9 Best Training Videos and What You Can Learn From Them!

Jul 25, 2022 3:38:16 AM

Short on time? Watch the best-animated training videos here:

It’s not enough just to hire the right people for your team.

Once hired, it’s vitally important to get new hires settled in and up to speed with the rest of your team.

But with shrinking attention spans, how do you give your employees a TL;DR version of your training program?

More importantly, would that suffice?

In most cases, it won’t.

As an example, with the rise in cyberattacks, cybersecurity training videos are not only necessary but mandatory (and this is one of many such examples).

And that’s where animated training videos come in.


9 Best Training Videos

#9 Golden Rules of Safety

This is an example of probably the most critical kind of training video: concerning workplace safety. Diligence and repeated training are vital in keeping your shop floor safe and productive.

Animation has the additional benefit of being lively, colorful, and engaging. It holds the viewer’s attention easier, for longer, and makes the information memorable like few other formats can achieve.

#8 Workplace bullying

Workplace safety is vitally important. But there are other things that can harm the productivity of your team, too.

The nature of our workplaces is rapidly changing. With expensive lawsuits setting precedents, workplace harassment of any kind is a problem that companies cannot afford to ignore. 

Workplace training has been proven to be an effective deterrent in reducing unwanted behavior.

With simple animated training videos like these, companies of all kinds can send a firm message to their team members that harassment, bullying and discrimination will not be tolerated.

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#7 University of Colorado

Animation has the power to make even the driest, most tedious subject matter come to life and become interesting and engaging.

This video was crafted to highlight the success of the university’s employee services, and list off its achievements and statistics.

Clever animation made it a bright, engaging experience rather than a dry lecture.

#6 Western Power Distribution 

In this information-saturated age, it’s almost impossible to get people’s attention, even when it really matters. Especially when what you’re trying to say, could save lives in an emergency.

That’s why PSAs like this one from Western Power Distribution used the power of animation to really bring their message to life.

Since we are such strongly visual learners, and animation is so engaging and memorable, their consumers would know what to do during a power cut, even from watching this video only once.

#5 Dumb Ways to Die

This is a personal favorite of ours here at Broadcast2World. And we’re not alone, since “Dumb Ways to Die” has racked up a whopping 240 million views and counting.

It’s catchy, silly, irreverent– and really effective at making its point.

This delightful animated video is meant to highlight the dangers of being careless around railway tracks. Rather than being serious and highlighting the dangers and listing statistics, this video goes the approach of being darkly humorous and childlike at the same time.

#4 How The Economic Machine Works

In the same way that visual aids enhance a teacher’s lecture, video and animated video especially have a natural ability to really supercharge the information you want to impart.

A half-hour long lecture on economics is a lot to take in, even if it is a topic that you’re keenly interested in and actually want to learn.

But by adding animation to it, the audience has their visual senses more naturally and viscerally engaged, and it’s much easier to pay attention for a long period of time.

#3 Why Salespeople Just Can’t Shut Up

This is an example of a clever script combined with equally clever, engaging animation.

How can salespeople be more effective at sales, while talking less? Sounds difficult, and not particularly interesting either.

But this video enthusiastically tackles the question and easily draws the viewer in for the ride. And that’s no accident.

This is just a typical example of how effective animated storytelling can be!


#2 Ancestry Secure Computing

Learning about one’s ancestry and heritage has become a bit of a trend thanks to the ubiquity of the internet.

But this eagerness to share and trust can be a double-edged sword, and it’s important to safeguard one’s own privacy at the same time.

However, most of us aren’t IT experts and simply don’t know how. So Ancestry commissioned this animated video to bring to light the security risks around using open Wi-Fi to get on the internet at a public place, like a cafe.

It walks the fine line between explaining these risks and why they matter, but not being alarmist or hysterical, either.

#1 Racial Harassment Training Video

Finally, here’s an example of a training video that examines harassment and bullying behavior, defines it clearly, and makes it clear that this cannot be tolerated in pretty much any modern workplace in any industry.

Harassment training is expensive and tedious, and offending employees can always claim that they didn’t think their behavior was bad or forbidden. This in turn lays the blame on the employer and workplace for tolerating this behavior, or even encouraging it.

In the decades gone by, there have been numerous landmark lawsuits that resulted in not just high financial cost to the companies involved, but also damage to their reputation and bad PR. As a result, little expense has been spared to cover those bases with employees as thoroughly as possible.

Animated video is a fantastic way to achieve this without the exorbitant cost and time-consuming classes and seminars. The same video can be re-played and reused as many times as needed, and can be viewed on mobile devices and even remote employees.

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If your marketing strategy has yet to include animated video, it’s never too late to get started! 

And if you’re still not sure where to begin, the good news is, you don’t have to figure everything out right away.

You can partner with a good and passionate team who will work closely with you and advise you on the best way to go forward on how to make a training video, finding a solution that’s perfect for you, your budget, and your potential customers too. 

When it comes to animated storytelling, the sky is truly the limit!



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