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Give Your Business A New Dimension With Character Animation

Jun 4, 2012 3:16:36 AM

It is said that only change is constant. The things that don’t change become outdated. First came videos with static images, after that came videos of moving images and then came videos with sounds, and now we have motion graphics, a much advanced and popular way of producing videos. With the help of motion graphics, all the elements in a video can be used to their fullest capacity. Introduction of 3D (three-dimensional) viewing has further added value to motion graphics. 3D motion graphics have made the virtual world come on par with the real world. They make the video come alive in front of a viewer.

3D motion graphics are accompanied by animated infographics. In animated infographics, information is conveyed in the form of moving images, added with sounds and different modulating voices. When animated infographics are used, transfer of large data and complex information becomes easier. They enhance the overall effect of the video. They can be used in several sectors such as in education, entertainment and others. In animated infographics, text, videos, images, etc., are shown to be moving in from different directions to engage viewers in the best possible way. They use characters of an animal or a person to convey their message.

Use of character animation

In character animation characters are given a particular trait to enhance their effect and image. They are associated with the products or the services that are to be promoted. They are embedded in a story to enhance their image and made to target a specific audience. They can be made to evoke specific emotions such as that of happiness, when viewed. This creates the opportunity for the video to go viral when uploaded on networking sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, etc. Since they are typically made with the help of software, their cost of production also remains low.

Character animation gives a new identity to a business. This makes people remember them easily and conveniently. They also let them associate themselves with the character used in the video. They create an identity in the minds of people and make them see the video again and again.

Videos created by animated video production companies can help a company grow faster and perform better. With the use of animated infographics, they can make a video more enjoyable and memorable. Professional video producers can quickly understand and judge the specific requirements of a business and can provide that "one-up" to the business over its competitors


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