5 Reasons To Use 3D Animation Advertisements For Your Business

May 13, 2021 8:00:38 AM
  1. What are 3D Animation Advertisements?
  2. Why Use 3D Animation Videos for Business?
  3. 5 Best 3D Animated Videos for Businesses
  4. How Can We Help You Create 3D Animation Videos?

What are 3D Animation Advertisements?

A 3D animation advertisement is a video style made with three-dimensional characters and infographic objects used to market your business.

Why use 3D Animation Videos for Business?

If you want to drive better and faster results in your video marketing, 3d animation advertisements could very well be your first instinct.

They are incredibly engaging with higher sharability, which allows the brand to double down the impact of its message and inevitably boost sales.

With the help of 3d visuals, you can strongly advertise your product or service to grab more eyeballs and create a distinct brand identity.

For example, the below 3D commercial from Slack has become its identity:

Here are 5 reasons why your business needs 3D animation videos:

#1 Explain Things Better

explain things better with 3D animation

3D animation technologies are highly flexible, allowing you to create a virtual world that helps you explain things better and bring clarity to the complex business world.

Below is a great example of a 3D explainer video used to showcase the IBM Industry’s AI-powered supply chain solutions in a fun and friendly way.

In the video, the main character Charles tours the fictional IBM Lab, where each room represents a different supply chain scenario.

The team from MediaMonks nursed this fledgling idea into a full-fledged CG animation from synopsis to script to storyboard and soundtrack.

The animation was translated into 10 languages, priming it to reach a global audience.

The immense flexibility gives you complete control over the works, elements, movements, and everything.

Full control over everything will allow you to make changes at any time and head in a creative direction that rewards you optimally.

Need more reasons? Learn how to explain your offering better with 3D animated videos!

#2 Stand Out From the Crowd Visually

Stand out from the crowd with 3D animation

The primary idea of an advertisement is to catch the audience's attention and create a strong brand recall.

What’s better than an amazing 3D  animation commercial? 

Below is a series of spots from Emirates that uses mixed media with 3D animation to showcase how it can be a long flight when traveling with, in front, behind, across the aisle, or on the same plane as a kid.

Thankfully this is a small bit less painful on Emirates.

The vibrant, relatable animation clubbed with the right music can bind the viewer in a visual spell that'll benefit the brand recall.

#3 Build a Powerful Audience Connection

build a connection with 3D animation

You cannot create brand loyalty without emotionally connecting with your target audience.

If you don't win over their heart with your marketing chances of them buying again and again from you is pretty low.

This is why focusing on engaging the audience first (into meaningful conversations) should be the Holy Grail of every brand.

3D animation enhances the emotional quotient of the video and helps your connect with your audience in a whole new way!

Let's look at the video below from Tinder that showcases the epic history of man and womankind’s eternal struggle to couple… and do other things.

The good folks at Tinder let Buck get on their art on to create a luscious world where people have wonderbutts… and the same face.

Animated videos like this can bring your brand and the audience closer, building a connection between the two, which can then be capitalized on to achieve any marketing goals.

#4 Save Time and Level Up Your Game

Save time with 3D animation

Compared to live action, 3D animation is less time-consuming.

You don’t need to hire actors, create a set, invest in lighting, or get high-quality cameras.

With the right team by your side, you can create amazing marketing videos in a relatively shorter span.

Similarly, if there’s a need to make any changes, you can fine-tune the existing content without disrupting the flow.

You won’t require to shoot another video for it.

Such room for prompt execution provides further opportunities.

For instance, if there’s a topic trending on social media platforms, you can quickly create a simple 3D video and drive top-of-the-funnel attention.

You wouldn’t need days and weeks of filming and post-production.

#5 An Affordable Option that’s Easy on Your Budget

3D animation affordable

3D animation can instantly bring down the cost of advertisement and increase your ROI.

There is no need for outdoor shooting, hiring actors, creating a set, or any production process. 

In short, it can ideally suit your budget.

This is part of why many startups leverage animation for their advertising.

Of course, this isn’t to say that 3D animations are any cheaper. Good quality video, created by an experienced team, will cost you.

In comparison, however, it’s an affordable video cost that can even deliver you much higher relative returns.

5 Best 3D Animation Videos for Businesses to Get Inspired

#1. Fifth Third: Life Insurance & Retirement Planning

This 3D explainer video mady by Epipheo talks about how we all need to be thinking about retirement but there maybe a crucial element of planning we all might have overlooked. Life insurance.

See how Fifth Third is helping its customers regardless of their life stage.

The video smartly uses plain backgrounds with 3d objects and elements to tell the story.

Yellow ball plays the role of the character narrating the story and helps to bring the cost of production.

#2. Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation: Pediatrics

This 3d educational video made by demoduck talks about how growing up with IDB can be tough, but with CCFA's video guide, they make a sensitive topic easier to talk about.

This video is a beautiful amalgamation of 2D character animation and 3D infographics used effectively for great storytelling.

Now techniques like this can help you bring the cost down significantly.

#3. Microsoft Office

How does Microsoft inform the public that they’ve upped the ante yet again for a software suite that needs no introduction?

Their 3D animated commercial explains how they managed to make the best, even better.

And it does it in a way that grabs attention and stands out in a unique yet relatable way.

#4. Abengoa: The Future of What’s Left Behind

This beautiful 3d explainer video from
DRESSCODE sheds light on Abengoa's revolutionary processes of creating renewable energy from crop waste.

This animation was done using
Cinema 4D software.

#5. Slack // State of Work

This 3d commercial from Slack brings their State of Work report to life showcasing aligned workers are happy workers.

The video is the part of series from Giant Ant that we have discussed in the beginning of the blog.

How Can We Help You Create 3D Animation Videos? 

There are many more reasons why your advertising campaigns need 3D animation to unlock optimum ROI.

So, stop thinking about “should I or should I not” and integrate it into your marketing efforts. Contact Broadcast2World.

Broadcast2World is one of the leading animated video production companies.

We offer end-to-end solutions, including 3D animation.

Since inception, we have worked with clients from across different industries, helping them make their advertising campaigns more impactful and rewarding.

Our team of specialists has extensive experience in creating excellent and ROI-driven 3D animation videos.

Take our hands today and get your first 3D animation ad ready.

Contact us and let’s discuss what kind of animated videos would work best for your business.

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