Video Marketing for Lawyers: A Modern Approach to Build Your Firm

Nov 11, 2023 12:30:00 AM

The biggest challenge for law firms is getting through to their audience and winning their trust.

The reason? The customers of law firms or lawyers aren’t in the same mind frame as those looking to buy a regular product. 

These are people who are stressed out, usually pressed for time and have sensitive matters at hand which make them skeptical of trusting anyone. 

It also doesn’t help that for them, Law firms seem distant and unapproachable.

Video marketing for lawyers helps bridge that gap. 

It offers a way for lawyers and law firms to show their trustworthiness and expertise with videos.

Using client testimonials, or legal explainer videos, they can showcase their dependability and present themselves as a reliable ally who's there for you 24/7, ready to lend an ear and a helping hand.

Videos let lawyers talk directly to people and show they care — making law firms feel more like a friend and less like just another legal service provider. 

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Let’s explore the WHY and HOW video marketing can help lawyers build real connections and help assure clients that they have someone on their side.

  1. Why Should Lawyers Use Video Marketing?
    1. Build Trust
    2. Clarify Legal Concepts
    3. Maximize Reach
    4. Personality and Branding
    5. Search Engine Visibility
  2. Effective Video Marketing Ideas for Lawyers
    1. Educational Client Videos
    2. Video Integration of Digital Platforms
    3. Internal Video Messaging
    4. Training Videos on New Legislation
    5. Targeted Video Advertising
    6. CTA Videos
    7. Character Animation Videos
  3. 9 Best Legal Explainer Video Examples
    1. TextLawyer
    2. Legal Aide
    3. Law Offices of Adam J. Roa
    4. LegalShield
    5. BetterLegal
    6. Pellicer and Heredia
    7. Legal Super
    8. Birketts
    9. Counter Tax Lawyers

2. Why Should Lawyers Use Video Marketing?

According to the American Bar Association’s Legal Technology Survey Report of 2020, only about 24% of law firms actually use videos as part of their marketing strategy.

Here are several compelling reasons why more lawyers and law firms should adopt video marketing and how it can benefit them by giving them a competitive advantage:

  1. Build Trust: With legal proceedings often taking several months (even years) to conclude, it’s important that clients trust their lawyers to justify a lengthy commitment of time, money, and energy. Law firms can use explainer videos to present successful case resolutions and animated videos of client testimonials, thus fostering trust in their abilities and results from similar clients.
  2. Clarifying Legal Concepts: People are 75% more likely to watch an explainer video to learn about something rather than read about it. For the legal industry, this translates into an invaluable tool for explaining intricate legal procedures and rights to clients in a format that's far more digestible than text-heavy documents.
  3. Maximize Reach: Law firms can significantly extend their reach by repurposing videos for different platforms. A single video can be edited into shorter formats for Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and LinkedIn posts, efficiently targeting different audiences without additional filming. This approach not only broadens visibility across social networks but also drives engagement and positions the firm as a knowledgeable authority, all while conserving resources and ensuring a consistent message across various media channels.
  4. Personality and Branding: Videos give law firms a dynamic personality, transforming them from faceless entities into relatable brands. Through candid interviews, client stories, and glimpses into daily legal life, videos convey the firm's values, ethos, and character. This visual storytelling forges a stronger connection with viewers, distinguishing the firm in a crowded marketplace and ensuring that clients remember not just the services provided, but the unique brand behind them.
  5. Search Engine Visibility: Including explainer videos on your law firm's website landing pages and videos to support blogs can increase the chances of a front-page Google search result by 53 times. This enhanced visibility is critical for law firms aiming to be easily found by those in need of legal aid.

As you just saw, video marketing brings with it many benefits that can take your law firm’s legal marketing output to new heights.

Let us help you enhance the appeal of your law practice with animated explainer videos.

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Law firms have very specific goals in mind when it comes to marketing their practice.

And their videos should be designed in a way that helps them achieve those goals efficiently.

Which begs the question: what kind of videos should lawyers and law firms aim for?

Let’s have a look at some amazing legal explainer video ideas for lawyers in the next section.

3. Effective Video Marketing Ideas for Lawyers

Video marketing for lawyers is very specific with a defined end goal.

There might be a law firm interested in showcasing one of their senior associate’s success stories to attract new hires for employment.

A lawyer might want to advertise their independent corporate law practice to attract more clients.

That’s why it’s important for lawyers and law firms to have an understanding of which kind of videos will help them meet their marketing goals.

Here are some common examples of the type of videos that lawyers and law firms can use as part of their video marketing strategy:

  1. Educational Client Videos with Short-form Amplification: Develop comprehensive guides on common legal issues and adapt excerpts into short-form videos for social media. For instance, a detailed explainer video on corporate law can be edited into several 60-second clips explaining key terms, each tailored for Instagram Stories or TikTok, allowing for wider dissemination of complex information.
  2. Video Integration on Digital Platforms: Enhance your law firm's website by embedding videos on blogs and landing pages. For example, next to a blog post about tenant rights, include a video summary or a client testimonial from a related case to increase user engagement and provide a richer content experience.
  3. Internal Video Messaging: Use internal communication video messages for important firm updates or to welcome new team members. A short welcome video from the managing partner to a new hire can make the onboarding process feel more personal and inclusive.
  4. Training Videos on New Legislation: Keep your employees and stakeholders informed and skilled with explainer videos summarizing new laws or legal procedures. A series of animated training videos on the latest tax law changes, for instance, can be a more engaging training tool than traditional memos.
  5. Targeted Video Advertising: Create tailored video ads for platforms where your clients spend their time, like YouTube for long-form content or Instagram for quick insights. A video ad offering free consultations on these platforms can effectively capture the attention of potential clients scrolling through their feeds. These platforms also allow you to personalize your marketing according to your target audience ensuring maximum ROI. 
  6. Effective CTAs in Videos: End your videos with a strong call-to-action that aligns with your marketing goals. For example, after an informative video on workers' compensation, prompt viewers to book a free consultation to discuss their case, driving direct engagement and potential client acquisition.
  7. Use Character Animation: A character animation that follows someone's journey through a legal challenge, like a personal injury claim, can make the process more relatable and less overwhelming for clients.

Now that your law firm has picked a type of video and defined its purpose, what’s next?

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Now it’s time to paint a more clear picture of how law firms actually use animated video to achieve their legal marketing goals.

Our next section dives deep into some of the best legal explainer video examples to help you get inspiration for your legal videos.

4. 9 Best Legal Explainer Video Examples

1. TextLawyer


According to an article by FindLaw, 24% of prospective clients act within a day of realizing they have a legal issue.

They want a law firm that's fast and easy to trust.

That's where a good animated video can really help.

TextLawyer, for example, wanted to show that getting legal help could be as simple as sending a text. 

So they worked with us at Broadcast2World to make an animated commercial video that would tell their story in a clear, engaging way.

Through the lens of animation, we plunged into a day-in-the-life tale of someone blindsided by a personal injury.

With each frame, TextLawyer's promise of easy, reliable legal representation came alive. 

The animation's simple color palette and kinetic transitions acted as a narrative glue, keeping viewers riveted till the final reveal.

The video made it easy to see that with TextLawyer, help was just a text message away. 

It is a short video, and it shows how quick and easy it is to get in touch with TextLawyer for help.

2. Legal Aide


Sixty seconds is all it takes for a law firm to make an impression on their clients.

Wondering how?

We’ll let Legal Aide demonstrate that for you.

They wanted their video to speak to people looking for legal representation for their personal injury cases.

They understood how videos can help lawyers and law firms stand out from the crowd and make their presence known in the legal community.

So in collaboration with Yellow Lab Creative Studio, they came up with this intricately designed animated motion graphics video.

It uses abstract animations with powerful sound effects to portray the emotions that people go through when dealing with unforeseen circumstances.

Animations helped Legal Aide deliver a riveting message without relying on too many words and additional visual designs.

The animated video helped their message resonate with prospective clients and attracted them to their law firm for their personal injury cases.

3. Law Offices of Adam J. Roa


Personal stories have the power to impact us on a more personal level.

But for the Law Offices of Adam J. Roa, it was more than that.

They reached out to us with one of their client stories with the desire to turn it into an animated testimonial video.

They knew well that testimonials are golden—they offer proof, build trust, and cut through doubts like nothing else.

But beyond just sharing a story, they chose animation for a crucial reason.

The animated testimonial video through colours and concepts perfectly captures the aftermath of losing a loved one and the need for legal and emotional support in such distressing times.

The character animations helped the viewers relive an actual client experience and feel the emotional turmoil on a deeper level.

It made the message personal, empathetic—something viewers could see themselves in.

By doing this, the Law Offices of Adam J. Roa didn't just share a testimonial; they shared a beacon of hope.

They showed that behind the law firm's doors lies not a cold, daunting place, but a helping hand ready to guide you through the storm.

That's the promise of their service, delivered through the art of animation.

4. LegalShield


Videos are great because they can show how a law firm can fix very specific problems.

When a law firm talks about these specific problems and shows they know how to solve them, people start to trust the firm more.

Let's look at LegalShield as an example.

They made a short character animation video with a company called Vidico.

The video was about helping landlords understand the rules for renting and how to handle it if they need to ask a tenant to leave.

At the end of the video, it told people to download LegalShield's app to get more help.

By focusing on one thing and showing they know their stuff, LegalShield made people trust them, and they did it in less than 25 seconds.

5. BetterLegal


Clients often find themselves at a crossroads, trying to pick the right path without getting lost.

That's where videos come to the rescue, serving as a clear, concise guidepost.

For clients wading through their options, a straightforward video can cut through the clutter.

It lays out the law firm's offerings like a well-organized menu, with each service neatly described.

This visual clarity tackles decision fatigue, which often overwhelms clients when faced with too many choices.

BetterLegal understood this when they commissioned this animated explainer video.

The goal was simple: showcase their array of legal services without overwhelming their clients.

The video did just that—it was a visual treat that packed complex services into bite-sized, easily digestible explanations.

The simplicity of the language and the clarity of the visuals made their legal services seem less like a daunting decision and more like a smooth selection process.

Plus, the video used BetterLegal’s brand colors, which did more than just please the eye; it fortified the firm's identity in the minds of its potential clients.

Any one particular legal explainer video caught your eye and now you want a video like that made for your law firm?

Not to worry–we’re here to help!

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6. Pellicer & Heredia


According to Fit Small Business' branding statistics, having a unique visual identity makes a brand 80% more memorable.

And law firms aren’t exceptions to this.

In fact, having an easily recognizable yet unique visual identity is crucial for law firms. 

It helps them differentiate themselves from their competitors and position themselves as an authority in the legal community.

Pellicer & Heredia decided to revamp their visual identity with this mixed media animation explainer video.

Their goal with this animated video was to establish a memorable brand perception that would attract prospective clients to their law firm.

Along with that, they also wanted their audience to associate their law firm with the values of transparency, commitment, and professionalism.

The animation used in this video ensures the visual effects are simpler and easy to follow but have a unique visual style that people associate with the law firm.

7. Legal Super


In a survey conducted by Customer Thermometer, 65% of consumers emotionally connected with brands that had a story behind them.

How is this important to law firms?

When law firms recount their story, they provide their prospective clients with the context behind their law firm’s areas of legal expertise and their experience in the legal profession.

This significantly helps in the decision-making process of clients looking for law firms to represent their legal cases.

It also portrays the law firm’s values and ethos in a more authentic manner, helping them win the trust of their clients.

But how do animated videos help in this?

Let Legal Super answer that for you.

With the help of Studio Showoff, they used this animated explainer video to recount how their law firm came to be.

It then seamlessly transitions into more details about their law firm. 

Talking about their board members, their views on advertising campaigns, their law firm’s values and so much more.

By breaking down their message into text snippets throughout the video, Legal Super has ensured their audience can relate to their journey, and gain a better understanding of who the brand is, making them more likely to engage with the video.

8. Birketts


Wyzowl’s 2023 State of Video Marketing Report found that video marketing helped brands achieve a 42% customer retention rate.

The reason videos work so well with customer retention is that they provide clarity in core messaging.

For law firms that rely on legal jargon to explain technical concepts to their clients, clarity is especially important.

Birketts, for instance, wanted their message to be as concise as possible.

Their goal was to encourage clarity among their audience without confusing them with unnecessary details.

Here’s how the good folks at Picturesmith helped the UK-based law firm achieve clarity using this animated legal explainer video.

The video goes over several details about Birketts as a law firm, talking about their partners and staff and their several offices all over England.

The video subtly segues into outlining the various benefits of choosing Birketts, explaining clearly how they fit into their client’s legal requirements.

By providing such clarity, Birketts was able to clear confusion and doubts among their clients and stay true to their tagline: “clear legal advice”.

9. Counter Tax Lawyers


We saved the best for last.

Have a look at this animated explainer video made for Counter Tax Lawyers by the maestros at By The Booth.

At first glance, you’ll quickly notice that this isn’t your typical legal explainer video we have seen so far.

It goes over Counter Tax Lawyers’ tax law software called Counter Measure but it does so in a very unique way.

Most animated software videos have some form of demonstration so users can have a feel of the software before using it.

But Counter Tax Lawyers chose to challenge the norm here.

They decided to use geometric shape animations to spark curiosity among their viewers regarding their software and genuinely compel them to try the software out for themselves.

The animation was inspired by Counter Tax Lawyers’ brand logo and was seamlessly integrated into each frame of the video through intelligently crafted concepts that aim to highlight the brand’s outlook.

Animation gave Counter Tax Lawyers the flexibility to mold their message in truly creative and unique ways without sacrificing its essence.

5. Conclusion

Portraying your law firm as a reliable source for legal guidance isn't just a choice but a necessity, and it’s equally important to form an emotional connection with your audience.

This makes video marketing a potent tool that allows legal professionals to connect, educate, and thrive in a digital landscape.

With careful planning, a touch of personality, and a commitment to delivering valuable content, lawyers can leverage the power of animated videos to stand out in a competitive field and connect with a diverse client base.

The ability to engage, establish trust, and showcase legal expertise in a dynamic visual format is invaluable.

As legal professionals continue to adapt and evolve, video marketing will remain a powerful ally in their pursuit of success. 

Whether through educational content, insightful legal advice or emotional content, this medium opens the door to innovative ways of legal marketing.

And we're here to help your law firm make an impact with animated legal explainer videos.

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