Why are cartoon marketing videos relatable and how to use it?

Dec 28, 2021 4:01:16 AM

What is the need to be relatable?

Have you ever been given parenting advice from someone who has never had kids? Annoying, isn’t it?

It’s hard to take someone seriously when they clearly don’t really understand your situation or perspective. It’s a pretty universal thing that applies nearly everywhere. 

Conversely, when you feel as though someone really understands your world, you pay attention and listen to what they have to say.

Communication is a two-way street. If you have a message to shout to the world, then your audience must first feel that you’re listening to them too, that at the very least, you understand and empathize with them.


How do cartoon marketing videos help?

Just about all of us grew up watching cartoons as kids. There’s just something so catchy and fun about that vivid and colorful world, rife with imagination and creativity. 

But clearly, animated cartoons are no longer merely “just for kids.” It seems there are genres and styles for every demographic and age group-- everything from comedy to romance to horror. It’s a medium that is at least as diverse as anything you would find in cinema. 

This universal appeal is an underrated and understated power that we’re only beginning to really tap into. 

Tips to make effective cartoon marketing videos

The secret to creating an effective cartoon animated video is that there is no secret! You use the same rules of storytelling as with all other visual forms.

It’s deceptively simple:

1. Know your audience. 

Who you are speaking to is just as important as what you’re trying to say and how to say it. Understand your customer base. What are their pain points that you will solve? Are you speaking their language and really understanding their world? Market research is key.

2. Tell a compelling story

What this means is: the best way to communicate your product and grow your brand isn’t to narrate a long list of features and technical specifications about your products.

It’s by telling your story. Check out several of our blog posts where we cover this in a lot more detail!

3. Team up with a good animation company

You don’t need to take a crash course in animation and scriptwriting to get your story out there. All you need to do is find a skilled and experienced team to work with.

A good company will take the time to really understand your company, your product and your audience; and they will work with you closely, make suggestions and give you plenty of options, and finally craft the perfect cartoon animated video just for your needs. 

Check out the 12 best cartoon explainer videos here!


There you have it. Cartoon animation is a fascinating and ever-growing field, of which we’re only starting to realize the full potential. This blog covers the basics but there’s tons more to learn. To find out more, feel free to check out our blog archive, or drop us a line today with any questions.

What do you think? Do you agree with our list? Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments below!



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