7 Best Animated Product Video Examples To Inspire Your Next Video

Jun 21, 2021 12:10:48 AM

Our minds easily retain what we see, compared to what we read. And that’s exactly what your digital marketing strategy should tap into.

There are so many ways to introduce and promote products, and different companies adopt different approaches and strategies.

Recently, animated video products have become increasingly popular.

Even some of the world’s leading brands leverage animated videos to let their customers understand the product in a manner that leads to sales.


These videos are attractive and engaging, creating a sense of curiosity and amazement among customers.

Did you know 72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of a video?

This number is sufficient to underline the significance of video marketing.

However, you can make the most of it only if you’re checking the right boxes in terms of video creation and distribution.

If you are new to product animated videos, it would be great to seek inspiration from top brands' product videos.

Here are a few best product video examples that will leave you spellbound and provide you with some interesting product video ideas.

1. Google Pixel 4

Google Pixel is a feature-rich phone from Google that has launched many smartphones in its series.

Pixel 4 was added in the range last year that created a buzz.

The video animation used in the Google Pixel 4’s product video set the bar high. With bold colors and crisp graphics, it stands out from the crowd.

The video is eye-catching, educational, and engaging-- which checks all the boxes to introduce the all-new Google Pixel 4 to the market the right way.

It’s an introduction that parallels Google’s brand reputation.

The modern design and sleek features of this new Google smartphone are rightly explained in the video.

Learn in detail how animated videos can help in (successful) product launch.

2. Canon Printers

We all know that printers and other office appliances are the real heroes of the working space. This is the domain that Canon dominates.

A leading player in the office equipment market, Canon keeps updating its product line with quality office devices.

The animated product demo is their go-to tool to attract and engage their customers.

With the help of 3D animation, Canon yet again proves its prowess in the market.

The video tells a simple yet compelling story to attractively showcase or explain the product.

It keeps the viewers engaged. The beautiful visuals leave a lasting impression, ensuring higher recall value.

3. Adidas – Run For the Oceans

Adidas Ultraboost Parley shoes not only exceed in style and comfort but also contribute to the environment.

Each pair of these Adidas shoes is preventing 11 plastic bottles from entering the ocean. And this message is a big part of their ad campaign.

Adidas has used cool animation, sound, and graphics to explain the connection between shoes and plastic bottles.

Instead of highlighting the features, the video focuses on the environment and delivers a relevant message.

It begins with people running in shoes and ends in the text “Run For The Oceans” which directly reaches the customers and provides them with a clear insight regarding the product.

4. Matrix Care

Matrix Care is a caring community that focuses on building a healthy group of patients.

They aim at enhancing the relationship between patients and doctors. 

This ad conceptualizes their solution clearly and in an interesting way.

For people not aware of the brand and its products, the ad does an incredible job at explaining the solution and why someone should opt for it.

It’s a fine example of using a rather simple and straightforward animation for an awareness-driving purpose.


5. Apple AirPods Pro


Apple’s Airpods Pro needs no introduction.

It is a sensational product from a wildly successful brand.

If you follow Apple’s advertising strategy, you know that they have the best tactic to introduce and explain their products. 

Recently, they featured the adaptive audio feature of AirPods Pro in this vivid product demo.

With a primary focus on the various features of their audio products, their main idea for product demo videos is to blend visually stunning viewing experiences with a demonstration of product utility from the user's perspective.

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6. Pella Lifestyle

A leading manufacturer of windows and doors in the US, Pella has always excelled in its marketing efforts.

Their lifestyle series bagged ample recognition in the market.

It was all possible with the inclusion of animated product videos.

They overcame the challenge of showcasing their physical products by including them in animated product videos.

The animated product video was a blend of 3D animation and a 2D environment to effectively connect with the customers and engage them in a meaningful conversation that results in conversion.

7. Duolingo

Over-doing the animation can really kill the charm of this format. Therefore, balance is key.

Sticking to the basic narration and keeping things easier to understand, Duolingo has created a new video that uses 2D animation. 

While the video is extremely simple, it rightly highlights the product’s uses and values.

The narration keeps the video engaging, and the icons smartly explain everything.

This brand-new Duolingo video has a strategic approach to turn simplicity into sales. The video explains the effectiveness of the product.

Why Should You Be Investing In Animated Product Videos?

The question is WHY NOT?

When the world’s leading brands are betting big on animated videos, and they are seeing great results, why should you stay behind? 

There are more than enough reasons to invest in animated videos to strengthen your marketing efforts. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Better customer engagement
  • High conversion rate
  • Effective context to the ideas
  • Improved search ranking
  • Wider reach among customers
  • High social media sharability
  • Affordable and effective
  • Many brand-building opportunities

The Bottom Line

In 2022 and beyond, give your digital marketing strategy that new edge and dimension it deserves to remain competitive and effective. Incorporate animated videos in it.

Leverage impressive visuals to explain your products and convey your brand’s values.

Use these videos to drive awareness, connect with your audience better, and drive sales.

Animated product videos can be integrated into any stage of your marketing funnel.

So, take the first step today, hire a team of animation experts, and take a stride towards higher scalability.



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