7 Examples of Employee Testimonial Videos That Boosted Brand Image

Dec 3, 2023 10:06:07 AM

In a hurry? Check out our examples of the best animated employee testimonial videos and get inspired: 


We’re all familiar with customer testimonials.

But there’s another kind of testimonial coming from the opposite end of business: that of your own employees!

Employee testimonial videos are the best way to showcase your company's culture and values. 

Talking about your values and your mission statement is one thing; but testimonials from your own team members brings it to life and makes it all tagine and real.

A video marketing strategy that involves testimonial videos really help bolster trust in a brand.

Let’s look at how big brands use animated employee testimonial videos to build brand awareness and increase the impact of their internal communications.

  1. Kohl's Interview Animation
  2. Babcock Principles
  3. Club Med Recruitment Campaign
  4. Syracuse University: Welcome Video
  5. Optiver Core Values
  6. Shapiro & Duncan
  7. Qualcomm: Low Latency

Best Animated Employee Testimonial Videos

1. Kohl’s Interview Animation


A remote interview with an employee was paired with animation to show the advantages of using 3D technology for product lifecycles within the company of Kohl

A peer recommendation builds a special level of trust in your organization, because it deals with the human side of things.

The video showcases the skilled and dedicated people involved in the process, and how they work hard to please their customers daily. 

Because ultimately, you can’t do business without trust.

2. Babcock Principles


Al Boardman teamed up with Babcock to help explain and visualize their company’s new set of employee principles.

He created the initial concepts and developed these into illustrations using simple geometric shapes and patterns, to create a story that is both engaging and easy to understand. 

Like the best animated testimonial videos out there, it’s deceptively simple looking but packs a punch with its clever storytelling and visual symbolism.

3. Club Med Recruitment Campaign


Cyril Calgaro was tasked with creating a recruitment campaign video for Club Med in a creative and poetic style. 

So he interviewed employees of Club Med to share their unique experiences and testimonials.

To be the best in your field, attracting the best talent is just as important as it is to woo customers.

Club Med knows this well, so they went all out in showcasing what they have to offer to their own team members as well as clients.

4. Syracuse University: Welcome Video


Syracuse University chose to go beyond the cliché of "smiling-kids-sitting-next-to-trees" in their latest welcome video, which features a unique collage of student testimonial voices and mixed media visuals. 

They opted for a lively montage of different voices and testimonials, all painting a mosaic-like bigger picture of the vibrant life and culture at Syracuse University.

This animated testimonial video was produced by Dress Code.

5. Optiver Core Values


Kingdom of Something teamed up with designer Louis Wesolowsky to make this animation presenting the core values of the Dutch trading company, Optiver.

Rather than run down a bullet-point-style list of abstract-sounding ideals and platitudes, their video testimonial went for an approach from multiple voices of team members.

This way the company’s core culture and ideals are unraveled through personal, first-person soundbytes, telling a story of the team’s journey.

It’s fascinating and engrossing and really brings all these ideas to life.

6. Shapiro & Duncan 



If you are looking to build brand awareness, showcase your company culture and attract more talent, then start using animated employee testimonial videos for recruitment campaigns. 

Collect inspiring stories from your employees and convert them into videos. 

Let’s look at a great example from Shapiro & Duncan, who were struggling to attract talent to the construction industry and decided to launch the campaign “build the lifestyle you deserve” using an animated video.

7. Qualcomm- Low Latency


5G is a pretty big deal, a seismic shift in wireless that will affect many aspects of our lives.

Who better to explain what 5G is and how Qualcomm played a defining role in its launch, than their lead engineers? 

Buck created this series of animated employee testimonial videos with two of Qualcomm's best, who dig deep into the nitty gritty of the network and how it's going to make our lives better.

It brings a human, personal side to a highly technical line of work.


Testimonial videos help you communicate your brand personality and build trust and awareness across your target audience effectively. 

To get your animated employee testimonial videos, contact us below!

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