main Message

Another critical aspect of how to make a corporate video that resonates with the audience is to ensure your main message or the 'meat' of your video is upfront and center.

Unlike Hollywood teasers that create intrigue, corporate videos need to get to the point early on and keep reinforcing it.

4. Make it More Than a Monologue

A corporate video should be more than just a person talking to the camera.

Consider adding interactive elements, unique visuals, or even a narrative to make your video more engaging and attention-grabbing.

5. Pay Attention to Location

Your choice of location can greatly influence the impact of your corporate video.

Be it an office setting or an outdoor environment, the location should contribute to the overall storytelling of your video, while also keeping practical shooting considerations in mind.

6. Consider Animation

In the world of corporate videos, animations can play a powerful role. They're not just for cartoons anymore.

Animated videos can help simplify complex topics, add visual interest, and bring a fresh, modern feel to your corporate video.

It's also a great way to maintain control over every aspect of your video's aesthetics and can be more cost-effective than live shooting in some instances. 

7. Back Up Your Claims

Building consumer trust is an integral part of any corporate video.

Ensure that any data or claims you make are backed up by real evidence.

This not only builds credibility but can also make your video more informative and impactful.

8. Don't Neglect Production Value

Production value is an aspect of corporate video creation that should never be overlooked.

Professional lighting and sound can greatly enhance the overall look and feel of your video, making it more appealing to viewers.

9. Weave in a Story

Storytelling can make your corporate video more engaging and memorable.

A brief narrative can tie your video together and make the message you are trying to convey more relatable to your audience.

10. Include a Call to Action

Finally, always end your corporate video with a strong call to action.

This can be as simple as a logo or contact information, or as engaging as a promotional offer.

By doing so, you create a direct pathway for viewers to connect with your brand.

If you apply these expert tips, you're sure to create a corporate video that not only reaches your audience but also leaves a lasting impact.

Making a corporate video that truly resonates with your viewers can help your brand make a lasting ripple in the vast sea of digital content.

Best Corporate Video Examples

Immerse yourself in the world of powerful storytelling and impactful messaging with our curated selection of the best corporate videos.

These handpicked examples demonstrate the potential of well-executed corporate videos in driving brand engagement, creating memorable experiences, and effectively communicating complex ideas.

As you explore these samples, you'll discover diverse strategies—from captivating animations to compelling real-world narratives—that successful companies employ to connect with their audiences.


If you're curious about why these videos stand out and how they've leveraged their unique elements to shine, don't miss our detailed analysis on our blog here on the best corporate videos.

There, we break down the key attributes and creative choices that have made these corporate videos a hit, offering valuable insights to help you craft your own standout corporate video.


In conclusion, knowing how to make a corporate video that stands out is about understanding and applying these key factors: focusing on the objective, keeping it concise, highlighting the main message, making it interactive, considering location, dressing appropriately, backing up your claims, investing in production value, weaving in a story, and including a call to action.

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