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What are Whiteboard Animation Videos?

Whiteboard animation videos are videos made in such a way that you're looking at the illustration being drawn on the screen while it is being explained with a voice-over. Traditionally, whiteboard videos were made by recording the artist make the illustrations so that the viewers could follow the artist and understand what the video is about. Now, however, these videos are made with the help of a technique called compositing wherein we shoot the hand movements on the green screen (a technique called chroma) and then composite using After Effects.


Why are Whiteboard Animation Videos popular?

  • Easy to Understand: Since whiteboard videos hold the viewer's hand guiding them through the storyboard, they are easy to understand.
  • Easy to Remember: Remember how highlighting the important parts of a text helped you recall them better in school? That's because our brain is wired to remember that better. This is why whiteboard videos are easy to remember—they guide you to look where you need to be looking.
  • Highly Focused: Since whiteboard videos are made to push forth a specific message, they are highly focused. The messages conveyed through these videos are free of fluff and speak directly to the viewer.
  • Highly Cost-efficient: Compared to many other types of videos, whiteboard videos cost less. This is due to the fact that there's no fluff in them, making the visual representation highly specific. Moreover, these videos generally connect with the audience easily. Since people tend to share videos they connect with, your whiteboard video can act as your PR agent.
  • Multi-industry Applications: Whiteboard videos can be used efficiently across almost every industry, granted that the messaging is clear and easily consumable. You can play around with the length of the video as well as the emotions it invokes but as long as it is easy to understand, the audience would love it.

What is the process of creating Whiteboard Animated Videos?

Check out our process to get a better understanding of the process of creating whiteboard videos. However, here's a gist of the process:

  • Write a Script: Since whiteboard videos are highly focused, you need to write a script which reflects the same. Struggling with the script? Check out our blog on how you can write a script that sells.
  • Create a Storyboard: Based on the script, draw the key scenes into a storyboard. This helps you stay organized while letting you know about the timings and how everything would go with it.
  • Develop the Graphics: Once you're done with the storyboard, you know the graphics you need to develop. So this is a good time to develop it before you can animate it.
  • Record Voice-over: Recording the voice-over should be done in parallel with developing the graphics to save some time.
  • Animate the Graphics: Now that you have the graphics and voice-over ready, it is time to animate!

When should you use Whiteboard Animated Videos?

Whiteboard videos work best in the demand generation stage since they are easy to understand and remember. So, when you need a video for educational purposes, you can always count on whiteboard videos. Moreover, these videos stay engaging even if they're past the safe 90-second mark. So if you need give some in-depth explanations, you should do it with the help of whiteboard videos. Complex topics too can be explained using these videos without sounding bookish.

What is Whiteboard Presentation?

A whiteboard presentation is a whiteboard video made with the intention of presenting something. You could take your existing presentation, convert it into a concept and get a whiteboard video made. Sounds like a task? Reach out to us!


How long does it take to make a Whiteboard Animated Video Production?

To develop an average 60 seconds-long whiteboard video Production, we take 4-6 weeks. Extra work calls for one extra week for every 30 seconds you add to the video.

How much does Whiteboard Animation Video cost?

A basic whiteboard video would cost you $4200 for 60 seconds with 30 additional seconds at $1200. An advanced whiteboard video, on the other hand, would be $6000 for 60 seconds with 30 additional seconds at $1800.


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