30 Best Recruitment Video Examples That Attracted Top Talent

Jan 22, 2024 3:00:00 AM

Your employees are easily your most vital asset.

You could invest in all the best equipment, rent out the hottest office space in the best location, and splurge on the best marketing and advertising money can buy.

But all of that is pointless if your team isn’t up to the task. 

That’s why recruitment is so critical to your success. While this should go without saying, it’s often easier said than done.

That’s where the power of recruitment videos comes in.

By creating short, entertaining videos, you can build relationships with potential candidates before they even apply for a position.

So let’s look at some great recruitment videos using animation across brands from different industries, and see how they work.

  1. 30 Best Recruitment Video Examples
    1. Fiverr: Another Generic Recruitment Video
    2. Working at Dropbox
    3. This is Zendesk
    4. Early in Career at Starbucks
    5. Hubspot's Company Culture
    6. The Zappos Family
    7. Apple
    8. Insomniac Games - Ballz
    9. Islamic Relief Fund
    10. General Mills
    11. SAP
    12. Barclays
    13. Vimeo
    14. Shopify
    15. Blizzard Entertainment
    16. Google
    17. LMA
    18. Rivs
    19. Virgin Mobile
    20. Heineken
    21. Let's Get Digital
    22. McDonald's Japan
    23. NASA
    24. Atlassian
    25. Ford
    26. Club Med
    27. SGP
    28. The New School by Sylvia Yang
    29. SAP Diversity Recruitment Campaign by Pastilla
    30. Knowit Solutions by Manne Nilsson
  2. Frequently Asked Questions
    1. How Long Should My Recruitment Video Be?
    2. What Should I Include in My Recruitment Video?
    3. How Much Will a Recruitment Video Cost?

30 of the Best Recruitment Video Examples

1. Fiverr: Another Generic Recruitment Video


Don’t be afraid to use humor, and even make fun of yourself!

When done right, humor is a powerful tool to help grab attention, stand out from the sea of noise, and even entertain your audience, no gimmicks are needed. 

This hilarious and sarcastic video by Fiverr roasts all the stereotypes of the typical boring corporate recruitment video, all while setting Fiverr apart in its culture.

It also speaks clearly to the younger generation that loves meta, self-referential humor like this, which gives us a clue about the kind of talent they’re trying to attract.

2. Working at Dropbox


How do you stand out from the crowd? Well, you have to be unafraid to think outside the box, so to speak. 

Like this delightful video by Dropbox, where they used adorable puppets with the real voices of employees, talking about why they love working there.

This is what happens when you really let your creative team soar and try crazy things– it often works!

3. This is Zendesk


Another deceptively very simple video, “This is Zendesk” introduces you to their company and culture in a way that’s about as simple and friendly and minimalistic as you can get.

But what it’s really doing, is humanizing the company and showcasing that it’s all about the people. It’s warm, friendly and charming. 

4. Early in Career at Starbucks


This is another recruitment video that takes the recruit and puts them centerstage in the story.

It’s a montage of real interns, recruits, and new hires talking about their experience working at Starbucks and how they got their careers started.

It’s another “show, don’t tell” approach that we stand by.

5. Hubspot’s Company Culture


In a similar vein, this video for Hubspot gives you an inside look and feel of what it would really be like to work there.

Salary, benefits, perks, etc can only tell you so much about a workplace.

This video aims to make the viewer feel like they’re already working there and get them curious and excited.

6. The Zappos Family


Zappos is one of those companies that embraces an unconventional, energetic company culture in their workspaces. So why do a typical boring recruitment video? 

Feeling more like a reality show or an unrehearsed social media video than anything else, Wistia’s video for Zappos went for a raw and personal feel.

And their culture comes through clearly in the three minutes of exploring their workspaces and chatting casually with their staff.

7. Apple


Apple is a company that needs no introduction.

Still, it’s a company that prides itself on thinking and doing things differently from everyone else— “Think different” is even their official slogan.

So it goes without saying that their recruiting video should inspire and excite you about wanting to work there, while also giving a clear idea of what they expect from Apple employees and why. 

Notice how the video also subtly does all this in their distinctly clean and minimalistic style, too!

8. Insomniac Games - Ballz


The video game industry is a serious business.

But that doesn’t mean you have to take everything so seriously that it’s boring.

Video game designers and artists need a space that nurtures creativity and fun, so their workspaces reflect that.

And Insomniac Games is no exception. 

Embracing this culture, Insomniac created a grungy amateurish music video with a Jack Black-esque character singing with a guitar as he takes you on a tour of their office.

But it’s more than just using humor to grab your attention.

This strategy sells the company’s corporate culture and energy quite effectively.

They’re speaking the language of the kind of creative people they want to attract, and they’re not going to apologize for it. 

Yes, recruitment videos can be hilarious and enjoyable too!

9. Islamic Relief Fund


Marketing non-profit charities is tough.

The general perception is that they ask for money and throw it at the problem repeatedly until it solves itself. 

That’s why this infographic-style animated recruitment video for Islamic Relief had to set the record straight from the get-go.

Explaining that running an aid organization is about far more than fundraising for charity, but about ultimately making real change. 

The graphics are simple and clean but tell the story effectively, holding your interest from start to finish. 

10. General Mills


New technology emerging in video, like 3D, VR, and 360-degree views doesn’t need to sit on the fringes.

Such influential video marketing trends also deserve your attention.

Here’s a recruitment video for General Mills that takes you on a 360-degree tour of their corporate headquarters, inviting the viewer to quite literally look around and interact with the video as they like.

While the video is pretty simple and straightforward, this little gimmick of being able to pan the camera around and see everything, really gets your attention and interest.

It also subtly hints that this is a company that isn’t afraid to try new things and experiment, and rewards clever out-of-the-box thinking from its team.

What you just witnessed is a mere glimpse into the fascinating world of interactive videos.

11. SAP


We love this beautifully animated character video for SAP, where we see a character navigating her career path, taking chances, and ultimately soaring to success.

It’s a story that reveals the kind of person SAP is looking for in their recruits, and teases and excites the viewer with the idea that they could be that person. 

This is another great example of the power of animated storytelling for business, and just how effective it can really be when done right!

12. Barclays


What starts out as a pretty straightforward and serious recruitment ad quickly takes a turn for the surreal.

Subverting the tropes and stereotypes, this amazing video shows fairly typical scenes where people suddenly disappear.

They start falling through trap doors, being kidnapped by masked mercenaries from the ceiling, or unwittingly stepping into a limo disguised as a taxi.

All to reveal that Barclays is “quietly recruiting” the very best talent out there. 

It’s a simple concept, taken to truly cinematic, action-movie levels of execution.

And it definitely gets your attention and makes its point loud and clear. Or rather, in this case, subtly and quietly!

13. Vimeo


We tell our clients that it’s important to know your audience and really speak their language before we work together to create the perfect video for them. 

And here’s another shining example.

At first glance, it comes off as rather amateurish and off-the-cuff, as though the people didn’t even know they would be on camera until it was already happening.

But make no mistake.

In this day and age of ubiquitous social media becoming increasingly video-focused, like with Instagram Reels and TikTok, this kind of video is surgical in targeting the best young talent out there.

An adorably awkward host takes us on a seemingly unrehearsed, off-the-cuff tour of Vimeo and its quirky but highly talented staff, showcasing the cutting-edge culture they embody.

14. Shopify


More like an episode of The Office or Parks and Recreation, this dramatic and amusing video unfolds into a storyline of an employee getting obsessed with finding the perfect solution for his boss.

It’s funny and somehow subtle and over-the-top at the same time.

But while it entertains, it reveals Shopify’s quirky but focused culture of innovation and problem-solving.

The subtle question it asks the viewer is: do you have what it takes to draw the owl?

15. Blizzard Entertainment


Even if you’re not a gamer, chances are you’ve heard of Blizzard Entertainment, one of the biggest gaming companies in the world.

But what’s it like to actually work there?

This video peels back the curtain, with suitably dramatic music and editing that makes it feel more like a cinematic ad than a corporate recruiting video.

And it works to great effect!

16. Google


Google is another company that really needs no introduction.

But what’s it like to actually work there?

This recruitment video for Google gives us an inside look at their amazing offices and workspaces.

Google has always taken great pride in their quirky, cool, and unusual office spaces, and here we see more about how that culture has worked to make them one of the biggest and most valued companies on the planet.

17. LMA


We love the adorable character animation in LMA’s recruitment video made by the good folks at Me & You Studio.

Beautiful colors, slick graphics and well-crafted animation are all paired with a clever, simple script that really draws the audience in and keeps us interested from start to finish.

18. Rivs


We live in a digital world, with apps, algorithms and computers doing pretty much all of the tedious heavy lifting for us.

So why is recruitment still stuck in the past?

That’s where Rivs comes in, a platform that helps recruiters smoothly streamline their recruitment process.

We love this beautiful animated character video by Demo Duck, with its snappy and funny script paired with stunning animation and graphics. 

Perhaps it’s not a typical recruitment video like others on this list.

But it still involves recruiting, and it also underscores the power of animated video for business, so we’re including it!

19. Virgin Mobile


Here’s a slightly different take on a recruitment video.

Rather than talking about the company, or talking about the job requirements, Virgin Mobile opted for a friendly guide on how prospects can do their best on their job interview, wherever it may be.

This animated video is unusual, friendly, disarming– but also demonstrates the company’s values and culture on a more subtle level.

Note the use of the brand’s signature colors throughout the video, too.

20. Heineken


The Dutch beer brand Heineken went kind of crazy with this one, going all cinematic and reality-show-esque, showing how seriously they take their recruitment process.

It’s quite over-the-top but on purpose for comedic effect.

We see recruits running through a gauntlet of unexpected challenges and theatrically arranged fake emergencies, to filter out the very best of the best. It has a wholesome ending, too.

Perhaps it’s not your typical corporate recruitment video, but then the message here is that Heineken perhaps isn’t your typical boring company.

21. Let’s Get Digital


Here’s another example of why you shouldn’t be afraid to use a little humor and get creative with your videos– even for something like corporate recruitment.

Let’s Get Digital went all out with this surreal and hilarious video, all shot in first-person POV, so you feel like you’re inside the story as it unfolds.

It’s like a cross between Monty Python and a book of the most groan-inducing Dad jokes you’ve ever heard, but you can’t stop watching to see what crazy thing happens next. 

It’s entertaining, but also cleverly showcases the brand and its culture and humor.

22. McDonald’s Japan


For another shining example of really understanding and knowing your audience, check out this stunning animated commercial video for McDonald’s Japan.

The whole video is like an episode of a typical anime in every possible way, quite literally speaking the audience’s language and culture. 

Did it work? Well, check out the delighted comment section, with many netizens outright begging for this to be turned into an actual full anime series. 

Now that’s how you connect with your audience!

23. NASA


You don’t expect a recruitment video to take your breath away and bring tears to your eyes.

But then NASA isn’t your typical workplace, by any definition.

What we love about this video is that it doesn’t so much brag about NASA’s many (literally) stellar accomplishments over the past decades.

It focuses on the spirit of human ingenuity, exploration, and science.

The statement the video makes is not “we are the smartest people on Earth” rather that NASA is the embodiment of that spirit in all of us that makes us human.

And it’s no marketing hype. 

Granted, most of us cannot think about seriously making a video like this for our own companies and vision, no matter how ambitious we are.

But these are just some of the many takeaways we can glean from analyzing this amazing video and understanding what makes it work so well.

24. Atlassian


Atlassian beautifully uses the concept of a successful rocket launch to focus on the importance of hiring the right people to meet their big, audacious goals.

This infographic recruitment video also talks frankly about their candidates’ resource hub, which tells them all about the interview process and sets expectations right from the start.

They say you should reach for the stars, but stay grounded in reality, and this video cleverly does both at once.

There’s the big metaphors and fanciful imagery, but it also goes into specifics about how the company endows their team members with all the tools and resources they would need to be successful.

25. Ford


The art of recruiting is about much more than just dropping a job listing. It’s almost like an advert for working at your company. 

You’re looking for excellent candidates, but in turn they’re looking for a great place to work. 

Communicore created this beautiful mixed-media style video for Ford College Recruiting that goes above and beyond, explaining what Ford is all about as a company and team. 

It’s a quick but deep dive into their history, culture, people, and ideals that leaves the viewer dazzled and inspired.

26. Club Med


For their official recruitment campaign, Club Med contacted NIU to create this gorgeous character animation video that illustrates the everyday life of a GO.

The storytelling style of employee testimonial works especially well to attract candidates with similar values.

A job can be much more than just a series of tasks to earn cash.

For some, it can tie into a sense of identity, purpose, and connect with their personal life values.  

So they created this beautifully animated video that speaks of company culture, amazing life experiences, and the joy of world travel, and builds trust with exactly the kind of people Club Med are looking for.

Now that’s how you really recruit top talent!

27. SGP


SGP is in charge of one of the largest projects in Europe: digging the tunnels for the future Grand Express metro.

This animated recruitment film was produced by the French studio Brave.

We love the distinct infographic animation style used, where it’s minimalist but detailed when needed; and clear and serious, but also abstract and playful at times.

It brings a sense of dynamic energy and personality to the recruitment effort, a sense of importance and excitement.

This is kind of what we mean when we say that industry leaders woo and inspire their future teammates and employees as well as potential customers!

28. The New School by Sylvia Yang


Recruitment isn’t always about jobs. Colleges and trade schools need students, too.

And it’s not enough to list a syllabus and call it a day. 

Prospective students want to know the ideals the school stands for, the approaches it takes for teaching, and the job prospects they can look forward to once they graduate. 

Sylvia Yang’s animated video for The New School checks all these boxes, delivering its message using slick and dynamic animation with bright colors and elements.

29. SAP Diversity Recruitment Campaign by Pastilla


Diversity and inclusiveness are now a vital part of today’s discourse, especially with young adults.

These aren’t just buzzwords or a trendy fad, but ideals that are taken quite seriously by the general public today.

Pastilla’s video for SAP understands and addresses this head-on.

The script and character animation are carefully crafted to speak the viewer’s language, showing their point of view.

It’s inspiring and empowering, and very effective.

30. Knowit Solutions by Manne Nilsson


Attracting the right team members is not really about what your company can get out of them.

It’s also the other way around!

Why should the best, most skilled and talented individuals in your industry pick your team over everyone else?

Manne Nilsson’s video for Knowit Solutions is a great example of this strategy.

The video explains how and why Knowit has the best team to be a member of.

It goes without saying that a job that cool, would require the best and brightest.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Should My Recruitment Video Be?

As with any video we create, a video should be long enough to cover all the important points, but not so long as to bore the audience and lose their interest.

This is on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration the audience and requirements. 

2. What Should I Include in My Recruitment Video?

For a recruitment video, however, remember that it’s a two-way street.

You’re communicating what you expect from potential recruits, but also sharing with them your company and its culture and why it would be a great place for them to work, too.

3. How Much Will a Recruitment Video Cost?

This is the question we get asked more than any other, and it’s understandable.

But the simple answer is: it depends. 

The cost of any project is a combination of several factors: primarily the length of the final video, and the complexity of the animation involved.

Other things like voiceover work come into play as well. Ultimately, no two videos are the same, and it all depends on the client’s needs. 

That said, we do our best to work within a client’s budget and resources, to make them happy without compromising on the quality of the finished product.


You could have the coolest company and best job openings on the planet.

But what does it matter if the right people don’t hear about it?

That’s why it’s key that you speak the right language to the right people.

And animated video is so ubiquitous, most of us don’t even notice how common and versatile it is.

But now you do!

With the right team to partner with, you too can supercharge your recruiting power and presence in your industry– and grow your team from strength to strength, taking it to the next level.

Get in touch with us and find out what the power of animated video can do for you and your business today!

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