Kerry Drives Whitepaper Downloads With Animated Explainer Videos!


About Kerry Group

Our client, Kerry Group, is a multi-billion dollar public food company headquartered in Ireland. The company is a leader in global food ingredients, bringing technology leadership and sustainable growth to the food and beverage industries.


The Problem

The client released whitepapers every quarter for their products—Ganeden and Wellmune. For this quarter, the company wanted to experiment with the promotion of their whitepapers on social media, using videos to get more people to download them.

The Challenge

We had a lengthy whitepaper to make a video for. While the client did provide us with a toned-down version of the whitepaper, we still had to let go of a few points since the video was supposed to be 30-40 seconds long. Choosing which points to keep and which ones to let go was one of the primary challenges. We had to tweak the staging to make viewing the video a better experience for the audience. If you look at the video for Ganeden, you’ll notice that we’ve used orange dots. These vibrant orange dots keep you captivated throughout the video and direct your eyes to where your attention must be! Well, guess what? These dots are prominent in the whitepaper—which is why we used them. We got the script and concept ready for both the videos in a breeze. The graphics and animations for the first video were made in under a week. For the second video, the timeline was similar and the whole project was completed in under two weeks.

The Solution

After discussing it with us, the company knew which type of video they would like to go for—mix media for Ganeden and infographic for Wellmune. Since the Ganeden whitepaper had a lot of images that could be used in the video, mix media was the perfect fit for it. For Wellmune, on the other hand, an infographic made more sense since the whitepaper had a lot of circular icons that we thought could be used for the transitions between the shots in the video.

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