30 Best Video Landing Page Examples That Convert

Feb 15, 2024 4:30:00 AM

The online world is ever-changing, in a constant state of flux. 

Barely ten years ago, it used to be that embedding a video or auto-playing music on your homepage, would actually irritate visitors and drive traffic away. 

But video has emerged as the de-facto language of the internet.

With ubiquitous high-speed internet now the norm, and mobile devices more powerful than ever, video landing pages have taken center stage.

Our media saturation has reached the point where if your landing page can’t hook the viewer within three seconds, you lose them and probably won’t see them again. 

That’s why you need a well-crafted video landing page.

  1. What is a Video Landing Page?
  2. Types of Video Landing Pages
    1. Product Demo Video Landing Pages
    2. Explainer Video Landing Pages
    3. Testimonial Video Landing Pages
    4. Promotional Video Landing Pages
    5. Tutorial or How-To Video Landing Pages
    6. Welcome Video Landing Pages
  3. 30 Best Video Landing Page Examples
    1. Adobe CMO
    2. Nexmo
    3. SendGrid
    4. Briiief
    5. Cincopa
    6. Apple: iPhone 15 Pro
    7. River Pools and Spas: Should I Fill Out This Form?
    8. Impact's Ultimate Inbound Marketing Strategy Playbook
    9. Wistia
    10. Self-Publishing with Outskirts Press
    11. Rolls-Royce: Inspiring Greatness
    12. Rolex
    13. Slack
    14. Soapbox
    15. Adidas
    16. Align
    17. Michael Kors
    18. Headlime
    19. PopUpSmart
    20. Visme
    21. Equals
    22. Kasra Design
    23. Fifth Third Bank
    24. CooperVision
    25. TOMS
    26. SUSE
    27. McAfee
    28. Siemens
    29. Fujitsu
    30. BetterUp

What is a Video Landing Page?

A video landing page is simply a web page that uses video as its primary hook to capture the visitor’s attention and engage them with a call to action.

This could be for anything from signing up for a service, purchasing a product, or subscribing to a newsletter. 

The benefits of using a video landing page are clear:

  • Better engagement with your website visitors
  • Improved conversion rates
  • Clearer communication with your audience
  • Enhanced branding
  • Enhanced SEO and analytics
  • And more.

When done right, video landing pages can also be an effective tool for capturing leads, driving sales, and achieving your marketing goals by leveraging the power of video content to engage and convert visitors.

Types of Video Landing Pages

There are several types of video landing pages, each serving different purposes and catering to specific marketing objectives. Here are some common types:

1. Product Demo Video Landing Pages

These landing pages feature videos demonstrating how a product works, its features, and its benefits. 

2. Explainer Video Landing Pages

Explainer videos are used to explain complex concepts, processes, or products in a simple and engaging manner.

They are often used to introduce new products or services, highlight key benefits, and address common customer questions or concerns.

3. Testimonial Video Landing Pages

Testimonial videos feature satisfied customers sharing their positive experiences with a product or service.

These videos help build trust and credibility by providing social proof and demonstrating real-life success stories.

4. Promotional Video Landing Pages

Promotional videos are designed to create excitement and generate interest in a product, event, or offer.

They often incorporate compelling visuals, music, and narration to capture attention and encourage action.

5. Tutorial or How-To Video Landing Pages

Tutorial videos provide step-by-step instructions on how to use a product or perform a specific task.

These videos can help educate potential customers, demonstrate the value of a product, and position your brand as a helpful resource.

6. Welcome Video Landing Pages

Welcome videos simply greet visitors to a website or landing page and introduce them to the brand, its mission, and its offerings.

They create a personal connection with visitors and set the tone for their experience with the brand.

By choosing the right type of video landing page for your marketing goals, you can effectively engage your audience, drive conversions, and achieve your desired outcomes.

30 Best Video Landing Page Examples

The best way to figure out what you want to do with your landing page and video is to check out the best examples of how others have done it, and draw inspiration.

So we collected thirty of the best examples we could find. Let’s go through them and find out what makes them tick!

1. Adobe CMO


Made by one of the leading software companies, Adobe utilizes a striking color palette and fluid infographic animation.

This video landing page example explains abstract concepts like the functions of their CMO service and thought processes with icons that accurately represent them.

By addressing the viewer directly, Adobe engages the viewer to pay attention to the various user benefits their blog site provides.

The narrator does sound like they enjoyed recording this a little more than they should have!

2. Nexmo


Today’s consumers do not want to be left behind with rapidly developing technology dictating the lives of billions.

Catering to tech-savvy companies, Nexmo provides an API experience that promises to be unparalleled.

And it backs this promise up by showing the real-world application of Nexmo.

On a technical level, this landing page video is 120 seconds of pure visual magic.

From smooth-flowing transitions to dynamic action and vibrant colors, this infographic video ticks every checkbox there is to make your landing page explainer video a fun watch!

3. SendGrid


SendGrid understands the importance of every single hour of your day.

Which is why they only take 60 seconds to tell you how they’re here to make your life better!

Using a 2D character animation, SendGrid aims to solve a very particular challenge: reaching your customers efficiently.

By honing in on the pain points directly, the video not only manages to win trust by understanding the viewer, but it also does that by providing a solution which covers all the bases.

On a technical level, the animation and transitions are fluid and give the illusion of flowing from one scene into the other.

The color palette is vibrant and engaging with the use of complementary colors and gradients. 

4. Briiief


Briiief’s goal is to give people with ideas an easier way to present it to the world.

Using 2D character animation and a vibrant color palette, this video landing page example summarizes everything non-designers need to know about a tool made just for them.

Of course, this doesn’t mean they can’t show off their brand personality at the same time!

The absurd humor of the script and the animated depictions of the same keep the viewer guessing on what is going to come next, only to be thrown a curveball.

The humor promotes engagement, meaning more people can see the real-world application of a tool like Briiief.

5. Cincopa

cincopa video landing page example

Keeping your viewers hooked right when they land on your page can be a tricky task.

That’s why Cincopa - an all-in-one image and video hosting platform- uses its auto-play on mute feature to immediately add movement to the page. 

The video talks about what Cincopa offers and shows the audience a glimpse into the platform.

Their use of a real-person explaining the company helps to provide a human touch to the landing page video.

With on-video tools like closed-captions, CTAs and annotations, their video not only engages their viewer but helps to convert leads as well. 

Cincopa is able to learn from their video content by seeing who watches, clicks and engages with their video in real-time thanks to their advanced analytics and video heatmaps.

6. Apple: iPhone 15 Pro


The iPhone really needs no introduction, having been around for a whopping 17 years and counting.

But that doesn’t mean Apple won’t pull out all the stops to wow and dazzle visitors to its page.

In keeping with Apple’s signature minimalist style, the opening video seems to blend into the page seamlessly, announcing the use of titanium in iPhone’s latest iteration, the iPhone 15 Pro.

Click the button and a stunning, Hollywood-level cinematic action sequence begins, more at home at a Marvel movie than a tech company’s website.

And then a suitable plot twist to reveal it’s all being shot on an iPhone, rather than your typical professional-grade movie camera. All to announce the switch to aerospace-grade titanium.

That’s the Apple effect for you!

7. River Pools and Spas: Should I Fill Out This Form?


On the other end of the spectrum, we got this very down-to-earth, no-frills video for River Pools and Spas.

But it’s not out of lack of effort, rather, it’s on purpose.

The idea is to disarm and relax the viewer into trusting the host, who explains that if you fill out their form, their company promises not to spam you. 

It’s simple, straight to the point, and works to build a sense of trust with the viewer.

Which is far more important than anything else you could put in your video. So in our books, this is an excellent example of a good landing page video!

8. IMPACT’s ‘The Ultimate Inbound Marketing Strategy Playbook’

impact video landing page

The business world often comes across as cold and starkly impersonal. And yet, it’s all about people, and making meaningful connections with them. 

So ImpactPlus addresses this right from the get-go with some friendly faces on their landing page and opens with a video that has a natural-feeling face-to-face chat with an expert.

They do away with walls of text and stats and figures, and go straight for a personal approach. It’s simple, and it works to great effect.

Visitors to this site will remember it easily for a while afterwards, because that’s just the power of video at work.

9. Wistia

wistia video landing page example

Putting a video on your landing page is a bit trickier than it sounds.

You want your audience’s attention, but you don’t want to blast them with loud autoplaying videos as soon as they visit your site, either.

It can be obnoxious and annoying and come off as kind of desperate. 

Wistia know a thing or two about video; they’re a fantastic video hosting platform for businesses and studios.

In fact, we at Broadcast2World use them for our work, so we’re speaking from experience. 

So here’s a tip to take note of: they have an autoplaying video that plays on mute.

There’s a prominent blurb inviting you to unmute and listen. It’s a lot less intrusive, and actually encourages you to give the video a listen.

A friendly face explains how Wistia works and why it’s great for your business needs, paired with subtle but upbeat music, and even a cameo from an adorable dog. 

Here’s a great landing page that doesn’t blast you out of your chair or beat you over the head with their message.

And that’s how you win your audience.

10. Self-Publishing with Outskirts Press


It’s quite fitting that the landing page video for Outskirts Press uses storytelling as its centerpiece.

As an independent publishing house that helps unknown authors get their first books published, they know that most of their clients are writers doing this for the first time. 

So they use storytelling paired with friendly animation to address their audience’s pain points, using the story of a character who wants to publish his manuscript, but doesn’t know where to start.

Enter Outskirts, who help and guide him every step of the way, and help him achieve his goals.

This use of storytelling really speaks the audience’s language and understands their world, conveying a sense of trust and affirmation to their audience, all in under two minutes of video.

11. Rolls-Royce: Inspiring Greatness


Rolls-Royce is a brand of superlatives: absolutely the ultimate in luxury and performance, with no compromises. 

So it shouldn’t be too surprising that their landing page accurately reflects their famed reputation for perfection and attention to detail.

Notice how the page even changes your cursor to a custom one, a neat and clean little circle, just to add that extra touch of class and subtlety. 

We keep saying that at the foundation of all business, are people and the relationships they make with each other, regardless of what you’re selling.

And here’s that adage in action: A gallery of beautifully-created videos showcasing some fascinating, talented and interesting people who can be found on either end of the Rolls-Royce brand, both customers and craftsmen. 

It brings a much-needed human touch to the experience, and demonstrates that Rolls-Royce is so much more than just a status symbol of a brand. 

12. Rolex


Another brand that really needs no introduction is Rolex.

Arguably at the pinnacle of watch design and engineering for over a century, Rolex is synonymous with rugged performance, adventure, and reliability. 

Their landing page, quite suitably, is a fusion of understated class and dazzling visuals.

This is thanks largely to the embedded video that walks the fine line between grabbing attention but avoiding overwhelming website visitors or cluttering up the web design.

We often explain to our clients and blog readers that a video should be about much more than dry facts and figures, or demos.

There must be an emotional impact that drives the message and really makes that all-important human connection with the viewer.

And this slick and stunning video does that job to powerful effect.

13. Slack


There’s a rule in storytelling that goes “show, don’t tell.”

And it may surprise many business mavens that this also applies to sales, marketing, advertising and branding and more. 

That’s why testimonial videos work so well.

Rather than brag or promise you how well your offering works, you let your delighted customers speak on your behalf and prove it to your audience. 

And that’s the way Slack went with their landing page, featuring telecom giant Vodafone explaining how Slack helps them get all their work done better, faster and easier than ever. 

14. Soapbox

wistia soapbox video landing page

Video is everywhere today. And with every mobile device equipped with a high-quality camera, video is not only being consumed by the public, it’s also being created.

With social media, blogging/vlogging, tech reviews and more, the average person can create video easily.

But the average person isn’t a full-fledged movie studio with professional video editors.

Sometimes, it can be quite tricky creating a video that fuses both your camera and shows what’s on your screen at the same time. 

This is the problem solved by Soapbox, another offering by Wistia.

Since it’s aimed at the average user, the landing page is friendly, simple and uncluttered.

And a prominent video plays (muted, inviting you to watch) explaining how this brilliant app works.

It also uses regular people to make it more human and personal, disarming and assuring viewers who may not be the most tech-savvy around.

15. Adidas


It’s not surprising that Adidas, a brand synonymous with sports apparel, has a landing page bursting with energy and life.

But notice how the embedded video for their "You Got This" landing page doesn’t feature their range of athletic shoes and clothing, so much as it focuses on the human element of sports.

It’s colorful and dynamic, yet blends in naturally to the rest of the website itself, without being distracting.

16. Align

align video landing page example

Here’s a video we created for Align’s landing page.


When it comes to IT and highly technical fields, the challenge is in explaining things with just the right level of detail.

Too technical and it will confuse the layperson.

Too simple and you risk watering down the details and not communicating effectively. 

Since they work in a highly technical industry, we used symbols and abstract graphics to make things interesting and communicate points in the animated video in a more artistic, instinctual kind of way.

The colors match the landing page, too, so it all blends together harmoniously and is easy on the eyes. 

17. Michael Kors


Luxury brands sure know how to make a memorable first impression.

And Michael Kors' landing page is no exception to this.

The beautiful use of red colors makes it difficult to take your eyes off of their video, especially the product that's showcased here.

If captivating your audience with charm is your thing, you should definitely take notes from Michael Kors.

18. Headlime


Here’s another great example of a landing page video with Headlime.

Writing good copy can be surprisingly tedious at times.

If only there was a magic tool that could help you get the right words out easily. 

Well, Headlime is just that: a writing tool powered with AI.

And their video does a fantastic job of addressing the pain points and problems, and triumphantly announcing the solution.

Using a blend of text animation and live action, the acting is great and makes us sympathize immediately with the hapless character. 

As a result, visitors to the landing page will connect on a powerful level with the story, and a strong sense of trust is built with the audience.

19. PopUpSmart


Today, it’s not enough to just have a website up for your business.

It needs to be almost alive, interacting with your audience in just the right way.

With attention spans plummeting, it’s only a matter of seconds before your visitors can get bored and click away. 

Pop-up tools are a great way to engage with your visitors, if done just right.

But not everyone is a natural web-coding genius.

That’s where PopUpSmart has solutions that work without coding or technical skill, on any site.

But it’s hard to explain how it all works. 

That’s why they went with a clean and friendly landing page, complete with a helpful and beautifully animated product video that explains how it all works.

20. Visme


We love the design of Visme’s landing page. It’s simple but colorful and vibrant, lively without getting cluttered or chaotic.

Their landing page video is also fantastic, with a clever mix of live video using a fantastic host, combined and product demo-like graphics showing off the product itself.

21. Equals


Equals is a spreadsheet product that… and chances are you’re already tuning out what you’re reading, aren’t you?

It’s hard to make office productivity apps sound exciting and interesting, even though they’re the bread and butter of modern businesses.

But this gorgeous landing page does a great job of livening things up with tasteful colors and graphics.

It’s somehow colorful and lively without being overpowering or distracting– just like a good video should be.

The demo video shows off just enough of the app to keep the product center stage, coming off as no-nonsense and serious, without getting so technical that it gets boring.

Amazing stuff all around!

22. Kasra Design


This blockchain animation video by Kasra Design explains cryptocurrency-backed loans by Salt Lending– two highly complex topics for a layman.

But, with the help of infographic animation, they visualized the topic and explained it in a fun, easy manner. That's what a powerful landing page video can do.

23. Fifth Third Bank


Automation is one of those things everyone’s heard of, but few can properly explain what it is and what it does.

And more often than not, it descends into gimmicky buzzwords, which makes people wary and suspicious.

So Fifth Third Bank had Epipheo create this beautiful animated explainer video to explain it clearly and without the nonsense, suitable for their landing page.

It’s got absolutely gorgeous animation, a clever script, and beautiful colorful graphics to really draw the viewer in and take them on a journey.

It does a great job of explaining the details without falling into the trap of over-explaining and boring the audience.

24. CooperVision


Here’s a video we made for Coopervision’s Clariti Lens offering. The key was to keep the story short, crisp, and memorable.

So our character animation video grabs the audience’s attention by focusing on the importance of good vision and proper eye care in all our lives.

To build trust and keep the audience interested, the video educates how silicon hydrogel 1-day lenses are better than other traditional hydrogel lenses.

The video also talks about how it is more convenient, comfortable, and at the same price, inspiring them to action.

25. TOMS


If there’s a perfect example of what brand and marketing videos are all about, this would be it.

The viewer is treated to a heartwarming, engaging story that unfolds like an adventure worthy of the silver screen.

And that story by Giant Ant is simply about the vision and foundation of the company TOMS, but told in a way that brings the brand to life, giving us a sense of its personality and humanity. 

26. SUSE


Here’s a brand and marketing video we created for SUSE

Rather than run down a long list of technical specs and features, we went the route of storytelling

In our cartoon, our hero is an underdog struggling to run their business.

He faces demanding customers, threat from cloud providers, and rising cost and complexity of infrastructure.

His fortunes change when he adopts SUSE.

He is able to serve customers competitively. He leverages the best of cloud and open source to surpass customer requirements and win their trust.

He is able to innovate and bring new offerings. He ushers in a new era of innovation, customer service and growth.

We’re delighted to say that the video was a success, and really connected and resonated with viewers!

27. McAfee


McAfee is one of the most popular cybersecurity software firms in the world.

When they came to us, they wanted to promote their latest product with the help of animated advertisements.

So we made this mixed-media video to help them grab their audience's attention and stand out.

We went for a style that was sleek and modern, detailed but not cluttered, and was harmonious with brand colors for maximum visual impact.

28. Siemens


Siemens wanted a landing page video for their product, Xcelerator Cloud.

Since such technical topics can be confusing for executives outside of a tech background, the challenge was to present the message without watering down the details too far.

We helped Siemens overcome this challenge by crafting a visually immersive mixed-media animation video.

29. Fujitsu


Fujitsu wanted to use animated videos in their marketing strategy.

The videos had different use cases and styles.

Fujitsu wanted to use simple language that could be understood by their stakeholders, but without watering down important details.

Telecom and IT are highly technical fields, so the videos had to be engaging and attention-grabbing, without diluting the message so much that they couldn’t communicate it effectively.

By integrating the latest technology trends in telecommunications, creators can enhance video clarity and engagement, ensuring that even the most complex concepts are delivered effectively and captivate the audience's attention.

So we got to work making a series of animated infographics videos for Fujitsu.

The videos covered different concepts and topics, but the brand identity was kept the same with clever use of brand colors.

The videos were kept short and crisp so that the viewer doesn't lose attention, and the video can connect and resonate easily.

30. BetterUp


In this last example, we really see the impact of video landing pages to the fullest.

The good folks at Yum Yum Studios used animation to help BetterUp get people excited about what they had to offer.

This video shows that it doesn't need a lot of time to make people curious the second they lay eyes on your website.

Such videos help increase the dwell time on websites significantly.

And the next thing you know, a dizzying influx of prospective clients grace your doorstep.


And there you have it: all the inspiration you need to get started crafting your vision for your very own unique landing page video.

Remember to be creative and don’t be afraid to experiment, because video storytelling is more art than science, and there’s no one perfect solution that works for everyone. 

What did you think of our list?

Are there any amazing landing pages we missed out on?

Let us know in the comments!


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