25 Sales Video Examples to Skyrocket Your Conversions

Aug 4, 2023 12:30:00 AM

In this insightful dive, we'll explore 25 sales video examples, each shining a light on the art of crafting compelling sales narratives.

Each video not only captures attention but propels viewers towards action, a cornerstone in any successful sales strategy.

So, buckle up and get ready to transform your sales approach as we unravel the secrets behind these powerful selling tools.

Adventure into the realm of impactful sales videos awaits!

  1. Airbnb
  2. Qstream
  3. KPMG
  4. Spike Construction
  5. Notion AI
  6. Airpods Pro
  7. Amazon One
  8. Anchor by Spotify
  9. Jahia
  10. The Story of Lyft
  11. Neeyamo
  12. Google Assistant
  13. Medallia
  14. Capital One
  15. Welcome to Zapier
  16. Jubzi
  17. Ahrefs
  18. Semrush
  19. 6sense
  20. Starbucks
  21. Slack
  22. Wix
  23. VANS
  24. Asana
  25. Jira Software
25 Sales Video Examples

1. Airbnb

Let’s kick off the list with this animated sales video by Giant Ant Studios for Airbnb.

The first thing that we notice in this video is its approach.

Being customer-centric and keeping the viewer’s thought processes in mind, this video does a great job of emotionally connecting with the viewer.

And they do so with clarity of core messaging and an immersive presentation of visuals.

2. Qstream

When it comes to sales videos for companies, videos that reflect company values are quite ideal for building trust with audiences.

That’s the whole premise of this video by YANS Media made for Qstream.

The video primarily focuses on company values and using that as a foundation, they present their offering with exceptional clarity.

The animation and visuals do a great job of making the video immersive and also building curiosity and excitement among viewers.


The best way to make audiences relate to your brand is to show them how your brand came to be.

In other words, audiences really love a captivating brand story that resonates with their lives. By integrating voice cloning into the videos, it also helps connect their intent and emotions, reaching a wider audience.

And that’s what Arcade Creative focused on when they made this animated sales video for KPMG.

The video takes on a vintage animation style that makes you nostalgic and relives good memories from the past.

Even with such animation, the video is able to portray KPMG’s brand values with amazing clarity that engages audiences and emotionally connects them.

4. Spike Construction

Not all sales videos need to be long.

Sometimes the best videos are the ones that create an impact in a short yet crisp package.

And that’s what Sales Video Animation did with this animated sales video for Spike Construction.

The video is impactful as it doesn't beat around the bush and addresses Spike Construction’s offering head-on.

This is a great way to ensure your message is well received as it leverages audience engagement.

Couple that with animation that help simplify your brand’s offering and you get the perfect recipe for an effective sales video.

5. Notion AI

In the current world of AI, many brands have started leveraging its potential and building products around it.

And that brings us to a question.

How can you convince consumers that AI can actually benefit them?

That’s what Notion tried to answer with this sales video introducing their AI offering, Notion AI.

They went with minimal animation on this so that the viewer is fully focused on their offering.

To help viewers better engage with the video, they went ahead and demonstrated the working of their offering in the simplest way possible.

In other words, the video is short and concise, yet impactful and valuable.


6. Airpods Pro

Introducing a product for the first time comes with a lot of challenges.

But the most important challenge is convincing consumers that your product’s utility can satisfy consumer needs.

That’s what Apple did with this sales video introducing their Apple Airpods Pro.

Animated product videos do a great job of not only showcasing products to consumers (building a first impression) but also showing how your product can help them (establish product relevance).

A product-centric sales video like this narrows the focus of consumers to the brand’s offering and fully leverages audience engagement.

7. Amazon One

Not all sales videos need to be rigid and monotonous.

Having some fun with such videos not only helps in engagement but also in building an emotional connection with your audience.

And that was the focus of Amazon when they made this animated sales video showcasing their Amazon One offering.

Just like their offering, the focus of this video is singular and that’s what makes it unique.

It doesn’t beat around the bush by introducing unnecessary elements into the video and that’s the reason why it engages viewers so well and keeps them hooked throughout the video.

8. Anchor by Spotify

Let’s have a look at this sales video made by Vidico for Spotify’s podcasting platform, Anchor.

What do you think makes this video stand out from the rest of the videos in this list?

It's the careful consideration given to brand offering and then designing video elements to complement it.

Videos that focus on simplifying brand offering and presenting it to audiences in an engaging way are always effective.

This video does all of that and still manages to go above and beyond to establish its own brand identity which really resonates with viewers.

9. Jahia

When it comes to SaaS explainer videos, things are a bit different. 

Consumers need to understand how SaaS products work and how they can help solve their problems.

Imagine doing that and also building trust among consumers along the way.

That’s why we revisit our good folks at Vidico with this sales video for Jahia.

The way this video explains the complexities of Jahia’s offering in a simple yet engaging way is truly commendable.

But it goes one step forward 

By addressing the core issues users face and presenting their offering as a solution, they are able to build credibility and brand trust.

10. The Story of LYFT

Storytelling is a great medium to captivate audiences.

But can it benefit your sales videos too?

Yes, it can and we have this animated sales video by Lyft to demonstrate how video storytelling can take your sales videos to the next level.

A brand story captivates audiences by resonating with them.

And this is a great way of not only building an emotional connection with the brand but to also be compelled to listen to what they’re offering.

In simple words, storytelling fully leverages engagement by giving your brand a personal touch that the audience can relate to.


11. Neeyamo

Continuing with our quest for brand stories, here is an animated sales video made for Neeyamo by What a Story.

With an offering as complex as Neeyamo’s, simplifying that offering and making it engaging at the same time is a major challenge.

And that’s where we see the true benefit of storytelling using videos.

Simply put, it greatly simplifies things, makes them engaging, and leaves a lasting impression on audiences.

12. Google Assistant

Check out this sales video by Google showcasing Google Assistant.

The first thing that you’ll notice on the surface is how short and concise the video is.

But when you watch the video, it doesn't feel like that.

You just had a taste of an impactful video delivered in a digestible format.

The impact that a video has on audiences is what truly determines the uniqueness of the video (and how well it stands out in the crowd).

This is the hallmark of videos that make a lasting impression on audiences in a short time.

13. Medallia

Let’s have a look at this sales video made by Explainly for Medallia.

Presenting Medallia’s offering in a way that ensures clarity without compromising on the details is the primary focus of this video.

The animation and visuals take care of engaging the audience and developing a genuine interest in them Medallia’s offering.

All in all, the video executes the basic fundamentals really well and the end result clearly shows that.

14. Capital One

Financial service offerings can get quite complicated to understand and that’s the last thing a brand wants for its audience.

This is the problem Capital One has tried to solve with this sales video.

Brands need to understand where consumers might feel stuck while trying to comprehend their offerings.

This gives them an edge over their competitors. But everything comes down to presentation.

That’s where videos like this not only set you apart from the competition, it puts you in a league of your own.

15. Welcome to Zapier

Have a look at this sales video by Zapier.

What’s the first thing that you notice?

If you ask us, the video feels personal (as if it was made for you).

And that’s the beauty of it.

Giving your sales videos a personal touch helps you engage better with your audience. 

It also builds an irresistible impression on them too so they keep coming back for more.

And this video demonstrates this quite effortlessly, so much so that you can’t help but appreciate it even more.


16. Jubzi

Next on our list is this sales video for Jubzi made by Amit Sahoo.

This video doesn’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to simplifying Jubzi's offering.

But you know what’s the best part we liked about this video?

It greatly simplifies things without compromising on an engaging presentation that creates excitement and curiosity among viewers.

17. Ahrefs

We revisit another software offering here with this sales video made by Ahrefs.

Software (SaaS in particular) is getting more and more complicated with advancements in technology and innovations.

And quite ironically, it’s being done to make your lives easier.

So shouldn’t a complex piece of software deserve a simple yet valuable explanation to the consumers who use it?

That’s what Ahrefs focused on with this video.

They not only explain the working of their software offering simply so consumers can see the utility of Ahref’s offering instantly.

And the use of animation makes a simple presentation fun and exciting to watch and consume.

18. Semrush

Just like Ahrefs, Semrush also figured out the importance of sales videos to present their offering to consumers.

But here’s where things get interesting.

Semrush’s sales video has a coherent brand image attached to it.

It tries to build an emotional connection with the audience using its brand image.

While a simpler presentation might help you build a great first impression, building a brand image that resonates with consumers keeps them coming back for more.

A classic example of how videos can be a great tool to build brand awareness effectively and effortlessly.

19. 6sense

This is an interesting sales video made by 6sense.

Online platform offerings can get quite dynamic and that might lead to trouble understanding their utility.

That problem has been addressed by 6sense in this video.

They identified where the audience could face difficulties trying to understand their offering.

As a result, they greatly simplified things with this video.

They went one step further and made their offering even more appealing to consumers with the help of animation

20. Starbucks

Creating an irresistible brand image can work wonders for your brand.

That’s what Starbucks understands and this sales video is a reflection of that.

They use animation and visuals to create a good first impression on the viewers from the start.

But the way they incorporate brand values to strengthen their brand image is what builds an emotional bond with the viewers.

In other words, brand values and brand image come together coherently in this video to make build a lasting impression on viewers.


21. Slack

Imagine your offering has an incentive that can greatly benefit users.

Wouldn’t that make your offering greatly appealing to consumers?

That’s what Slack identified made this sales video going over the salient features of their offering.

Making consumers see the importance of your offering in their lives can go a long way.

It’s how you do it that matters more.

Maybe this video can give you important insights that can help you drastically improve the appeal of your offering among consumers.

22. Wix

When we look at this sales video by Wix, we notice things that stand out.

The use of immersive animation helps simplify the complex offering of Wix but does so without compromising on the essentials.

It doesn’t focus on what their offering can do for you but rather on how you can use their offering to help solve your problems.

Giving that personal touch to your brand offering like this helps a lot with engagement and trust among consumers.

23. VANS

As we touched upon before, everybody likes a good story.

But can you make your story go from good to great?

The answer to that is this sales video by VANS.

Telling great stories require attention to detail and this video executes that quite perfectly.

The video’s emphasis on what the brand stands for gives it a conviction that resonates with audiences and builds an impression on them.

Simply put, consumers feel like they know the brand personally and for a brand, that goes a long way.

24. Meet Asana

Here we are with another SaaS offering with this sales video by Asana.

Presenting your SaaS offering in an effective way primarily relies on simplicity.

While Asana has done that with this video, they have gone above and beyond to make their offering stand out.

With the use of animations, they have harnessed the power of storytelling to make their offering appealing.

They have done it in a way that is effective yet effortless at the same time.

25. Jira Software

We conclude this list with a good one.

This sales video is made by Atlassian to showcase their project management software, Jira.

When brands are clear about the utility of their product and how it can help consumers, presenting it to users then becomes a bit easy.

But here’s how they simplified things even further.

They understood the power of video and how it can present the most salient features of their offering in a simple yet engaging way.

And that’s what they did by making this video.

They not only simplified things for themselves but also for their audience.


And there you have it – a deep dive into the world of sales videos.

Through exploring these 25 examples, we've navigated the art of engaging storytelling, persuasive selling, and the impactful use of video in the sales process.

Remember, every video we discussed is a treasure trove of insights ready to be applied to your own strategy.

As we conclude this journey, let these examples inspire you to create sales videos that not only capture attention but also drive action.

The world of sales is constantly evolving, and as these examples show, video is a powerful tool in your sales arsenal.

Happy selling!

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