30 Best Video Ads: Exploring Masterpieces of Modern Advertising

Jan 29, 2024 4:30:00 AM

Feeling lost in the video marketing maze?

Ready to find your inspiration?

No sweat! We've hunted 30 best video ad examples from the last decade to spark your creativity – get the popcorn ready!

  1. 30 Best Video Ads Examples
    1. "Your Place | Get Paid" by Airbnb
    2. "iPhone 14 & iPhone 14 Plus | Hello Yellow" by Apple
    3. McAfee Product Teaser
    4. Coca-Cola | Chinese New Year
    5. Turkish Airlines LEGO Movie Safety Video
    6. "Camping" by TWIX
    7. "Barber Shop" by Redbull
    8. "#OneLessStranger" by Airbnb
    9. "Work, simplified" by Slack
    10. Uiflow
    11. Google Earth: Our Cities Timelapse
    12. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
    13. Home Alone Again with Google Assistant
    14. "Welcome Back" by Guinness
    15. "Meet Your Psychiatrist" by Talkiatry
    16. Samsung Galaxy: Join the flip side
    17. Glossier Product Video
    18. Rothy's
    19. The Oodie Brand Video
    20. "We Have a Typo" by Webflow
    21. "Cleaner of Your Deams" by Mr. Clean
    22. Honda: The Other Side
    23. Haagen-Dazs
    24. "Gulp" by Nokia
    25. Taco Bell
    26. McDonald's 2022 Superbowl Commercial
    27. "Flamin' Hot" by Cheetos
    28. Starbucks: It Starts With You
    29. Microsoft Outlook
    30. Raptor Plumbing LLC

30 Best Video Ad Examples

1. "Your Place | Get Paid" by Airbnb


Chop-chop, zoom-zoom – that’s the secret sauce for most 15-second commercial ads, but Airbnb took a detour down a different street.

Watch this ad and suddenly, you're surfing on waves of calm, comfort, and coziness.

And the minimalist, miniature animation world spills the beans effortlessly: "Got a place you're not constantly hogging, an extra room you treat like a storage locker, an RV that's gathering dust, or a guesthouse that occasionally hosts tumbleweeds? Boom, you're an Airbnb virtuoso."

2. "iPhone 14 & iPhone 14 Plus | Hello Yellow" by Apple


Apple paints the town yellow with this ad.

Whether it’s the yellow bees, bricks, or balloons, in the background or the subtle use of the Minion’s theme song ‘Banana’, this live-action animation ad is quirky & fun.

It’s just one of the ads which you probably won’t skip.

It's the kind of ad that makes you go, "Yep, Apple, you nailed it again – yellow is the new black!"

3. McAfee Product Teaser


This mixed media video by McAfee is a great example of a product teaser that gives a clear message and precise call to action.

It's storytelling magic—blending elements seamlessly—to draw you into the narrative, making complexity vanish within the story's grip.

4. Coca-Cola | Chinese New Year


This is one of the best animated video localization ads, but how?

With this ad, Coca-Cola wished the Chinese New Year, and they not only incorporated the traditional Chinese family nuances but also conveyed their message through popular Chinese folklore about the 5 tigers who hold the balance of the cosmic forces in place.

And, That’s how Coca-Cola hits the spot!

5. Turkish Airlines LEGO Movie Safety Video 


Check out the LEGO Men taking the stage in some seriously cool audio-visual ads this year!

Turkish Airlines steals the show with over 32 million views.

These LEGO characters spill the beans on airline security, making it crystal clear why they're the real MVPs.

And guess what? Batman makes a cameo!

It's not just a cool video ad; it's a blocky blockbuster.

6. "Camping" by TWIX

Dive into the world of dark (chocolate) humor with this Twix ad, tackling the timeless dilemma: how do you share a Twix bar?

The answer: it doesn't matter which side you munch on; it will all be a crispy, delicious delight.

Twix knows how to turn candy decisions into a comedy goldmine, proving that a good laugh is the sweetest strategy in advertising.

7. "Barber Shop" by Red Bull


Take a sip! Crafting your brand's identity is like Red Bull's signature style – unmistakable!

Starting small?

Establishing your unique style might not happen overnight, but start with colors or a character to jazz up your brand game.

Because when people recognize you, they're one step closer to becoming your biggest fans!

8. "#OneLessStranger" by Airbnb


We’ve already covered Airbnb once but you just can’t get enough of their genius video ads.

Airbnb's #OneLessStranger campaign in 2015 was a strategic move to engage its global community through local acts of kindness.

The campaign urged participants to extend hospitality to strangers, capturing these moments in videos or photos.

This emphasis on local community involvement not only integrated audiences but also amplified Airbnb's brand message.

The approach paid off remarkably, with an astounding 3 million people worldwide engaging with the campaign within a mere three weeks of its launch.

9. "Work, simplified" by Slack


Slack: the MVP of team chit-chat. Trust us, we're practically in a committed relationship with it.

But guess what's even better than seamless communication? Their videos – pure comedic gold.

Enter the animated wonderland of "Traffic," the cartoon that's practically the Slack of the animation world.

Brace yourself for a grin-inducing experience.

Oh, and did you catch that sly move? The entire color palette in the video? Just the fab four hues from the Slack logo!

So, take a cue – especially if your brand has its own color code.

10. Uiflow

Ever feel like designing UI is like trying to solve a Rubik's Cube blindfolded?

Enter Uiflow – your trusty sidekick in turning design chaos into a masterpiece.

Watch the mishmash of elements in the video magically transform into a tidy stack, proving that Uiflow is the design superhero you never knew you needed.

They've got examples that hit the bullseye and visual metaphors so fun, that even your morning coffee will be jealous.

It's like 2D hand-drawn charm and 3D wizardry had a lovechild, and it's called Uiflow.

The video isn't just eye candy; it's a siren call urging you to dip your toes into the pool of UI greatness.

11. Google Earth: Our Cities Timelapse


Google Earth's "Our Cities Timelapse" drops a mind-blowing fact bomb: urban population skyrocketed by 2.3 billion in the last 35 years.

Cue the jaw-dropping digital show, where cities sprout like mushrooms in a time-lapse dance from 1984 to 2020.

But, hold up – it's not all sparkly skylines and concrete dreams.

Google Earth hits us with a reality check: "Cities churn out over 70% of global CO2 emissions." It's like the ultimate timelapse of human hustle, but with a side of Earth-friendly caution.

12. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups


The cool cats at Reese Peanut Butter Cup decided to sprinkle a bit of peanutty magic across the UK.

Henry Paker, the comedy maestro, charmingly narrates the art of pouring peanut butter into a chocolate high heel.

Now that's a combo of creativity and wit so sharp, even the Brits are giving it a cheeky nod.

Reese, you've just made chocolate history across the pond!

13. Home Alone Again with Google Assistant 


Google's promotional video, a viral sensation hotter than a pizza straight out of Kevin McCallister's oven!

They took the universally adored "Home Alone" flick, threw in a grown-up Kevin, and let Google Assistant steal the show.

Blink, and 15 million folks tuned in; fast forward, and it's hitting almost 40 million views.

It's not just a video, it's a seat at the cool kids' table in the 2019 Creative Video Hall of Fame. Google, you sly dog!

14. "Welcome Back" by Guinness


Guinness nailed the "welcome back" vibes post-lockdown.

They brewed a nostalgia potion in a pint glass, tapping into our universal longing for the pub life.

This ad isn't just a pat on the back for Guinness; it's a high-five to community spirit.

They weren't just raising a pint; they were raising the bar with a £30 million pledge to support UK pubs during the COVID chaos.

Guinness, you're not just good – you're pint-sized heroes!

15. "Meet Your Psychiatrist" by Talkiatry


Talkiatry just aced copywriting, sipping on clever juice like they had the handbook on speed dial.

In their video ad, they're not just selling services; they're shouting, "Hey, we get it!" to those who've tangoed with depression or surfed life's rollercoaster. It's a lifeline with a sprinkle of wit and a dash of relatability.

16. Samsung Galaxy: Join the flip side


Here's the scoop: Samsung's throwing shade at Apple in this cheeky piece, and its smartphone rivalry at its finest.

Picture this: a woman swooning over Samsung's new flip phone like it's the last slice of pizza at a party.

In this ad masterpiece, Samsung cooks up a relatable hero, tapping into our universal obsession tendency – you know, when you can't shake that one thing off your mind.

It's not just a phone; it's a magnetic force, and Samsung's playing the starring role in our tech fantasies.

Genius move, Samsung, making us all feel seen and understood, one flip at a time!

17. Glossier Product Video


Glossier's e-commerce video is no ordinary sales pitch; it's a fabulousness parade.

Forget diving into product specifics – they're flaunting the entire Glossier lineup like it's a runway show for your face.

Genius move? They tap into our eternal quest to feel like glam gods and goddesses.

Add empowering texts, cool-kid reviews, and voila – it's more than a shopping spree.

It's a confidence boost, a beauty buffet, and Glossier's the chef serving up self-love in every pixel.

18. Rothy’s

rothy instagram video ad

Does cracking the code to your product's superpower feel like a mystery?

Rothy's has your back with a video that's the Rosetta Stone for their 3D knitting wizardry.

No seams, exact sizes, and all that jazz—crafted like a blockbuster movie for your feet.

Rothy's isn't just selling shoes; they're giving you a front-row seat to the 3D knitting revolution. Step aside, secrets – it's showtime!

19. The Oodie Brand Video


The Oodie's ad? It's a joy bomb in a blanket.

Imagine an oversized, wearable hug presented by the mastermind, not just spouting fluff but dropping humor bombs about this snuggly magic carpet.

And hold up! They hit pause on the blanket babble for some comedic seasoning.

Benefits? Rolled out like a red carpet, making it the Beyoncé of blankets.

Not your average infomercial; they dive into storytelling, predicting doubts like mind-readers and casually drop-kicking them away.

20. "We Have a Typo" by Webflow


Designer dilemma alert! The nightmare: a typo invasion.

But fear not, Webflow swoops in with a no-code superhero cape, rescuing you from typos without summoning "Peter" and his tech team – hilariously showcased in this ad.

It takes the mundane marketer struggle, adds humour, and voila! A relatable experience without making your brain hurt.

SaaS ads can feel like juggling flaming torches, but here's the secret sauce: make tech talk sound like a backyard chat.

Keep it fun, keep it relatable – because even in the world of code, a good laugh is priceless.

21. "Cleaner of Your Dreams" by Mr. Clean


This ad's flipping the script with some unexpected sizzle!

They swapped the plain hero for a swoon-worthy Mr. Clean makeover, turning chores into a steamy affair.

Old Spice swagger with a mop – a man who cleans is the new Casanova.

Short, sweet, and sitcom-level twist – the goofy husband isn't Mr. Clean, but the resemblance is uncanny!

It's not just a laugh riot; it champions gender equality in chores.

Short, cheeky, and hotter than a freshly scrubbed counter.

22. Honda: The Other Side


Honda's "The Other Side" ad isn't just a video; it's a virtual adventure.

Think "Choose Your Own Adventure" but with four wheels and a dash of Honda flair.

Instead of twiddling your thumbs, you're the director, calling the shots in this personalized car tale.

It's like a cinematic magic trick – each clip hands you the keys to decide the next twist.

Honda isn't just selling cars; they're inviting you to join the plot.

Are we witnessing the evolution of video ads, or did Honda just pull off a storytelling mic drop?

23. Haagen-Dazs

haagen dazs instagram video ad

Haagen Dazs just pulled a marketing ninja move in their Free Cone Day ad.

Picture this: a tantalizing strawberry cone, a cliffhanger that screams "without honey bees." It's like they dipped their ad in suspense sauce, and we're hooked.

As you nibble on the visual treat, they spill the beans – Free Cone Day is all about saving the honey bees.

Sneaky? Maybe. Genius? Definitely.

Studies say people would trade loyalty for a good cause, and Haagen Dazs just handed us a scoop of ice cream and a guilt-free conscience.

Who can resist free ice cream with a side of saving the world?

24. "Gulp" by Nokia


Gulp, the short ad film that flexed its stop-motion muscles and bragged about being the "world's largest Nokia N8 creation" – talk about a fishy flex!

Shot on an epic 11,000 sq. ft. set in the seas of South Wales, it's like David vs. Goliath, but with fish.

Our fisherman hero hooks the big one, only to end up as fish food for an even bigger aquatic boss.

But hold your popcorn, because he pulls a Houdini with a bomb – yup, you read that right.

It's a delightful rollercoaster of epic proportions.

Nokia not only captured 1.5 million eyeballs but also proved that with their camera, even fish tales become blockbuster material.

25. Taco Bell


Taco Bell – the MVP of Mexican-inspired munchies in the USA, serving up flavor fiestas in every bite.

Now, enter the Deluxe Build Your Own Cravings Box ad. It's like a flavor rollercoaster, showing you how to craft your own box of joy at warp speed.

They've cranked up the energy with a playlist that's basically a fiesta anthem.

The visuals? Irresistible enough to make your taste buds do a happy dance.

It's not just fast food; it's a personalized flavor adventure set to music. Taco Bell, making cravings an art form!

26. McDonald’s 2022 Superbowl Commercial


Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh is there a better hook?

Uhhhhhhhhhh I think not.

McDonald’s Super Bowl video ad campaign was next to a masterpiece.

I mean every time you pause to think, it takes you to McDonalds. I’m lovin’ it!

27. "Flamin’ Hot" by Cheetos


Ever seen a sloth, a bear, a deer, and an alligator beatboxing?

Well, that’s what happens when you put animation, live-action, and killer music together, you get a flamin’ hot video ad.

And the icing on the cake is a sloth running like a cheetah- Unleash the Cheetos!

28. Starbucks: It Starts With You

Starbucks' video crafts a mesmerizing metaphorical tale, initially perplexing yet utterly captivating.

It's among our top product marketing videos for its symbolic storytelling: books morph into tech, work into friendships, and ingredients into the essence of Starbucks coffee.

Beyond a mere drink, it brings Starbucks to life in our everyday moments, embedding itself in our routines!

Takeaway: Creativity in videos leaves a lasting impression, but balances metaphors to ensure your message resonates.

29. Microsoft Outlook | Better grammar for when it matters


Microsoft Outlook's video ad is sleek, chic, and faster than a microwave burrito heats up.

Blink, and you've already got the message.

It's a tiny feature, but this ad is like the espresso shot of advertising – short, strong, and leaves you thinking, "Simplicity is cool"

30. Raptor Plumbing LLC


Turning a plumbing ad from yawn to yowza?

Enter Raptor Plumbing, turning mundane into mischief.

They didn't just sprinkle animation; they doused it in poetry, innocence, and a dash of childlike mischief.

Now, getting your plumbing fixed is not just a chore; it's a downright spectacle when a Raptor shows up, ready to conquer the leaky faucet.


And there you have it – a blockbuster reel of the 30 best video ads that not only captivated audiences but also set new standards in creativity and marketing finesse.

From TWIX’s humor to Cheetos Flamin' Hot animated storytelling, these ads prove that the art of storytelling is as diverse as the products they showcase.

So, whether you're aiming for a laugh, a tear, or a jaw-drop, let these video masterpieces inspire your next marketing adventure.

If you're hungry for more than just ads, don't forget to check out Taco Bell's flavor fiesta – because, in the world of marketing, cravings are an art form!

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