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What are corporate videos? How can our corporate video production services make you grow fast?

Corporate videos are short marketing videos used to connect with your audience on an emotional level. Corporate videos are also used for internal communication and training purposes. Stories sell. A company without a corporate video is like playing golf without a ball! And, it’s never too late to get an explainer video company on-board to narrate the story around your journey, values, team, vision etc.

Animated corporate videos help you create a bond of trust with your audience which goes a long way. The video objective here is to connect with your people and build trust. Our corporate video production services are used for three types of animated business videos:

  • Brand Story Videos: These type of animated corporate videos are used to communicate with the audience in a emotional way. Companies use these videos to tell their employees and prospective customers about their story, vision and mission, policies and even events. These videos help them build an emotional connection with the audience.
  • Demo & Training Videos: Still using training manuals to support your employees and customers? Switch to animated corporate videos. These videos can get your customers up and running with your products and services in no time. Training videos help increase employee efficiency and engagement. Demo corporate videos are a great way to delight your customers and increase the retention rates. 
  • Internal Communication Videos: Our corporate video services are used for a range of internal communication purposes ranging from recruitment, onboarding, to updating shareholders with the latest numbers. They can help you increase the transparency with your employees while getting rid of the fluff in the information you’re communicating. Delight your customers & employees to increase their retention multiple folds with our specialized corporate video production services for support.

What is the cost, process and timelines for producing animated corporate videos?

The cost for great quality 2d corporate video services varies from $3000 to $10,000 and $8000 to $25,000 for 3d corporate video services. We follow a very structured online process for our corporate video production, here is the breakdown of the four step process:

Writing a Video Script: The first task that needs to be done for your corporate video production is to write an awesome story. It is one of the most crucial steps in the process since it builds the foundation your video would build on. Clueless about how you would go about writing the script? Read our blog to learn how to make a script for your video! This step is normally taken care of by the story lead (scriptwriter) and is overseen by the creative director concept artist (creative director).

  • Making the Video Storyboard: Once you have the story ready, you would need to work on making a great storyboard. Our corporate video services company believes in detailed storyboarding process which is like a blueprint of the video and acts as a representation of what the video would entail before the production begins. It is made of black and white sketches organized in the sequence in which the scenes would appear in the video. The creative director is responsible for this step.
  • Creating the Video Graphics: Now that you know what every scene would look like, it is time for you to go ahead and create the graphics accordingly. It is in this phase that various elements of the video such as colors, fonts, focus elements are decided. This step is taken care of by the art director. The creative director works closely with them to ensure that everything goes according to the video concept. It is important for any animated video production company to follow color theory principles to create great graphics.
  • Animation with Voiceover: With the visuals done, you can now work on your corporate video animation down to perfection. While you’re at it, insert the background music and composite all of it. If the video requires a voice-over, that too is added in this stage. This task is done by the animation director with the creative director ensuring that the video remains true to the concept that was approved by the client. Again it's important for any corporate video services company to follow principles of animation to create best corporate videos.

It generally takes around 8-10 weeks for other animated corporate video companies but we take flat 4 weeks to complete the entire explainer video production process but there are some factors which might impact the same drastically. There are four different factors which affect the cost and delivery of our corporate production video services. The most important factor is your animation technique for the video, then complexity of your content topic in the pre-production stages, followed by duration of your video and finally the feedback time.


When and how to use corporate videos effectively? What are some characteristics of great animated corporate videos?

Corporate videos are great for generating a rapport with your connections in the middle of the funnel helping your leads make decision in your favor. Once you have a strong customer and employee base, you can also use corporate videos for strengthening your bonds with them. It helps to create a strong brand recall to increase customer lifecycle and value. So, in a nutshell, corporate videos are effective for demand generation and retention.

  • Less than 2 minutes
  • Emotional
  • Not salesy or self-promotional
  • Genuine
  • Authentic
  • Engaging Transitions

What are the different styles of animated corporate videos we produce?

Our corporate video agency produces various animation styles listed below to tell great visual stories for your business.

  • Whiteboard Corporate Videos: For the times when you need to explain complex products, services, or concepts in an educational yet entertaining manner for your business.
  • Motion Graphics Corporate Videos: For the times when you need to explain abstract concepts, business ideas or factual data in a simple yet engaging manner. Minimalism is the key here.
  • Mixed Media Corporate Videos: For the times when live-action images are more convincing than illustrations. Our custom explainer video services help you mix live-action or stock footages with animation overlays.
  • Cartoon Corporate Videos: For the times when you want to add personality and emotions to your brand with the help of cartoon characters.

Which industries use our corporate video production services?

Broadcast2World is a motion graphics company with a specialisation in animated corporate video services. We specialise in corporate explainer videos to tell great stories for your business. These videos are also widely used for training your employees, educating your customers and for internal communication.  We're adept at making corporate explainer videos for a wide range of industries including:

  • Healthcare
  • Consumer Goods
  • Automotive
  • Non-profit
  • Technology

What are the best practices to be followed for animated corporate videos?

We recommend to increase the duration as you go down the funnel. Top of the funnel videos like brand story videos start around 90 seconds and bottom of the funnel videos for training or internal communication can go upto 2-3 min.

  • Write a script that keeps your audience hooked while explaining everything well. Even the best graphics and animation can't save you if you have a weak story. You need your message to come out clearly using the storytelling format. If the audience has to think a lot to understand what you intended to say with the video, it wouldn’t perform well. Need help with writing a good script? Learn how to create a killer explanation video script with this blog from our awesome corporate video company!
  • Use a professional voice-over artist to record the audio for your corporate videos. A good way to know that you have the right voice-over artist is to how well his voice fits your video emotions. In a happy video, a sad sounding voice-over doesn’t fit in well. You need to make sure that the voice-over is in sync with the video. It should portray the same emotions your concept does. Our animated corporate video company has a pool of professional voiceover artists across different languages and accents.
  • Entertain while educating your audience. Purely educational content is difficult to consume and the audience might find it repulsive.
  • Don’t use cut-shots while moving from one scene to the other in your animated corporate videos. Instead, use engaging transitions to keep your audience engaged and hooked to your video.
  • The music you use in the video sets up the tone of the video. Make sure that you give the right signals with your video music. The background music and sound effects should convey the same emotions your video concept does.
  • Get rid of the fluff and use minimalist visuals in your animated corporate videos. These are more impactful and are easy on the eyes.

How Clif Bar used our Animated Corporate Video Services to train employees?

The Problem: The client needed a set of animated corporate videos to train their new salesmen. Since training videos tend to get a bit boring, they planned on getting the videos made in such a way that they can get the message across with the videos without getting boring.

The Solution: The client was quite clear on the art style they wanted to go for right from the get-go. The problem was to customize whiteboard animation style to create brand recall for clif bar and to produce series of videos within the given budget. So we designed certain set of common characters and used brand colors to customize the video theme for brand recall.


How RTS used our Animated Corporate Video Services to build brand awareness?

The Problem: The client wanted to teach new and regular customers how to ride the bus easily, comfortably and respectfully. Since their customers were from all kinds of backgrounds, RTS wanted to make engaging videos that resonate with everyone. For this, they selected our corporate video company to produce series of animated corporate videos.

The Solution: Since the message being put across in the video isn’t something entertaining, our biggest challenge was to make it appealing and attractive for all to enjoy within the budget constraint. By using vibrant colors, smart transitions and interesting voice overs, we ensured that the video was as engaging as possible. To top it off, we used characters with limited movements to make the video more relevant to the audience keeping the cost down.


What Are The Key Numbers For Animated Corporate Videos?

Measuring Success

How to Measure Success?

The measure of success for these videos is the amount of engagement rate received on your landing page. You can keep a check on the conversion rate of your landing page. Tracking engagement on a regular basis is important for measuring your success accurately.

Cost & Duration

Cost & Duration

The average cost of an animated corporate video is $6000 for 60 seconds with $1800 for additional 30 seconds. However, for a corporate video series of 5 videos, the cost would be $27,000, and that of 10 videos would be $51,000.



On average, a corporate video takes 5 weeks to produce but it might vary based on your feedback time and number of revisions. But if you’re looking to get a corporate video series made, after the first video is made it takes around 3 weeks for subsequent episodes.

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