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12 Best Cartoon Explainer Videos To Watch and Learn From in 2022

Dec 27, 2021 12:02:23 AM

If you're in a hurry, feel free to check out this video for the best cartoon explainer videos to look for:-


12 Best Cartoon Videos to Watch in 2022

Let’s get down to brass tacks and enjoy some of our personal favorites!

#12 Community Futures

This video by Community Futures is a great example of how you can make your cartoon explainer video more relatable. By all means, we're not trying to take attention from the masterful script and its amazing execution. All we're trying to say is that the characters allow you to put yourself in their shoes and really connect with the message. 

#11 Riz Carlton


This video by Ritz-Carlton is a great example of how you can use cartoon animation in your brand videos. The industry they work in revolves around humans. That reason alone is more than enough for the company to have a human touch in their videos. But even if you don't consider that, the message is one that is definitely empowered by the characters.

#10 Hug it out

This animated cartoon video is a great example of how social media videos should be. It has all the ingredients needed to make a video viral. It is catchy, share-worthy, and it has an important message. If your business wants to generate brand awareness, a video such as this one would be great for you! Why cartoon animation for this, you ask? Because of the emotional connect it brings to the table. You need that if you're telling a message like this one.

#9 Dropbox

This video by Dropbox is a great example of how cartoon animation can simplify your story—even if you have a SaaS product. While the humor certainly helped in holding your attention, the visuals took the leadstage.

#8 Elysium Health

This cartoon explainer video by Elysium Health does a great job at bringing the human side of the business forward. It does not talk about the procedures, or the costs involved. All it does is portray the company as welcoming and its services valuable.

#7 Rich your moon

This video by Rich Your Moon shows how finance doesn't always have to be the mysterious, complex industry it is. Sometimes, it is okay to have a simple message that everybody understands.


This video by shows how even the most complex concepts can be made easily understandable with cartoon animation videos. Sure, you could use whitepapers to explain everything but to get them to read whitepapers, you need to rope them in. And that is what these videos help you do.

#5 Erie Insurance

A fantastic, well-scripted cartoon explainer video for Erie. Notice how the art style, while still being somewhat light and cartoony, doesn’t distract from the stories, mood and overall message. 

We also must point out how effective this video is because it utilizes the power of storytelling through first-person testimonials. It’s immediately arresting and gripping, and feels personal, like an old friend telling you about an important moment in their life. 

The reason this works so well is because, aside from being compelling and emotional, it humanizes the brand, and builds a sense of trust with the viewer that lasts long after they’ve watched it.

#4 IBM Supply Chain


“Using AI and blockchain to improve supply-chain logistics.” Just reading that sentence probably baffled, confused and/or bored you. And that’s even assuming you understand this complex world. 

This cartoon explainer video is another great example of how a well-written script and concept, paired with visually stunning animation, can make even the most dense and complex topics accessible and interesting.

#3 Credit Karma

Credit Karma is a service that helps people fix bad credit scores. It’s a topic that is both complex and somewhat embarrassing for many.

So this cartoon explainer video used the tried-and-tested testimonial. A customer talks frankly and honestly about his journey through bad credit, being relatable and sympathetic. This establishes the personal, human side of this service, helping real ordinary people. 

#2 Facebook Community Standards

One of the great things about animation is how you can illustrate ideas and concepts in innovative ways-- for example, Facebook’s reporting system for offensive content, depicted as people walking through a park on a nice day. Rather than going into technical details and tediously listing features, the video uses a simple analogy to explain how their community standards keeps users safe and happy, working unseen and behind the scenes. 

#1 Sendgrid

Here’s another great example of cartoon animation for explaining complex topics in a way that not only grabs and holds the viewer’s attention, it makes the experience enjoyable and fun. 

Sendgrid streamlines and simplifies your email workflow, helping you focus on what’s most important. If you look close, you’ll notice that the visuals and elements in this slick video help to emphasize and reinforce this message, complementing the script perfectly.

The end result is a pleasing and memorable impact that really lasts in the minds of the audience for a long time afterward. Is it the clever, relatable script? Is it the lush, colorful visuals? It’s both together, and the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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That’s the power of storytelling, especially when combined with imaginative animation. It’s hard to overstate how powerful this formula is, when done right. 

No wonder, then, that companies of all sizes in just about every industry, are incorporating animated video and storytelling into their marketing strategy.  

What about you? Are you still on the fence about animated storytelling? Not sure how to get started? Drop us a line today and let’s chat about the possibilities that await you and your business!


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