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How to use our corporate video animation services effectively to grow your business?

Our company produces seven types of animated corporate videos across the customer lifecycle to grow your business. We specialize in both 2d animation services and 3d animation services. These videos are used to attract, convert, close and delight your customers respectively.

  • Animated Branded Videos: You can use our video animation services to produce branded content for improving your brand awareness by educating and entertaining the audience without any direct reference to your offerings. This empowers the audience, increases the engagement, and makes them curious about your brand, driving the quality of traffic, and conversions up. These type of corporate animation videos have the highest probability to go viral since people tend to share them aggressively.
  • Animated Commercial Videos: This type of animated promotional video production is used to create brand awareness and recall mostly through the social media platforms. But these are comparatively shorter in duration and specific to company offerings unlike branded video content. They are also known as 30 seconds explainer videos and are extensively used to drive referral traffic to your landing pages. 
  • Animated Product Videos: These type of animated corporate videos, as the name suggests, are used to explain products or services to the target audience. These videos are used on landing pages to increase your conversion rates. They are also known as 90 second explainer videos since they tend to be on the longer side compared to commercial videos.
  • Animated Company Videos: You can use our video animation services to produce company videos and communicate with your target audience in an emotional way. Companies videos can be effectively used to tell the employees and prospective customers about the story, vision and mission, policies and even events. These videos help them build an emotional connection with the audience. 
  • Animated Customer Testimonials: You can use our video animation services to establish social proof for your company which makes your audience trust you more. It improves the likelihood of your audience making the purchase with your company. Our video animation company specializes in making customer testimonial and case study videos that build trust.
  • Animated Demo & Training Videos: Still using training manuals to support your employees and customers? Switch to animated videos. These type of animated corporate videos can get your customers up and running with your products and services in no time. You can use our video animation services to produce training videos for increasing employee efficiency and engagement. Animated demo and training videos are a great way to delight your customers & employees for increasing their retention rates. 
  • Animated Internal Videos: Our video animation services can be used for a range of internal communication purposes ranging from recruitment, onboarding, to updating shareholders with the latest numbers. Corporate animation videos can help you increase the transparency with your employees. Delight your customers to increase their retention multiple folds with our specialized animated video production services for support.

What are the different styles of animated video production services?

  • Whiteboard Video Animation Services: These type of 2d animation services work great for educational videos and it is extensively used by b2b companies for brand awareness. B2C brands use this animation style extensively for internal communication and employee training. Whiteboard animation is the most affordable form of animated video production. 
  • Cartoon Video Animation Services: There are times when you need the subject of the video to be a human representing your target audience. This type of animated video production is great for explaining your product or service with a human touch. B2C brands especially with a mascot use this kind of animated video production for their cartoon commercial videos. 
  • Motion Graphics Services: This type of animated video production is best suited for representing abstract concepts, business ideas or factual data in a simple yet engaging manner. Animated Infographic videos are extensively used for explaining complex products and is the most minimalistic form of 2d animated services. 
  • Mixed Media Video Animation Services: When you want your video to stand out from the clutter and be more relatable for the audience, our mixed media video animation services can help. In this art style, we mix live-action images or videos with animated overlays. They are extensively used in demand generation using product explainer videos but can work across almost all stages of your customer’s life cycle. In our experience of more than a decade as a 2d animation services agency, we've noticed that this style of  animated corporate videos are best suited for healthcare, consumer goods and real estate industry.

What is the cost, process and timelines for our corporate video animation services?

The cost of our 2d animation services varies from $3000 to $9000 and similarly 3d animation services varies from $8000 to $25,000. There are majorly four steps involved in our animation services process:

  • Writing a Script: The first task that needs to be done for your animated video production services is to write an awesome script. It is one of the most crucial steps in the process since it builds the foundation your video would build on. Clueless about how you would go about writing the script? Read our blog to learn how to make a script for your video! This step is normally taken care of by the story lead (scriptwriter) and is overseen by the creative director concept artist (creative director).
  • Making the Storyboard: Once you have the script ready, you would need to work on making a storyboard. Our animation company specializes in storyboarding for animated corporate videos which is like a blueprint and acts as a representation of what the video would entail. It is made of black and white sketches organized in the sequence in which the scenes would appear in the video. The creative director is responsible for this step. This is the most important stage of our entire video animation services process, it's important for you as a client to be extremely proactive at this stage.
  • Creating the Graphics: Now that you know what every scene sketched on papers, it is time for you to go ahead and create the graphics accordingly. But before we do that we give you theme options along with the storyboard to choose your visual style and accordingly we take the next steps. It is in this phase of animated video production that various elements such as colors, fonts, focus elements are decided. This step is taken care of by the art director. The creative director works closely with him to ensure that everything goes according to the concept.


  • Animating Everything with Voiceover: With the visuals done, you can now work on your animation video production down to perfection. While you’re at it, insert the background music and composite all of it. If the video requires a voice-over, that too is added in this stage. This task is done by the animation director with the creative director ensuring that the video remains true to the concept that was approved by the client.

It generally takes around 4-6 weeks for our video animation company to complete the entire production process but there are some factors which might impact the same drastically. There are four different factors which affect the cost and delivery of our video animation services. The most important factor is your video animation technique, then complexity of your content, followed by duration of your video and finally the feedback time. 


Which industries are served by our animated video production company?

Our video animation services are completely in house, vertically integrated and have teams specialised for various industries listed below. We have been serving these industries for almost a decade now from our production office in India. We understand the animated video production services nuances and success factors for the industries as mentioned here.

  • Healthcare 
  • Finance & Banking
  • Technology (SaaS Explainer Videos)
  • Insurance 
  • Non-profit 

What are the good practices are followed by best 2d animation services companies?

As per our 10+ years of video animation services experience we recommend to increase the duration as you go down the funnel. Top of the funnel videos like commercial videos start around 30-60 seconds and bottom of the funnel like demo or training videos can go upto 3-5 minutes as well. As clients get more serious to use your services, they are willing to spend more time.

  • Write a script that keeps your audience hooked while explaining everything well. Even the best graphics and animation can't save you if you have a weak story. You need your message to come out clearly using the storytelling format. If the audience has to think a lot to understand what you intended to say with the video, it wouldn’t perform well. Need help with writing a good script? Learn how to create a killer animated video script with this blog from our awesome video animation company!
  • Use a professional voice-over artist to record the audio for your animated business videos. A good way to know that you have the right voice-over artist is to how well his voice fits your video emotions. In a happy video, a sad sounding voice-over doesn’t fit in well. You need to make sure that the voice-over is in sync with the video. It should portray the same emotions your concept does. Our video animation company has a pool of professional voiceover artists across different languages and accents.
  • Entertain while educating your audience. Purely educational video content is difficult to consume and the audience might find it repulsive. We as a animated video production company believe in the concept of edutainment.
  • Don’t use cut-shots while moving from one scene to the other in your animated corporate videos. Instead, use innovate transitions to keep your audience engaged.
  • The music you use sets up the tone of the animated business videos. Make sure that you give the right signals with your video music. The background music and sound effects should convey the same emotions your video concept does.
  • Get rid of the fluff and use minimalist visuals in your animated corporate videos. These are more impactful and are easy on the eyes.

How to choose the best video animation services company for your business?

  • While choosing your animated video production company the first thing you should focus on is the quality of video animation produced by the company in the past. You could check their attention to detail in terms of music, transitions, the visuals etc. Check if they are following basic principles of animation and color theory as the first step.
  • Keep an eye out for how that video animation company communicates with you. Notice how promptly the company responds and how clear the communication is from their end. Are they transparent about everything? Did you get all answers? Notice everything. It is very similar when you are hiring a new candidate for your company.


  • Make sure that the corporate animation services pricing is within your budget and can be developed within the time-frame you need it made.
  • Check how experienced the 2d animation services agency is in your industry and the animation style you want for your video. Their portfolio should be a good place to start.
  • Make sure that you’re comfortable outsourcing the task to an offshore  2d animation services company for lower pricing. If you’re used to working with local businesses for your videos, it is best to find someone locally instead of outsourcing it.
  • No association has ever been successful when the values of the partners don’t resonate. Make sure that the animated video production company you wish to go for holds the same values as you do. 

When to use live-action vs video animation services for your company?

Our video animation company believes to every live-action there is equal and opposite animation. The idea is to stand out from your competitors and also focussing on video objectives for your selection.

  • Live-action videos are a no-brainer when you’re looking forward to getting a celebrity or influencer onboard to feature in your video. Animated corporate videos, on the other hand, can be used in almost every other situation.
  • For IT-related products, going for video animation services is a no-brainer. While you could still use live-action for your saas explainer videos, animation can represent it better.

  • For physical products, you can go the mixed media 2d animation services way and combine live-action footage with animation to keep things real while transcending physical boundaries.
  • When you wish to communicate with someone with the help of human emotions, the same way you would in person, live-action videos are the perfect choice.
  • When you need to explain complex educational topics in an engaging manner, you could either go for pure animated videos or mixed media 2d animation services. Infographic videos have historically worked well for representing business ideas, abstract concepts, or factual data.
  • Live-action videos are expensive. At the cost of making a basic live-action video, you can make a great animated corporate video with perfection. 




What factors affect the pricing of our corporate video animation services?

  • Animation Technique: The most important factor is your combination of animation style and technique, any style can be done using 2D, 2.5D and 3D animation technique. The cost of an animation video production is directly proportional to the man hours which is dependent on the animation technique and style you choose for your video.
  • Video Duration: The duration has a direct impact on the animated video production cost. It is not directly proportional though, as the duration of the video increases there is high probability of asset reutilisation and better efficiency. That is the reason when customers come to us for video series we give them discounts from our savings.
  • Feedback Time: Your response time can also have an impact on the cost by almost 30% from your video animation company. We have seen clients from big companies take more time to respond to our updates because of their decision making hierarchy, which makes our process inefficient and cost goes up by almost 30%.
  • Delivery Time: On an average it takes around 4-6 weeks to complete a 60 seconds animated video production. For expedite delivery extra resources have to be pulled in which makes the process inefficient and also there is a loss of opportunity to earn more. It can impact the cost by 50-100% sometimes.
  • Video Topic: Complex topics require more research and ground work increasing the time in pre-production for the video animation company where the resources are more expensive and thus the cost of such animated corporate videos goes up.

How McAfee used our video animation services to rebrand and showcase solutions?

The Problem:

McAfee is largely perceived as an antivirus company. However, the company does a lot more than that—it offers a complete cybersecurity portfolio. Moreover, the company wanted to show how its products, services, and open ecosystem help employees and organizations beyond antiviruses. The company wanted to change the perception that people had by showcasing the innovation it is bringing to the table. They needed an animated video production company to help them rebrand themselves.


The Solution

For the first video they used our infographic video animation services, they had a very technical and long script. We made a video for that keeping their guidelines in mind. However, they soon realized that it would be better if they used a more ‘in’ approach for making videos. Scratching that video, they came to us for another one. We made a video for them which used a minimalist art style coupled with a voice over complimenting it just right. We made the video in such a way that it makes the company look very young—and different from what people perceive it to be. It further changes their perception by talking about the company’s products in-depth, letting them know that it has much more than antiviruses to offer.

How Epicor used our video animation services for demand generation?

The Problem:

Epicor is a big brand and small businesses sometimes refrained from using their software as they were unaware of Epicor’s offerings. So the company wanted to explain their products and services to a universal audience. Getting such small businesses on board was one of the challenges the company was facing. Another problem was to figure out a way to show complex and technical information in an easy to understand manner. It was for these problems that the company was looking for 2d animation services.


The Solution:

Being a global company, the client had an extensive style guide which was quite a challenge for the team starting out. The bigger challenge was to extend the whiteboard video animation services which has a universal appeal to a more Epicor-centric style that was more complex than what whiteboards typically are. We also had to think about the continuity of these whiteboard videos to different use cases in the future so we had to come up with elements that could be extended to multiple use cases.

Why choose our video animation services company?

Measuring Success

Transparent Pricing

We believe in building trust with transparency. Based on our experience we have designed different video packages based on our various 2d animation services respectively.

Cost & Duration

Short Turnaround Time

We value your time, so we have structured our process online, and we assign you with a dedicated team of artists. This helps us deliver your animated videos quickly.


Hand-drawn to Perfection

We believe that art cannot—and should not—be manufactured. So we ensure that every video is hand-drawn compared to other video animation company online. This helps you stand out & win.

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