15 Best App Preview Videos And Why They Work

Aug 11, 2023 12:41:41 AM

So you've developed an incredible app and have a video lined up to promote it. 

But if the video doesn’t excite your audience, everything falls flat and you’ve failed before you’ve even really begun.

There’s a lot riding on this.

How do you get it right? 

Look no further! 

In this blog post, we'll unveil the 15 best app preview videos that have mastered the art of visual storytelling.

Learn from the best and create a captivating app preview video that makes you stand out.

  1. 15 Best App Preview Videos
    1. CashApp
    2. Office 365 App
    3. Louis Vuitton Kusama App
    4. FitMind Guided Meditation App
    5. Tinvio App
    6. Uber Driver App
    7. Groundswell
    8. OurZoo App
    9. Spaceti
    10. TourBuds App
    11. Little Hotelier App
    12. Amazon Alexa App
    13. Velites Training App
    14. Headspace App
    15. Reddit's New Mobile App
  2. Best Practices for App Preview Videos
    1. Planning Your App Preview Video
    2. Content and Format
    3. Graphics and Transitions
    4. Using Copy
    5. Overlaying Audio
    6. Selecting a Poster Frame

15 Best App Preview Videos

1. CashApp 

We kick off this list with a good one.

This video by CashApp is really one of a kind.

Made by Sekani Solomon, it takes you on an immersive experience of CashApp’s in this mobile app explainer video that is nothing short of impressive.

The gorgeous visuals make CashApp’s offering exciting and spark a certain curiosity in the viewer.

3D animation has a stunning and distinctively “realistic” kind of look to it that’s attention-grabbing and immersive.

The flip side is that it can be a bit on the expensive and labor-intensive side.

But the result is often worth it!

And the best part is that it’s able to deliver on CashApp’s offering in an easily digestible format that anyone can understand simply.

2. Office 365 App 

Mobile apps are usually easy to use and navigate around.

But what about an app that promises several utilities packaged into one?

How do you simplify its utility for users?

Maybe this video by BUCK made for Microsoft’s Office 365 app can give us some answers.

Just like the previous video, the use of immersive visuals has been executed perfectly here and that’s what keeps the viewers hooked from the second they watch the video.

The 3D explainer animation shows how the app works by greatly simplifying things, telling viewers exactly how they should use the app to get the most out of it.

We love the creative and artistic use of 3D to demonstrate an environment that is fundamentally 2D, being flat programs and apps that run on a computer or mobile device screen. It’s so clever and subtle.

Simply put, the video is effective as it removes unnecessary fluff and gets straight to the point on how to get the most out of the app.

3. Louis Vuitton Kusama App

The most important thing that separates well-known brands from their competitors is their memorable brand perception among consumers.

Their products are a reflection of it and that’s what makes consumers come back for more.

This video for Louis Vuitton and Yayoi Kusama’s app is a classic example of this.

Their offering is a fun augmented reality-style app where you can take photos and manipulate the subject in bizarre and creative ways, and share the result on social media for your friends to check out. 

It’s a clever and fun way to promote both brands, which are all about style and elegance and that reflects in the video perfectly.

Clearly, the good folks at Microbe Studio understood what makes branded content resonate with viewers and it shows in the end result.

4. FitMind Guided Meditation App

In a stressful world, sometimes taking a break and winding down could be the right thing for you.

But convincing someone of it is a different story altogether.

Or is it?

Have a look at this app preview video for FitMind’s app on guided meditation.

It takes a unique approach to its app preview.

They not only show you the salient features of the app but also convince you about why their app can benefit you in the long run.

This infographic-style video focuses on the essentials and that’s what makes it effective. This style of video looks great and is easy to follow. But as a bonus, it’s also surprisingly light on the wallet to create. 

Videos like these that are made with a clear goal in mind truly resonate with audiences and can help you reach your video marketing goals effortlessly.

5. Tinvio App

Do you know what’s the hallmark of a good video?

It hooks your audience from the very beginning and genuinely keeps them engaged till the end.

And to demonstrate that, we have this video for the Tinvio App made by Studiotale. Because sometimes, you can just take the old “show, don’t tell” rule of storytelling and go quite literal with it, and it still works just fine.

As mentioned earlier, the video hooks you the second you lay your eyes on it and plays on your imagination really well.

The visuals and animation do a great job of sparking your curiosity and making you interested in Tinvio’s offering.

They’re simple, clean, and minimalistic, but do the job of telling the story. Animation in this style is also more cost-effective than it looks.

Such is the magic of video animation!

6. Uber Driver App

Services come in many shapes and sizes. And they can get a bit complex to understand.

Want to see a video that simplifies a complex service offering and does it well?

Have a look at this video for Uber Driver App, made by Media Monks.

An example of the infographic style of video, it’s elegant and easy on the eyes and explains things really well. 

The explainer video script breaks down the app demo video by taking you through your first ride as an Uber driver, step by step, explaining features and options in the app along the way.

For a brand like Uber, simplifying its service offering helps. But showing how its services can be beneficial to consumers matters more.

And that’s what Media Monks kept in mind when making this app preview, and it shows in the video.

7. Groundswell

Financial service offerings can get a bit tricky to understand.

With the right medium though, things can be greatly simplified.

And that’s what has happened with this video by Vidico for Groundswell.

The way the video showcases Groundswell’s app is what truly sets it apart from the earlier videos we have seen till now.

Its simple 2D infographic-style animation is clear and easy on the eyes and helps bring the script to life, explaining the various features of the app.

It harnesses the unique offering of Groundswell and integrates it into the video which goes a long way in resonating with the audiences.

The animation finally drives the point home in a way that’s intuitive and engaging.

8. OurZoo App

It seems there’s an app for everything these days– even for a trip to the zoo.

But the basic problem remains the same: How can you make sure your users take full advantage of everything your app has to offer?

Here’s an app preview video for the OurZoo App, made by Braticate. Another clean and simple 2D infographic-style video that showcases the app’s many useful features that go beyond merely a map of the zoo.

Thanks to this video, visitors can experience so much more from the zoo than they thought possible!

9. Spaceti

There has been an overwhelming influx of apps ever since the inception of mobile apps decades ago.

While apps may vary in their use cases, their primary purpose remains the same.

Simplifying the lives of consumers.

And that’s what this video for Spaceti is all about.

Clearly outlining a solution to a consumer’s pain points in a simple yet impactful way can work wonders in building a bond with your audience.

And that’s exactly what this video does, with a twist.

It effectively uses 2D infographic-style animation to exponentially increase the impact it has on the viewer by keeping them engaged and building interest in them for Spaceti’s offering.

The friendly voiceover and clear script work together with the simple but slick animation to really bring the app to life, and show the viewer what’s possible.

10. TourBuds App

Have a look at this app promo video for the TourBuds app.

What makes this video unique when compared to the others we’ve seen so far?

It’s the use of storytelling that breaks the mold of what an app preview video should look like.

Animated videos for business work best when done as a story, with the customer as the main character. And that’s the approach YANS Media took when making this lovely video.

While the story engages the viewers and unlocks their imagination, the 2D character animation very cleverly integrates the salient features of the app at appropriate places.

In other words, storytelling has made the viewer greatly perceptive to what TourBuds has to offer and that’s quite a unique way to genuinely convince your audience to listen.

11. Little Hotelier App

Adding a dash of personality to your content can give your audience a fresh perspective on your offering.

And here’s an app preview video for the Little Hotelier app to demonstrate this.

One look at this creative mixed animation video and you see what we mean.

A little bit of creativity goes a long way in helping this video stand out from the crowd.

Clever animation paired with a friendly, enthusiastic script that speaks your language, brings the video to life.

When you make the viewers feel like they are the priority, building an emotional connection with them becomes effortless.

12. Amazon Alexa App

The majority of people have a good idea of what established brands have to offer.

It’s mainly because such brands have become somewhat of a household name over the years since their inception.

But what if the brand comes up with a completely new offering?

Let’s have a look at a video that not only solves this problem but presents a robust way of doing so.

This is an app preview video for Amazon’s Alexa App, made by Hornet Studios. The video uses a mix of 3D and live action to fantastic effect.

The people at Hornet Studios understood the importance of using video to bring out the salient features of the app in a short yet impactful way.

But what truly stands out in the video is the way it has simplified Amazon’s app offering greatly.

13. Velites Training App

When it comes to training apps, the most important aspect of them is their interactiveness.

In other words, users need to feel like their app is an extension of them, especially while training.

That’s what Velites Training App wanted to convey with this app preview video.

Velites Sports understood the importance of interactiveness and found that video is a great medium to give viewers a taste of that.

Using mainly live action with some text animation, this deceptively simple video really brings their app to life.

As a result, they made their app preview engaging enough to feel like you’re using the app while delivering the salient features of the app in a way that’s easy to understand and follow through.

14. Headspace App

One of the core tenets of mindfulness is living in the present moment.

But have you ever seen this tenet in action, especially in a video?

That’s the entire premise of this video by Headspace showcasing their app.

Headspace understood that its core principles can not only benefit its audience but also make them listen to what they’re offering.

This is demonstrated in the video perfectly with the use of a calm voiceover and lovely animated visuals that put the viewers at ease.

The clean and simple 2D animation really emphasizes the calm, relaxing, and friendly script in a way that feels like a preview of meditation itself.

As seen earlier, when your content has a hint of your brand’s core values, it helps engage your audience better and builds an emotional bond with them.

15. Reddit’s New Mobile App

We save the best for last.

Here’s a video for Reddit’s new mobile app.

What makes Reddit unique is its offering and that’s what they have gone with in this app preview video to make it unique too.

They understand the importance of brand identity and they have used it to their advantage here.

Couple that with colorful visuals and beautifully simple 2D animations, you have a video that appeals to new and existing users alike.

Best Practices for App Preview Videos

App previews are essential in showcasing your app's features, functionality, and user interface.

With up to three 30-second previews for each supported language, creating compelling previews can spark interest and drive downloads.

Here's how:

1. Planning Your App Preview

First Preview Focus: Use your initial preview to highlight the core features and content, telling a cohesive story of the user's journey.

Additional Previews: Utilize second or third previews to showcase lesser-known features or content, ensuring each video offers something new.

Quick Engagement: Since videos autoplay on the App Store, captivate users quickly by highlighting what makes your app unique.

Storyboarding: Develop an outline or storyboard for the video, planning scenes, transitions, and messaging.

Demo Content: Use sample accounts for personal information and consider any demo content needed.

2. Content and Format

Audience Appropriateness: Ensure content is suitable for ages four and older.

Captured Footage Only: Use only in-app footage, avoiding over-the-shoulder angles or behind-the-scenes content.

Legal Rights: Display only material you have the legal right to show, including licensing for protected content.

3. Graphics and Transitions

Interactive Elements: Add touch hotspots or other graphics to demonstrate navigation within the app, avoiding animated hands.

Native Resolution: Capture the UI at native resolution, ensuring transitions don't imply non-existent functionality.

Engaging Content: Focus on gameplay or interactive elements rather than cutscenes to provide an accurate impression.

4. Using Copy

Contextual Copy: Use legible text to provide context, avoiding specific events, seasons, or pricing that may date the preview.

Disclosure: If necessary, include disclaimers for in-app purchases, subscriptions, or login requirements.

5. Overlaying Audio

Musical Score and Sound Effects: Consider using your app's musical score and UI sound effects to establish continuity.

Professional Voiceover: If using a voiceover, consider professional recording to ensure quality and resonance.

6. Selecting a Poster Frame

Visual Appeal: Choose a poster frame that conveys the essence of the app, changing it in App Store Connect if needed.

By adhering to these best practices, you can create app previews that not only demonstrate your app's functionality but also engage and entice potential users, leading to increased downloads and success. 


Creating an engaging app preview video is a vital step in showcasing your app's unique features and attracting potential users.

But it's not always an easy task.

By following the best examples and practices shared in this blog, you're well on your way to crafting a compelling preview.

Need a hand with it? We can help you out.

Our team specializes in creating app preview videos that resonate with audiences and drive downloads.

Reach out to us, and let's make your app shine in the App Store.

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