10 Best Healthcare Marketing Videos: Patient Journeys to Brand Triumphs

Feb 28, 2022 8:03:40 AM

If you are in a hurry, we recommend watching our compilation of the best animated healthcare marketing videos:-

The healthcare industry, in general, has become more important than ever thanks to the pandemic.

And it’s always been a vital and critical industry. After all, what’s more noble than preserving and prolonging life?

But it’s an industry that only a few understand.

The obvious solution would be to simplify the principles so that any layman can grasp them.

That works for the B2C sector, but what about the B2B?

Dumbing the message down too much can backfire in B2B communication since you’re dealing with qualified professionals.

But going into too much detail can make your message boring.

So, you need a solution that meets the needs of B2B and B2C halfway.

And that is where animated healthcare videos come in.

These videos simplify essential concepts, all while keeping the science intact.

That makes video an incredible tool for healthcare marketers. Before we look at the best healthcare videos, let’s understand why you need them first!



  1. Why Do You Need Healthcare Marketing Videos?
  2. Why Choose Animated Healthcare Videos?
  3. Best Healthcare Marketing Videos
    1. Athena Health
    2. Westwood Healthcare
    3. UPS Healthcare
    4. Summa Health
    5. Elysium Health
    6. Blue Cross Blue Shield
    7. Solea
    8. Summa
    9. Fountain of Youth
    10. Crossover
  4. Tips for an Effective Healthcare Marketing Video

Why do you need healthcare marketing videos?

It’s no wonder the audio-visual medium has eclipsed all conventional text-based forms of communication.

Today's audiences react better and absorb more information in video form. The same holds for the medical and healthcare industries.

Whether you're talking to a student, a manufacturer, or a doctor, videos with high-quality animation and well-written scripts make a considerable impact.

Animated videos not only grab and hold the audience's attention but also help you outshine your competitors.

Furthermore, healthcare animated videos are a powerful tool for explaining complex ideas, conveying challenging concepts, and educating a broad audience.

But if you’re unsure, let's get into a little more detail in the next section!

Why choose animated healthcare videos for your brand marketing?

When interacting with your audience, animated videos are one of the most effective ways to do it.

The nature of videos makes them incredibly engaging and allows you to compress and deliver your message in a couple of minutes or less.

More healthcare professionals and businesses recognize the value of employing animation videos to educate, sell, and interact with their target audiences.

See how you can simplify your offering with healthcare marketing videos!

Technology advancements have made it more cost-effective and more straightforward to access high-quality information that presents healthcare ideas in a relevant, entertaining, and easy-to-understand manner.

As technology only continues to advance and people will need information, medical animation videos will become increasingly popular in the years ahead.

This comes with the responsibility of being able to communicate clearly to your audience—whose lives may quite literally be in your hands.

Best Healthcare Marketing Videos and what we liked about them

#10 Athena Health: Unbreak Healthcare


Health insurance and healthcare management are nearly as complex and confusing to outsiders as the medical science it supports.

And this is a frustration that is shared not just by patients but even by the doctors, nurses, and medical professionals working in this often imperfect system. 

Athena wanted its audience to know that they don’t just sympathize but actually want to fix this broken system.

So they set out to connect with their audience: not the patients, but the doctors themselves.

Their video begins by laying down the olive branch of admitting that the system is far from perfect and that they understood their world.

And then, it builds on that by addressing their frustrations and explaining how they’re working to fix things for the better.

Aside from the beautiful and appealing visuals, this video is an excellent example of understanding your audience and speaking their language.

#9 Westwood Healthcare

When people think of medical science, a stately doctor with multiple degrees and nearly a decade of education comes to mind.

But the medical field needs professionals of all kinds, from doctors and nurses, to medical equipment technicians and hospital administration staff, to carry out a myriad of highly specific paperwork and communication. 

And it’s a field that is evergreen and always in need of more trained professionals.

So Westwood healthcare put out this lovely animated video to remind its audience that there’s an entire vital field in need of workers and employees of all sorts and skill levels.

And they all need training and certification. 

The healthcare explainer video’s script and graphics combine to deliver a disarming, friendly and appealing experience and encourage the viewer to think about healthcare as a career they may have never considered before.

#8 UPS Healthcare


Sending a letter in the mail is a simple enough idea. So is mailing a package. We don’t think about it much. 

But what if you had to send medicine, vaccines, or medical lab samples that are fragile and highly sensitive to temperature, pressure, humidity, and more?

You can’t just drop something that delicate and essential into a mailbox or send it via UPS, can you?

Well, as it turns out, UPS is highly skilled at transporting such critical and delicate substances.

And that’s why they commissioned this video to get the word out about their specialized service for the healthcare industry.

The healthcare video took special care to speak the language of medical researchers and laboratories, emphasizing that they understood their world and their specific needs.

This way, the video builds trust and rapport with the viewer, that they’re the right people for such a critical task.

#7 Summa Health


Video, and animated video, in particular, is fantastic at breaking down complex or abstract ideas into elements and visuals that just about anybody can understand.

And metaphors are fantastic for explaining ideas that are difficult to grasp by comparing them to unrelated concepts that are already well-understood. 

Animated healthcare explainer videos can do both, and Buck’s video for Summa Health is a brilliant example.

By using playful and clever metaphors, emphasized by lush visual elements, this video compares a team of dedicated healthcare professionals to a sports team, a coach, and a teammate that always has your back in any challenge you face.

It’s a simple idea but powerful, and a pinch of lighthearted humor doesn’t hurt either.


#6 Elysium Health - Fountain of Youth

Let’s just preface this by saying that we love this script.

When you combine delicious graphics with a smartly-written script, you can make a simple but powerful point that stays memorable long after the viewer has watched it

This is a prime example by Elysium Health of how powerful and effective animated healthcare videos can be!

#5 Blue Cross Blue Shield // Today We

If there’s one perfect example of what brand videos are all about, this would be it. Blue Crossover Health is a startup offering primary care services.

The viewer is treated with a heartwarming connection with a story between the doctor and the patient, bridging the gap and bringing all the expertise into one place.

#4 Solea // Big Deal

This video for Solea is easily one of the best animated healthcare videos we’ve ever seen.

Beautifully simple and minimalistic, with a fantastic script that seizes your attention from beginning to end– and all for a product that most people watching would probably not be too interested in.

#3 Summa

We simply love the video for Summa, a non- profit integrated healthcare delivery system.

It focuses on the overall evaluation of a patient’s well-being and providing healthcare with the best professionals.

The video not only brings all the elements of animation but also science which is the bigger aim for animated healthcare videos.

#2 Fountain of Youth - Elysium Health

Another video that will surely grab your attention is by Elysium Health.

It offers health products built with science, such as dietary supplements and anti-aging drugs.

This video is easy to comprehend; even if the viewer has very little knowledge of medical terms, they can also easily grasp how Elysium Health works.

#1 Crossover 

One of the best healthcare videos shows that healthcare is an area that can be very tricky to understand but it’s cruciality is very vital.

Blue Cross Blue association is a federation of 35 separate US health insurance companies that provide health insurance in the United States.

The motto of the video is to help people understand how they can save money being in the same federal horizons, joining hospitals, associations and patients all under one roof.

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Tips for an effective healthcare marketing video

Whether it's the heartwarming New York commercials, Medical Realities, or hospital management software, healthcare firms of all sizes are producing their own high-quality video content. The content is taking the form of:

1. Success tales from patients
2. Recruitment and training elements are highlighted by the doctor.
3. Commonly Asked Questions

And much more, and the content appears to be accelerating.

Consider animated video as an economical and potential alternative if you're in the healthcare sector and trying to build your firm.

A small investment today might set you up for significant gain in the future.

This technique may benefit urgent care facilities, spinal clinics, psychotherapists, pain management organizations, physical therapy centers, ambulance companies, hospital systems, and many other businesses.

High-quality video may help you not only attract new customers and patients, but it can also help you convert more of your present visitors. It may improve your SEO, provide your users with a better experience, and generally enhance your brand.


A key part of being a healthcare professional is educating your patients about their health so that they can make the best-informed decisions for themselves.

And animation is a powerful, effective tool that can help you better explain complex ideas and issues to your patients.

This is true regardless of what aspect of healthcare you have devoted your career to, whether you’re practicing medicine, in hospital administration, training, or working in pharma and research.

If healthcare marketing video storytelling isn’t a part of your strategy to inform and educate patients, doctors and administrators, it’s never too late to start with a trusted medical video production company!

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