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Best Product Demo Videos That Won the Customer’s Trust in 2022

Feb 17, 2022 3:58:36 AM

What drives the most sales? Is it innovation? Design? 

As important as those are, probably the most overlooked aspect which ensures sales and brand awareness is customer trust. 

The market for any brand has only gotten more competitive. With over 50,000 brands scrambling to get the ever-decreasing attention span of customers, it becomes a monumental task just to be memorable. And customers are more cynical towards companies with each passing day. 

If you want your business to grow, reach more customers and drive conversions, you need to give them a reason to trust your company and its vision first. You need to show them you understand their problems, and that you have the perfect solution for them. 

To pull this off, you need an animated product demo video, and I am going to tell you why. You will be able to engage your audience, win their trust, and grow your business further. Read on to learn how. 

Are you looking for inspiration to make your own video? Watch the very best the industry has to offer. 

What is a Product Demo Video?

A product demo video is a visual showcase of your product. It serves as a comprehensive guide on how your product works by literally showing its application to the viewer. You get to point out the nuanced features of your product, but without boring the audience.

Keep in mind that these videos are not commercials. With an average run-time of 2 minutes, these video is meant to help the audience understand your product. Once they do, they are more inclined to buy your product or service. A product demo video can function like a tutorial or a how-to video, answering technical questions before it can even arise in the mind of the viewer. 

Videos can either focus on just the product itself, or use an anecdote or story to show real-life applications of it. The priority of any product demo video is to first hook in an audience. After that, the video has to be engaging enough for the viewer to learn more as well as put their trust in your brand. 

Why Does Your Company Need Product Demo Videos? 

Customers don’t buy what they don’t understand, it is as simple as that. 

A recent Wyzowl study suggests that 69% of people prefer short product videos, with 84% of consumers claiming they were convinced to buy a product after watching a short video about it. After COVID-19, consumption of online videos has skyrocketed. And this is a marketing opportunity you do not want to miss. 

Want in on a secret? 

Most customers don’t know what they really want, as Steve Jobs of Apple famously used to say. And most give up and reconcile with living with a problem they could have fixed if they came across your company sooner.

With a video, you not only get to introduce your brand or service as a specific solution to a problem, you can bring attention to a problem itself. You win the trust of your customers if you understand their common pain-points, and go a step further to educate them about problems they might not be aware of. 

An efficient video drives sales and entertains, inspires, and reinforces the brand’s values and goals. You can attract potential customers, and reinforce brand loyalty amongst your customers. A good product demo video can generate hype and act as a launching point for a successful advertising campaign.

With creative direction, you can even make a video with no dialogue (or even text!) so that your brand can go truly global, educating potential customers worldwide. Your video can act as a short introduction to the unique personality of your brand. 

Why Choose Animated Product Demo Videos?

Now that you know what a product demo video is, the question you must ask yourself is, “What kind of video do I even need?”

Before we get into that, you must decide on what medium you want your video in. And this is why investing in an animated video is beneficial for your business in the long run.

Animation makes simplifying abstract concepts easier. This extends to complex mechanics and techniques your product might use. Iconographic imagery and visual cues can demonstrate to the audience an entire catalogue of features without the use of text if you prefer. 

Your customers have a short attention span. With the help of an engaging animated video, the audience can be so captivated and entertained, that they can forget they’re watching a video about your company.

All this for a fraction of the cost of live-action videos! Your company can stand out and be memorable with striking FX and art-style which brings out your brand’s unique personality. 

Types of Animated Demo Videos

Animated demo videos are incredibly versatile. You can probably make one for any kind of product or service and increase brand engagement (don’t tell Skynet about this).

Depending on your company, here are the types of video you can make for your product: 

Product Demo Videos 

As the name suggests, this kind of video is meant to show your product in action. This might sound straightforward, but the way you can show its application to its fullest potential depends on your creativity. 

A product demo video focuses on intricate details and explains them to the viewer in as little time as possible. Whether you use a scripted story or decide to put the product itself on the spotlight, your goals remain the same. 

You need to show your audience that you understand their pain points, and explain to them why they should trust you to solve it for them through the help of your product. 

In terms of animation, 2D and 3D animation suits this kind the best. You get to choose from styles like cartoon animation and motion graphics for 2D animation, and claymation and stop motion from 3D animation to make your video compelling and engaging. 

Think you need examples to help you visualize your product video? How about 9 of the best product demo video examples in the industry? Head here to see what you’re missing out on! 

Headspace is an app to help you with guided meditation and wellbeing. This video explains how easy and intuitive it is to use throughout your daily routine. Playful animation and a friendly voiceover complement the script with a mood that hints at how the viewer’s life could be improved if they gave this app a try. This is a pretty great example of how a well-done video can really break through to your audience!

Software Product Demo Videos

Obviously, unlike a product video, you cannot physically show your software product or service. Unless, of course, you want to show your audience the thousands of lines of code it takes to run your product. Which will serve as a powerful and effective cure for insomnia, we suppose… 

When it comes to software videos, this can be described as a how-to or a tutorial video. Usually these kinds of videos are best for you if you’re looking to make SaaS videos.

Animation styles like motion graphics, whiteboard animation or even Screen Capture, are all perfect to convey relevant information and tutorials. 

For app and website videos, they function the same as the software videos, as in they are meant to be how-to and tutorial videos as well.

They say “time is money”. And in the business world, that’s not just a metaphor. Efficient time management is critical to success, affecting everything from deadlines to innovation and more. That’s why Asana is especially relevant to your business. And this beautifully crafted animated video by Buck does a marvelous job of explaining how it works and what it can do for its users, regardless of company size or industry. 

How to Make an Effective Product Demo Videos

Here’s what you must remember when making your own:  

    1. Consider the Audience and the Demographic 

Obviously, appeasing your audience and customer base is your priority. You don’t have a company if you don’t have anyone to sell your products to!

Work with your team and find out the recent trends in consumer behavior, look for reviews and criticisms of your company and competitors, get an idea of what the masses want. Once you have a good grasp of what your customers really want and need, hold a brainstorming session. 

    2. Write a Competent Script 

Once you know your audience, write a script that is perfectly tailored for the product you’re selling. Decide on the mood and overall emotion your video will aim to convey. A good script sticks with the viewer if it can leave a lasting emotional mark. Humans are empathetic by nature, and evoking emotions is a great way to ensure they connect with the core message of your video. That said, don’t make it too melodramatic or hyperbolic! But if your video does not have a plot at all, it’s still a good idea to evoke positive emotions.

3. Don’t overstay your welcome

The more you can convey in fewer words, the better. Hiring a good narrator is also an important part of a software product demo video. The dialogue has to be done professionally if you want to hook in your audience. Make sure the explanations for your software and animated how-to videos are easy to understand and follow. 

Learn how to make production-ready scripts here!

   4. Develop a Storyboard 

Arrange a series of plot points by drawing single frames. These frames signify the critical events that your video must develop around. Without a proper plan like this, it is challenging to stay focused on a consistent theme. Work with your animators and storyboard writers so that your video doesn’t go all over the place. Use unique colors, logos or slogans to stand out and have people associate that with your brand.

   5. Sharing and Call to Action (CTA) 

After the viewer has finished watching your video, it is crucial to guide them in the following steps. Find out where your customer base is most active on social media. Promote your product with the platform in mind. Encourage them to share your video, and lead them to a landing page if they wish to purchase your product or service. An effective Call to Action (CTA) is as important as the product video itself. 

When Spotify launched, they needed a video that said it all. And quite fittingly, their animated launch video said nothing at all, leaving all the communication to a banging jazz soundtrack and bright visuals and text, quickly explaining what Spotify is and how it works. Sometimes less is more, and this animated video does everything it needs to, with surprisingly little.

Regardless of how prepared you are, you will most likely encounter some challenges. 

Best Product Demo Videos Examples

#5 Asana - “Meet Asana, your work manager. But better.” 

With a title that strong, Asana definitely has quite a lot to prove already. Fortunately, Asana is one of the best work management solutions out there. 

The animation in the video is of silhouette characters which are expressive and lively. By visualizing the avalanche of workload your teams can face on any given day, you already feel like Asana has understood your exact problem. Time wasted doing tasks that aren't actually work. 

The animation is synced perfectly with the narrator’s explanations so that you can understand how Asana functions, without actually seeing Asana in action! As someone who has never touched Asana, the video has made me confident enough to teach someone else on how to manage their tasks with it. 

To top all of this off, the video utilizes striking primary and secondary colors to keep viewers engaged. The style uses real life cut outs as well as other iconographic representations.

#4 Zendesk Sunshine - “Introducing Zendesk Sunshine”


Zendesk lets you know that it understands how customer relations is not as easy as it looks. But with their video they are here to tell you how this “chaos” is actually “cool”.

Zendesk Sunshine deals with managing customer data. In their 60 second video, they assure you that they understand the pain-point of customer data being overwhelming and all over the place. However, aside from showing their product as a solution, they give the viewer a new perspective on their situation. 

This causes the viewer to be excited for the future with this information, and will make this video even more memorable. 

The technical aspects of the video holds up on its own flawlessly. The video utilizes editing to its fullest potential with kaleidoscopic effects, and uses stop motion animation combined with live-action performance of hands in order to bring together the best of both worlds. 

#3 Duolingo - “Learn over 30+ languages”

The shortest video on the list does not mean Duolingo’s app demo video is lacking in any means. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

With contrasting blue and greens, Duolingo presents its short product demo video in order to help potential customers understand how their app works. Even if you have no idea what Duolingo was before this, it takes barely 30 seconds for you to understand how powerful it is.

The video uses Screen Capture and cartoon animation of its mascot to both show how to use the app, its features and rewards, and finally keep the video engaging! 

#2 ThermoFisher Scientific - “ID Nimbus Presto System”

A lesser thought industry product demo videos are crucial in, is healthcare. When thousands, possibly millions, of lives depend on this industry, trust becomes the most important attribute to win.

ThermoFisher chose us at Broadcast2world to talk about their revolutionary forensic sample processor, called the ID Nimbus Presto System. 

The video breaks down each component of this system in detail over a 3-minute video to not only talk about its features, but bring up how time-consuming and variable manual extraction of forensic can be. 

The video is a cartoon animation which details the entire process so that the viewers who are aware how this process works realize that this product would be a blessing for them. By showing each step in detail, the video wins trust by understanding the important factors that need to be considered when making a product like this. Additionally, this functions as a tutorial for operators that may have this system in place already. 

Despite being an animated video, the video visualizes exactly how the machine would look like when it functions. On the technical side of things, a dynamic animation style and an effective call-to-action (CTA) means that this encourages more engagement from the viewer. 

#1 Shopify - “Kite”

Taking a more clear-cut approach to how-to videos, this video by Shopify is a detailed guide on how a seller can optimize their experience using their interface. 

In 150 seconds, the video manages to explain how to use their website and what the benefits of their features and policies are. Nothing wins trust more than literally showing how one can navigate your product.

Using music and Screen Capture, the video wastes no time in assuring the viewer how easy and lucrative it is to use Shopify’s Kite Print.

Bonus: SurveyMonkey - “Introducing the new SurveyMonkey”


A less talked about characteristic of animated software product demo videos is music. And SurveyMonkey arrests your attention almost immediately with it’s punchy and catchy tunes. 

Compared to the other videos, the video for their improved service has no actual dialogue, and uses texts to convey information. However, the video does not get boring with dynamic animations to bring your focus on what is important.

Alongside showing the distinct features of SurveyMonkey, the video shows just how easy it can be to use the same features. More show, less tell. And the small touches in the introduction and ending few seconds will always be appreciated by those who have a keen sense of aesthetics. 


In an era of rapidly developing technology, it can get easy for your customers to feel overwhelmed and cynical. By forming human connections with trust and emotions, you can assure you grow your business, and help your customers fulfill their dreams. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the difference between Demo Videos and Commercials? 

Commercials differ mainly from Demo Videos in terms of purpose. Apart from length and budget, a commercial is primarily made to sell a product and nothing more. A demo video aims to educate, inform and bring light to pain points viewers might experience, with the intention of offering them a solution. Demo videos, live-action or animated, come in various styles that can be moulded to suit your needs. 

2. Is making Animated Product Demo Videos Expensive? 

In short, no.

Despite its rather laid-back and almost DIY approach to filmmaking, live-action videos can often go over the marketing budget. They need an entire crew, equipment, writers, actors, a location, and so on. These add up to a fortune. 

However, you can cut out a lot of these costs if you have a competent animation studio for hire. Animation costs relatively less than live-action film, with the added bonus that you can do the things you can only dream of doing with real life footage. Want a fantastical world that inhabits a color scheme you cannot possibly orchestrate in real life? Creating that world is a regular Tuesday for animation studios. 

With animation, you’re only limited by your imagination, not your budget.

3. Do I need an Animated Product Demo Video? 

You would be doing your product a disservice if you did not market it well enough. Commercials are slowly becoming the bane of everyone’s online enjoyment, with people who do not know a thing about technology installing ad-blockers for their devices!

For this reason, making product demo videos that do more than just sell something, is vital. You are guaranteed to have people talk about your brand if you manage to strike a chord with the viewer. In the best-case scenario, you get to entertain thousands of people while you grow your sales and give your existing customer base new reasons to reinforce their trust in your brand. 

Feeling like this might be impossible for you? Here at broadcast2world, we work with our clients every step of the way to ensure we get you the animated product video of your dreams. Nothing goes past you without your approval. Trust the world’s largest animated product video studio to help grow your brand today.


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