15 Best Tech Explainer Videos: Complex Concepts Made Simple

Jun 30, 2023 12:00:00 AM

In a time when technology grows faster than our ability to fully comprehend it, well-crafted tech explainer videos have become essential tools, guiding us through the challenging landscape of understanding.

You must have seen tech startups explain their offering with the help of startup explainer videos.

These videos offer clear, enjoyable, and visually compelling ways to grasp concepts that may otherwise seem daunting.

Just some of the many benefits of explainer videos making their way into technology and working their wonders here too.

In this blog post, we're showcasing some of the most effective tech explainer videos available online.

We will look at several examples of tech videos that grabbed the attention of consumers at a reasonable explainer video cost.

From AI to blockchain, IoT to quantum computing, get ready for a deep dive into these topics, delivered in a stimulating and easy-to-understand format.

  1. Ewarenow
  2. Next Atlas
  3. Monetha
  4. SUSE
  5. Panoply
  6. Siemens
  7. Cree
  8. Sponsorium
  9. Digital Ocean
  10. Asigra
  11. Steam Analytix
  12. ESRI
  13. Lens
  14. EYA
  15. CoPilot AI

1. Ewarenow

Let’s kick off this list with an amazing tech explainer video we made for Ewarenow.

The animated explainer video is a sight of perfection with punchy colors and visually appealing animations that are simply gorgeous.

The way it simplifies Ewarenow’s offering using motion graphics and balanced use of colors is the reason why we trust tech explainer videos so much.


2. Next Atlas

Next on our list is this tech explainer video from the good folks at ILLO studios made for Next Atlas.

The animated video is minimalist with a balanced use of colors and visuals.

The motion graphics are simply stunning and coupled with the voiceover, it makes for an amazing viewing experience.


3. Monetha

This tech explainer video from Blu Blu Studios is personally one of our favorites on the list.

It uses an amazing balance of both 2D and 3D animation with stunning visuals with inspiration taken from famous historical monuments and cultures.

The voiceover and its pacing are simply brilliant and give off a polished vibe to this amazing tech explainer video.



They say “vintage is priceless” and we wish we could agree more.

We helped the cool folks at SUSE by making them this awesome tech explainer video that has a vintage vibe to it.

To complement the timeless design of the video, we also added motion graphics and character animations and the end result was simply impressive.

But don’t just take our word for it.

We urge you to find out for yourself.


5. Panoply

Sometimes tech explainer videos can get a bit overwhelming.

But not this one.

This amazing explainer video made by Vidico for Panoply is a great example of how you can explain so much with fewer and simpler words, regardless of the complexity of the topic.

The 2D motion graphic animations are so immersive that it almost feels like you are in the video and that’s nothing short of impressive.

6. Siemens

This is an interesting explainer video we made for Siemens.

Usually, we focus on pure animation in the explainer videos we make but this time we decided to get a bit more creative.

This mixed media explainer video uses a perfect blend of actual footage and animated overlays designed by us to give a seamless experience.

This video is super immersive and intuitive and we hope you appreciate it just as much as we do when you check it out.


7. Cree

Not all animated explainer videos for businesses need to be serious in their presentation.

Sometimes having a bit of fun in the final product just puts the viewers at ease.

This animated tech explainer video for Cree is a classic example of this.

It uses their signature blue colors and contrasting colors to deliver the message and a humorous voiceover gives a very light-hearted vibe to the video overall.


8. Sponsorium

Next on our list is this animated explainer video we made for Sponsorium.

We went with a realistic animation style with this so that viewers can easily relate to it and draw parallels in their own lives.

The vibrant colors and visuals, coupled with the animations and voiceover, give an end-product that is engaging to watch and iconic enough to be memorable.


9. Digital Ocean

We revisit our good folks from Vidico again with this animated explainer video they made for Digital Ocean.

It uses smooth modern animations on a blue backdrop which makes “visually stunning” a gross understatement.

The calming voiceover also does a great job of putting the viewers at ease and we couldn’t help but be greatly impressed by this.

That’s why choosing the right explainer video production company for your explainer videos is as important as the explainer video itself.


10. Asigra

This animated tech explainer video we made for Asigra is one of our top videos which we really enjoyed making.

The star of the show for this tech explainer video is the animations and pacing.

Couple that with the transitions and the video is simply impressive to watch.

It does all of that without compromising on the core messaging which simply points to the fact that animated videos can work wonders when implemented the right way. 


11. Stream Analytix

We don’t think we have ever seen an explainer video present complex concepts in such an effortlessly simple way.

This animated tech explainer video made by What A Story for Stream Analytix checks all the boxes for being the ideal explainer video that does it all.

The animations, visuals, and everything in between are simply amazing in our opinion.


12. ESRI

This amazing tech explainer video for ESRI is a great example of the perfect blend of visuals and animation.

The video is set in an urban environment and the pacing follows the voiceover perfectly to give a very informative video that is short but brings the point home.

This shows how a great explainer video script can unlock the full potential of a voiceover and make the video go from good to great as a result.

The depiction of real-life scenarios makes the video even more relatable and that’s our way to emotionally connect with the audience.


13. Lens

Take a look at this awesome mixed media animated explainer video made by What A Story for an edtech company called Lens.

It uses a perfect blend of stunning visuals and stock footage to amp up the storytelling and make core messaging a priority.

The animated overlays complement the video really well and keep the viewers engaged till the end.


14. EYA

This custom animated explainer video is quite different from the ones we have mentioned so far.

It takes on a style reminiscent of paintings which makes the video even more elegant.

The character animations and depictions do a great job of building an emotional connection with the viewer.


15. CoPilot AI

Let’s wrap up our list with a good one.

This is an amazing motion graphics explainer video made for CoPilot AI by Creamy Animation Studios.

It’s an understatement to say that this video is simply perfect.

The animations and visuals do their job so well that we couldn’t help but watch the video till the end and multiple times after that.



As we wrap up our tour of outstanding tech explainer videos, we trust you've gained an appreciation for their ability to make complex tech concepts more comprehensible.

These videos showcase compelling narratives and visuals that effectively simplify intricate technological ideas.

Through this transformative process, explainer videos not only inform but also invite engagement, providing a fresh platform for sharing ideas.

Perhaps seeing these examples sparked your curiosity, enticing you to delve deeper into the process for explainer videos and this engaging format.

In the end, explainer videos stand as more than educational tools.

They're a vital bridge to engagement and communication in our digital era, making technology relatable and engaging for all.

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