30 Best Product Demonstration Videos 2024: Strategies & Best Practices

Dec 27, 2023 3:00:00 AM

Looking to develop killer product demonstration videos for your business in 2024?

Look no further! In this blog, we have curated a list of the 30 best product demo videos to inspire you and provide you with valuable strategies and best practices from the best brands across the globe. 

Each video in our selection shows a perfect blend of story and captivating visuals.

We have handpicked videos from various industries and sectors, ensuring there's something for everyone.

From innovative tech gadgets to trendy fashion accessories, these product demo videos demonstrate the power of storytelling.

Join us as we analyze the strategies and best practices utilized in these videos, giving you insights into creating your own powerful product demos.

With the right techniques and inspiration from these top-performing videos, you'll be well on your way to grabbing your audience's attention and boosting sales.

Don't miss out on this must-read blog for anyone looking to supercharge their product demo videos in 2024.

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  1. Examples of Successful Product Demo Videos
    1. Introducing Apple Vision Pro
    2. What Happens in Your Tesla, Stays in Your Tesla
    3. Uber-Driver Onboarding
    4. Make Your Home a Social Media Star | Airbnb
    5. GoPro: Introducing HERO12 Black
    6. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: Unfold The Future
    7. BGB SILS Video
    8. Introduction to VoipSec
    9. What is a Chromebook?
    10. Google-Password Manager
    11. Harman Kardon | Citation MultiBeam™ 700
    12. Live Platform-Herman Miller
    13. What is Asana?
    14. Introducing iPhone 15 Pro | Apple
    15. Hünnebeck SAFESCREEN
    16. ThermoFisher Product Demonstration
    17. 3Flow
    18. Capturem Applications | Whiteboard Demo
    19. Jake Dyson Products-Ariel
    20. Meet WatsonX
    21. Introducing the IBM Security QRadar Suite
    22. Pella's Proprietary Fiberglass
    23. IBM-Supply Chain
    24. How GoFundMe Works
    25. ThinkSmart Manager Software Demo
    26. What is Workplace from Meta?
    27. Introducing Webflow
    28. Modern Customer Engagement with Twilio
    29. Volvo-360c Concept Demonstration
    30. Hootsuite // Enterprise

Examples of Best Product Demonstration Videos

1. Introducing Apple Vision Pro


Apple's product demo videos are always top-notch, and their introduction of the Vision Pro is no exception.

The video starts with a catchy soundtrack and visually stunning product animation with a real face appearing behind the camera. 

The same concept has also been used for their website intro animation, as you scroll from hero shot to down, creating a strong brand recall.

What stood out was how they introduced the whole concept of spatial computing using mixed media animation and showcased how, in this era, digital content will blend seamlessly with your physical space. 

Experiencing the entire transformation that we’ll be able to do with things we love in ways never before possible with Apple Vision Pro was truly magical for me personally.

The video concisely and engagingly showcases the device's key features and benefits. Apple's attention to detail and seamless integration of video across the landing page was a beautiful example of the video-first approach.

2. What Happens in Your Tesla, Stays in Your Tesla


Tesla has revolutionized the electric car industry, and their product demo videos reflect its commitment to innovation. 

This video, however, is not about the product but rather how their data privacy protections go beyond industry standards and how your personal data is never sold, tracked, or shared without your permission or knowledge

I really liked the minimalistic use of animations to explain the whole concept of data privacy and trust, enhanced by the brand narrative of how everything stays in your Tesla

Tesla's stunning 3D visuals and expert storytelling make this video compelling.

3. Uber - Driver Onboarding


This animated product video demo was produced to help Uber drivers take their first trip; it's a step-by-step animation demonstrating how to use the Uber Driver app

I really liked how the two-and-a-half-minute video uses a unique illustration style that integrates the app’s interface to familiarize first-time drivers with what they can expect to see. 

Also pretty and practical, the animation delivers useful information in a fun and intuitive way that is both welcoming to new drivers and useful to those who wish to polish their services.

This demo animation now sits on the Uber app and social channels as the go-to instruction video for drivers worldwide.

4. Make Your Home a Social Media Star | Airbnb


Airbnb's demonstration video for their “How to Make Your Home a Social Media Star” is a masterclass showcasing how to maximize your presence on the platform. 

The video usp is how beautifully it takes viewers on an educational journey with Superhost, highlighting the unique social media strategies for success on Airbnb. 

Tom of the Tye River Cabin Co. shares his best tips on building a beautiful feed of images for your home and amassing a large online following that can translate to even more guests. 

Using real people and handcrafted animations adds a personal touch, making viewers feel they can succeed with Airbnb if they follow the demo.

5. GoPro: Introducing HERO12 Black


GoPro has built its brand on capturing epic adventures, and its product video demo for the HERO12 Black camera is no different. 

The video revolves around reliving your adventures + sharing the fun, and showcasing the camera's capabilities through exhilarating shots of extreme sports and outdoor activities. 

I liked the fast-paced editing and thrilling soundtrack, creating excitement and adventure that resonated with GoPro's target audience.

I think those with 3d product animation shorts deliver the message powerfully and make it a memorable video for me.

6. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3: Unfold the Future


Samsung's product demo video for the Galaxy Z Fold3 showcases their foldable smartphone's innovative design and versatility. 

This live-action video delivers the product narrative of swift and precise powerfully.

The seamless transitions between showcasing the phone's features and demonstrating how it can enhance everyday life go with the theme.

Samsung's relatable scenarios and fast-paced visuals make this video exciting and inspiring.

The showcase of a wider screen with digital time and slow-motion effects used with respective shots adds credibility to the brand message.

7. BGB SILS Video


BGB prides itself on its innovative approach to technology and product design.

This demonstration video promotes their new underwater yacht lighting that takes a step away from the traditional approach.

Instead, it uses contactless technology, eliminating the need to drill holes in the hull.

This promotional video shows the birth of this product, from its thoughtfully developed concept to its impressive reality.

What stands out is the combined use of 2-dimensional drawings and watercolor effects that bring life to this animated product video, illustrating key features and benefits along the way.

The video ends with indulgent shots that provide the audience with a taste of the lifestyle experienced alongside.

8. Introduction to VoipSec


VoipSec products are designed to run in Virtualised environments, eliminating the need for bulky and expensive hardware and rapidly decreasing the time it takes to deploy VoIP solutions.

This product video demo focuses on promoting what is traditionally a complicated concept to communicate.

The best part about the video is how it uses 3D animation to successfully communicate the offerings in a way that makes it understandable for network administrators and the consumer market.

The demo also highlights enabling features such as its EasyRemote feature module, which enables the deployment of remote and mobile users simply yet with security measures that ensure registered users are trusted users and not fraudsters or hackers gaining access for illegitimate purposes.

9. What is a Chromebook?


This was one of the most fun introductory product demonstration videos, communicating powerfully that Chromebooks aren’t like other laptops. 

They run ChromeOS, an operating system made by Google. They are powerful, so they can handle what’s important to you, they are designed in a way that makes them extremely easy to use. 

I like how they have used an animated FAQ video approach to introduce Chromebooks in a fun way and deliver the message “the new way to laptop”.

10. Google - Password Manager


Product video demos tend to get boring, but this myth-busting animation highlights common misconceptions surrounding Google Password Manager.

I really like the brand narrative here that revolves around how most people think their passwords are stronger than they really are.

On the contrary, people often use common themes and patterns to create passwords, obviously because they’re easy to remember - but also easy for hackers to guess. 

Google’s Password Manager uses industry-leading security to protect your passwords, generates unique complex passwords for you, and automatically fills them on Chrome and Android the next time you log in.

Also, what intrigues me is the clean and sophisticated 3D visual approach revolving around shapes and simplified UI transitions. 

Animations are a great way to add such sleek and modern visual designs to your product demo videos.

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11. Harman Kardon | Citation MultiBeam™ 700


This demo animation is as elegant, dynamic, and powerful as the product.

The Harman Kardon Citation MultiBeam™ 700 delivers full surround sound to your TV without extra speakers and wires. 

The video uses a mixed-media animation approach in conjunction with 3D animation to maximize the impact of the message and make it memorable.

With precise use of kinetic typography and UI animations, it highlights how you can control the experience using just your voice, with help from Google Assistant.

The video also highlights when paired with the Citation Tower Speakers, the Citation MultiBeam™ 700 can also operate as a center channel to create the ultimate home theater setup for full, detailed surround sound. 

With animated overlays and callouts, it seamlessly communicates features like 300 music streaming services with the convenience of AirPlay and Chromecast built-in.

12. Live Platform - Herman Miller


This beautiful and minimalistic product video demo from Herman Miller talks about their Live Platform, which can provide your company with workplace analytics. 

So, if you want to revamp your workplace strategy, implement hot desking, or create an employee wellness plan, this animated video is a must-watch.

What I like about the video is how Live Platform can help you optimize your real estate portfolio and improve employee experiences.

The 3D-like infographic transitions keep you engaged, showcasing how you can meet your goals with data and insights from Live Platform.

13. What is Asana?


This product demonstration video discusses Asana, the leading enterprise work collaboration platform that helps organizations work smarter and make better decisions consistently. 

The video is handcrafted with stop motion animation, delivering a powerful message on how Asana creates one source of truth for all work in your organization and provides more visibility and control over how that work happens, reducing inefficiencies, bringing teams together, and driving better business outcomes. 

The video highlights that only Asana combines the power of artificial intelligence with the most complete and connected network of your organization’s work data – using the Asana Work Graph®️ – to maximize the impact of your people.

14. Introducing iPhone 15 Pro | Apple


Another one of Apple's outstanding product demonstration videos introducing the new iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro built with aerospace-grade titanium for their lightest, most powerful Pro models ever.

This mixed-media training video showcases the new Pro camera system, which pushes the limits of what’s possible on a smartphone.

The video highlights how filmmakers can now record video in ProRes 4K at 60 fps directly to an external drive.

The new design also includes a customizable Action button for quicker access to your favorite feature.

Apple videos are known for their simplicity and elegance, highlighting their products' sleek design and intuitive features.

By focusing on the user experience and emphasizing key functionalities, Apple's videos for product demonstration effectively communicate the value of their products.

15. Hünnebeck SAFESCREEN


Hunnebeck specializes in two core market sectors: construction and industrial maintenance.

This company video highlights SAFESCREEN® from Hunnebeck, the rail climbing perimeter screen system designed to achieve the enclosure of the work floor at full height and safeguard site personnel.

 The best part about the product video is its journey from delivery to installation, covering different use cases that are precisely demonstrated using 3D animation and typography.

16. ThermoFisher Product Demonstration


ThermoFisher primarily produced this product video demonstration to use at conferences where they could not physically have the instrument.

The video objective was to let the viewers get a feel for the instrument and visualize how it works.  

What stands out in the video is the seamless mix of 2D and 3D animation magically explaining how the product chemistry works.

For example, an animation showcases how magnetic beads are bound with DNA, explaining the processes that are not visible to the naked eye.  

This video was also used in a MAP campaign, meaning an email campaign to drive targeted customers to view the video and request more information, a demo, etc.

The video also supported training the global commercial team to help customers decide on purchasing.

17. 3Flow


This demonstration video was designed to educate the audience on what the retrofit is, how it improves fume hood performance and reduces energy use, and how a retrofit installation on an old fume hood can be a better option than just replacing the entire fume hood.

3Flow provides testing and consulting services, primarily on laboratory HVAC and ventilation.

The video objective was to create a dialogue in the customer’s organization about installing retrofit kits to all applicable fume hoods in their facility.

The animated demo focussed on displaying the products, their parts and pieces, how they fit into a fume hood, and the installation benefits.

18. Capturem Applications | Whiteboard Demo


Takara Bio wanted to use this product demonstration video to educate customers who have identified the cells in their population about how to learn more by truly understanding their sample. 

The demo video series focussed on how their products can be used in conjunction with popular methods to dig deeper into the data.

This whiteboard animation was produced for Scientists, graduate students, core lab, lab managers, etc., who want to learn more and answer scientific questions.

The video highlights the application of their Capturem technology, which can digest or purify protein incredibly fast.

19. Jake Dyson Products - Ariel


This 3D demo video effectively showcases Jake Dyson's design of quality engineered lighting products, and functionality, combining together to create iconic products, becoming fantastic examples of innovation in design and technology.

The video focuses on visualizing JD Products’ most recent new development in static and moving image forms, which could be distributed in various mediums to help promote its revolutionary functionality and outstanding beauty.

The product video promotes Ariel's USPs and visualizes the light in full CGI contextual scenes.

20. Meet WatsonX


This animated cool product video introduces watsonx from IBM and shows how the AI leverages the power of foundation models, generative AI, and machine learning. 

And by doing that it helps you make the most of your data and offers trusted, scalable, and adaptable AI you can embed deep into your business.

The best part about the video is its music and 3D infographic animations that flow with the same seamlessly.

The video highlights the three phases namely train, tune, and deploy to design more trustworthy generative AI workflows for your business.

This video uses animated screenshots and grid infographics theme to explain watsonx.ai their studio for AI builders to create powerful applications in a fraction of the time with a fraction of the data.

The examples seen so far are quite inspiring and they might be giving you some ideas for your product demo videos.

If that's the case, allow us to turn those ideas into immersive visuals that your audience can keep their eyes off of.

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21. Introducing the IBM Security QRadar Suite


This is one of the best product demonstration videos created in 2023 that brilliantly showcases IBM Security QRadar Suite which is a next-generation threat detection and response suite with EDR, log management, SIEM, and SOAR delivered as a service with a unified analyst experience across the entire product suite.

The highlight for me was the 3D screenshots designed and animated with 3D infographics to highlight the modern interface that this product brings to the table.

The video beautifully introduces the product as the next generation of threat detection and response that goes beyond SIEM covering end poin security, log management, SOAR, and SIEM.

The demo also focuses on how this product provides analysts with risk driven prioritization, automated workflows, and real-world threat intelligence from an attacker's point of view.

22. Pella’s Proprietary Fiberglass


Pella Impervia Fiberglass is the strongest material available for windows and patio doors and this product demo video was crafted exactly to match the same high-quality, and elevated status of this innovation.

To make this happen, a 3D look was developed by turning their logo into a bouncing ball to guide viewers from scene to scene. 

With creative use of text on the screen and with full 3D animation video shows the intricate details of their proprietary process, defining what makes Pella Impervia stand out from the competition.

The video, very much like the fiberglass itself, layered all these elements together to create a cohesive and clean demo.

23. IBM – Supply Chain


This 3D animated product demonstration was created to showcase IBM Industry’s AI-powered supply chain solutions in a fun and friendly way. 

In the video, the main character of the story, Charles takes you on a tour of the fictional IBM Lab, where each room represents a different supply chain scenario. 

What I really like about the video is that from synopsis to script to storyboard to soundtrack, Animation.Monks nursed this fledgling idea into a full-fledged CG animation demo and then translated it into 10 languages, priming it to reach a global audience successfully.

24. How GoFundMe Works


Helping each other is human nature.

And GoFundMe brings people together to find the support they need when they need it. 

GoFundMe fundraisers and the generosity of their donors can change people’s lives in wonderful ways.

They help raise money for school supplies or help people manage medical debt. 

This product video demo explains the steps of starting and managing a GoFundMe fundraiser, while showcasing the array of people and purposes they can support. 

The fluid, colorful video features a diverse collection of animated characters and causes, narrated by a duet of voiceover artists.

25. ThinkSmart Manager Software Demo


Meet ThinkSmart Manager, your go-to manageability console across all of your ThinkSmart devices. Smarter Technology for All

This software product demonstration is designed around the theme of how nothing kills the vibe of a meeting like an IT issue.

Fortunately, Lenovo’s ThinkSmart Manager gives IT pros visibility into how all of their Lenovo meeting room devices are functioning—all in one place. 

To communicate the smarter experience of using the ThinkSmart Manager, Demo Duck broke down its benefits and features down to their most basic elements, using colorful 2D and 3D animated shapes and elements to express freedom, speed, and flexibility.

26. What is Workplace from Meta?


This how-to product demo explains the features of the new collaborative and professional platform called Workplace which is a communication tool that connects everyone in your company, even if they're working remotely. 

The video highlights the familiar features such as Groups, Chat, and live video broadcasting that get people talking and working together. 

The best part about this animated video is the storytelling approach taken to demonstrate the product features.

The story revolves around one particular character Samira and her product implementation journey across the globe.

27. Introducing Webflow


This product video delves into the Webflow Designer — where you can design your site visually, while the code (HTML, CSS, and Javascript) writes itself. 

The video highlights how to add content, style that content, create animations, and publish your site, all within the Webflow Designer. 

The video builds the perception of a premium product with the use of great 3D screenshot animations and a soundtrack with the superb acting skills of the presenter.

28. Modern Customer Engagement with Twilio


How do you turn customer transactions into engagements that last a lifetime?

It starts with knowing what customers really care about and want.

That’s what the Twilio Customer Engagement Platform is all about

What I really like about this product video demo is how it beautifully illustrates the people-focused nature of Twilio's Customer Engagement Platform using character animation and a dash of 3D. 

The video highlights how this product helps companies turn transactions into personal conversations – meaning they can provide customers with what they need, and build relationships that last lifetimes.

29. Volvo - 360c Concept Demonstration


This is not an ordinary product video demo.

It's a concept demonstration from none other than Volvo Cars presenting their vision of the future: the 360c.

With precise use of infographic animation, the video powerfully communicates how individual mobility needs will continue to evolve. 

They believe that the solution will be a switch to fully autonomous electric vehicles, changing the nature of the way we travel and the way we plan and build our cities. 

For me, the stand out aspect was the voiceover layered with music and smooth transitions.

30. Hootsuite // Enterprise


Product demonstration videos tend to become boring sometimes but here Giant Ant took a very cinematic approach.

They show how "organizations all over the world are using HootSuite to tap into the power of the social web and drive business results in remarkable new ways."

This animated video uses various case study scenarios to showcase how Hootsuite Enterprise is the world's most popular social relationship platform, designed for organizations to execute social media strategies across multiple social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

The video highlights how teams can collaborate within a secure environment across all devices and departments to manage social media profiles, engage with customers, and generate revenue. 

The video ends with a powerful call to action pointing out that the ROI of social media rests with the people who use it.

Empower your people with the best tools, the best intelligence, and the best security to effectively harness the social web.

Conclusion: The Future of Product Demo Videos

In conclusion, product demo videos have become essential for businesses looking to engage and convert their audience.

The examples and case studies in this article demonstrate the power of storytelling, captivating visuals, and concise messaging in creating effective product demo videos.

As we look ahead to 2024 and beyond, it's clear that videos will continue to play a crucial role in marketing strategies.

With technological advancements and the growing importance of video content, businesses must adapt and embrace the best practices showcased in these videos to stay ahead of the competition.

Take inspiration from the best brands and their successful strategies, and start creating compelling videos that captivate your audience and drive sales.

And it's our commitment at Broadcast2World to assist you in your journey to bring your ideas to life with animated videos.

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