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4 Types of Corporate Training Videos and How to Use Them!

Jun 10, 2022 9:38:51 AM

You must spend money to make money, as the old saying goes.

And certainly, the more you invest in your business, the better your chances of success. 

But it’s not just about money.

Investing in the right people and building a strong, capable team is critically important.

And your work isn’t done with the hiring and recruitment process alone.

New team members need to be welcomed in, nurtured, and shown the ropes.

This is true no matter how experienced or trained they already are, since every company is different, with its own culture and norms and procedures unique to every individual team. 

So what happens if your onboarding process is less than ideal?

Your new hires will end up isolated, disconnected from your team’s vision, and ultimately apathetic and not engaged.

Hiring the brightest and sharpest minds in your field doesn’t count for much if you cannot harness their full potential.

This is why good onboarding, training, and nurturing of your human resources is so critical to your collective success as a team.

In this blog, we will cover all there is to corporate training videos and how you master them!

What is a corporate training video?

This is where the power of video really shines. Imagine the perfect training session, covering every detail clearly and thoroughly, where your class pays perfect attention and absorbs everything easily.

Now imagine you could replicate that scenario over and over, with every team member. 

This is exactly why companies of all sizes and across all industries use corporate training videos for onboarding and other uses. 

Humans are visual creatures.

Our primary sense is sight, followed by sound.

Corporate training videos combine both to deliver information in a format that is refreshingly natural and memorable.

There’s a reason why our societies are dominated by internet video, movies, and television.

Tips to make effective corporate training videos

One of the key things to remember when creating your corporate training video is that the video is primarily a reflection of your company’s personality and values.

A poorly made or confusing video, or a video that feels impersonal and cold, will make a subtle but lasting negative impression on your viewers.

And this is true whether it’s an onboarding video welcoming new employees, or corporate training videos for established teammates with a lot of technical detail.

These subtle emotional clues matter more than you may realize.

On the other hand, do it right, and you have a valuable and powerful tool to get new team members on board, excited, and feeling valued and appreciated.

This in turn makes teamwork really, well, work! 

Before we dive deep into the types, check out the 10 best training videos and what you can learn from them!

4 Types of corporate training videos (with examples)

1. Onboarding Corporate Training Videos
2. Workplace behavior corporate training videos
3. Technical corporate training videos
4. Employee safety corporate training videos

1. Onboarding corporate training videos

This is a simple template for an animated video, but it illustrates how effective and powerful this format can be, for any company of any size.

With minimal tweaks and customization, a template like this can be used on a budget to connect with your new hires and welcome them on board.

2. Workplace behavior corporate training videos

Of course, once your new employees are settled in, your work is far from over.

It’s important to continue periodically training them and updating them on the latest industry and employment trends.

Ethical workplace practices are a hot topic of discussion in the media, and companies that tolerate toxic workplace environments end up on the news.

This invariably leads to lasting damage to their reputation and image and even legal action. 

So it’s never been more important to make sure you’re actively nurturing your team to be ethical.

They need to know that they can safely report unsafe or improper workplace practices without repercussion and are protected from sexual harassment and prejudice. 

Companies are relying on classes and workshops to deliver this message, and a useful tool is– you guessed it, video and animation.

For small businesses and startups, hiring experts and consultants can be prohibitively expensive, so it can be far more efficient to commission a video class to take its place altogether.

And unlike in-person sessions, a corporate training video can be watched anywhere and at any time, and can be reused repeatedly with every new batch of fresh employees.

3. Technical corporate training videos



There are industries that are always on the very cutting edge of science and technology, and professional employees are always upgrading their tools as their industry progresses.

A forklift operator at a warehouse needs to be certified only once.

But a forensic laboratory, for example, might see constant upgrades to its array of highly technical devices and tools.

And workers need to be repeatedly trained to be able to make use of them. 

This is why industries like forensics, scientific research, and medical services rely on 3D animation for training and updating their employees. With 3D, you can go beyond reality itself.

You can show very realistic depictions of the devices, but also explain complicated aspects of its use in a simpler and neater way thanks to animation.

Not only is it much easier to understand, but it’s also much easier to remember for a long time afterward.

4. Employee safety corporate training videos

They say prevention is the best cure.

And certainly, maintaining workplace safety can seem like a daunting and expensive task.

But it’s always better to invest early in safety rather than pay a far higher price later on.

Once again, it’s corporate training videos to the rescue!

With a good animated video, you can vividly illustrate “what if” scenarios to employees, especially if they operate specialized and/or heavy equipment and perform a lot of physical work daily.

Video has the ability to “show, don’t tell” when it comes to explaining ideas and concepts, and safety is a great example.

Also see: Secrets to Creating Awesome Employee Training Videos!


It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, or what size.

Whether you’re a family-run business or on the Fortune 500, animated video is a secret weapon that supercharges your connection with people– both outside and within your team. 

They say money never sleeps.

When you’re creating something big and amazing, every little part counts, and you cannot afford to overlook your in-house training, onboarding, compliance, and so on.

Video can really help get things going, quickly, efficiently, and naturally like no other format can. 

Video is the language of today’s highly connected, globalized world.

Are you speaking it to the world? It’s never too late to get on board and be heard!


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