15 Best Financial Services Explainer Videos That Greatly Simplified Financial Jargon

Mar 1, 2024 4:30:00 AM

They say money makes the world go round. It directly affects just about everyone and everything in our lives. 

And yet, most people don’t really understand it beyond managing their own personal finances and balancing their checkbook every month.

The world of finance is mysterious to many, maybe even scary.

This is probably the most fundamental challenge in the world of finance.

After all, you can’t effectively sell something to someone if they don’t even understand it– or even want to understand it.

But video, especially animated video, is a fantastic solution to this– especially when done right.

Enter the world of financial services explainer videos.

  1. 15 Best Financial Services Explainer Videos
    1. Bank of Queensland
    2. JP Morgan Chase
    3. Standard Chartered Malaysia
    4. Daloopa
    5. Cred NeoPop
    6. American Express
    7. Kalgera
    8. PayPal
    9. Klarna
    10. Tibit
    11. Visa AI
    12. STRM
    13. Deloitte
    14. FH Cann & Associates
    15. Aqua Credit Card

15 Best Financial Services Explainer Videos

Don’t know where to start?

Well, one way to get your creative juices flowing is to check out the best examples already out there, created by the biggest and best, and draw inspiration from how they do it.

So here are 15 of the best examples of explainer videos in the financial industry:

1. Bank of Queensland


An excellent example of using humor to win the trust of your customers, this 2D cartoon animation video by Bank of Queensland is an attempt to humanize the brand to the consumer, and thus have it be more memorable.

Short 30-second fintech videos are perfect for such an absurd concept.

But it does the job, which is making the customer realize that you really can make friends with a bank when it is the Bank of Queensland.

2. JP Morgan Chase


With a history going back over a century and a half, JPMorganChase knows a thing or two about the financial world. 

They say the only true constant in the universe is change. And international banking and finance is no different.

With the rise of digital technology and an interconnected world, payments are now almost completely digital.

And this has brought a sea change in how nearly any business manages their payments. 

This beautifully animated explainer video does an amazing job of breaking all of this down and brings clarity to the confusion.

It doesn’t oversimplify the issues to the point where it becomes too diluted to be useful.

But it also doesn’t go into such tedious detail that the viewer is left overwhelmed or bored, either. 

The level of expertise and knowledge in this video also subtly establishes JPMorgan Chase as a leading establishment that earns your trust and confidence. 

3. Standard Chartered Malaysia


Banking is a pretty serious business, all spreadsheets and numbers. However, this video brings it to life with upbeat music and slick visual storytelling.

It’s dynamic and lively, grabbing and holding your attention throughout. There’s no voiceover script, but that doesn’t mean it’s not telling a story.

We see each member of a modern Malay family going through their day individually, all making use of Standard Chartered’s powerful suite of personal banking tools on the go.

And it tells the story with such slick, polished visuals that we almost forget that it’s an ad for a bank!

4. Daloopa


Investing is complex, to put it mildly. But does it really have to be?

Using the power of AI, Daloopa is a tool that can aggregate and organize vast amounts of information about any company.

This helps investors save time, be more efficient in their research, and make better decisions daily. 

Their character animated video does an equally amazing job of explaining this in a way that’s engaging, simple, and easy to understand.

And it does so without boring or overwhelming the viewer, keeping their attention and interest from start to finish easily.

We also love their art style and bold colors.

5. Cred NeoPop


Art and creativity aren’t attributes we often associate with a bank.

But this absolutely gorgeous animated video for Cred challenges the stuffy, all-too-serious image. 

NeoPop was their new design language, giving their customers a visual treat and a burst of life and color.

And this video shows it off perfectly, looking and feeling like something we’d expect to see on a teenager’s phone screen rather than a banking billboard advert. 

What we especially love about it is that it injects a breath of fresh air and life into their persona, but without losing a sense of slick professionalism and competence.

It’s lively, but not goofy or unserious. Proof that you can visually have your cake and eat it too!

6. American Express


Ending up with a bad credit score can really set you back in life.

And how do credit scores even work, anyway? And what can you do if you get a bad score?

These are the kinds of questions most people are often too embarrassed to ask— especially the people that need the answers the most. 

But thanks to this quick financial services explainer video by American Express, viewers know where to get started fixing a bad credit score.

It’s friendly, easy to understand, and the lovely graphics are easy on the eyes.

It does a lot in just a minute and a half, and it does it easily!

7. Kalgera


We’ve all had the experience of trying to help someone figure out how to use an app or new electronic device. Especially our loved ones who are older and/or simply not tech-savvy at all.

It’s difficult! And when they ask someone to help them navigate a website, they open up a myriad of cybersecurity risks, too. 

It’s even worse with sensitive portals like banking platforms, where money is involved.

Imagine your grandmother asking a stranger to help her figure out her online banking portal. If this stranger is less than trustworthy, it could spell disaster. 

Fortunately, Kalgera has the solution: A way for older people to appoint nominated “carers” to help them with confusing online portals, websites, and banking platforms safely and securely. 

And to help explain how it all works, Kalgera opted for adorable 2D character animation, using a relatable story.

It’s far more interesting and entertaining than a long list of tech specs and features, and far more memorable too!

8. PayPal


Pretty much everyone knows how to use PayPal today.

But when it first came out, it was groundbreaking and pioneering.

At the time, there was no simple way to send small amounts of money over the internet like this. 

So PayPal used a simple but effective animated explainer video to announce their service and explain how it all works, from signing up to transactions.

It’s easy to understand, with visuals that hold your attention and underscore the script perfectly. 

9. Klarna


“Cart abandonment” is a serious problem in online shopping and website design.

Basically, it’s when people visit a site, click “add to cart” but never check out.

The website updates its inventory on those items since they’re about to be purchased, but the purchase never happens.

If this happens often enough (and it does), it leads to serious problems for the site’s infrastructure. 

Klarna is an innovative payment solution that addresses this problem effectively.

But with their customer base consisting of many small businesses already overwhelmed with the tasks of setting up an online shopping portal and logistics, it was a challenge to explain how their solution works easily and simply.

Even getting their attention and holding on to it long enough for them to hear them out, would prove tricky.

That’s why they chose to use an animated explainer video.

Animation has the unique ability to attract attention and interest, and explain complex ideas in-depth without boring or overwhelming the viewer.

It also has great memory retention, staying memorable long after it’s been watched even once.

10. Tibit


The internet has, for better or worse, become pretty commercialized.

It’s no longer big corporations making money online, but even ordinary users and content creators on social media. 

And why not? People want to support and reward creators whose content they regularly enjoy, especially if there was some sort of online “tip jar” where they could throw a few cents their way.

But going to a secure banking page, pulling out your credit card and entering information is tedious and discourages donation, especially very small donations. 

That’s where solutions like Tibit came in, where netizens can drop a buck or two with a few quick taps.

And thanks to their slick animated explainer video, it’s all explained and understood easily within just a minute of watching.

11. Visa AI


Have you ever wondered just how credit cards actually work?

Neither have we, in much the same way most of us drive daily but don’t really know how the airbags actually work. 

This beautifully video for Visa AI gives us a peek under the hood, so to speak.

And right away, this is probably a topic that wouldn’t interest most people.

But through the power of animated storytelling, we’re drawn into the video and want to know more.

By using storytelling and a friendly, personable character, we can put a face to this nebulous, highly technical world and it’s all brought to life. 

The roundabout goal of the video is to showcase and highlight Visa’s competency, high standards, cutting-edge technology— and ultimately, build a sense of trust between Visa and their audience.

You’re left with a strong sense that Visa really knows what they’re doing, they take their security very seriously, and you can rest easy knowing they’re securing your transactions. 

As a side note: video has been a fantastic tool for cybersecurity awareness and training.

Check out some of the cybersecurity videos we’ve made.

12. STRM


The banking industry is famously conservative, having been around at least as long as money itself has existed.

So at times, it can be hesitant to change. 

That’s why Santander decided to think outside the box and created strm, dismantling the tunnel-vision-like approach of customers and banks, and opening up a world of transactions for everyone in all directions. 

Their animated explainer video was similarly unconventional, using bold colors and tasty graphics, paired with a simple friendly script, to explain how it all works.

It’s eye-catching and immersive, drawing you into the script like a story, and unpacks the solution methodically without getting boring or technical.

It’s accessible to everyone– just like banking should be!

13. Deloitte


We love the artstyle of this video for Deloitte. It’s clean and minimalistic but still immersive and eye-catching, consisting of simple linework and minimal color against a plain black background.

This helps it really stand out from the ocean of colorful, busily cluttered video content out there. 

This infographic-style animated explainer video also does a great job of delivering its message in a way that’s interesting and captivating.

It goes into enough detail, but without boring or overwhelming the viewer with too much information, because it’s audio-visual and feels so natural. 

14. FH Cann & Associates


Here’s a brand video we did for FH Cann & Associates.

They wanted a video that highlighted their integrity, and professionalism to build a sense of trust and reliability with their audience.

So we crafted this character animation explainer video.

It briefly covers their storied history, their commitment to integrity, and how they’ve helped their clients and transformed lives for the better.

The colors are rich and warm but subdued and tasteful, reflecting their brand and personality. We’re pleased to say our client, like many others, was delighted with the results!

15. Aqua Credit Card


We just love this adorable video for Aquacard, a delightful mix of live action and 3D animation.

The story of a cute anthropomorphic credit card character sneaking into someone’s house and leaping into their phone, really brings the main message to life: that this is the card for you.

The script quickly covers the important points while the story keeps you wanting more.

The animation is slick and full of life, and the blend of live action and 3D really help it stand out!

In Conclusion

Video is the de facto language of the internet today.

So does your brand speak it?

If not, you could be missing out on making countless invaluable human connections with your audience!

Don’t know where to get started? Why not drop us a line and chat with us.

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