20 Best Product Launch Videos to Inspire Your Next Brand Campaign!

Jan 13, 2023 2:12:30 AM

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The whole world now speaks the language of video.

So it’s not surprising that in every company’s marketing strategy, video marketing is the most crucial component.

Regardless of size, customer base, or industry, if you’re not using video, you’re left behind. 

But let’s look at brand launch videos, specifically.

A brand launch video is a powerful way to introduce new products or services to consumers.

It’s also an effective tool in marketing, for example, social media posts and email campaigns.

  1. Spark Launch Film
  2. Odesma Mission Video
  3. MINI but Mighty
  4. Canva Enterprise
  5. IBM Design Language
  6. Mailchimp New Feature Launch Video
  7. Grommet Brand Identity Video
  8. Sainsbury's | Living Well Index
  9. Jordan Jack | Wedding Band Home Try On
  10. eero for Service Providers
  11. NORR - Made by Iceland
  12. Valentine's Day Off
  13. Kroger Rebrand Launch Video
  14. Shopify Chip Reader
  15. m.o.p.s App Launch Video
  16. Cadbury & Orero
  17. The Trade Desk
  18. Pitch - Don't Just Present
  19. Meet Phase
  20. Cover Me - Product Launch Video

Let’s look at some brilliant examples of how these brand videos work, and maybe draw some inspiration and ideas for how you can use this powerful communication tool for your own brand.

1. Spark Launch Film

Spark is the Telegraph Group’s brand-new creative commercial arm.

This new department combines their creative brains with data to offer their clients even more insightful ideas for their advertising campaigns.

Weareseventeen worked with them to develop a whole new look for the brand.

The primary focus was to depict the idea of artistic creativity and data merging together to create something new and amazing - Spark.

The video used stunning 3D animation, and abstract but unambiguous graphics, and told a deceptively simple-looking story.

The embodiment of warm and colorful artistry swirls and tentacles around like a living being.

It then comes into contact with a mass of sci-fi-looking, jagged lines, numbers, and data points representing the cold logic of data and intelligence.

The two forms merge and explode, revealing the eponymous title.

It’s a simple enough concept that is depicted so beautifully that it’s quite stunning and memorable.

It says a lot while saying nothing at all.

2. Odesma Mission Video

As part of a new brand launch, Silver created a beautifully crafted animation to help Odesma spread the word about their organization.

Through breathtakingly minimalist infographics and typography animation, their powerful message hits home with the audience and makes a lasting impression.

Minimalist doesn’t mean simple or easy.

Sometimes it’s harder to know what to cut out, rather than what to use.

This animated brand launch video is a good example of that concept, and it uses it to great effect.


In their very first fully-CGI campaign, iconic car brand MINI tasked ManvsMachine with creating the motion video for the launch of their new 2022 ‘Editions’.

With over 26 films and supporting assets, it was one of the largest motion projects ever undertaken.

They worked closely alongside Anomaly, Media Monks, and StaudStudios to ensure that there was a consistent creative vision across the entire campaign.

The end results speak for themselves.

Embracing the brand’s inherent playfulness, energy, and fun, the films celebrate the joy of driving these truly remarkable new ‘Editions’.

The animation is next-level stunning, immersive, and joyous. ManvsMachine really raised the bar here.

4. Canva Enterprise

Canva Enterprise allows design teams to create on-brand marketing and internal content, with a customizable and integrated design tool.

Never Sit Still was commissioned to create a short animated brand awareness video for the launch event of Canva Enterprise in NYC.

Here's what they came up with.

The visual narrative depicts the creative's journey from chaos to order when using Canva.

It’s delightfully abstract and fun, saying a lot without really saying anything at all.

Ultimately, it really captures the soul and emotion of creativity, rather than trying to dazzle the viewer with a list of technical specifications and features of the platform/software. 

5. IBM Design Language

With the launch of a new visual language, typeface, and robust set of tools, IBM has taken the ambitious step of not only refreshing their brand but reinventing their entire approach to design.

Its foundation is a philosophy that informs all of their decisions - a way of thinking about design, and the responsibility it holds.

Buck partnered with the IBM Design team to develop this series of brand launch animations that live within the Design Language repository.

Written, designed and animated with rigorous adherence to their system, each short illustrates and embodies the IBM Design Language, functioning as a bridge between principle and practice.

Explaining such complex, technical topics is a challenge, even with the aid of animation.

But Buck skilfully breaks it all down and makes it look so simple and easy in just a minute. 

6. MailChimp New Feature Launch Video

Giant Ant worked with the amazing MailChimp to help them launch their newest feature: Facebook Ads.

So put on some 3D glasses (it won't help), kick back (it will help), and enjoy this audio-visual feast backed by the sweet audio tones of the wizards at Antfood. Ant party!

As usual, Giant Ant knocked this one out of the park.

A fun mix of cartoony and abstract graphics leads the viewer through a journey through their world, explaining how Mailchimp can solve a ton of marketing-related hassles.

It really meets the audience where they live, and shows them a far more streamlined, simple, and fun way to get things done. 

Giant Ant has also helped Mailchimp become a beacon of inspiration for their users by producing amazing inspirational videos for them.

7. Grommet - Brand Identity Video

​​Grommet is the place to shop unique and ingenious products from inventors, entrepreneurs and small businesses.

As their tagline goes, they “sell lots of things, boring isn’t one of them.”

Buff Motion was approached by the in-house creative team at Grommet to produce an animated promo to launch their new brand identity.

The aim was to develop a piece of content that would promote the platform, widen Grommet’s audience and introduce their fresh new look.

When your business is selling such a dazzlingly wide range of interesting eclectic stuff, you might as well embrace it proudly.

This suitably quirky and fun animated video reflects their culture, teasing the audience’s interest while explaining who they are and what they do. 

8. Sainsbury’s | Living Well Index

What does it mean to live well and how are we really living as a nation?

To address these questions, Sainsbury's asked more than 8,000 people how they’re living – from their relationships with family and friends to how much sleep they're getting.

Nice and Serious worked with Sainsbury's to create a brand identity and an animation video to launch the Living Well Index.

Good animated brand storytelling doesn’t just tell you a story, it draws you into it immersively.

The secret is making that intrinsically human connection, to speak to the heart and gut, so to speak.

This animated video is cartoony and stylized, yet it focuses on the heart of the issue: people, individually and collectively. 

9. Jordan Jack | Wedding Band Home Try On

Battle was engaged to launch the Jordan Jack brand and this nifty video animation.

The challenge lay in maintaining a degree of polish that builds trust in those making such an important purchase decision, while making the brand far more accessible than traditional jewelers. 

Their strategy for this brand video was to embrace simplicity.

They did this using friendly, everyday language, beautiful but linear illustrations, and a minimal color palette, as well as smart and seamless transitions to convey fluidity and ease.

It’s an example of how an animated brand video can look and feel deceptively “simple” but they say a whole lot using very little.

And it stands out enough to remain memorable and appealing in the viewer’s mind long after a single watch. 

10. eero for Service Providers

Very True Story partnered with eero to make their first animated brand video for the company to launch eero for Service Providers.

Working with their live-action partner & VTS pal, NearFuture, they developed a style and concept for the video that highlights the end-user experience.

Using the existing eero brand as a jumping-off point, they took a deep dive into animation.

Applying a wild mix of different animation techniques (cel animation with Ae and a little 3D trickery) to make everything come together in a fluid and intentional way works perfectly here.

It’s a pretty immersive experience of lush visuals and a tasty color palette, all delivering a story about how their home network systems can really amplify your entire lifestyle and transform your home.

11. NORR – Made by Iceland

Daniel Danielsson created this amazing animated brand launch video for a fictional watch company named NORR as a case study project. 

The imaginary / non-existent brand builds smartwatches designed for, inspired by, and with materials from Scandinavian nature. 

The brand launch video presents a sleek timepiece, specifically designed for the outdoorsy type: Advanced navigation, biometrics, emergency connectivity– and above all, durability.

The case is carved from a single piece of reinforced volcanic rock, hand-picked by native Icelanders, and each timepiece is numbered and engraved with the exact time and location of the eruption that created its materials.

Since the fictional brand focuses so heavily on nature and volcanic materials, the animation begins with the depiction of a volcanic eruption and slowly builds to eventually reveal a watch forged from those primal elements.

The level of skill and detail and storytelling in this animated branded video type is pretty amazing, especially considering this is a brand that does not even exist!

12. Valentine’s Day Off

The brief was to engage people with an animated video and inspire them to sign the petition to make February 14th a day off. What a lovely idea!

This brand promo was produced for an online campaign launch by Tool of North America.

Their style of animation is suitably gorgeous, with delicious bold colors and cute graphics that really capture the spirit of Valentine’s Day and the message of the video.

13. Kroger Rebrand Launch Video

Kroger—the largest supermarket chain in the US—and DDB New York approached Hornet to aid in the launch of a massive company rebrand.

The goal was to solidify their branding and tell a more cohesive and inclusive story about their commitment to food that’s “Fresh for Everyone.” 

To do so, they needed to create a look and feel that wasn't just ownable and original, but also emblematic of the wide diversity of Kroger's millions of customers.

The 30-second animated TV spot is contagiously fun.

We especially love how the gorgeous animation gives way to live-action footage to really showcase the freshness of their many foods and ingredients. Yum!

14. Shopify Chip Reader - Product Launch Video

Shopify wanted to celebrate the launch of their new mobile payment system: the Shopify Chip and Swipe Reader. 

Tendril got to create a bright, fun, photoreal 3D online video to demonstrate the variety of transactions and scenarios in which the new Reader could be used.

In storytelling, it’s best to show, not tell, and Tendril took that rule to heart here.

The animated video really shows off how convenient and useful the new reader can be.

15. m.o.p.s App Launch Video

Thomas Gugel was asked to do a short clip for the launch presentation of the new aescoLOGIC m.o.p.s App.

With the App it is finally a breeze to manage and order your medical device stock by easily scanning a QR-Code, taking a picture of the product, or choosing from a customizable favorites list. 

Another great example of the rule “show don’t tell,” this animated brand launch video is delightful and fun to watch, effortlessly showing off how easy, convenient and efficient this app system would be to use.

We don’t know anything about maintaining the medical stock inventory and even we were hooked from start to finish thanks to its lush, playful graphics and visuals.

16. Cadbury ☺︎ Oreo

A tribute to Oreo and Cadbury lovers.

This animated bromance story was brought to life after the global launch of Facebook Emoji Reactions.

The 80-second 3D brand film and its short clips for social networks were aired globally in 7 countries. 

We absolutely love this gorgeous video with its adorable characters.

We especially like the subtle touch of using emoji-like characters to express their emotions, rather than the usual anthropomorphic method of giving the characters human-like faces.

The product was ranked #1 in Grocery for 3 consecutive months and won Gold at the Best Design Awards in New Zealand, and it’s easy to see why.

Really, need we say more?

17. The Trade Desk

At the end of the day, there's a moment when the sun and the sea meet, and the sky is filled with a beautiful array of colors — if you’ve ever experienced this, you know it's magical.

Solimar, The Trade Desk's newest product, was born out of this moment, and it was the inspiration for the entire look of both the product and the event launching it. 

Ordinary Folk produced a series of illustrations to event graphics, from a product UI sizzle reel to looping animations, from a 15-second trailer to a full product launch video, and all in a system that would work for every screen resolution.

It’s a kaleidoscope of bright colors and pastel textures that’s a real treat to the eye.

18. Pitch - Don’t Just Present

Love at first slide - when PITCH approached SEHSUCHT to collaborate on creating a beautiful animation video to highlight their official product launch.

They carved out our geometric shapes and threw some bold colors into the mix.

The result is a mesmerizing journey that, once and for all, answers the question of how to pitch an idea.

Beautiful, lush graphics and slick animation brings it all to life and keeps your eyes glued to the screen.

19. Meet Phase

Piotr Wojtczak was approached by the really smart guys from Vectr software to create a launch video for their newest product, Phase. 

It's basically a creative tool for screen design with a focus on interactivity, responsiveness, and collaborative workflow.

The problem with designing everything digitally is that under the visual elements is an ocean of code.

And it’s simply not as intuitive and flexible for creatively-minded people like designers.

So Phase was created to speak their language and offer up a far better way to do things.

And the animated brand launch video reflects this, too, being visually immersive and alive with colors and shapes, and textures. 

20. Cover Me - Product Launch Video

Cover Me is a simple but clever new product for the construction industry.

It can save time, and money and increase worker safety by covering floor holes quickly and conveniently.

Bluepic was asked to create this animated video for their launch.

This video is another great example of how good animated storytelling can really transform your business, regardless of your industry or size.

A simple video that highlights a specific problem you might not think too much about; and then unveils a clever solution for you to use that can save the day. 


So whether you are thinking about a new brand launch, product launch, rebrand campaign, or introducing a new product feature or brand identity to your audience, handcrafted animated videos are a great way to emotionally connect and tell your story impactfully.

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