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Our Animated Promotional Video Examples


Animated Marketing Videos That Tell Great Stories!

When you use videos to attract, engage and convert your potential customers it is called video marketing. "To every Live Action there is an equal and opposite Animation". Using animated videos for marketing when your competitors are using live action gives you that unique voice to get attention you deserve. We help you tell stories that engage, clarify your message and evoke emotions! 


Whiteboard Marketing Video Production Services 

Whiteboard animation has widespread marketing applications when it comes to training and internal communication. It works really well when it comes to educating your target audience.The formula of telling great stories through this animation style is planning your hand movements right. So when it comes to storyboarding the concept artist has to ensure important points in the script are animated with the right hand movements.

Cartoon Marketing Video Production Services

Cartoon video marketing gives you the power of story to emotionally connect and win love of your target audience. Cartoon commercials, brand story and explainer videos can help your business to connect with your audience.The formula of telling great stories through this style is designing and animating characters that your audience can instantly connect to themselves. Placing your story in the customer's' story gap is the key to success.

Infographic Marketing Video Production Services

Most B2B marketing explainer videos use infographic animation to tell their story and connect with their audience. The formula of telling great stories through this style is minimalism that is just using the elements required to tell the story and removing the rest. Great animation transitions are the key to focus on important parts of the story and keeping the audience engaged.


Mixed Media Style Animated Marketing Videos

The idea is to stand out from the rest, mixed media animation videos help you to innovate by giving you the opportunity to play around with different medias. The formula of telling great stories through this animation style is the selection of the right media. So when it comes to storyboarding the concept artist has to ensure balanced compositions and great transitions for the necessary impact.

Winning Marketing Video Production Formula & Cost

The cost of animated marketing videos for business majorly depends upon complexity of the animation style and content. Other factors which might affect the pricing are the delivery timelines, duration and the feedback time. Please watch the process video on the right side to learn how we go about telling great stories for your process. Also let's look at the some of the use cases of animated videos for marketing and associated package cost. 

Animated Marketing Videos To Explain What You Do!

When McAfee came to us they were planning for rebranding globally. They wanted a b2b explainer video series for brand awareness establishing themselves as a cutting edge cyber security company. We invested a lot of resources first to define various visual styles and then A/B test to finally select one. Here we produced infographics animation of 3 minutes at the budget of USD 19,200 approx.

Animated Marketing Videos for Brand Stories

The founder Mo Seetubtim wanted to create a brand story video for The Happiness Planner based on her personal life events. The challenge was to create an unique animated video style that goes with their specifically defined unique value proposition  "Helping you become happy, whole and fulfilled. Here we produced frame by frame cartoon animation for 2 minutes videos at the budget of USD 18,000. 

Animated Promotional Videos for Music Launch 

This project was done for a special cause. Our client Jim Stanard believes in donating all the proceeds to the non-profit "Habitat for Humanity". The challenge was to produce this animated music video at the budget of USD 15,000. Our team was looking for an animation style could do justice to the song within the budget constraint. We finally mixed together stock images with cartoon animation to bring the play full ness required for the video.

Animated Marketing Videos for Brand Awareness 

FactSpread mission is to improve the functioning of democracy by exposing informationally disadvantaged people to generally non-controversial (among experts) information about public policy-related topics. Here we handcrafted 90 sec mixed media cartoon animation with a custom made song at the budget of USD 18,000 approx. Read FactSpread's success story to know more!

Animated Marketing Videos for B2C Product Launch

Our client wanted to launch his innovative product with a bang. Our concept artist came up with this idea of a movie trailer based on the theme of Sin City. We used cartoon animation to do justice to the theme. We had the budget of USD 10,000 for 60 seconds to make this product animation video. Video concept was very well thought-through with custom music and sfx to evoke emotions!

Why Choose Our Marketing Video Company? 

  • Transparent pricing with no hidden cost and free humility to top-up your customer experience.
  • Stay in peace with most experienced vertically integrated team of passionate storytellers and a very streamlined collaborative process.
  • We believe that art cannot—and should not—be manufactured. So we ensure that every video is hand-drawn and you own the complete rights.

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