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8 Reasons To Use 3D Animation Videos for Your Business in 2022

May 13, 2021 8:00:38 AM

What are 3D Animation Videos?

A 3D explainer video is an explainer video style made with 3D dimensional characters and objects to give a more realistic approach and make the brand stand out.

Why use 3D Animation Videos?

If you are looking to drive better and faster (and cost-effective) results, 3D animation videos could very well be your first instinct. They are incredibly engaging with higher sharability, which allows the brand to double down the impact of its message and inevitably boost sales.

With the help of 3D video animation, you can strongly advertise any product or service to grab more eyeballs and drive the audience to take any particular action.

There are different styles of 3D explainer video animation, and each adds more value to the concerned animation. Per your needs, requirements, and objectives, the right style can be picked, and molded accordingly.


Still wondering: why should you go for 3D animated videos?

Here are 8 reasons why your advertising strategy needs 3D explainer videos:

#1 Enjoy Seamless Flexibility

#1 8Reasons 30May-01

3D animation technologies are highly flexible, allowing you to create an animated world that caters to your needs and parallels your objectives.

Due to the immense flexibility, you will have complete control over the works, elements, movements, and everything. Whether your ideas are simple or complex, 3D animation videos can put life into any of your settings.

It is one of the major reasons why 3D explainer video animation is preferred by a wide range of marketers today. Having full control over everything will give you the freedom to make changes at any point in time and head in a creative direction that rewards you optimally.

#2 Stand Out From the Crowd Visually

#2 8Reasons 27May-02-01

The primary idea of an advertisement is to catch the attention of the audience. What’s better than amazing 3D video animation? It is true that customers love watching a product video rather than reading a description.

When you enhance the visual appeal of your product, it will instantly hit the right notes with the target audience. 

If you want to showcase a stunning portrayal of your product or service, 3D explainer video animations can deliver outstanding results.

The vibrant, glossy, and relatable animation binds the viewer in a visual spell that becomes beneficial for the brand. It enables brands to explain their products better, tell their stories louder, and stand out from the noisy crowd of competitors with visual layers to brand identity.

#3 Connect With Your Audience

#3 8Reasons 30May_02-01

There’s a reason why cold calls and email pitches are bygone; why they have such poor conversion rates.

You cannot sell to your audience without first building a rapport with them. If they don’t know who you are, the chances of them buying from you are very low.

This is why focusing on engaging the audience first (into meaningful conversations) should be the Holy Grail of every brand. 3D animated videos can fit in this perfectly well.

If done well, the videos can help you drive good engagement with the target audience. They can bring your brand and the audience closer, building a connection between the two, which can then subsequently be capitalized on to achieve any marketing goals.

#4 Improve Brand Recall

#4 8Reasons 30May-02-01

What if your audience engages with your brand, leaves, and forgets all about you?

Happens often! Do you remember the name of all the websites you have visited or brands you have engaged with in the past month? Likely not. 

There’s a reason why storytelling is such an integral part of branding. Because stories are what people remember – not descriptions.

3D animation videos can help here in two ways. One, it can accentuate your brand storytelling, making it more impactful, leaving a lasting impression among your audience. Second, 3D animation has its own distinct appeal; it’s unique given a lot of your competitors aren’t leveraging it; this automatically adds a recall value to your brand for adopting a new route to connect with your audience.

#5 Save Time and Level-Up Your Game

#5 8Reasons 30May_03-01

Unlike other tactics, comparatively, 3D video animation is not time-consuming.

You don’t need to hire actors, create a set, invest in lighting, get high-quality cameras. With the right team by your side, you can create amazing 3D animation videos in a relatively shorter span.

Similarly, if there’s a need to make any changes, 3D explainer video animation can fine-tune the existing content without disrupting the flow. You won’t require to shoot another video for it.

Such room for prompt execution provides further opportunities. For instance, if there’s a topic trending on social media platforms, you can quickly create a simple and relevant 3D animation video and drive top-of-the-funnel attention. You wouldn’t need days and weeks of filming and post-production.

#6 An Affordable Option that’s Easy on Your Budget

#6 8Reasons 30May-04-01

3D video animation can instantly bring down the cost of advertisement and increase your ROI. There is no need for outdoor shooting, hiring actors, creating a set, or any production process. All these costs can be omitted or brought down if you go this route.

In short, it can ideally suit your budget. This is a part of the reason why many startups leverage animation for their advertising.

Of course, this isn’t to say that 3D animation videos is any cheaper. Good quality video, created by an experienced team, will cost you. In comparison, however, it’s an affordable choice that can even deliver you much higher relative returns.

#7 Build a Distinct Brand Identity (And Credibility)

#7 8Reasons 30May-03-01

Irrespective of your industry, the competition is (very) high. You need to do something out-of-the-box in order to define and sustain your presence. 3D animation can be extremely helpful here.

  • These videos are distinct in their own ways. Using them in your advertising, and marketing, in general, would separate your brand from a lot of competitors. They bring you the flexibility to tell unique stories in an interactive way. You can tell relevant stories and build more awareness.
  • You can ensure your 3D animation videos have defined visuals that complement your brand image, products, and the industry you’re in. This would further help you build a distinct brand identity that people recognize.
  • Lastly, if your efforts are on point – aka if your videos are providing high entertainment and/or utility value – this can add five stars to your brand credibility, subsequently resulting in higher business scalability.

#8 Simplify Complex Explanation

#1B 8Reasons 30May-01

A lot of people don’t like to engage with ads as is. If your ads are boring and “too much” to understand, do you think your target audience will care about what you’re saying?! Not really!

Your ad campaigns ought to be simple and straightforward that effectively explain your products or services, and let the target audience know more about your brand.

Now, of course, not all products are simple to explain. This is where you can tap on the power of 3D animation videos.

With the right visuals, text overlays, background music, and narration, you can simplify complex concepts and explain them to your audience. Animation can even take longer ideas and concepts and explain them in a shorter span of time.

In the end, the better your target audience understands your offerings, the chances of conversion are higher.

Now that you know the reasons why your advertising strategy needs 3D animation, let’s take a look at some of the best examples of this powerful tool in action.

Best 3D Animation Videos

#1 Dots & Co

This video for Dots & Co is dazzling, lush, and enjoyable to watch. So it makes quite an impact on the viewer and remains memorable long after viewing. Not only would the viewers remember the video, but also the brand, Dots & Co. This helps the brand grow.

#2 VIBE Reel

In an industry where live-action videos dominate, VIBE opted for 3D animation instead. As you can see, it stands out from the crowd and leaves a lasting impression on viewers. By emphasizing the brand colors in vibrant, energetic animation, the video easily solidifies the brand identity in the viewers’ minds.

#3 Microsoft Office

For a software suite that needs no introduction, how does Microsoft inform the public that they’ve upped the ante yet again? Their 3D animated commercial video explains how they managed to make the best, even better. And it does it in a way that grabs attention and stands out in a unique yet relatable way.

How Can We Help You Create 3D Animation Videos? 

There are many more reasons why your advertising campaigns need 3D animation to unlock optimum ROI. So, stop thinking about “should I or should I not” and integrate 3D animation into your marketing efforts. Contact Broadcast2World.

Broadcast2World is one of the leading animated video production companies. We offer end-to-end solutions, including 3D animation. Since inception, we have worked with clients from across different industries, helping them make their advertising campaigns more impactful and rewarding.

Our team of specialists has extensive experience in creating excellent and ROI-driven 3D animation videos. Take our hands today and get your first 3D animation ad ready. Contact us and let’s discuss what kind of animated videos would work best for your business.


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