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What Are Product Animation Videos and Why Are They So Popular?

Product animation videos are animated explainer videos that effectively demonstrate products. These demonstrations may focus on the features of the product and can even discuss how the pain points encountered by clients are relieved by the product.

As an explainer video company, we've seen demo videos to increase conversion rates by showcasing the functions of products in the real world in a creative and engaging way. These product animation videos create a lasting impression in the minds of the consumers by making them experience the products rather than simply explaining the products.

Since people are more likely to retain information received through video, using product launch videos can create a hype resulting in a higher probability of the product's success. As a product video production company, we've seen the uses of these videos go even beyond the aforementioned uses.

What is the Standard Product Video Production Process?

Check out our process to get a better understanding of how to go about creating product animation videos. However, here's a gist of the process we use as a product video production company:

  • Write a Script: This is the first step of explainer video production. Since product animation videos are highly focused, you need to write a script which reflects the same. Struggling with the script? Check out our blog on how you can write a script that sells.
  • Create a Storyboard: Based on the script, draw the key scenes into a storyboard. This helps you stay organized while letting you know about the timings and how everything would go with it.
  • Develop the Graphics: Once you're done with the storyboard, you know the graphics you need to develop. So this is a good time to develop it before you can animate it.
  • Record Voice-over: Recording the voice-over should be done in parallel with developing the graphics to save some time.
  • Animate the Graphics: Now that you have the graphics and voice-over ready, it is time to animate!

What Are the Different Types of Product Animation Videos for Business?

Being a product video production company, we have to develop product animation videos in multiple ways as per requirement. Here are the different types of product animation videos:

  • Product Explainer Videos: Also known as Product Overview Videos, these videos explain how a product functions. These videos get into the nitty-gritties of the various aspects of the products which the companies would like to feature. Product explainer videos are usually used for softwares and non-tangible products.
  • Product Demo Videos: When it comes to physical products, nothing beats product demo videos. As an animated video production company with over a decade of experience, we've seen that these videos are exceptionally good at getting the customer up and running with your product in no time. Traditionally, these videos have been live-action videos but a lot of companies are shifting to animated product demo videos owing to creative freedom animation provides.
  • Screencast Videos: To explain how one can do various tasks using a software, it is always best to record a screencast video. By doing this, you can guide them step-by-step ensuring that they understand everything. These videos are exceptionally popular in SaaS-based companies. An expert product video production company can even help you strategize how you can use screencast videos for your software.
  • Product Launch Videos: A product launch is incomplete without a product launch video. The hype that these videos create go a long way in helping the product be successful. Most B2C companies go for product launch videos and have seen great results from it.
  • Product Promotion Videos: Once the product is launched, most B2C companies prefer running campaigns to market the product better and increase more conversions. This is where product promotion videos come in. They're highly engaging and as a product video production company, we've known them to increase conversions.

How Vidyo Used Our Product Animation Videos to Promote

The Problem

There was an existing notion in the industry that adding realtime video can increase the cost and complexity of applications a lot. This was the problem that the client needed a product video production company for. This was what they came to us for. They wanted to eradicate this notion from the industry by letting it know about Vidyo’s services.

The Solution

As a product video production company, we faced a small challenge—there was a lot of information which had to be relayed with the help of the videos. Since the videos had to be kept under a minute long, we had to do something about it. We approached this challenge by making some of the objects self-explanatory. Balancing between self-explanatory objects and explicitly explained objects, helped us include more information in the short lengths of the videos.

How McAfee Used Product Animation Videos to Rebrand and Showcase Solutions

The Problem:

McAfee is known far and wide for being an antivirus company. However, with a complete cybersecurity portfolio, the company offers more than just the antivirus. With this product explainer video, the company wanted to show it helps employees and organizations with their cybersecurity needs using its products, services, and open ecosystem. The company wanted to change how the audience perceived it by showcasing its products. For this, we were the product video production company they went for.

The Solution:

McAfee had a very technical and long script when they first came to us for their motion design service needs. Keeping their requirements and guidelines in mind, we made a simple product explainer video for them.

However, it wasn't long before they realized that a more 'in' approach would work better for their needs. Scratching the first video, they came to us for another video. This time, the art style was minimalist and had a voiceover that fit perfectly with the product explainer video.

The product explainer video we made portrayed the company as a young, eccentric company—something which the people didn't perceive it to be back then. By talking about the company's products in-depth and letting the audience know that the company has a lot more than antiviruses to offer in the product explainer video, we furthered the change in perception. As a product video production company, we helped the company discuss the benefits of its products efficiently.

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