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5 Best SaaS Product Videos and How To Lower Your CAC!

Jun 23, 2022 7:13:23 AM

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Your company strives to make your customers’ lives better. And you have many solutions for this.

But thanks to this supercharged information age we live in, your customers are simply inundated with advertising and messaging from countless other companies that promise the same thing.

They’re so overwhelmed with information that it’s impossible to get through to them.

Even worse, this onslaught of endless information can turn them into cynics and skeptics, so you have that added challenge of your audience missing the forest for the trees.

Customers buy what they trust.

And in industries like SaaS, it’s especially difficult to reach consumers when they don’t really understand your company or product.

Because of course, you cannot trust something when you don’t even understand it, to begin with.

Information speaks to the mind.

Art touches the heart.

But storytelling does both at once, building trust. And this is where the power of explainer videos can be seen in all its glory—especially animated SaaS product explainer videos.

Videos not only help you educate potential customers, but they also help reinforce the trust that your existing customers already have.

Cut through the noise, build trust, and simplify complex concepts, all with the help of a short video!

Read on to find out how animated SaaS explainer videos can revolutionize the way you market your ideas.

What are SaaS Product Videos?

A SaaS explainer video showcases the software product you want to market.

They are an effective marketing tool to explain the nuances and technical details that the general masses might not be aware of. 

Think of it as a tutorial video on how your SaaS product works, with the main goal being to stay memorable to your customers once they understand your product.

How Can You Simplify Your Offering with SaaS Product Videos?

Your priority should always be to explain your product, and in turn have the viewers trust you to make their lives better.

The videos should cover specific pain points and demonstrate the solutions you will provide, in turn building a sense of expertise and credibility. 

We live in an extremely competitive market. People are overwhelmed with information on a daily basis.

Your potential customers might not understand how you can make their lives better without proper explanation.

This is on top of the consumer’s typical skepticism when presented with any new offering.

Therefore, it’s critical for your company to establish trust with your customers and humanize itself to the viewer.  

And the secret to unlocking that trust is storytelling.

People connect to stories.

By using anecdotes, hypothetical scenarios, and even dramatic recreations, you bring out the true potential of your SaaS by connecting with your viewer on an emotional level.

You can address pain points, offer solutions, educate customers, and ultimately, foster brand loyalty– all in a minute or two thanks to a single video.

Videos are also a great way to simplify complex topics with the help of visual cues.

With clever use of art and animation, you can show the viewer how certain abstract ideas work, rather than long explanations that not everyone has the patience to listen to.

This means anyone from any background can learn and put their trust in your company.

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Why Use Animation for SaaS Product Videos?

Now that we’ve established the power of storytelling in video, let’s understand why animation is easily the best and most powerful video format you can use for your SaaS product:

  • Animation is eye-catching. A good artstyle is often all you need to make a video engaging.

    The viewer’s attention span usually drops after the first five seconds. But being an audio-visual experience, animated video is much better at holding the viewer’s attention.

    Animation is also more memorable, even after the video is over. You can make a rather simple story or journey with your SaaS product into a kaleidoscopic joyride from start to finish.

  • Animation makes it easier to explain abstract concepts. Your company might be targeted at a niche audience, or maybe the solutions you provided for the client might be for a complicated problem.  

Since your company might deal with a lot of technical terms and ideas, animation comes in handy when you want to simplify and help the viewer visualize these complex concepts and workings. By making the viewer understand that you understand their pain points, you are able to win their trust. 

Your video is not constrained by the limitations of reality. The freedom to use metaphors and text as dynamic animation as you see fit is unparalleled in the realm of animation. 

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  • Animation is a great vehicle for emotional impact. As mentioned before, humans inherently connect with stories. And they don’t need to be feature-film length: even a five-minute video, if crafted well, can draw the viewer in and delight them.

5 Best SaaS Product Video Examples

#5 Salesforce : Help center

Salesforce’s 35-second animated saas explainer video wastes no time in bringing up pain points and the exact solutions for them, while explaining their Help Center product.

They know how important 24/7 support and accessibility are to their customers.

Using geometric designs and fluid animations, this animated explainer video shows exactly how clear and simple your UI can look.

Despite such a minimal and simple art style, the story and infomration are communicated effortlessly and naturally.

#4 Slack / what is slack?

Slack has consistently been at the top of the game when it comes to making explainer videos, and this is no exception.

Using nothing but the colors in their brand logo, Slack provides solutions for the overwhelming scale of information we navigate.

In this 105-second video, Slack brings up the issues of overcrowded email chains and information storages, where new and existing employees can have a difficult time remembering where a crucial document or file could be.

This video wins trust by covering every demographic that would use Slack.

This video also holds the viewer’s attention with extremely creative animation that makes full use of the abstract shapes it has chosen.

It’s simple and minimal, but the symbols and colors all have meaning. And it all helps the video tell its story.

#3 IBM - Maintenance

I bet you weren’t thinking of IBM when trying to visualize a fun explainer video, but they are here to prove you wrong.

To market their Maximo SaaS, they barely use any dialogue or mention any features.

All they do is mention what a maintenance management system should be like. 

The video incorporates 3D stop-motion animation and models that mimic toys to simplify how management systems work.

Showing these concepts in a humorous way grabs the attention of both existing and potential customers.

(Psst, stick around for at least 5 seconds if you like cats in unexpected places)

#2 Claara | Exactly what's needed

Claara knows that you want nothing short of perfection when it comes to advertising your product.

Instead of making vague promises, Claara stands out by giving accurate and realistic data, the same way this SaaS would do for you.

Sticking to a color scheme of yellow, black, and white, this SaaS explainer video shows the viewer the tools every advertiser in the Baltics would need.

By visualizing their UI with line art, they help make their product stay memorable with both art and factual information.

#1 Make it with G suite: Retail

You have seen brands incorporate their logos and colors, but how often do you see brands use their own SaaS to make a short animated movie?

G suite uses a 2D animation SaaS video to bring up how difficult it is to work when not everyone is on the same page.

Incorporating elements from their own SaaS like the color-coded pointers, this video uses animation to show how people can interact with each other online in the blink of an eye.

They show how organized an online workspace can be by using a host of applications included in G Suite.

Interactive elements from Google Docs make it look like a well-shot Screen-Capture video, showing you exactly how you would use them. In 90-seconds, this video manages to educate and also tell a story of a small brand finding its place in the current market. 

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You need your customers' trust before you can help them better their lives.

Sometimes, they aren’t even aware of the correct solution they would require to fix a particular pain point. 

This is why it is important for your SaaS to have an animated explainer video.

You will not only reach out to the widest audience, but you will also educate them on how you can revolutionize the way they live.

Stay memorable for far longer than your competitors with the help of a SaaS product explainer video today!


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