Kickstarter Videos: From Vision to Funded Reality

Jul 7, 2023 12:00:00 AM

Kickstarter videos have proven to be one of the most effective tools for entrepreneurs to showcase their groundbreaking ideas and secure funding.

A great Kickstarter video captures attention, harnesses the power of video marketing in storytelling, and sparks an excitement that turns your crowdfunding campaign into a resounding success.

So, how does one create an enticing Kickstarter video?

In particular, how can animation propel your fundraising campaign toward immense popularity?

Let's explore this creative medium in detail, and delve into how you can create a powerful animated Kickstarter video that resonates with audiences and brings your vision to life.

  1. How to Make a Kickstarter Video?
    1. Understanding Your Project and Audience
    2. Crafting a Compelling Story
    3. Developing a Persuasive Script
    4. Storyboarding and Visual Design
    5. Filming and Animation
    6. Post-Production and Editing
  2. Tips to Make Effective Kickstarter Videos
    1. Keep It Kickstarter-Friendly
    2. Share Your Journey
    3. Demonstrate The Product
    4. Offer Clear Rewards
    5. Engage With a Strong Call-To-Action
    6. Maintain High Production Value
    7. Show Gratitude
  3. Best Kickstarter Video Examples
    1. "Sustainable Water Tech" by Elequa
    2. "My Moon" by Eusong Lee
    3. "The Goons Movie" Proof of Concept
    4. "Highrisers" by Gerald Grunow
    5. "CEREBRIA" by Mimicry Motions

How to Make a Kickstarter Video?

  1. Understanding Your Project and Audience: Kickstarters are all about innovative ideas that solve problems. Begin by identifying what makes your project unique and who would benefit from it. Understand your potential backers - what they like, what they value, and how they engage with Kickstarter campaigns.
  2. Crafting a Compelling Story: A Kickstarter video isn't just about showcasing a product or service; it's about sharing a story. Develop a compelling narrative that encompasses your journey, the problem your project solves, and how your idea came to life. Remember, people fund people - so make your story personal, relatable, and authentic.
  3. Developing a Persuasive Script: Your script is the backbone of your Kickstarter video. It should be engaging, clear, and persuasive, expressing the uniqueness of your project and the enthusiasm behind it. It should speak directly to your potential backers, explaining why your project is worth backing.
  4. Storyboarding and Visual Design: This is where you plot your video scene by scene. Decide what will be live-action, what will be animated, what text or graphics you may need, and so forth. Pay attention to Kickstarter's visual culture - vibrant, clean, and exciting visuals tend to engage the Kickstarter community effectively.
  5. Filming and Animation: With your storyboard in hand, you can start creating your video. If you're filming, ensure you use a high-quality camera and take care of lighting and sound. If you're using mixed-media animations, design sequences that are visually appealing and align with your story. For demonstrating how your product works, showcasing product features, or visualizing future developments, 3D animations work the best.
  6. Post-Production and Editing: After filming, it's time to edit your footage, and add music, text overlays, animations, or any other graphics. Make sure the final video looks professional, sounds clear, and most importantly, conveys your story effectively. Test the video on Mac and other devices for sound quality, and if there are any issues, fix sound to deliver a consistent and high-quality auditory experience for your viewers. Also, don't forget to end with a strong call to action, inviting viewers to back your project and share your campaign.

Tips to Make Effective Kickstarter Videos

  1. Keep It Kickstarter-Friendly: Kickstarter has its own unique community of people hailing from all facets of major creative genres like filmmaking, photography, design, video games, and the list just goes on. As a result, keeping videos Kickstarter-friendly is very crucial. Successful Kickstarter videos are usually short (around 2-3 minutes), engaging, and personal. Keep your content concise and direct, with a focus on your story, the product, and the impact of your project.
  2. Share Your Journey: Kickstarter is a platform where backers support people, not just products. Use your video to share your personal journey, your motivations, and why you are passionate about this project. This helps create a personal connection with potential backers.
  3. Demonstrate the Product: Backers want to see the product or concept in action. Use your video to give them a clear understanding of what they're backing. If your project is still in the conceptual stage, consider using animations to help visualize the final product or outcome.
  4. Offer Clear Rewards: Kickstarter operates on a system of rewards. Clearly state what backers will receive at different funding levels. This gives potential backers an understanding of what they're getting in return for their support.
  5. Engage with a Strong Call-to-Action: Don't leave your viewers hanging. Conclude your video with a strong, clear call to action, inviting them to contribute to your campaign and share it with others. This is where you turn viewers into backers.
  6. Maintain High Production Value: While Kickstarter videos are often homegrown, that doesn't mean they should be unprofessional. High-quality visuals, clear audio, and smooth editing can greatly enhance your video's appeal, adding credibility to your campaign.
  7. Show Gratitude: Kickstarter is a community. Show your appreciation for any support you've already received and for anyone considering backing your project. A simple thank you can go a long way in building positive relationships with your backers.

Best Kickstarter Video Examples

1. "Sustainable Water Tech" by Elequa

Let's kick off this list of animated Kickstarter videos with this video by Elequa showcasing their sustainable water tech.

This video uses a great mix of animations and real-world demonstrations to show the features of their technology.

The pacing and voiceover do a great job of giving center stage to the core messaging of the video to keep viewers engaged.


2. “My Moon” by Eusong Lee

This animated Kickstarter video is an animated trailer for a short film called “My Moon” produced by Eusong Lee.

The character animations are simply amazing and coupled with the background music, it stirs a positive emotion in the viewer and cheers them up.

The perfect balance of colors also makes the video pop and makes it very engaging to watch.


3. “The Goons Movie” Proof of Concept

This is one of the most interesting animated fundraising videos we have seen.

This is a proof of concept of “The Goons” movie and we wish we could admire it more.

The 3D animations are fluid and modern which almost makes it lifelike to see.

The clever use of lighting to draw attention to the main characters helps viewers stay engaged and anticipate every moment of the video.


4. “Highrisers” by Gerald Grunow

Moving on with our list is this elegant animated Kickstarter video by Gerald Grunow for their video game “Highrisers”.

The video’s motion graphics animations are visually stunning with consistent colors to showcase a particular vibe to their viewers.

The exciting music keeps you on the edge of your seat and the animations say so much with so little, which in our opinion, is the best use of animation we have ever seen.


5. “CEREBRIA” by Mimicry Motions

We saved the best for last.

This is a unique animated Kickstarter video made by the good folks at Mimicry Motions.

This campaign video takes video animation to the next level and gives an immersive experience to the viewers.

The strong voiceover and perfect blend of colors make this video so stunning that you can’t help but watch it till the end (and maybe multiple times after that).


Creating an effective Kickstarter video, particularly an animated one, requires careful planning, powerful storytelling, and meticulous attention to detail. 

Kickstarter videos draw close parallels to non-profit videos but with their own uniqueness.

But the end result - a compelling video that not only captures attention and intrigue but also drives your audience to action - is well worth the effort.

Your video isn't just a tool for raising funds; it's a medium to share your vision, generate excitement, and build a community around your project.

At Broadcast2World, we specialize in creating engaging Kickstarter videos that secure massive funding.

We understand the nuances of successful crowdfunding campaigns and leverage our expertise to transform your vision into an unforgettable visual narrative.

Fill up the form below to let us help you create a captivating Kickstarter video that propels your project to success.

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