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Handcrafted Animated Video Production=Tell Great Business Stories

Every business deserves to be a great success story. We believe it's only when you tell great stories you become one! We handcraft every animated video for your business so that you can tell great stories for all your marketing communication needs. Let us see six of the best use cases and video solutions.


Animated Social Media Video Production!

These animated videos are used to enhance brand awareness by educating and entertaining the audience. No direct reference is made to your brand in these videos—thus empowering the audience and increasing the shareability. Sharing means more brand awareness and referral traffic for your website which means better marketing ROI.

Commercial Animated Video production Services

These animated videos are effectively used to create brand recall on the social media and other platforms. They are extensively used by b2c brands to drive referral traffic to the landing pages. These videos are generally designed around brand mascots leaving a story gap that gets completed on the landing pages.

Animated Explainer Video Production Services

These animated videos, as the name suggests, are used to explain complex products & services on your landing pages.The story here generally follows the hero's journey format that is centered around a character which matches your target customer persona. These videos help you build trust and increase your landing page conversions.


Corporate Animated Video Production Services

These animated videos are used by companies to communicate with employees and prospective customers about their story, vision, values etc. Sometimes companies are also extensively involved in CSR activities, and they tend to make videos around the causes they support as part of their initiatives. These videos help them show authority to their employees and customers.

Pricing & Process for our 2D Animation Services

Our prices range between USD 4000 - 8000 for 60 seconds animated video production. The factors which might affect the pricing are the animation style, video duration, timelines, content complexity and feedback time. Please visit this link to learn about our process. Here are some interesting applications to give you more insight about pricing.

Basic 2D Animation Services for Video Series

This educational video series focuses on the importance of the park for community engagement and lists the things to be kept in mind while planning for park improvement project. It was a series of 5 animated videos with budget of USD 20,000 and strict deadline of two months. Keeping these factors in mind we recommended our basic 2d cartoon animation and focussed on the reusability.

Basic Animated Videos for Social Media Engagement

Hub International a b2b insurance company wanted to convert their best monthly blog into an animated video for engagement on social media. It was a series of 12 animated videos with budget of USD 36,000. Keeping the budget and brand awareness objective through education in mind we recommended our basic infographic videos.

Premium Animated Video Production for McAfee

When McAfee came to us they were planning for rebranding globally. They wanted a series of animated videos for establishing themselves as a cutting edge cyber security company. We A/B tested various visual styles to finally select one. Here we produced premium infographics animation of 3 minutes at the budget of USD 10,000 approx.

Basic Mixed Media Video Animation Services

FactSpread is a non-profit organisation with the mission to improve the functioning of democracy by exposing informationally disadvantaged people to information about public policy-related topics. Here we handcrafted a series of six 30 seconds mixed media animation videos to enhance brand awareness for the budget of USD 18,000 approx.

Premium Mixed Media Video Animation Services

Prime Child Care is a cloud based childcare management software. It's a competitive market and they wanted to stand out with an explainer video that can enhance their branding. Here we handcrafted a premium mixed media animation video to increase perceived value of their brand and landing page conversions for the budget of USD 15,000 approx.

Premium Explainer Video Animation Services 

The story of this explainer video builds trust by showing empathy and demonstrates authority to gain respect using testimonial voiceover approach. The budget of this video was limited to USD 6,000 approx. but our client who was a financial services company gave us complete creative freedom. Here we used premium 2d cartoon animation.

Our Video Animation Company=Perfect Partner 

Measuring Success

Transparent Pricing

We believe in building trust with transparency. We give you a customized proposal with fixed and all inclusive pricing options!

Cost & Duration

Short Turnaround Time

We have a very structured online process, and vertically integrated inhouse team of artists to give you the fastest video delivery.


Handcrafted with Love

We believe that art cannot—and should not—be manufactured. So we ensure that every video is handcrafted to help you win.

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Ronda J. Williams
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Jessica Hodell
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