Why Use Video For Internal Communications: Future of Employee Interaction

Apr 6, 2022 1:35:02 AM

You may not have thought about using video for internal communications, but it’s an excellent approach for better communication in your video marketing strategy.

Videos for internal communications can help you attract your workforce's attention, evaluate their interest, and give them the tools they need to cooperate effectively—all while ensuring the security of your communications.

For most of us today, "work" is no longer a physical location.

70% of employees claim they conduct at least a portion of their job remotely.

And for businesses, this is a major benefit: Remote employment is beneficial to 87 percent of businesses in terms of staying competitive.

In this blog, we will cover:-
1. Why effective internal communication is important in the workplace?
2. How can videos for internal communications help?
3. Why use animated videos for internal communications?
4. Where can you use videos for internal communications in your business?
   4.1 Onboarding internal communications videos for new employees
   4.2 Training internal communications videos
   4.3 Announcements and updates videos for internal communications
   4.4 Business communications videos
5. Top tips for effective internal communications videos

Why effective internal communication is important in the workplace?

No workplace is safe from miscommunication and misunderstanding from word-of-mouth and rumors.

That’s why it’s critical to have good internal communication, which leads to better relationships, combats gossip, and distributes instructions clearly, boosting productivity.

Effective employee communication may help a company succeed in a variety of ways.

It helps to boost employee morale, contentment, and engagement.

Employees are more committed and loyal when they understand the terms and circumstances of their employment.

Why use video for internal communications?

Videos for internal communications can get employees interested and attentive to things that can usually be somewhat boring. 

If the employees are interested in the task, it leads to a higher quality of work.

There are always changes in the workplace to deal with.

Using video for internal communications can make your workers more interested and attentive, which will lead to better performance.

Why use animated videos for internal communications?

For one thing, it is now one the most common communication formats in today's digital, connected world.

People are becoming increasingly accustomed to incorporating video into their everyday work, in everything from Zoom calls and online courses.

It makes sense, though, because video is interactive and dynamic and captures attention.

The viewer feels involved and invested. At least, if done right.

Also see: How to breathe life into your videos!

Video is also a very customizable format that can incorporate various media and creative resources - text, photos, animation, graphic design, music, sound effects, and so on - to help you communicate your ideas effectively. 

Where can you use internal communications video production in your business?

1. Onboarding internal communications videos for new employees

Every now and again, we all add a new person to the team, and this can include those with little or no experience.

It might be a challenge to educate and train a new employee– especially when you cannot always use a hands-on approach, as with remote workers.

Videos can help guide and on-board them every step of the way.

If you use video as a communication medium, your new employees will get up to speed much sooner, and your employee retention will rise.

Sometimes, more isn’t better, it’s just… more.

That’s the message in this beautifully animated video that takes on the challenge of onboarding, from the perspective of the company.

This would normally be a topic that is tedious and difficult at best, but thanks to a clever script and fun, lush visuals, a discussion is brought to life, and the thought-provoking message stays with the viewer for a long time afterwards.


2. Training internal communications videos

Just about everyone today uses smartphones and tablets, and high-speed internet is ubiquitous.

Thanks to video, you can send thorough training films en masse and share them with new employees.

Again, rather than drafting tedious email instructions, you can instead excite workers with eye-catching visuals and well-scripted videos to get them on board and absorb concepts quickly.

This is another great example of how a well-made training video can break down and explore fairly abstract and dense concepts.

By using visually appealing elements and animation combined with a clever, easy-to-follow narration, these otherwise abstract and confusing topics are brought to life in ways that the viewer’s mind can easily follow and grasp.

And best of all, the information stays memorable for a long time afterwards. 

3. Announcements and updates videos for internal communications

Meetings are best left for major announcements and updates, while internal communications videos can be used for minor announcements that do not require meetings.

This way, you can keep personnel informed while without sapping productivity on unnecessary meetings. 

Incorporating meeting summaries with Open AI has proven to enhance clarity and retention of key information for our teams.See how we helped The University of San Francisco make internal videos for their staff!

See how we helped The Univerisity of San Francisco make internal videos for their staff!

4. Business communications videos

Have a brilliant idea you want to share with your team, but it’s the weekend?

Rather than calling your employees for a meeting, share a video depicting your idea instead.

A well-made business communications video can portray your idea in a more engaging and accurate manner, and hold the attention of your employees and teammates better, so you can discuss it properly on a Monday morning.

Believe it or not, we’ve barely scratched the surface of the many advantages of using animated video for business!

Here’s another delightful example of the power of storytelling.

Rather than trying to impress you with heavy technical details and listing features, this company culture video focused on a few simple real-world examples.

These stories cleverly made their point so powerfully and simply, and in barely a couple of minutes. 

Top tips for effective internal communications videos

Internal communications videos have certain key characteristics.

To name a few, they must be intriguing and compelling, of excellent quality, and have a clear idea to communicate.

1. Make Videos More Interesting

You can’t have a good video without a good script.

And here’s a hot tip: Don’t be afraid of a little humor.

Humor is a fantastic tool to hold the viewer’s attention, be relatable, and help teach important concepts.

Even in the business world!

2. Use video to bring internal content to life.

In video communications, use your brand's voice.

Your video should communicate the same concepts as your other internal communications platforms.

The benefit of video is that people can watch it while doing something completely different.

They can even learn how to split screen on Mac or Windows and keep watching it while working on another tab.

3. Switch from traditional print communications to video communications.

Engage the services of a competent video producing crew. You will save time and money.

These tips would surely inspire you to make internal communications videos.

But if you want to learn more, check out these excellent examples of communications videos:

H&M's Core Value -  We've already stated how an internal movie may assist in communicating the proper business values to employees.

Look at how well H&M implemented this concept.

The video was made for all of their working staff to implement new guidelines related to covid protocols.


Demo of GoToWebinar- We're sure you've had situations where you needed to use corporate software but weren't sure how.

A video may be beneficial! It's a great onboarding video that demonstrates how to utilize the software to start a webinar.

This was done by GoTo Webinar to demonstrate these skills to the employees of their company.


Not enough examples? Check out our blog on the best internal communications videos

Now that you have a good idea of how powerful animated video can be for internal communications, training and onboarding, the question you need to ask yourself is: when do I get started?

There’s no time like the present. Get creative and find your voice today!

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