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Absolutely Remarkable Video Series Strategy

Jan 31, 2018 12:50:46 PM

Remember the scene when you got stuck at the second level in the elevator while you had started out for the 15th?

It’s the same feeling that you get when you’re not able to move on after your first break up. The same feeling when you have a really bad stomach. Yes, it’s the same feeling we got when we were stuck making only explainer videos for our clients.

So, how do you feel when preparing for a road trip with friends to your dream destination?

Super impassioned, right? That exactly was the scene when we started discussing video series with our clients.

When you are excited about your branded video content, you’re able to come up with something truly remarkable.

Web series are in vogue across the globe and online audiences love watching short snackable video content.

These videos weave your brand story in a single thread giving the viewers a reason to wait for the next one and the next one.

Such videos work extremely well for the Awareness Stage - you could create a series that’s educational or entertaining or both.

Our recent video series project educates the audience on credit cards and how to maintain a good credit score:

Credit Education - Video Series from Deserve

It received 100K views each in less than 2 months.

The client approached us with a requirement of an educational video series. The main purpose was to fortify the brand (Deserve from Self Score).  

The main target audience was college students - So, the idea was want to create short consumable content - crisp, clean and quick. The ideal length of such videos is usually considered to be 45-60 seconds.

However, as this is a finance-related subject and needed more information/time for concepts to be understood - this could be extended for up to 90 seconds for select videos.

We proposed to create a series of minimalistic vector based set of 5 characters - each representing a segment of the target profile and being the sole focus of the 5 individual videos in the series.

(Character Set - Reference Image - For Illustrative purposes only)

The strategy was to tailor the video messages around these distinctive yet similar personalities. Each video was to focus on one character and explain the topic in context to the character’s aspirations and background.

This would maintain the engaging quotient of the messages. The idea was to relay several related topics by breaking each message into a unique story that the audience could instantly relate to.

Film Approach

The script would open and close with a group shot of all 5 characters - together engaged in an activity - this could be traveling in a bus/train or say standing in queue at the immigration desk before they fly out to pursue their dream of studying abroad.

The first video opens with a group of 5 youngsters (among other silhouettes) traveling in a bus. They are doing different things - one’s listening to music, the other is reading a book, one is standing and checking his phone, another is leaning against the side.

The VO introduces the premise - something along the lines of “Do you ever wonder what good, a Credit Card would be to you? : Meet Kevin, a young… ” - as the character is introduced, the rest of the cast and elements fade away and replaced by elements from Kevin’s backstory and the message focus of the video in question.

We then take the viewers on a visual journey through Kevin’s aspirations - highlighting the key benefits of choosing to use credit cards - as detailed by the client

The video concludes with Kevin leading to resume his original stance on the bus - just as everything else fades out again and all the elements from the first clip in the bus return including the rest of the group.

Similarly, for other topics/videos in the series: We curated a story of each character (Laura, Matt, Jodie etc.) that starts and ends with the opening shot in the bus - while taking the viewer on a visual journey in between highlighting the various credit focussed messages we wish to relay in the series.

Look & Feel

We felt a minimalist color palette with a vector feel would look great. We used of lots of open space, little details and punch youthful colors with a unique art style. We felt this would work well with our target audience and continue to stay in line with some of SelfScore’s previous animated videos as well.
Here are some reference videos of similar/suggested art styles below:

(BCBS - Press to Play) - Vector-2D Premium

(BCBS - Press to Play) - Vector-2D Premium

(Kaplan- Press to play)- Vector 2D Premium

The educational video series was created with a budget of USD 20k. It included a total of 8 Videos (5 Videos of 60 secs, 3 teasers of 15 seconds on Social Media)

How does the video series solve the current business challenge:

The series is aimed at top and middle of the funnel churn, where you have sufficient brand value to get people to come to your website, but they are not converting. One needs to instill trust and an educational series helps create that trust and enhances brand value. The aim is to create a series, depicting social situations that the target persona will encounter. The idea is to pique curiosity, build trust and then bamn, get them to the guillotine to close.

B2C Entertainment Video Series Example

This video series by Starbucks is both fresh and sweet. It tells short, cute little tales of Starbucks customers and staff while they’re in the coffee shop. The characters in the show are all animals, makes it quirky and endearing to watch. The series works for both top and bottom of the funnel. If you’re loyal to Starbucks, you can instantly connect and relate to it, the warmth envelopes you. The videos are not more than 2 minutes in length but there plenty of them to get the audience keep coming back for more.

Each video starts with a view of the Starbucks entrance and scene slowly moves towards the inside where the real action is happening. In the first of the series, you can see a couple sitting inside the Starbucks restaurant and discussing baby names. They’re listening to each of the names called out by the Barista person and jotting them down.

All of the Starbucks, 1st and Main videos are downright affectionate and fun to watch.

IBM B2B Video Series Example

IBM’s watson is a versatile application and relies on the Machine Learning and AI skills of the program. Watson has been matched against Great Chess players to showcase its learning ability.  But IBM needed some impetus to move this messaging and showcase the intended applications to the various industry decision makers it catered, a classic middle of the funnel approach:

IBM Watson: (15 secs)

IBM Watson - Healthcare: (15 secs)

The important thing is that a series should show continuity in the narrative, animation and style, the brand and the purpose is elucidated as early as in the first 5 seconds, to ensure that any deflections don’t go to waste.

Over To You

At Broadcast2world, we always suggest each one of our clients to work on a series that works for a specific stage of the buyer’s journey. If you are spreading awareness then stick with producing an entertainment series. That’s what’ll bring the focus and the expected results. Similarly if you are planning on a middle of the funnel testimonial series then go ahead with a pure-play testimonial series.

Remember, a single date does not convert into a lasting relationship - you’ve got to recreate those short and sweet memories to keep the love intact. Don’t forget, powerful scripts are the lifeline of your series.

If you have thoughts and suggestions on creating a successful video series then do add them in the comment section below.

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