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New Animated Cartoon Video : DocBookings

Apr 5, 2014 11:48:42 AM

The Client
DocBookings is a website from where people can get all the required information about the latest health news and tips written by doctors in the UK. Docbookings is dedicated to improve people’s health and well-being by providing its users with a free service that allows patients to find their nearest recommended specialist doctor or dentist, and instantly book an appointment in real time.

The Need
Most of the people nowadays are so busy with their hectic lifestyle that they rarely get the chance to take care of their health. Because of this, people are becoming prone to various health related problems. The goal of DocBookings is to help people take charge of their health, make more informed health decisions and find the very best doctors in the UK. As people nowadays are always in a rush, an animated cartoon video is always the best way to capture their interest along while providing them the information in an entertaining way.

Our Animated Video Solution
The best advantage of using animated cartoon videos is that it can communicate complex ideas or messages in a very simple and entertaining manner. Our main emphasis was to create a video which was simplistic in nature and conveyed the message efficiently and effectively. The cartoon video portrays the difficulties that people can go through when they are sick and looking for a good and reputed doctor in their neighborhood. Then the video shows the advantages of consulting DocBookings and how easy and efficient its to find a doctor and get an appointment through DocBookings.


Meet Brendan, he is not feeling well. He wants to choose a private doctor for treatment but he does not know where to start. His GP is great and refers him to a private doctor. Brendan now sits and waits. He knows very little about the private doctor he has been referred to. He phones the doctor’s surgery but is unable to get through. Brendan is now worried about whether the referral has been received and how soon his appointment is.

Meet Norah, she is also not feeling well. She visits DocBookings and is able to choose her private doctor based on patient recommendations, experience, location and clinical expertise. Her GP is able to make a secure online referral to the doctor. The referral letter is received by the doctor immediately and safely. She is also able to book an instant online appointment with the doctor at a time that suits her. She sees the doctor and gets better.


Confidently choose your private doctor or dentist based on his or her credentials, location, patient recommendations and real time availability.

Your GP can make secure and instant online referrals to your doctor.

You can book instant online appointments with your private doctor or dentist 24 hours of the day. It’s that convenient you could even see your doctor or dentist on the same day.

Use DocBookings today, and you can choose, get referred and book instant appointments. Its 100% free.


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