12 Benefits of Video Marketing: Insights for a Competitive Edge

Apr 10, 2024 6:00:00 AM

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: video is the de-facto language of the internet.

And if your brand cannot speak it, nobody can hear you.

Not convinced? Well, we got the receipts.

Here are 12 insights into video marketing that back up this claim!

  1. Benefits of Video Marketing
    1. Increased Engagement
    2. Improved Conversion Rates
    3. Better SEO Performance
    4. Effective Storytelling
    5. Increased Social Shares
    6. Aids in Decision Making
    7. Higher Retention Rates
    8. Video Is The Internet's Top Choice
    9. Videos Are Great for Product Demos
    10. Higher Audience Reach
    11. Short-Form Videos
    12. Influence Brand Perception

Benefits of Video Marketing

1. Increased Engagement

Video content tends to capture attention more effectively than text or static images, leading to higher engagement rates with your audience.

Video really is the preferred format for absorbing lots of information. 

And why not? 

It’s far more natural to the way we already perceive the world around us when compared to text, images, or sounds on their own.

Simply put, videos present content in a visually appealing package that’s easy to understand and engaging to consume.

And this isn’t limited to entertainment.

Businesses are getting in on this too, harnessing the power of video for their marketing strategies.

And as an example, here’s an animated infographic video we made for Ewarenow that demonstrates this beautifully:


2. Improved Conversion Rates

There’s a lot of hype when it comes to internet fads and gimmicks in marketing. 

If you’re skeptical, it’s understandable. 

So here’s a stat that might interest you. 

Putting aside all the SEO and social media stuff for a moment. 

When you get people onto your website, how much difference does the presence of a video really make? 

Turns out, it’s dramatic. 

Businesses that put a video on their landing page see an 80% higher chance of conversion than those that do not.

videos increase conversion rates

As an example, here’s a great landing page video we made for the good folks at Hallstar.


3. Better SEO Performance

Everyone’s talking about SEO this, ranking that. 

Search engines are where people start looking stuff up online, so it’s vital to get your site up on that elusive first page of search results. 

An entire industry exists just to help make this happen for businesses of all kinds, called SEO (search engine optimization).

But did you know that video is so critical to your webpage’s success, that search engines will actually prioritize your page if it has video on it? 

It boosts your chances of getting on the front page by just over fifty times!

So what kind of videos are we looking at here? Mostly these are landing page videos.

And our compilation video of some of the best landing page videos here will surely give you a better idea.


4. Effective Storytelling

Video allows you to tell stories in a dynamic and visually appealing way, making it easier to connect with your audience on an emotional level and convey your brand's message effectively.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then guess how much video is worth? Give up? The answer is 1.8 million words.

Another way to put it: one video has the same impact as 38,000 websites!

Video isn’t just attention-grabbing and cool-looking. It’s highly information-dense. 

Meaning, you can pack a lot of information into a video; and when done right, it remains interesting and easy to understand. 

You can go far more in-depth with a video than with big blocks of text, and your audience pays attention easily. 

When done really well, it can even be entertaining.

Imagine what you can do with that kind of power!

visual storytelling

For instance, let’s take something as complex as drayage and its supply chain management solution. 

What happens when you use video to simplify it and also make it interesting to consume at the same time?

That’s what we helped Coast to Coast Logistics do with their drayage offering.

And the result was this animated motion graphics video:


5. Increased Social Shares

The other measure of success on the internet is social media, specifically, people sharing your posts with others. 

And netizens sure do love their social media videos

Video posts outperform text or image posts, and by a long way. 

The difference is dramatic– as much as 1,200%.

videos increase social shares

So if you’re not on top of your game when it comes to social videos, it’s time to kick it into gear as soon as possible, because your brand is missing out.

Here’s a great example of a social media video by Pandium.


6. Aids in Decision Making

It’s not just casual visitors that get interested in video content, either. 

Studies show that when senior decision-makers watch a video, they’re far more likely to visit the vendor’s website and check it out.

So it’s not just Joe Q. Public you’re making videos for, but the key people whose interest you covet the most.

videos in decision making process

When you make videos with the target audience in mind, the end result comes out just like you wanted it.

Here’s an animated explainer video made by What a Story explaining Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.


7. Higher Retention Rates

Videos are inherently interesting and attention-grabbing, this is no secret. 

And you can measure this effect by how long visitors to your website hang around and explore. 

Did you know that visitors on average will spend two minutes more on a site if there’s a video to watch?

Check out this animated video made by Vidico for Zeelo.


If you ever visit Zeelo’s website and see this video, you would want to spend an extra two minutes on their website too.

Just one of many benefits of using videos to quickly and effectively grab the audience’s attention.

8. Video Is The Internet's Top Choice

86% of people on the internet are watching videos online. Yours could be one of them.

Sounds crazy, but if you stop and think about it for a moment, it makes sense. 

When you factor in YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, as well as entertainment juggernauts like Netflix, this stat is hardly surprising. 

popularity of videos on the internet

9. Videos Are Great for Product Demos

It’s a case of “show, don’t tell.

Video provides a powerful platform for demonstrating how your products or services work, allowing potential customers to see them in action and gain a better understanding of their benefits.

Video content can also be tailored to specific audience segments or individual viewers, allowing you to deliver personalized experiences and address the unique needs and preferences of your target audience.

Well-produced video content can help to build trust and credibility with your audience by showcasing your expertise, sharing customer testimonials, and providing valuable insights or advice.

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10. Higher Audience Reach

How about nearly half the entire world’s population?

There are as many viewers on YouTube as there are people in China and India, combined.

This stat really puts things into perspective. 

And that’s just YouTube alone!

Let’s help you get a better picture of what we’re talking about here. 

That’s how many people like video, and they could be watching yours.

videos have higher audience reach

Here’s the most popular animated video of the YouTube channel, CGMeetup titled “Watermelon: A Cautionary Tale”


It has a whopping 124M views.

And that number makes up only 0.06% of YouTube's monthly traffic!

11. Short-Form Videos

All that said, it’s more than simply a matter of sticking a video on your landing page and social media accounts and calling it a day. 

There’s fierce competition for the attention and eyeballs of viewers. So it’s important to do it right. 

Too long a video, and chances are viewers won’t even hit play. 

The success of a video plummets if you drone on for too long. 

Remember, it’s quality, not quantity. 

A good example of short yet impactful videos are animated commercial videos

Or, more recently, short-form videos.

Speaking of commercial videos, you can check out our blog for some of the best animated commercial videos.

But if you’re pressed for time, we have you covered with our video compilation of the best commercial videos here.


12. Influence Brand Perception

Worst case scenario, a poorly made video can actually have a negative effect on your brand’s perception! 

In order to really work for you, a video has to be well-crafted with a good script and animation that’s easy on the eyes. 

The best animated videos for business tend to tell a story rather than function as a mere commercial ad. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to figure this all out by yourself. 

videos influence brand perception

There’s no shortage of high-quality animation studios that specialize in animated videos for business. 

A good team will help guide you through what you really need, make recommendations and suggestions, and walk you through the whole process.

You can ask for guidance on software and tools for even the smallest details in your videos, namely elements like logos for which you need a great logo maker.

When done right, a well-made video will delight customers and enhance your brand’s image in ways you might not have thought possible before.

For example, here’s an animated video we made showcasing our video-first approach framework.


We ensured the true essence of our video-first approach is as clear as possible to the viewer, without compromising on high-quality visual design and animations that give the video an edge.


And there you have it, twelve amazing facts that underscore the power of video marketing. 

The sky’s the limit when it comes to this versatile and immersive format, especially when paired with animation.

You’re truly only really limited by your imagination and creativity. It’s practically a language that the internet speaks fluently today. 

So is your brand being heard?

Are you integrating video into your marketing strategy to get that edge?

It’s time to tell your brand’s story to the world! 

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