8 Must Watch Corporate Explainer Videos to Evoke Emotions!

Jul 18, 2019 6:16:19 AM

Corporate explainer videos are used by companies to communicate effectively with their employees and customers.

They can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from employee recruitment to updating customers about the company's vision and future roadmap.

These corporate videos can make your internal and external communication efforts more efficient by making them engaging.

They help you get rid of the information overload that might creep in due to the vast amount of information that needs to be communicated.

Here we are going to focus more on how to use animated corporate videos for employees.

Quick heads up, this is going to take a long while.

So, if you’re running low on time, feel free to jump to any of the sections below:

Corporate Explainer Videos For Recruitment

Great companies are built by great teams.

But how do you build a great team?

It all starts with hiring the right person for the right job.

You then on-board and train them to maximize their efficiency. 

Much like we have a life cycle for customers, candidates too have a life cycle.

An average candidate’s life cycle stages can be split into two major sections:

  • Awareness: In this stage, the candidates know little or nothing about your company.

    Here, you need to let the candidate know that your company exists, not by talking about your company but by talking about some concept related to your company. You leave talking about the company for the next stage.

  • Consideration: By the time the candidates reach this stage, they have some relevant knowledge about the company and are considering whether the company is right for them or not.

    This is the stage in which you should talk about your company.

Look at this animated corporate video by Ocado Technology.

It is a great example of how videos should be used in the consideration stage.

The video informs the candidates about what the company is all about in an engaging manner and also talks about its employees. 


According to Wordstream, videos are shared 1200% more than text and images.

When people share your recruitment video, more potential candidates get to view it.

These candidates have higher probability of then moving to the next stages.

As per CareerBuilder, job postings tend to perform 12% better with video icons while saving companies a lot of time and money.

Ensuring that the employees are a cultural fit too is a breeze if the videos show what everyday life would look like in your company. 

Finding the right candidate doesn’t have to be difficult—all you need is animates corporate videos.

But it doesn’t end here.

The hiring process is far from over here.

After recruitment, we move on to onboarding where internal communication can be improved significantly with the help of video marketing.

Corporate Explainer Videos for Onboarding

Imagine you’ve just been hired into a company and it’s your first day on the job.

You’re probably nervous since your manager would be briefing you in a bit.

You brace yourself a boring corporate presentation and a lengthy HR manual (and a few other documents) but your manager comes in and plays a few animated onboarding videos.

How do you feel now?




Using corporate videos for your onboarding process provides you with an engaging way to showcase the team culture, company values, business processes, and other important information about your company.

These videos provide information in a clear and concise manner which is why they’re so effective in avoiding the information overload new hires normally feel.

This increases their retention rate to 86% in the best-in-class companies while making the process more human.

Look at this animated corporate video by DriveTime.

The video is easy to consume and has a unique storyline that informs the new hires about the values of the company while staying interesting.


Let’s face it, replacing employees is costly.

According to Suzanne Lucas from CBS News, the cost of replacing an employee is around 16-20% of their annual salary.

But if they’re engaged employees, they are 87% less likely to quit their jobs.

Your onboarding process decides the efficiency, productivity, and retention of your new hires.

So when so much is at stake, why not streamline your on-boarding efforts with corporate explainer videos?

With recruitment and onboarding took care of, you need to focus on corporate training.

Corporate Explainer Videos for Training

According to Forrester, 75% of employees would rather watch a video than read an article, document or email.

So, when you have to train them, why would you go for training manuals?

Look at how Cisco motivated its sales team as a part of their training with the help of animated corporate videos.

The video talks about how the Cisco Mobility Express Solution would change the industry.

Corporate videos are not only more engaging than training manuals but also cost-effective.

Microsoft was able to cut down training costs from $320 per person to just $17 per person with the help of videos.

Training and recruiting millennials too gets easier with videos. 87% of millennials prefer working for video-savvy companies.

Look at this animated video by Canity which teaches their employees how they should handle angry customers.

Being just 90-seconds long, it is a great example of how videos don’t have to be too long to be effective.


Once recruitment, on-boarding, and training are all taken care of, explainer videos can help maintain (and even improve) company culture.

Check out 4 types of corporate training videos and how to use them!

Corporate Explainer Videos for Company Culture

Every company has a number of elements such as mission, vision, values, ethics, work environment, etc which give personality to the company.

These elements together make up the company culture.

Company culture is very important as it defines most of what happens in the company.

The people you hire have to fit in the culture for them to perform efficiently.

Zappos pays a month’s salary to employees who feel like they’re misfits and decide to leave within the first three months of joining the company.

That’s how seriously companies take their culture.

Your new hires can be familiarised with the company culture early-on during their recruitment, on-boarding, and training.

Even after hiring them, you have multiple opportunities to reinforce company culture. 

New hires can be introduced using animated corporate videos to get the whole team to know each other better.

Employees can be brought to the spotlight using internal communications videos at regular intervals.

These activities can help create stronger bonds between employers and employees and within the teams.

Look at how this animated video by Superdrug talks about the company culture out there.

It talks about the various policies that the store has in place for the employees while keeping them entertained all through.


These videos can be used to keep the employees updated about the various events happening in the company.

They can also be used to preach values every now and then.

With the help of videos, you can maintain, and improve your company culture.

Corporate Explainer Videos for Shareholders

All companies have to answer to the shareholders.

They need to update them about the finances for the year looked like. 

They have the option to create long emails to highlight the KPIs, trading updates, and other important updates.

But going ahead and creating animated videos for them would make it more engaging.

Look at this simple corporate video by Siemens showing their performance in the first quarter of this year.

In merely 25 seconds, this video contains information that would otherwise have taken a long email to disseminate.

Imagine the same 25 seconds of this video with characters, music, and voice-over— videos can get quite engaging and can contain a lot more information.

If we further add a transcript and a highlights section to the video, shareholders would have an even better understanding.

Look at this explainer video we made for American Tower Corporation.

While it doesn’t update anyone with the finances, it tells a great deal about how the team came to be and also the services they provide.

This motivates potential shareholders to buy their shares.

There are many styles of animated corporate videos that can be used for internal employee communication.

Finding the right animation style for your needs might be difficult. Read the next section to ease the process.

If you're ready to begin making your explainer video, here are 10 simple steps you can follow to write a great script for it.

How to Market Corporate Explainer Videos Effectively?

You could post your recruitment videos on social media to let candidates know that you’re hiring.

You could also post videos for them to know more about your company—what it does, what the culture is like, the growth they can expect, etc.

Corporate videos for on-boarding and training can be disseminated on communication channels such as Flock, Slack, etc. 

Social media platforms can be excellent for communicating with not only potential candidates but also with shareholders.

Putting up corporate videos about the company’s performance for the financial quarter, or year can update the shareholders on a platform they’re more likely to see it.

There are plenty of other platforms you could use for marketing your videos as well such as video-sharing platforms and video ads that run on websites.

But social media reigns over all of those platforms for corporate communication.

Best Corporate Animated Explainer Videos

#1 Adobe

Conceptually creative, beautifully executed and straight-ahead informative. This video is a masterclass in minimalist design.

The voice-over is simple yet effective and the motion is sleek and realistic!

This is VeracityColab for Adobe, telling you what magic lines and shapes can create!


#2 DuPont

Commendable work by DuPont!

In this animated video, we can again witness the phenomenal flawless elegance that shapes and lines can exhibit when used with the right color palette!

DuPont brand colors were used to depict its vision for 2020 with perfection.


#3 Lyft

Lyft is revolutionizing the way people travel, but it all started with two kids thinking about cars, roads, and... Betty White.

Directed at Buck, this movie for Lyft, explores every nook and corner of seamless fluidic motion.

This great animated video is a good example of 2.5D motion graphics.


Need more examples? Check out our best animated corporate videos blog!


Animated corporate explainer videos work wonders for optimizing the employee lifecycle.

Be it recruitment, on-boarding, training, promoting company culture, or even updating shareholders, these explainer videos are an absolute hit. 

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