20 Best Corporate Video Examples That Inspired Employee Engagement

Feb 13, 2024 3:00:00 AM

Tired of yawning your way through uninspired content? 

Wondering how to turn your mundane corporate jargon more creative?

Have a coffee. We have a few aces up our sleeves, that’ll inspire you to turn the corporate blah to bold, blazing, breathtaking!

  1. What is a Corporate Video?
  2. 20 Best Corporate Video Examples
    1. Raptor Plumbing LLC
    2. Nike's Air Sesh Development Process
    3. Microsoft: Designed with Love
    4. Lush: Why Self-Preservation Matters
    5. Universal Robots
    6. Ahlstrom Munksjo
    7. Antisel: Employee Interview
    8. McAfee: Product Teaser
    9. Bolt
    10. University of Bayreuth
    11. ETSI
    12. Apple: Carbon Neutral
    13. Canva Enterprise
    14. Grommet
    15. GetResponse
    16. Cisco Secure Freeze
    17. Apple: Hello Yellow
    18. Mailchimp: Feature Launch Video
    19. AT&T
    20. Mercedes-Benz

What is a Corporate Video?

Corporate videos are promotional or informational videos produced by a company for internal or external audiences, typically highlighting its products, services, or values.

Think of them as your ultimate brand ambassadors, here to make your company shine.

From showcasing your company culture to dazzling product demos and everything in between, corporate videos are the Swiss Army knife of marketing.

They're not just about selling – they're about building connections, attracting top talent, and wowing investors with your vision.

So, whether you're launching a new product, training your team, or simply want to let the world know what makes your company tick, a well-crafted corporate video is your ticket to success.

Now, let’s look at some corporate video examples and see what makes them tick.

20 Best Corporate Video Examples

1. Raptor Plumbing LLC


Broadcast2world cooked up this snazzy brand identity video for our pals at Raptor Plumbing, and let me tell you, they turned a mundane plumbing ad into a full-blown spectacle!

With animations that drip with poetry and mischief, they've made fixing a leaky faucet a downright adventure.

And these cartoon animation style videos work best for your landing page.

But wait, there's more! These animated corporate videos aren't just for wowing potential clients.

Nope, they double as awesome training tools for your own team too.

So, while you're busy impressing other business owners, your staff can brush up on their knowledge and get a sneak peek at the inner workings of your products and services. It's a win-win!

2. Nike’s Air Sesh Development Process


Dancers were stuck in a shoe rut for ages. No kicks tailored to their moves.

Then bam! Nike swoops in and saves the day with shoes made just for them.

Their latest shoes? All about performance and style, baby.

But hey, if you're breaking into a new scene, how do you earn trust?

Cue the corporate overview video!

Show the behind-the-scenes action, the design process, the nitty-gritty manufacturing stuff.

Nike's product video? Oh, it's gold.

They take us straight to the brains behind the shoe, chatting it up with the dance crew who inspired it all.

And trust me, hearing dancers spill the beans on their shoe struggles and how Nike's new kicks save the day!

Talk about a step in the right direction!

3. Microsoft: Designed with Love


Check out the "Microsoft: Designed with Love" video.

This video isn't just informative; it's a masterclass in showing off Microsoft's innovation chops.

One thing that really stands out? They've ditched the text and let the visuals do the talking.

This move not only shows off their products but also proves they're on the cutting edge of communication.

This 3D mixed media production is a great example of a corporate explainer video.

From flashy features to sleek design, this video gives you the lowdown on why Microsoft is ruling the tech world.

And the best part? It speaks to everyone, no matter what language you speak.

Now that's what I call innovation!

4. Lush: Why Self-Preservation Matters


Lush's "Why Self-Preserving Skincare Matters" video is like a vibrant rainbow of wisdom!

In just under three minutes, it'll have you convinced that self-preserving skincare is the holy grail.

These infographic, corporate brand videos work wonders for their landing page.

Packed with juicy info about their product line, it's not just educational—it's a brand awareness booster and a sales skyrocketer.

Who knew skincare could be this stylish and savvy?

5. Universal Robots


Ah, the world of robots—been around a while, but for many businesses, it's like stepping into a sci-fi flick.

Universal Robots gets it.

They're here to ease your robo-anxiety with this corporate film.

From their rock-solid processes to their awesome support crew and community vibes, they've got your back.

Their mission is simple: Automation for anyone. Anywhere.

6. Ahlstrom Munksjo


Who knew paper could be this exciting? Ahlstrom Munksjo sure did!

They've turned the mundane world of paper products into a captivating adventure with their animated corporate marketing video.

From humble sheets to eco-friendly innovations, they'll take you on a journey you never thought possible.

With animation as their secret weapon, they've made paper talk—and it's anything but boring!

These Infographic motion graphic videos work best for marketing videos.

But wait, there's more!

Once they've got your attention, they'll wow you with their plans for the future and show you why they're a cut above the rest.

Who knew paper could be this cool? Ahlstrom Munksjo did!

7. Antisel: Employee Interview


This gem of a video showcases an employee interview that packs a punch.

This enthusiastic employee spills the beans on their awesome onboarding experience with Antisel.

Now, imagine harnessing that same energy for your own company.

Reach out to your fresh-faced hires and let them rave testimonials about their journey into your world.

Use their stories to lure in top talent or craft killer company culture videos.

What sets this example apart? It kicks off with a down-to-earth vibe, none of that fancy stuff—just pure authenticity.

Then, bam! It hits you with a slick, pro-looking video, backing up the employee's hype.

And don't forget that relatable ending, leaving viewers curious about what it's like to join the club.

8. McAfee: Product Teaser


For this mixed media product teaser video, B2W helped McAfee set a clear message and a precise call to action.

It's storytelling magic—blending elements seamlessly—to draw you into the narrative, making complexity vanish within the story's grip.

9. Bolt


Bolt's promotional live-action corporate video is like the grand entrance of company intros.

While memorable corporate videos might be as rare as unicorns, Bolt's masterpiece has definitely earned its spot in the hall of fame.

10. University of Bayreuth


Gone are the days when students settled for just an education.

They want the full package—hard skills, soft skills, and everything in between.

Enter The University of Bayreuth, serving up inspiration with their killer corporate video.

This isn't your run-of-the-mill university promo; it's a motivational masterpiece.

The University of Bayreuth doesn't just show you what you can learn; they paint a picture of what you can become.

Ready to level up? Bayreuth's got your back!

11. ETSI


ETSI's corporate video is a delightful mishmash of animations, narration, stock footage, and their own video wizardry.

Who needs interviews when you've got storytelling skills like theirs?

They've cracked the code to a quality video without even putting their team on the spot.

With narration as smooth as butter and graphics that pop, ETSI lays it all out—no interviews necessary!

Who knew you could tell your company's tale without roping in your colleagues?

ETSI did, and they nailed it!

12. Apple: Carbon Neutral


While some videos go all out with flashy characters and bright hues, Apple keeps it classy with a minimalist touch.

Who needs bells and whistles when you've got a sleek design and a killer voiceover?

This video isn't just about style—it's about substance.

Apple's pledge to go carbon-neutral by 2030 shines through, cementing their status as eco-warriors.

Simple yet powerful, this video proves that sometimes less really is more.

13. Canva Enterprise


Canva Enterprise, the ultimate playground for design teams.

With its customizable and integrated design tool, chaos turns into creative bliss in no time.

A visual journey that's abstract, fun, and speaks volumes without uttering a word.

Forget boring tech specs; Canva's all about tapping into the soul and emotion of design.

It's not just a platform; it's a vibe.

14. Grommet


Ready to dive into a treasure trove of unique finds?

Welcome to Grommet, where inventors, entrepreneurs, and small businesses shine! 

Their motto? "We sell lots of things, but boring isn't one of them."

And trust us, they mean it. 

With a lineup as eclectic as theirs, Grommet isn't just a platform—it's a lifestyle.

So why not embrace the quirkiness with open arms?

Mixed media marvels like these work best for social media videos.

This animated masterpiece isn't just about explaining what they do; it's a glimpse into Grommet's colorful world.

It's quirky, it's fun, and it's everything you'd expect from a platform bursting with innovation.

So, what are you waiting for? Let Grommet light up your world!

15. GetResponse


Blown away by this live-action promo introducing GetResponse?

And their new office tour?

It's another stellar example of top-notch corporate promotion, giving us a fresh perspective on the company.

16. Cisco Secure Freeze


Here's an undeniable fact: We live in a digital world!

With this digital world also comes the risk of cybersecurity.

How do corporations make the threat of cybersecurity real for their employees?

Maybe this corporate video from Cisco can give you some answers.

Using live-action and clever editing, Cisco is able to show the real challenges of living and interacting in a digital world and dealing.

The best part? They have still managed to make the viewing experience fun to watch.

17. Apple: Hello Yellow


Yet another one from Apple.

In this one, Apple paints the town yellow with this product video.

Whether it’s the yellow bees, bricks or balloons, in the background or the subtle use of the Minion’s theme song ‘Banana’, this live-action animated video is quirky & fun.

These mixed media videos pair astoundingly in the product video category.

It’s just one of the product videos which you probably won’t skip.

It's the kind of video ad that makes you go, "Yep, Apple, you nailed it again – yellow is the new black!"

18. Mailchimp: Feature Launch Video


Hold onto your hats, folks! Mailchimp just dropped their latest bombshell: Facebook Video ads!

This isn't your grandma's marketing spiel—oh no! With a playful blend of cartoons and abstract graphics.

Mailchimp takes you on a wild ride through their universe, promising to zap all your marketing woes into oblivion.

The quirkiness of cartoon animated videos for a SaaS corporate video work best for their event launch

Forget the boring stuff; Mailchimp's got your back with a streamlined, simple, and downright fun approach to getting things done.

19. AT&T


Looking to impress investors? Say goodbye to boring PowerPoint presentations and hello to corporate videos!

In this snazzy clip, AT&T breaks down the agency's growth stats from last year in a way that's actually fun to watch.

With a mix of music, animations, and live-action footage, You'll have investors eating out of the palm of your hands.

So, if you want to wow those company bigwigs, ditch the charts and hit 'em with a video instead!

20. Mercedes-Benz


Buckle up, folks! Mercedes is taking us on a wild ride to the future with their latest video showcasing AI-powered self-driving cars.

Picture this: a futuristic garage, animated effects galore, and a soundtrack that screams innovation. 

In just 40 seconds, they've got us all on the edge of our seats, eagerly anticipating the release of this groundbreaking feature.

These mixed-media live-action videos work best as corporate demo videos.

Who needs a crystal ball when you've got Mercedes giving us a glimpse of what's to come?

It's innovation at its finest, folks!


In a sea of corporate blah, these videos are the lifebuoys of creativity.

From Raptor Plumbing's animated adventure to Nike's dance-inspired kicks, they prove that corporate content doesn't have to be dull. 

Whether it's Microsoft's sleek innovation showcase or Lush's skincare wisdom, each video is a masterclass in captivating storytelling.

So, take notes, ditch the yawns, and let your corporate video shine bright like a diamond in a sea of dullness!

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