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What are corporate videos?

Corporate videos are short marketing videos used to connect with your audience on an emotional level. Stories sell. A company without a corporate video is like playing golf without a ball! And, it’s never too late to narrate the story around your journey, values, team, vision etc. Corporate videos help you create a bond of trust with your audience which goes a long way. The video objective here is to connect with your people and build trust. The animation styles recommended for corporate videos are more advanced like mixed media animation and character animation.

When and how to use corporate videos effectively?

Corporate videos are great for generating a rapport with your connections in the middle of the funnel helping your leads make decision in your favor. Once you have a strong customer and employee base, you can also use corporate videos for strengthening your bonds with them. It helps to create a strong brand recall to increase customer lifecycle and value. So, in a nutshell, corporate videos are effective for demand generation and retention.


What are some characteristics of great corporate videos?

  • Less than 2 minutes
  • Emotional
  • Not salesy or self-promotional
  • Genuine
  • Authentic
  • Engaging Transitions

What Are The Key Numbers For Animated Corporate Videos?

Measuring Success

How to Measure Success?

The measure of success for these videos is the amount of engagement rate received on your landing page. You can keep a check on the conversion rate of your landing page. Tracking engagement on a regular basis is important for measuring your success accurately.

Cost & Duration

Cost & Duration

The average cost of an animated corporate video is $6000 for 60 seconds with $1800 for additional 30 seconds. However, for a corporate video series of 5 videos, the cost would be $27,000, and that of 10 videos would be $51,000.



On average, a corporate video takes 5 weeks to produce but it might vary based on your feedback time and number of revisions. But if you’re looking to get a corporate video series made, after the first video is made it takes around 3 weeks for subsequent episodes.

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