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How to Make Animated Videos: A Guide to Getting Started

Sep 20, 2021 12:22:49 AM

How to Make Animated Videos: 3 Options to Get Started

There’s a reason why many of the world’s leading brands now rely extensively on animation in their marketing campaigns. 

There’s a reason why some of the top YouTube channels publish only animated videos. 

And there’s a reason why you are searching for how to make animated videos.


Affordable Option, Greater Impact

Animation is a more affordable option in comparison to other video types and formats. 

In the same context, animated videos deliver excellent ROI. Especially if the content is thoughtful and relevant to the audience with elements of engaging storytelling, they can make a greater impact.

So, animation could be an ultimate fit whether you’re looking to improve your brand’s visibility and engagement or want to capture more leads and drive sales.

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Understanding the Basics of How to Make Animated Videos

There are many different types of animation. Some popular ones include 2D animation, 3D animation, stop motion animation, motion graphics, typography animation, infographics animation, and whiteboard animation. 

Each of these animation types has its techniques and styles, requiring different tools and infrastructure. Some are relatively easier to make than others. Similarly, some are more expensive to create than the rest, like stop motion animation, which involves manipulating real-world objects.

Depending on the type of animation, you will require a team of specialists. This may include motion graphic designer, character designer, visual effects artist, sound designer, illustrator, scriptwriter, creative director, lighting technical director, voice-over artist, and more. This is, of course, if you want to make animation in-house.


1. Build an In-House Team to Make Animated Videos

Some of the large companies go this route. They have an in-house team of professionals who specialize in creating animated videos. 

Pros and Cons

A big benefit of this is that the company exercises full control over the production and the quality of the outcome. This ensures the result is exceptional and fully customized to the company’s exact requirements. 

The downside to that is the higher expense. Building and maintaining an in-house animation team can be very costly. You will have a lot of people on the payroll. It will also require investment in hardware. This is something many companies can’t afford. 

If you think this is the right way for your business, you can start building an in-house team. 

The Next Step

The first step is to identify the kind of animation you will produce. Based on this, you can hire the right people. 

The first few people in the team would usually be creative directors and producers. They can then outline a growth and production plan, which would include talent and infrastructural requirements.


2. Make Animated Videos the DIY-Way

Pros and Cons

There are tons of tools and software out there that make creating animated videos simpler. Albeit with limited features, some of these tools are free. Even the premium ones with advanced features are affordable. This is one of its biggest advantages, which is highly appealing to SMBs and startups. 

The DIY animation-makers also come with many ready-to-use templates that can be easily customized. So, you can make interesting animated videos in a short span of time. 

That said, going the DIY-way comes with its own set of disadvantages. For one, you’re restricted in terms of the type of animation you can create. For instance, while you will be able to create typography and whiteboard animation easily with these tools, 3D animation would pose quite a challenge. 

Similarly, even though these tools offer good features, they may fall short in helping you create the exact animation you want. As a result, the final animated video may not map to your expectations.

If you think do-it-yourself is a fitting option for your business, you can start by finding a good animation tool or software.

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The Next Step

Start by figuring out what kind of animation you want to create. Based on that, pick a good tool that offers sufficient features and customization options. Next, pick templates and play around with different features; spend some time learning how to use the tool. In the beginning, creating even a three-minute video can take hours, if not days. But as you get used to the process, things will become simpler in the following weeks and months.

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3. Hire Video Animation Company

This is another way how to make animated videos for YouTube or other platforms. Instead of building an in-house team or using do-it-yourself tools, you can outsource video animation services. 

Pros and Cons

There are plenty of benefits of working with a video animation company. The professional animated video services providers use advanced tools and have state-of-the-art infrastructure. This enables them to deliver superior quality videos that are perfectly tuned to your needs and expectations. From beautiful visuals to engaging storylines, their animated marketing video can ace in every aspect, ensuring optimum ROI for you. 

That said, a possible disadvantage of outsourcing video animation services is its cost. It can be more expensive than DIY tools. (However, in comparison to having an in-house team, it’s still highly affordable.) Also, finding a good video animation company can be an early obstacle for many business owners.

If you think this is the option for your business, get in touch with a good company.

Next Step

First, determine the types of animated videos you want. Accordingly, look for an animated video services provider that specializes in those “types”. Make sure they have extensive experience of working with businesses like yours. 

Check out their portfolio. Ask them relevant questions, especially about their pricing and revision policy. Get to know more about them and their process before making the hiring decision.

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Which Option is Better For You?

The above-mentioned are the three possible answers to how to make animated videos. Which option is better for you depends on several factors, like how many animated videos you need, your budget, and more. 

For instance:

  • If you’re financially crunched, do-it-yourself tools and software are a good option. (But if you don’t have technical adeptness, using animation software can be highly inconvenient and time-consuming.)
  • If the quality of the video is your top priority, animated video services can provide you great results. 
  • If you need a large number of animated videos on a long-term basis, you can build an in-house team post-cost-benefit analysis.

So, you will have to consider various factors before making the decision.

In all, however, there are two things you must keep in mind:

  1. Never compromise on quality- All the benefits of animation are possible only when the quality is maintained. Poor-quality animated videos not only deliver poor conversion and sales but also put a huge dent on the brand’s identity, thus leaving a lasting negative impact. So, whichever way you want to make animated videos, make sure the end result adheres to the highest standards in terms of quality and value.

  2. The return on investment- You’re running a business that needs income. The focus should always be on ROI. If your animated videos aren’t delivering optimum returns, you will have to find a different way. For example, if videos made using DIY tools aren’t driving the expected conversion, maybe you should hire freelancers. If you’ve built a small in-house team, but the revenue doesn’t match the expense you’re incurring, you need to steer in a new direction. Always aim to optimize ROI!


Final Words

There’s no one answer for how to make animated videos. Instead, the answer varies from one company to another.

In this quick guide, we outlined the broad options you have. 

Take your time to make a sound decision. In the end, all you want are high-quality animated videos that fulfill sales and marketing objectives and deliver your business financial returns.

If you want to read more on animation and marketing, check out our blog here.

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