10 Reasons Why You Should Use Animated Infographic Videos in 2023

Jul 13, 2021 9:15:03 AM

Static infographics have had their moment. While they are still effective, they are almost passé now in 2022. 

Welcome, animated infographic videos, a next-gen content type that doubles down on the original charm of infographics, delivering newer layers of visual appeal (and magic).

The top brands are already tapping on all the pros of animated videos to strengthen their marketing ROI.

Haven’t you too already? 

Remember, adding more colors in visuals increases readers’ attention span and recall by 82 percent.

So, incorporating animated infographics into your existing content marketing strategy can yield great returns.

In case you’re wondering what a good animated infographic expaliner video looks like, feel free to check out our list of some of the best infographic videos on the internet.

But in case you’re still not convinced, here are 10 advantages of infographic animation videos that make them a must-investment in your video marketing strategy in 2023 (and beyond).

  1. Animated Infographics Video Makes Content Digestible
  2. Animated Infographics Videos Simplifies Complex Concepts
  3. Animated Infographics Videos Make Sharing Tempting
  4. Animated Infographics Videos Drive Top-of-The-Funnel Traffic
  5. Infographics Animations Look (Very) Good
  6. Animated Infographics Videos Add To The Brand Value
  7. Infographics Videos Add Higher Usability
  8. Infographics Videos are Recyclable and Reusable
  9. Infographics Videos Bring Link Building Opportunities
  10. Animated Infographics Videos are High in Popularity

#1 Animated Infographics Video Makes Content Digestible

make content digestible with infographic videos

Have you ever landed on a page where the content was so long (and poorly formatted) that you lost your appetite to read it?

Or have you seen those image-infographics that are so congested and have small texts that you didn’t even bother skimming through them?

We’ve all been there!

Contrarily, animated videos resolve these problems, adding to make content digestible.

People love consuming them.

If created well, they can sum larger ideas into compact narratives, saving everyone’s time. 

Look at how Webflow talks about something as complicated as web development in an easily digestible manner in this infographics video:

Talking about the era of no-code products is a lot more enjoyable when done in the form of infographic explainer videos.

And that is largely because the complexity is taken care of by the video so that as a viewer, you only get to see a version that you can watch casually and still understand completely.

Also, higher digestibility fits well with the fact that people don’t have a high attention span now.

They get bored easily. So, they need the right hook that captures their attention and keeps them engaged throughout. 

If your landing pages are getting okay traffic but the session duration is poor and bounce rate high, try this: Create an animated infographic explainer video around the topic of that page and integrate that video in the first fold.

You will soon notice improvements in key metrics.

#2 Animated Infographic Videos Simplifies Complex Concepts

simplify concepts with infographic videos

Some ideas are easy to explain, others aren’t. If you sell something that falls in the latter category, videos can come to your aid.

With a mix of texts and graphics and a voiceover if needed, infographics animation can take complex ideas/concepts and simplify them in layman.

This is especially effective if you offer something that has technical aspects to it.

Like, you offer cloud products or some software.

These products require proper explanation in order to funnel down the traffic towards conversion. 

Simple, straightforward, and educational infographic explainer videos can perfectly fit here. Look at this video by Google, for example:

The video talks about big data and the problems that arise when you’re trying to handle big data.

Now, that’s a complex topic with a lot that the viewers have to know before they can understand what it is all about.

However, this infographic explainer video explains concepts in a simple, easily digestible way.

And that’s what infographic explainer videos are all about.

So, say goodbye to long explanatory descriptions that often confuse one more than they help resolve concerns.

Tap on the power of this modern content type to effectively explain your product or story to your target audience.

#3 Animated Infographic Videos Make Sharing Tempting

make sharable content with infographics

Images and videos have higher shareability as is.

Giving consumers more reasons to share your content can unlock even greater rewards.

And that’s what animated infographics give.

They are visually striking and interesting.

They deliver you the opportunities to tell a story or make the explanation in a more enticing way that captures the audience’s attention and delivers them the highest entertainment and utility value.

This subsequently improves the chances of them sharing your content in their circle.

This is more probable if you have targeted the right audience, provided a CTA to share the content, and made it easy to share it.

Such videos further get shared on social media platforms, at times even getting viral.

In such a case while they may not necessarily bring you targeted or relevant attention, they can do wonders in positioning your brand strongly in the industry. 

Look at this video by Vucko, for example:

In this video, Vucko talks about how likes influence the posts we make, the aesthetics we create, and the content we show.

While being a commentary on virality, the video is too good to not share.

In fact, the video is something you would like your friends to watch which is why you’re highly likely to share it with them.

So, especially if you’re aiming to grow your social media presence, trust animated infographic videos to help you with that.

#4 Animated Infographic Videos Drives Top-of-the-Funnel Traffic

drive traffic with animated infographic videos

Animated videos can fit virtually anywhere in the marketing funnel.

Incorporate them into your products page and they can drive more conversion.

Use them to re-engage your existing customer and they can improve your customer retention. 

However, they are mostly used to focus on the top-of-the-funnel traffic. Including them in your blog posts can help improve many SEO metrics, like session duration, bounce rate, and pogo-sticking. 

Plus, since they have higher shareability, they get shared on social media platforms more, which subsequently attracts more top-of-the-funnel attention.

If you have a thoughtful content marketing strategy and a well-defined marketing funnel, you can effectively nurture this attention to increase the conversion rate. 

This is a key benefit of infographic explainer videos, more relevant for newer businesses (startups) that don’t have sufficient market presence.

It can bring them the needed traffic to get the ball rolling for higher sales and revenue at the later stages.

#5 Infographic Animation Videos Look (Very) Good

make visually appealing videos

It’s all about how content can attract customers to the brand, isn’t it?

Compared to plain text, infographic animation is much more effective in this regard.

Further, there are different ways in which animation can be used in a more striking way to make the infographics more engaging. 

Think it like this: Would you like to view something in written form or any video format?

Probably, you will prefer videos to text. Considering the current trends, a large part of your target audience is in the same boat.

That’s exactly why infographic explainer videos are preferred by a large number of marketers.

Look at this infographic explainer video by SAP, for example:

The beautiful compositions and the intelligent transitions make this one of the best infographic videos we’ve ever seen!

But if you speak specifically of the looks, there is no denying that Ordinary Folk, the creators of the video, have done an excellent job at making sure the video looks as good as possible.

They simply look good and interesting; too good and interesting to not engage with.

This is one of the reasons why they are so effective; this is why when you include them on a page, that page’s session duration increases significantly.

#6 Animated Infographic Video Adds to the Brand Value

increase brand value with infographic videos

The type of content you produce says a lot about your brand identity (and credibility).

Hence, you should ideally focus on aspects in this vertical that are unique and can differentiate you from the competitors. 

There are many content formats that are cliché.

You need to look for something out-of-the-box that can enhance your brand value.

Animated infographics are the best and most unique content format that is making all the right noise in the market at present.

It is a great way to increase the brand value of your business.

You can promote your brand, as well as its story and offerings, and make customers aware of your business.

You can add logos, brand color, taglines, and much more to your animated infographic that is distinct to your brand.

Look at this video by BNY Mellon:

Now, if you’ve seen testimonial videos, you know how almost every video has characters telling their stories.

This video stands out by using abstract shapes to talk about the experience of the customer.

Doing so increases the video’s visibility and consequently that of the brand.

In all, there are many ways, direct or indirect, that this content type can strengthen your brand value.

#7 Video Infographics Boast Higher Usability

best infographic videos

Not all content formats are usable in different scenarios, but infographic videos are quite unique in this sense.

You can use them to serve many purposes.

Whether to illustrate a post, tell a story, or create listings, animated infographics come in handy in many situations.

Check out how this video for Tahitian Noni can be deployed in many different places:


You can mold them to your marketing objective, which makes it an ideal content format to use almost everywhere in the marketing funnel.

You can post it on social networks, blogs, websites, and other channels.

#8 Infographic Videos are Recyclable and Reusable

reuse infographic videos

Producing new content is not only time-consuming but expensive too.

Also, note that most of your ROI will come from a few pieces of content; therefore, some pieces of content will bring you the most returns while a lot of them will fall flat.

So instead of spending resources on creating fresh content, why not recycle and reuse existing content to make the most out of them?

Animated infographic video can be recycled and repurposed in different content formats and types (from texts to stills, for example).

They can be re-contextualized with captions and reused for different platforms. 

For instance, if you target, say, manufacturers, you can create an animated infographic explainer video targeting these manufacturers and reuse the video in all the relevant blog posts and landing pages (as well as social media campaigns) that target manufacturers. 

Here's a good example in this video for NHA's PersonAbility campaign to improve interpersonal skills with nurses, doctors, and medical staff:


#9 Infographic Animation Brings Link Building Opportunities

link building with infographic videos

Backlinks are the most critical search ranking factor-- with the content being the second.

Infographic explainer videos integrated into your blog posts and landing pages can effectively bait newer backlinks.

For instance, if you’re explaining a concept in the animated infographic video, and it’s high quality and valuable (and it’s something unique and visually interesting).

The chances are high that someone will link this content.

You can even allow people to embed the videos on their own websites, which could get you more backlinks.

A strong backlink profile can positively influence your SEO efforts, helping you rank higher on SERP for relevant keywords.

#10 Animated Infographic Videos Are High in Popularity

popular inforgraphic videos

Infographic videos are popular in certain industries.

For example, most explainer videos you would come across in the tech industry are infographic videos.

And this is because of what we discussed in the second point—the simplification of concepts.

The tech industry has complex products and their audience needs to know how they work.

For a layperson, it can all be confusing and overwhelming, causing them to avoid these products altogether.

But all purchases depend on the customer understanding and trusting the product. 

Since infographic animation does this pretty well, most tech companies use it.

However, the tech industry isn’t the only one that likes infographic explainer videos. Almost every industry can benefit from this powerful tool.

Final Words

These are some of the direct and indirect benefits of animated infographic videos.

Join the growing bandwagon of businesses that are investing big on animated infographic videos. 

Stand out, outdo competitors, and reap the benefits.

Get in touch with a trusted infographic animation production company today and get your first animated video made.

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