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7 Reasons Your Brand Needs Custom Animated Videos - B2W

Apr 27, 2021 5:16:08 AM

7 Reasons Your Brand Needs Custom Animated Videos

Looking to bring your business to the front of the line to drive more engagement and sales?

A lot of your successful competitors are steering towards custom animated videos. Smart players in every other industry are diving deep into video marketing and betting big on animated videos.

But why?

Why is there a significant shift with more marketers doing away from traditional avenues and rallying behind these custom videos?

And most importantly, why must you follow suit?

Before we get into that, let us first talk about the key ingredients that make up the best animated explainer videos!

Magical ingredients to make the best custom animated video!

As you would imagine, achieving greatness is not a child’s play. It requires a great deal of expertise and careful craftsmanship. Even with that, you might end up having a not-so-great video.

So how do you make the animated video of your dreams? A little bit of imagination and a whole lot of storytelling usually does the trick. But there's more to it—a touch of magic.

With the help of a few magical ingredients, you can breathe life into your videos. Here are the ingredients that make up the best explainer videos:

Script for custom animated videos should tell great stories that engage & inspire!

You can imagine the script to be the flesh and bones of a video.

From grabbing attention to getting them to answer your call to action, everything is set up here. It needs to have a structure so that it tells a story with a lasting effect on the viewers.

But structuring your script the right way can be hard to pull off. Fret not, we have a four-step framework that helps storify your explainer video script.

Once you have the perfect script ready, it's time to focus on the visual storytelling aspect of your animated video.

Custom animated videos with breathtaking visuals attract attention!

Imagine this to be the skin of your video. You can influence how people perceive your brand with the kind of visuals that you use.

For example, we've seen many healthcare companies choose whiteboard animation for their videos. Whiteboard videos are famous for evoking emotions like protection, safety, and support.

With the right visual storytelling, you can make the audience feel exactly what you want them to feel. But when you have so many options to choose from, how do you ensure that your visual storytelling is on point?

Don't worry, we've got it covered. To find the right style, you need to listen to what your story demands.

Custom animated videos with awe-inspiring transitions keep the audience engaged!

A body that doesn't move doesn't seem alive, does it? Bring life to your video with the help of amazing animations!

With engaging animation and transitions, you can hold the interest of the viewers and keep them engaged.

Even with a good story with good visuals, there is nothing worse than unrealistic movements in elements that don’t match what people anticipate.

Grasping the natural movements and replicating them on screen is nothing short of god-like work. Good animation is important to make connections and have maximum impact on your audience.

Custom animated videos with great music & voiceover evoke emotions!

You've brought life to your video by adding the previous ingredient. But your video still lacks personality. This is where music and voiceover come in.

Most people don't stress much upon music and voiceover. But believe us when we say that they have the power to make or break your video. If not done right, your video won't have the required effect on the audience.

For example, if you want your video to be energetic, you would use vivid colors and peppy animation. Would you couple that with sad music and a dull voiceover? You wouldn't because it brings the energy down and you don't want that to happen.

Studies show bad music adds to the noise and it can have a negative impact on the mind of your viewers. Also, it's important that background music and SFX should not interfere with the voiceover. An engaging story with just the right voice acting and supporting background music can help you elevate emotions, touch hearts, and inspire your audience in a whole new way.

Here are 7 reasons why your brand needs this animated video integrated into its digital marketing strategy:

1. Explain a concept in a simple way


You understand what “it” is, but can your audience too?

Some ideas and concepts are difficult to understand. They have many layers that add to their complexity.

One of the biggest benefits is that they simplify concepts and make them comprehensible even to the beginners of the particular topic or subject.

For instance, if you offer a SaaS product that has multiple features and solves various problems, explaining its entire scope can be a challenge.

What’s more challenging is explaining the product’s scope without boring away the audience.

Custom videos fit here perfectly well. If done well, they can ensure seamless transfer of knowledge about a product or service to the target audience.

2. Boost audience engagement


Whether you are selling cutlery or books or even a house, you need high engagement to drive the desired outcome.

If you don’t have an audience hooked to what you’re saying, achieving business sustainability through desired retention and brand value is almost impossible.

Custom videos do a great job here. From the first second, till the last one, they keep the audience hooked and engaged. They spike emotions. Through appealing visuals, they demand attention. They involve the viewers in meaningful stories. Inevitably, by the end, these videos tempt the audience to act on the CTA prompt.

3. Stand out the competition


Who doesn't want to be unique and stand out from the competition!

Every business wants to flourish in the market, beat the competitors, and reach the pinnacle.

However, such wishes are difficult to translate into a reality… especially if you’re still relying on traditional marketing methodologies. Because your competitors are using the same methods and tactics.

Animated videos are a simple and highly effective way to stand out from your competitors. They can position you away from the crowd, putting you ahead of everyone else.

Answer this: Who will people want to interact with – your competitors who are using the same visuals to attract an audience or you who have interesting animated videos that are unique and attention-grabbing?


4. Increase brand awareness and recall


Branding is the Holy Grail in the marketing world now. It’s now the fundamental requirement for business growth and sustainability.

If people don’t know your brand, if they don’t trust your brand name – you’re positioned very vulnerably.

Custom animated videos can make a big difference in your branding efforts. Through engaging storytelling, you can let your target audience know more about your brand and products. Through repeated exposures and consistency in storytelling, you can drive high brand awareness. And if your videos are good that strike an emotional bond with the viewers, you can easily drive high brand recall.

With a strong brand presence, you can increase sales, improve retention rate, and grow your business at a significant pace.

5. Make video marketing affordable


Let’s be honest: Video marketing isn’t cheap. It costs money. You have to hire actors, invest in high-quality equipment and build a set.

It’s still expensive even if you decide to cast yourself in and have your house or office act as a set.

Custom videos are, by no means, cheap. But they are relatively affordable. You don’t need to invest in high-quality cameras and hire a lot of people. A solid story, advanced software, and a person with expertise – and you’re good to go.

Plus, the shorter the video with simple animation, the more affordable animated videos can get.

6. Works on every social media platform


The dynamics of social media have changed. LinkedIn is no more just “professional”. Videos are more dominant on Instagram. Platforms like TikTok are booming.

Videos are a primary mode of communication and engagement in almost every social media channel.

With animated videos, brands can tap on this trend to better convey their message and dominate their niche.

Animated videos already work wonders on virtually every platform. And rightly so! No matter what social media platform one is using, who wouldn’t want to engage with interesting, attention-grabbing videos that are relevant to their interest?!

So, you can grow your brand’s presence on every platform with this custom video.

7. Skyrocket your conversion


Having a video on the landing page can increase your conversion rate by 80 percent.

You can further increase this conversion rate by leveraging on better videos that are more relevant and targeted to the visitors.

So, animated videos that effectively explain your value proposition and why the visitors should invest their time and money with your brand can unlock you higher conversion rates.

These videos can fit anywhere in your sales funnel, be it at the top where you’re trying to attract more audience and generate leads or at the bottom of the funnel where you’re focused on driving sales.

They can even work exceptionally well in pushing customers for another purchase.

So, if the conversion rate is your most important KPI at present, this type of videos can surprise you with their effectiveness.

Ready to step up your digital marketing game?

The opportunities are limitless. Irrespective of the digital marketing goals you’re chasing, they promise great ROI.

So, step up your digital marketing game starting today. Tap on all the benefits of animated videos and take your business to the next level. Smart business owners are going hard with custom animated videos. It’s time for you to act.

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