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6 Best Video Landing Pages To Watch in 2023

Mar 16, 2022 7:51:54 AM

You must have noticed a shift in marketing towards video, happening across all businesses and sectors. Since COVID-19, consumers have started favoring the video format for their information.

When it comes to converting page visitors into customers, there’s a lot more than the design involved. If you can’t hook visitors in 3 seconds, they will simply click away.

This is where animated video landing pages come in. Check out what you can expect from this blog:-

1. How do Video Landing Pages Help?
2. Why use animated Video Landing Pages?
3. Best Video Landing Page Examples

How Do Video Landing Pages Help?

A Wyzowl study reveals that 69% of people prefer short product videos, another Biteable study shows videos increased awareness, engagement and brand trust by about 50% among potential customers.

Landing pages need to provide as much information as they can to someone as they visit your site. If they are not satisfied with what they see at first glance, they will simply click away.

There’s no denying the appeal of 60 to 120-second video landing pages. They stimulate minds, help build emotional connections, and condense information into memorable moments using visual cues.

Beyond the psychological factors, videos have the advantage of accessibility. You never know when your video can go viral!

Why Use Animated Video Landing Pages?

The point of making landing page videos is to ensure more of your audience and potential customers gather as much information as they can in the shortest amount of time, while they’re focused on the site.

This means the video landing page needs to be engaging and convincing.
But how do you do that?

To not only engage, but also simplify your message, here are a few reasons why animation is the superior medium for video landing pages:

  • Animation is eye-catching. A good artstyle is often all you need to make a video landing page engaging. A cleverly-constructed animated video can grab and hold attention easily. This has the added advantage of being memorable even after the video is over. You can make a rather simple story into a kaleidoscopic joyride from start to finish for the viewer.

  • Animation explains abstract concepts easily. Your company might be targeting a niche audience, or maybe the solutions you provided for the client might be for a complicated problem.

  • Animation comes in handy when you want to simplify, or even help the viewer visualize, complex concepts and workings. By explaining certain features or services, you convince the viewer that you truly understand their problem.

  • Your landing page video is not constrained by the limitations of reality. The freedom to use metaphors and text as dynamic animation as you see fit is unparalleled in the realm of animation. You are truly only limited by your imagination!

  • Animation delivers great emotional impact. As mentioned before, humans inherently connect to stories. A five minute video landing page (or even less!) is enough to make the viewer remember the innovative design and personality of your website.

    Not enough reasons? See how landing page videos can significantly lower your bounce rates and maximize conversions!

Best Video Landing Page Examples

#5 Adobe - CMO

Made by one of the leading software companies, Adobe utilizes a striking color palette and fluid animation.

The video landing page example explains abstract concepts like the functions of their CMO service and thought processes with icons that accurately represent them. With the brand logo at the front, people are already familiarized with the company behind the video.

By addressing the viewer directly, Adobe engages the viewer to pay attention to the various user benefits their blog site provides. The narrator does sound like they enjoyed recording this a little more than they should have!

#4 Nexmo

Today’s consumers do not want to be left behind with rapidly developing technology dictating the lives of billions.

Catering to tech-savvy companies, Nexmo provides an API experience that promises to be unparalleled. And it backs this promise up by showing the real-world application of Nexmo.

On a technical level, this landing page video is 120 seconds of pure visual magic. From smooth flowing transitions to dynamic action and vibrant colors, the video ticks every checkbox there is to make your landing page explainer video a fun watch!

#3 Sendgrid

SendGrid understands the importance of every single hour of your day. Which is why they only take 60-seconds to tell you how they’re here to make your life better!

Using a 2D cartoon animation, SendGrid aims to solve a very particular challenge, reaching your customers efficiently. By honing in on the pain point directly, the video not only manages to win trust by understanding the viewer, but it also does that by providing a solution which covers all the bases.

On a technical level, the animation and transitions are fluid and give the illusion of flowing from one scene into the other. The color palette is vibrant and engaging with the use of complementary colors and gradients. 

#2 Briiief

Briiief’s goal is to give people with ideas an easier way to present it to the world.

Using 2D cartoon animation and a vibrant color palette, this video landing page example summarizes everything non-designers need to know about a tool made just for them. Of course, this doesn’t mean they can’t show off their brand personality at the same time!

The absurd humor of the script and the animated depictions of the same keep the viewer guessing on what is going to come next, only to be thrown a curveball. The humor promotes engagement, meaning more people can see the real-world application of a tool like Briiief.

#1 G-suite

You might have seen companies incorporate their brand colors or logos in their corporate videos, but how often do you see them use their own product to make one!?

In this video, G Suite explains how their software product works by literally using it in their animation. The video shows how a group of people can smoothly operate the demands and communication of their team with the help of G Suite. This corporate video acts as both a tutorial on what can be possible when you use G Suite.

The video uses elements from G Suite as their animated characters to represent the people using them. The color-coded personalities help the video stay memorable and the animation is easy to follow. Using just one hypothetical scenario, G Suite excites the viewer with what could be possible for them when they’re using G Suite.


Designing a landing page to convert customers does not have to be a boring formulaic exercise. By harnessing the power of animation, you can create a landing page that really shows exactly what you and your company stand for!


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