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How to Design A Branding Kit to Kickstart Your Video Marketing Strategy?

Feb 12, 2018 4:58:30 AM

All of us humans have a distinct name, looks, characteristics, and qualities that make us different from each other. We call this our identity.

What we do and achieve goes on to strengthen this identity. It makes us who we are giving us a personality that stands out from the rest.

As human beings, we are expected to be consistent - in school, at work and in our relationships with friends and relatives.

We are loved and respected if we are dedicated to our goals and if we are honest with those around us.

Every brand has a distinct personality very similar to human beings. But it has very little opportunity to prove its consistency and dedication - at least as compared to what we have as human beings.

The least a brand can do is to stand by its vision, mission, and values. Besides that, every brand must maintain consistency of communication at all consumer touch points.

And trust me, if you can take care of these aspects, your brand will never be far away from being loved and respected.

A branding kit works as a reference point for kickstarting your video marketing strategy or creating all types of videos series for any brand. A video series as we discussed earlier is an essential content marketing strategy for you to befriend your audience.

A branding kit helps you to get a much-needed interconnectivity and consistency among each of the videos while developing a video marketing strategy.

Before you embark your journey of creating a video marketing strategy, you need to have a video branding kit in place just like you need a branding identity kit before you kickstart your business.

Let me now take you through what all is included in a video branding kit and how we make one for your video series:

The Logo

Every big brand has distinct guidelines as to how the logo will appear in a video.  Take a look at this video from Uber:

Uber created this video to showcase the availability of its cab service 24/7. The logo in this video appears once in the beginning and once in the end. How your logo appears in a video series would depend on these factors:

  1. Your brand personality/archetype
  2. The intent of your video series

In the example above, Uber did not wish to showcase its brand too much - it wanted people to watch the stories and enjoy. Therefore, the logo came only once, at the end.

They have subtly placed the brand name in the beginning and then closed the video with its brand mnemonic.

Intros and Outros

Take a look at this video from Slack:

Each of the Slack videos has a common Intro and Outro. In the Intro, the 4 dots from the Slack logo move in a circular direction and then turn into the Slack logo. The same process is repeated in the Outro as well when the 4 dots create the Slack logo before ending the video.

As you can see there is a distinct animation style to Slack’s logo. Such animations can then be used in a variety of communication including email signatures and social media as well.

Besides, the Intro and the Outro, we also help our clients develop a distinct logo animation for their brand. Take a look at this example from Google:

branding kit

You must have seen this logo in email signatures from Google.

Signature Tune

You must have heard this signature tune from Intel in many of its ads and videos.

When we create a signature tune for a video series it totally depends on what the brand is planning to do with its video series over the next 2-3 years.

We then create a brand tune that can be played as a sign-off to each of the brand videos over this period of time. The tune plays a key role in making the video series and the brand memorable for the audience.

Illustration/Art/Font Styles

You can choose to create your own illustration style for your brand - a style that represents your brand values.

The illustration style could be pencil art or watercolor etc. depending on brand requirements and the objective of your video series.

Take a look at some of these styles:

Can you spot the illustration and font style in the following video from Score:

Before You Start - Define Your Brand Archetype

The idea behind using brand archetypes is to anchor your brand against something iconic—something already embedded within the conscious and subconscious of the human mind.

It defines the basic category of personalities that humans mold into.  It can be this or that or it can be a mix of multiple categories.

Here are some typical brand Archetypes:

The Innocent

  • Goal: To be happy
  • Traits: Strives to be good, is pure, young, optimistic, simple, moral, romantic, loyal

The Regular Guy or Gal

  • Goal: To belong, or connect with others
  • Traits: Down to earth, supportive, faithful, folksy, person next door, connect with others

The Hero

  • Goal: Help to improve the world
  • Traits: Courageous, bold, honorable, strong, confident, inspirational
  • Drawback: Could be arrogant or aloof

The Outlaw

  • Goal: Break the rules and fight authority
  • Traits: Rebellious, iconoclastic, wild, paving the way for change

The Caregiver

  • Goal: To care for and protect others
  • Traits: Caring, maternal, nurturing, selfless, generous, compassionate

You can also go through this post that talks in detail of the 12 different brand archetypes.

We then go on to create a video brand guide - a world around which each of the videos in the series would get created.

Over To You

A branding kit is a small and essential investment for you to make before embarking on your video marketing strategy. It not only creates a single thread for looping in your videos but adds to build up your brand identity. A branding kit ensures you have a ready reckoner to judge each of the videos on their brand consistency.

Hope this was useful. If you have any thoughts or suggestions then please add them in the comments section below.


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