Best Product Launch Videos That Inspire & Skyrocketed Sales!

Nov 30, 2021 11:51:25 PM

Videos are undoubtedly the best way to convey your message. Whether it is a new feature in an existing product or a whole new product, videos get the job done.

However, live-action videos that include actors and sets may not necessarily be a fitting option for every business owing to their expense and inflexibility.

This is where animated videos come into the picture. There is no end to what you can do with animated videos.

They are flexible, versatile, affordable, and the best way to explain complex features. 

  1. 4 Reasons Why Animated Product Launch Videos Work
    1. More Appealing and Attention-Grabbing
    2. Simplifies Features/Concepts
    3. Cost-Effective
    4. Time-Saving
  2. 6 Tips to Use Animated Videos for Effective Product Launch
    1. Tell The Story Behind The Product
    2. Show and Not Just Tell
    3. Use Explainer Videos to Explain The Products
    4. Create Videos for Individual Target Segments
    5. Add "Key" Element to Your Product Launch Videos
    6. Team Up With a Good Animated Video Production Company

4 Reasons Why Animated Product Launch Videos Work

Let’s learn why animation works and is one of the best product launch ideas

1. Psychologically More Appealing and Attention-Grabbing

You must have watched animated cartoons like Scooby-Doo, The Flintstones, Oswald, or Bob the Builder when you were a kid.

And did you not find them captivating, appealing, and attention-grabbing?

Of course, you did. It’s because our brain processes visual content up to 60,000 faster than text.

And animated videos just make it more fun and attention-grabbing.

So, adding animation to these videos will keep your customers from looking away.

The animation will compel them to glue their eyes on your animation and thus the product.

2. Simplifies Features/Concepts

Now how can you explain a concept as complex as the coronavirus or earthquake to kids?

You can not use textbooks or images as they won’t be effective.

So, that leaves us with animated videos.

Here are some animated videos that explain complex concepts in a simple way:

Coronavirus explainer video:


Earthquake explainer video:


Now, if the animation can help kids learn such complex concepts, product launch animation videos will certainly help your audience learn about your product.

Whether it’s a new product or a feature, animation makes it easy to understand.

Here are some brands using video animation services for explaining new/complex features:

Logitech: Explaining how the Right sense technology makes better video meetings better.

Explaining how the Google Search reacts to specific situations


A good product is useless if people don’t know what problems it solves.

However, with product videos, you can explain better, convert better and sell better.

Check out the best-animated product video examples here!

3. Cost-Effective 

41% of the total marketers never use videos because of budget issues, research says.

After all, hiring actors, renting high-tech cameras, studios can be a budget breaker.

However, with video animation services, you can get the job done affordably.

All you need is a monthly subscription or one-time plan from a reliable (and affordable) animated video services provider

4. Time-Saving

You need not invest too much time into new product launch videos.

All you have to do is hire a reliable 3D product animation services provider.

The concerned provider will get the job done for you within days.

Meanwhile, you can focus more on bringing in more business.

6 Tips to use Animated videos for Effective Product Launch

Here are some tips you can use for making the most of animated product launch videos:

1. Tell the story behind the product

We’re all intrigued, engaged, and attracted to an interesting story. Aren’t we?

So, why not engage your customers with a story about your product?

By telling a story via animated product demo videos, you can glue your viewers to your product.

They’ll be emotionally connected with your product and might end up buying it.

2. Show and not just tell

Let’s say Nike announces a new pair of shoes that offers “immense comfort for your feet”.

Now, the previous sentence told you about a new product.

It conveyed a feature but was it captivating, or were you convinced? Probably not.

It’s because you were told about the product and not shown.

This is where you can leverage videos. Instead of telling, you can show your customers what your product can do.

You can show how it benefits them. And this will significantly help you with your product launch.

3. Use explainer videos to explain the product

Similar to explaining features, you can use a product launch animation video to explain your product.

And not just that... You can create tutorial videos to walk your potential customers through.

Your videos should answer the below questions:

  •       What is your product all about?
  •       What are its uses?
  •       Where can one use it?
  •       Who can make the most of your product?
  •       How can your product help your customer?

If your customers understand your product better, they're likely to make a purchase.

So, use explainer product launch videos, educate your customers and make more sales.

4. Create videos for individual target segments

Sometimes, you need to target an audience in a particular segment.

Let’s say you’re selling calcium supplements in Canada.

Now, you need to ensure that your content is apt for Canadian women or men suffering from calcium deficiency.

How would you do that? With animated product launch videos

You can target any particular segment that fits right for your product with animation. This will help you bring quality leads that will convert.

5. Add the “key” elements to your product launch animation video

Those “key” elements include:

a. Data/statistics

You can add data to your video regarding the problem it solves.

You can show how your product helped achieve particular results. 

It will help you improve the credibility of your product.

And as people will think your product works, they’ll be more likely to buy.

b. Humor 

Everyone likes a laugh every now and then.

So, add a humor element to your video.

It will engage users and will show your product in a positive light.

c. Personalization

Add a personal element to your video which resonates with your audience.

Your target audience will find this appealing and will automatically link the product to their life. 

d. Call to Action

What’s the purpose of making a product launch animation video?

Well, you know that but do your customers know?

Probably not.

So, add a call to action, maybe a button or link that takes them to the product page.

This way, viewers will know what to do.

e. Place videos where visitors can see

The right placement of product launch videos is quite important. You cannot just embed them anywhere and expect results.

Here are some places where you can embed animated new product launch videos for good:

  •       Sales pages
  •       Landing or lead generation pages
  •       Social media channels
  •       Email newsletters
  •       Facebook/Google Ads

However, make sure to contextualize the product launch animation video according to the distribution channel.

This will ensure quality leads.

Video animation has a lot of power.

All you need to know is how to harness it.

Fortunately, you can do that by keeping each of the above pointers in mind.

6. Team up with a good animated video production company

Here’s why teaming up with a reliable animation video production company is of utmost importance:

1. Professional Skill-set at your disposal  

Animation companies have experienced specialists working for them.

They’ve spent years in the industry.

And you can, by hiring them, use their experience in your favor.

2. Quick and time-saving

Video animation companies know how to work under strict schedules without messing with the quality.

So, you can invest your crucial time somewhere else while the company takes care of the video.

3. Competitive advantage 

Animation professionals are exceptionally good at what they do.

And this will help you create videos better than your competitors and hold a competitive advantage.

4. Deep industry insights

Animation experts know the dos and don’ts of the marketing industry.

So, they won’t let your product launch animation video go astray.

Instead, they’ll help you achieve the best possible results with a guarantee.

You can enjoy the above benefits with us by your side.

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Animated product launch videos can work wonders if done right.

However, you need to consider everything from the audience and your message to your competitor and USPs.

Even then, to ensure success, you need to hire a reliable video animation production company.

Although it may seem quite a task, it’s completely worth the effort.

Many top B2B and B2C brands have launched successful products with animated videos.

And you can too. So, get started now!

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