Demystifying The Power Of Corporate Training Videos

Jun 10, 2022 9:38:51 AM

Corporate training Video is a powerful tool for businesses to ensure their employees are up to speed with safety regulations, ethical obligations, and customer service protocols. 

It allows staff to quickly learn new skills and gain knowledge about the organization and its operations which helps them become more productive team members.


In this blog, we will cover all there is to corporate training videos and how you master them!

What is a corporate training video?

A corporate training video is an educational video created to teach staff members new skills, help them become more knowledgeable about their organization's procedures, and increase their understanding of complex concepts.

Corporate training videos can come in various styles, from traditional to animated. 

One such example includes cybersecurity training videos and the list (and variety) just goes on.

They are often used as a supplement to lectures or classroom-style learning, helping employees gain a better grasp of the material and retain it for longer periods of time.

What are the benefits of training videos?

  • Corporate training videos can help provide consistent messaging to employees who may be spread across multiple locations.
  • They provide a convenient way for organizations to provide staff with access to the latest information and skills development.
  • Corporate training videos reduce costs associated with travel and physical resources, as well as save time that would otherwise be spent conducting in-person training sessions.
  • This type of digital content makes it easier for employees to stay up-to-date on policy changes and procedures without having to wait for an in-person meeting or event.
  • Since these videos are usually recorded, they can be quickly referenced by employees who may need more information or a refresher on specific topics at any time.

Tips to make effective corporate training videos

Here are some key tips for creating an effective training video:

  • Plan out the content in advance and ensure that all material is relevant and up-to-date.

  • Keep the video short and concise while still providing enough detail.

  • Include examples or stories to help illustrate a point.

  • Make sure the video looks professional with good lighting and quality audio and visuals.

Before we dive deep into the types, check out the 10 best training videos and what you can learn from them!

4 Types of corporate training videos (with examples)

1. Onboarding Corporate Training Videos
2. Workplace behavior corporate training videos
3. Technical corporate training videos
4. Employee safety corporate training videos

1. Onboarding corporate training videos

These videos are designed to help new employees understand the organization and get up to speed quickly on its policies, procedures, and corporate culture. 

They contain comprehensive information about job duties, systems and tools used, as well as resources available to staff.

This is a simple template for an animated video, but it illustrates how effective and powerful this format can be, for any company of any size.

With minimal tweaks and customization, a template like this can be used on a budget to connect with your new hires and welcome them on board.


2. Workplace behavior corporate training videos

Of course, once your new employees are settled in, your work is far from over.

It’s important to continue periodically training them and updating them on the latest industry and employment trends.

Ethical workplace practices are a hot topic of discussion in the media, and companies that tolerate toxic workplace environments end up on the news.

This invariably leads to lasting damage to their reputation and image and even legal action. 

So it’s never been more important to make sure you’re actively nurturing your team to be ethical.

They need to know that they can safely report unsafe or improper workplace practices without repercussion and are protected from sexual harassment and prejudice. 

Companies are relying on classes and workshops to deliver this message, and a useful tool is– you guessed it, video and animation.

For small businesses and startups, hiring experts and consultants can be prohibitively expensive, so it can be far more efficient to commission a video class to take its place altogether.

And unlike in-person sessions, a corporate training video can be watched anywhere and at any time, and can be reused repeatedly with every new batch of fresh employees.

3. Technical corporate training videos

Organizations use this type of video to introduce or reinforce technical information that employees need to understand in order to do their jobs properly. 

It may include topics such as learning new software applications, product features, and benefits, or navigating complex systems.



There are industries that are always on the very cutting edge of science and technology, and professional employees are always upgrading their tools as their industry progresses.

A forklift operator at a warehouse needs to be certified only once.

But a forensic laboratory, for example, might see constant upgrades to its array of highly technical devices and tools.

And workers need to be repeatedly trained to be able to make use of them. 

This is why industries like forensics, scientific research, and medical services rely on 3D animation for training and updating their employees. With 3D, you can go beyond reality itself.

You can show very realistic depictions of the devices, but also explain complicated aspects of their use in a simpler and neater way thanks to animation.

Not only is it much easier to understand, but it’s also much easier to remember for a long time afterward.

4. Employee safety corporate training videos

The purpose of these videos is to educate staff about safety procedures related to their specific roles within the organization. 

This can include topics such as lift techniques, proper tool usage, or operating heavy machinery safely.

They say prevention is the best cure.

And certainly, maintaining workplace safety can seem like a daunting and expensive task.

But it’s always better to invest early in safety rather than pay a far higher price later on.

Once again, it’s corporate training videos to the rescue!

With a good animated video, you can vividly illustrate “what if” scenarios to employees, especially if they operate specialized and/or heavy equipment and perform a lot of physical work daily.

Video has the ability to “show, don’t tell” when it comes to explaining ideas and concepts, and safety is a great example.

Also see: Secrets to Creating Awesome Employee Training Videos!


From compliance videos to product knowledge videos, innovative types of video training can provide valuable insight into the various aspects a business needs in order to succeed. 

Providing staff with the necessary resources they need to remain informed enables businesses to stay ahead in a rapidly changing environment.


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